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Mind of a Manager, Soul of a Leader.

Mind of a Manager, Soul of a Leader

by Craig R. Hickman

How do you tap the natural tension between managers and leaders? Hickman provides the answer in this groundbreaking book. He first puts to rest the fruitless debate about "managers" and "leaders", especially debunking today's all too prevalent worship of leadership. What companies need are the skills of both: the practical, analytical, orderly mind of a manager and the experimental, visionary, creative soul of a leader. The book shows how to overcome the infamous corporate struggle between pressure for short term results and the need for long term vision.

Too many people in organizations have the unfortunate tendency to exclude people whose styles don't seem to fit with their own. What this leads to, says Hickman, is unbalanced organizations which don't have the full range of talents and orientations necessary to compete in today's fiercely competitive and ever-changing environment. While few people have the perfect blend of the mind of a manager and the soul of a leader, Hickman shows readers how to appreciate and integrate both.
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Publication:Canadian Manager
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Date:Sep 22, 1990
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