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Mind mapping and dictating boost writer's output 50 to 75 percent.

Information marketer and NL/NL contributing editor Roger C. Parker ( reports that a combination of new software and telephone dictation has boosted his output "at least 50 percent, probably 75 percent."

"My workflow changed when I purchased MindJet's Mind-Manager XP-5. I now begin every project--be it a to-do list, a newsletter, chapter outline, or teleconference--by creating a Mind Map.

"The Mind Map helps me quickly get ideas on screen, where I can easily rearrange them by dragging them into the proper location. When finished, I can see even the most complex product a single glance."

Parker said his next step is to print out the Mind Map of his newsletter and then call Idictate. Idictate is a 24/7 dictation service that transcribes spoken words into written words ( "The next day I receive an error-free Word .doc file ready for me to rearrange and format," Parker said. "The cost for my first newsletter? Only $7.50."

Parker continued, "Yesterday afternoon, for example, I Mind Mapped two One Page Newsletter issues with MindManager's XP-5. Last night, using Mind Maps as a guide, I dictated the text in less than 20 minutes. This afternoon, I received the files as an e-mail attachment. I've already formatted one and am halfway through the second.

"I've never been able to work this fast before," Parker said.

"One feature newsletter editors will appreciate is the ability to hyperlink multiple Mind Maps together," Parker said. "The most obvious use of this is to create a one-year editorial calendar with 12 branches--one for each month's newsletter.

"Each of these branches can be quickly and easily hyperlinked to individual Mind Maps displaying the contents of individual months," Parker said.

"In a similar way, an author could link a Mind Map of a book's planned table of contents to individual maps created for the contents of each chapter," Parker said.

Writers and editors can download a free 21-day trial version of MindManager at
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