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Mince pie structure investigated.

Mince Pie Structure Investigated

At Cambridge University a form of scanner used for medical imaging has been used to study mince pies as part of a project to improve food safety. At the School of Clinical Medicine magnetic resonance is being used to study the changes within a pie without having to cut it open.

Usually, magnetic resonance scanners are used to measure the distribution and behaviour of subatomic particles in the human body but this same technology can be used to study the texture and composition of foods. It would seem that it can be used to estimate how foods age, how they react to cooking and how they fare during storage. Not only does this technique give an image of a section through the product but it will also reveal the migration of fats and water or the distribution of air. Such effects as damage during freezing or temperature distribution throughout a product during storage can be studied.

So far the scientists have examined the problem of soggy crusts, as occurs when moisture migrates, and the temperature conditions under which a chocolate bar has been stored without removing its wrapper. The bar can even be checked for 'contents' - biscuit, nut or raisin, etc - at the same time!
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Title Annotation:use of magnetic resonance to improve food safety
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Feb 1, 1991
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