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Mind your manners.

I HAVE just been away in the US and UK and two things really struck me as being so very different from living in Bahrain.

Driving, well it's a pleasure to drive in countries where laws are obeyed not just because they are there for safety but in most cases, courtesy comes into play. Basic manners, not push and shove and let's see who can get to the crossroads first.

And what a pleasure it was to eat out in restaurants. No smoking anywhere, so that you can enjoy the taste of your food without someone puffing filth into your face.

I welcome the day that the non-smoking rule comes into force for restaurants, it's not just a matter of discipline but of manners. For someone to light up when others are eating is just bad manners and lack of consideration for others.

Go outside and smoke, or better still let's have some little glass cages attached to restaurants so that the addicts can go in there to cough and splutter. I wonder which restaurant in Bahrain will have the courage to become the first smoke-free eatery in the country - now there's a challenge.

Ex-girl friend of Man from Havana

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Publication:Gulf Daily News (Manama, Bahrain)
Date:Jul 13, 2008
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