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Miller serves up first clear beer: new brew will be tested in three markets.

The Miller Brewing Co. poured the first glasses of its much ballyhooed Miller Clear last Tuesday in New York. Miller Clear has the same alcohol content as the regular brew, but with fewer calories and half the carbohydrates.

Miller said it will test market the new beer in bars and restaurants in Minneapolis, MN, Austin, TX, and Richmond, VA. this month.

Miller Clear, which comes in a 12-ounce long neck bottle, has a regular foamy head on top of what looks like seltzer water. IN May the company will also introduce Miller Clear in 12-ounce blue cans.

Eric Kraus, a Miller spokesman, could not say when the clear beer would be taken out of test markets and introduced nationwide.

Miller Clear has an alcohol content of 4.6 percent, in line with most regular beers on the market, but contains just 122 calories -- about 30 less than most other beers -- and only half the carbohydrates.

The lower calorie count places Miller Clear closer to a light beer, said one industry analyst. Miller has said its goal was to make a full-flavored beer without heaviness.

The beer is brewed, fermented and aged before going through a special "ultra-filtration" process that delivers a distinctive taste and leaves the beer clear.

"The clarification is a byproduct of the filtration process, but it's no accident," Kraus said. The company has applied for a patent for the both the process and the beer itself.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Apr 5, 1993
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