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Mimbres pottery tours four cities.

Pottery bowls became canvases for one community of prehistoric Southwest Indians. The Mimbres people painted their designs with such sophistication that modern artists can only marvel.

This month in Phoenix, 125 of their bowls--from museums and numerous private collections--go on display, beginning an 18-month tour of four Western states. The schedule for the exhibit, called "Mimbres Pottery Ancient Art of the American Southwest," is listed here. Call to confirm dates after the Phoenix show.

Named after the New Mexico valley where their ruins were found, the Mimbres ("willow" in Spanish) people lived in small farming villages and probably never numbered more than 3,000. "Their architecture wasn't that distinctive," says Dr. J.J. Brody of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology in Albuquerque. "But these people put enormous energy into their pottery--a trend lasting about six centuries."

A major new book by Brody, Steven LeBlanc, and Catherine J. Scott (Hudson Hills Press, Inc., New York, 1983: $35) has the same title as the show. It includes 99 black-and-white illustrations, 42 color plates, plus maps and diagrams of Mimbres sites.
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Date:Jan 1, 1984
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