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Election Effects: A Biden administration might signal the return to a dual regulatory dynamic for insurers. Jan 1, 2021 650
ESG Comes To the Fore: Many insurance companies look at environmental, social and governance criteria as part of making future plans. Oct 1, 2020 628
The BI Challenge: Kudos to those who during this time of pandemic understand risk and the insurance industry. Jul 1, 2020 632
The New Paradigm: Insurers face a challenge in trying to balance the use of new technology and respecting consumers' privacy. Apr 1, 2020 639
Insurtech & Regulation: Regulators must face the question: Are they facilitating innovation or putting up barriers? Jan 1, 2020 593
Tech Race: Like space exploration 50 years ago, technology advancements in the insurance industry today face enthusiasm as well as skepticism. Oct 1, 2019 625
Good Times and Bad: The trauma of the financial crisis needs to be remembered even as new threats become a growing concern. Apr 1, 2019 625
Seeing Signals: Dialogue and cooperation are necessary to face the many challenges, ding cyberrisk, to the insurance industry today and in the future. Jan 1, 2019 554
Global Threat: International organizations call for action to focus on emerging risks, including addressing climate-related issues. Oct 1, 2018 562
Listen Up! Insurers should pay attention to regulators' openness to innovation. Jul 1, 2018 546
Seeing Clearly: Adapting to change is important as insurers and regulators try to understand new technology and how it will affect the industry in the future. Apr 1, 2018 550
What's the Ending? The discussions concerning capital standards may not be over. Jan 1, 2018 565
Game PLAN: The head of client strategy for NEAM says mutual insurers are fine-tuning their asset management strategies. Jan 1, 2018 1066
Bad Big Data: The continued growth in the use of big data in the insurance industry raises concerns that not all of it may be accurate. Oct 1, 2017 531
Deja vu ... again. Jul 1, 2017 619
Devil in the details: while the current focus in Washington is on Dodd-Frank, potential tax reform could have more of an impact on the future profitability of insurers and reinsurers. Apr 1, 2017 646
Shark tank: self-driving vehicles have quickly gone from novel concept to reality, showcasing new ways to buy, sell and manage insurance. Oct 1, 2016 628
Emerging from murky waters: the outlook for capital standards is clearer, but there is still work to be done. Jul 1, 2016 624
Who's in charge? Governance is not just for politicians any more. Mar 1, 2016 571
Deja vu all over again: looking ahead to the new year, regulation will continue to effect change in the insurance industry. Dec 1, 2015 584
How to tame the international capital standard dragon: attention must be paid to industry concerns and different regulatory solvency regimes. Column Aug 1, 2015 534
The next frontier in managing risk: Strategic Risk Management debuts as a way to counter emerging threats. Apr 1, 2015 627
Uncharted waters: many U.S. insurers face new challenges from regulatory initiatives that originated overseas. Dec 1, 2014 585
The Chicago way: some (not all) 1920s management strategies are a guide for U.S. corporate governance requirements today. Aug 1, 2014 522
That's how, folks! Roger Rabbit might be the way to draw the next generation into insurance careers. Column Apr 1, 2014 560
They don't need no stinkin' badges: forces from abroad may try to take a more active role in state-based insurance regulation. Dec 1, 2013 545
Above the turbulence: enterprise risk management prepares insurers to handle even 'black swan' perils. Aug 1, 2013 502
CROs: take your rightful places. Apr 1, 2013 552
This TRIP is necessary: insight: reauthorizing the terrorism backstop before 2014 should be a no-brainer for Congress. Dec 1, 2012 548
We've been disconnected: life insurance sales are down, yet people still say that they want it. Aug 1, 2012 535
How it will be: a global growth strategy must consider other nations' tax incentives and liabilities. Apr 1, 2012 542
Robot's warning: insurers would be wise to heed icon from a '60s TV show. Dec 1, 2011 548
Poetic justice in Dodd-Frank: providing two new agencies with 'all data necessary' may be a blessing, not a curse. Aug 1, 2011 551
Now arriving... insurers are up to their knees in federal regulation, even without an optional charter. Apr 1, 2011 564
Social networking at work: click on "like": the hit movie about Facebook has a powerful recruiting message for agents and brokers. Dec 1, 2010 492
A shining moment, or another shiner? The industry needn't fall victim to another hurricane-related PR disaster. Aug 1, 2010 493
From chaos to ACORD: the group s insurance industry data standards pave the way to uniformity. Apr 1, 2010 562
From challenge comes strength: famous words from a century ago frame the industry's outlook for the next decade. Industry overview Dec 1, 2009 563
Fighting against the tide: a quiet hurricane season disguises the growing impact of coastal development on insurance resources. Nov 1, 2009 1410
Hieroglyphics in the machine: insurers scramble to decode the various proposals for a federal risk regulator. Aug 1, 2009 538
Who's really on first base? The insurance industry must shout out to Congress the dangers of overregulation. Apr 1, 2009 553
Turning the corner: how the New York State Insurance Department lowered auto insurance rates, slashed loss costs for insurers and reduced fraud. Jan 1, 2006 2226

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