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Most trees a sip away from death: plants' plumbing systems often on the brink of failure. Dec 29, 2012 382
Goby fish react to corals' cue by helping keep algae at bay: defense pact shows how reefs adapt to invaders. Dec 1, 2012 755
How a mosquito survives in rain: insects ride drops downward then depart before the splat. Jul 14, 2012 472
Anesthesia by day gives bees jet lag: internal clocks get out of sync when the insects go under. May 19, 2012 443
Dinosaur-era feathers trapped in ancient amber: preserved plumage reveals pigment and fine details. Oct 8, 2011 792
Ant genome triple play. Brief article Feb 26, 2011 109
Borneo's orangs have rocky past: endangered today, the apes have been to the brink before. Dec 18, 2010 395
Losing life's variety: 2010 is the deadline set for reversing declines in biodiversity, but little has been accomplished. Mar 13, 2010 4109
Mammals encounter tougher times, new assessment of species shows: latest report finds more than a fifth face extinction threat. Nov 8, 2008 426
Spider eats trees, not bugs: small jumping species steals lunch from ants. Aug 30, 2008 334
Man yawns, best friend follows: contagious jaw-stretching jumps species barrier. Brief article Aug 30, 2008 187
Torn to ribbons in the desert: botanists puzzle over one of earth's oddest plants. (Cover Story). Oct 27, 2001 2613

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