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Milling machines.

Milling machines

This section contains full-size and benchtop horizontal, vertical, and universal milling machines.

KM5P mill

Ultimax II controlled KM5P vertical CNC milling machine is a 5-hp machine featuring rigid overarm casting, automatic spindle brake, power drawbar, automatic lubrication system, chip and coolant tray, and flood and mist coolant. The table size is 13" x 42" with x, y, z travels of 30" x 14" x 5". It can handle any workpiece up to 800 lb.

Also featured is a constant-5-hp, two-speed, backgear spindle drive, along with AC servodrives and a 40-taper spindle for easy interchange of tools.

The CNC control features conversational concurrent programming. Hurco Mfg Co, Indianapolis, IN.

Five-axis milling machine

Five-axis milling machine has three spindles capable of speeds from 4000 to 24,000 rpm with variable speed control and capacity to 10 hp each. Feed rates are up to 78 ipm on linear axis and up to 4 rpm on rotary axes. Titanium trials allowing machining rates of up to 450 sfm have been achieved, while considerable cycle time reductions, higher accuracy, and better surface finish with reduced cutter wear have been recorded on the type NF-100 high-speed system. Rigid Machine Tool Inc, Laguna Hills, CA.

Universal milling machines

UWF 1001 universal CNC milling machine offers heavy-duty, AC, variable-speed, 20-hp motor. Machine has base and saddle vibration-dampening polymer concrete for high-accuracy and rigidity. It is available with an automatic tool changer.

UWF 900 E has 4000 rpm, linear scale feedback, NC table options, and automatic tool changer.

Hermle USA, Menomonee Falls, WI.

Automatic swivel mill head

MH800C universal milling and boring machine is suitable for medium-sized workpieces. Travel range of 32" x 24" x 20" and vertical swivel milling head make it capable of five-sided machining in a single setup. When not in use, the vertical milling head swings completely out of the way of the horizontal spindle.

Machine has hardened flat slideways, 20-hp main drive, linear measuring system mounted directly on the slideways, and AC servo brushless drives. A universal tool-changing system with dual grippers changes tools horizontally and vertically. Chain magazine holds 30 tools.

Machine is controlled by Maho CNC 432 control, which permits complete machining of a workpiece in all dimensions. The control has its own geometrical calculation system, canned cycles, and parametric subroutines, as well as graphic simulation of the machining program.

Range of worktables includes rigid angle, universal built-in rotary, NC rotary, NC rotary and tilt table, and NC dividing head. Its C-axis permits complex machining in five-axes simultaneously. Other options include a measuring probe, through-the-spindle coolant, and overarm support for horizontal arbor milling applications.

Maho Machine Tool Corp, Naugatuck, CN.

Parkson milling machine

Parkson machines come standard with hardened and ground ballscrews, machined to precision tolerances. Ballscrews are 95 percent efficient; therefore, lower forces are required to position the slide. Machine may be positioned manually to 0.0003" accuracy with good repeatability.

The machine comes standard with DC servomotor and universal pendant, equipped with selection capability for spindle start and stop, feedrate, axis, and direction of feed. Feedrate may be changed during interrupted cuts to reduce chatter. The machine can be operated from the front, left-rear, or right-rear side. Jog and feed capabilities of the pendant enable observation and maneuverability of machine slides. All work is performed from the rear of the machine. Machine can rapidly be lined up to locate holes or locate preexisting drilled and tapped holes for rework. Electronic handwheel allows for accurate and easy manual positioning of X, Y, or Z axis.

Morey Machinery Inc, Middletown, NY.

Vertical/horizontal milling

VHF-500 CNC offers a large table with nearly 6 sq ft of working area and a 10-hp frequency-controlled workspindle driven through a two-stage gearbox. Part programming is performed with either a Heidenhain 355 CNC or 415 CNC four-axis control.

The machine can be converted from vertical to horizontal. The spindle head, which can be rotated at right angles to the longitudinal axis of the table, allows difficult-to-reach angular surfaces to be machined without altering the setup. The Wickman Corp, Oak Park, MI.

CNC milling machine

UHS 10 is a super-high-speed CNC milling machine designed to boost productivity and accuracy. Along with the 100,000 rpm spindle, the machine features CNC contouring programs that are stored in a hard-disk and downloaded at high speed directly to the buffer of the CNC control.

High-response cutting through lowering inertia to double servoloop gain ensures consistent contouring. Automatic calculation of dimension error caused by servo lag ensures maximum allowable feedrate will be maintained throughout the cut.

Niigata G&W Co, East Windsor, CT.

Mold and die milling

MAC-70P/85P milling machine consolidates three functions: a manual milling machine, metal pattern software for mold and die, and CNC machine capabilities.

Linear and circular manual interpolation cutting system allows machining of circular sections and linear slopes by manually operating the feed levers without creating NC programs. The conversational programming function allows the user to enter the machining range and radius conventionally, with no programming required.

Stopping the feed, advance, and retract can be done freely. Manual pulse handles can be used to make infeeds or to move the cutter location. It will generate an NC program automatically by entering the starting and endpoints, and by entering a radius R from the keyboard, allowing input for a circular playback. Machine is equipped with Fanuc OM-C and can operate as a three-axis NC machine. Current machining position in X, Y, and Z can be displayed automatically.

Hamai Machine Tools of America Inc, Elk Grove Village, IL.

Variable-speed miller

JTM-1048VS variable-speed milling machine features a heavy-duty 3-hp motor, a turret head that swivels 360 deg, and one-shot lubrication system.

A precision 10" x 40" table with double locks provides ample work room. Easy-to-read satin chrome dials include variable-speed dial and control for 78-4800 spindle rpm, and degree scales on turret and ram. Jet Equipment & Tools, Tacoma, WA.
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