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Miller to support '92 Olympic hopefuls with $1-million campaign.

Miller to support '92 Olympic hopefuls with $1-million campaign

Miller Brewing Co. has announced that it will support U.S. Olympic hopefuls by conducting a $1-million fund-raising program nationwide this June through July 4 to benefit the U.S. Olympic Training Centers.

Announcement of the "Dreams Take Time/U.S. Olympic Training Day in the USA" program was made recently by Miller's senior vice president of marketing, Charles Schmid, and Dr. Harvey Schiller, executive director, United State Olympic Committee. The program is part of Miller's sponsorship of the U.S. Olympic Training Centers, located in Lake Placid, NY, and Colorado Springs, CO.

Joining Miller and United States Olympic Committee officials at a press conference held in Indianapolis were Olympians Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Dan Jansen, Miller Lite All-Star and Olympian Quinn Buckner, and Indy car driver Roberto Guerrero. All will serve as spokespeople for the fund-raising campaign. NASCAR champion Rusty Wallace also will participate in the program.

According to Schmid, the fund-raising campaign will help buy training time for America's Olympic hopefuls.

"Miller has long recognized the importance of supporting America's athletes when this support is needed the most, during their training for Olympic competition," Schmid said.

Miller will conduct national and local programs to raise funds which will help American athletes train and compete for berths on the 1991 Pan American Games Team and 1992 Olympic team. "The `Dreams Take Time' theme will help us raise public awareness of the need to support our Olympic team now, if we expect our athletes to realize their Olympic dreams," said Schmid.

The initial fund-raising campaign will culminate over the July 4 holiday on "U.S. Olympic Training Day in the USA." At community celebrations, Miller distributors will collect contributions from the public in exchange for the official USOTC pin. Miller has also raised funds throughout June based on the sales of Miller Genuine Draft and Lite.

"We are confident all of these activities will generate the kind of consumer involvement that will enable us to reach our fund-raising goal of $1 million," added Schmid.

"The United States Olympic Committee is excited that Miller will continue helping us make sure that the thousands of young men and women who share an Olympic dream have a chance to make it come true," Schiller said. "Our Olympic Training Centers make it possible for athletes to continue their athletic careers without undue financial burdens and to realize their potential."

Joining Miller's program to help push the campaign are former Olympians Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Dan Jansen, Miller Lite All-Star and Olympian Quinn Buckner, and racecar drivers Pedro Guerrero and Rusty Wallace, who will donate part of their winnings to the program.

PHOTO : LOOKING TOWARD '92--Miller Brewing Co. and athletes (from left to right) Dan Jensen,

PHOTO : Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Pedro Guerrero and Quinn Buckner, will help support "U.S. Olympic

PHOTO : Training Day in the USA," which is set for July 4. Miller also announced plans to raise

PHOTO : $1 million to aid American Olympic training.
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Title Annotation:Miller Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jun 25, 1990
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