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Millroom equipment.

This brochure describes the company's expanding involvement with rubber millroom equipment, especially regarding more diversified and modern approaches towards stacking and powders handling (both bulk and minor ingredients). With the addition of the Moriyama product line, including tilt mixers and hot feed dump extruders, the company is said to be capable of offering single sourcing for new mixing lines. The company has the means to provide a complete solution for many high quality mixing applications involving tilt mixers, including weighing and dispensing of powders, weigh and charge conveyors for mixer feeding, the Moriyama tilt mixer, skip hoist or other batch transfer device, Moriyama twin screw sheeter, slitter, batchoff system, stacking system and integrated controls, according to the literature. With increasing interest in small mixing lines for specialty applications (fluoroelastomers, silicones, colors, pharmaceuticals, high value compounds, etc.), the company is said to offer an effective means of transforming a concept into reality. The brochure includes a photo montage of the company's equipment, a complete product list and several line layouts reflecting the company's diversity in providing different equipment combinations. (Midlands Millroom Supply, P.O. Box 35428, Canton, OH 44735)

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Title Annotation:Equipment
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 22, 2003
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