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Milling cutters for high productivity.

A heptagon is a seven-sided polygon. The Walter BLAXX M3024 high-productivity milling cutter from Walter USA is a heptagon. And this means that the insert offers 14 cutting edges, which reduces tooling costs.

The M3024 is available in diameters from 1.5 to 6.0 in. (40-160 mm). The inserts are formed with Walter's advanced cutting tool material, Tiger * tec Silver, which is available in two CVD coated grades (WKP25S, WKP35S) for the machining of steel and cast iron, and three PVD coated grades (WSM35S, WKK25S and WSP45S) for the machining of steel, stainless steel, cast iron and difficult-to-cut materials. The milling cutter offers a positive cutting action, which results in the ability to achieve high metal-removal rates, even with low-performance machines.

It is available in three geometries: F27, F57 and F67.

The inserts are secured in the pocket by Torx Plus screws, adding an extra level of stability, and thus process reliability. In addition, a screw-secured solid carbide shim provides optimum support and high feed per tooth, plus optimal contact in the pocket.

Along with a higher level of reliability and lower tooling costs, the new Walter BLAXX M3024 heptagon milling cutter boasts a high metal removal rate, even on low-performance machines, thanks to its positive cutting action. The M3024 comes in three geometries: The F27, the F57 and the F67, which optimize stability, universal application, and easy cutting action, respectively.

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Publication:Automotive Design & Production
Date:Jan 1, 2016
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