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Miller will "Paint Town Green" on St. Patrick's Day.

Miller will "Paint Town Green" on St. Patrick's Day

This St. Patrick's Day "McMiller" campaign will offer everything needed to "Paint the Town Green," according to Miller Brewing Co.

"This year, just look for the Miller green," said Jeff Schouten, Miller's director of promotions. "Our 12-and 24-packs of Miller Lite will come in special-edition St. Patrick's Day green packaging. And longneck returnable and non-returnable bottles of Miller Lite and Miller Genuine Draft will feature custom green labels."

To encourage on-premise customers to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, Miller will provide T-shirts, shamrock suspenders, banners, table tents, streamers, posters, beer buckets, color-change mugs, coasters, glow buttons and a 45-day "Countdown to St. Patrick's Day" calendar.

Special on-premise kits are also available, Schouten noted, including leprechaun ears for customers and staff, a "Paint the Town Green" banner, shamrocks and stickers.
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Title Annotation:Miller Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 20, 1992
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