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Miller redesigns welding generators.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. has redesigned its Trailblazer and Bobcat welding generator lines. The new Trailblazer 302 Diesel and Bobcat 250 Diesel welders offer 10 kW peak and 9.5 kW continuous power output, and are two of several engine-driven welding generators that Miller produces at its Appleton, Wis. headquarters facility.

With the new Trailblazer 302 Diesel unit, Miller has replaced its previous model and now offers a redesigned fully enclosed case, protective armor on the front panel, lower noise rating and a larger 12 gal. capacity fuel tank.

"The Trailblazer 302 Diesel is ideal for independent contractors because not only do they get power and reliability of the Trailblazer series, but they know they'll be able to take this machine to any jobsite," said John Leisner, Miller product manager. The unit has application in fabrication, maintenance/ repair, structural steel work, pipe/sheet metal welding and offers a single fuel source for job sites.

Powering this 720 lb. welding generator is a 0.72 L, three-cylinder Kubota D722 diesel engine rated 19 hp at 3600 rpm. The engine is equipped with two engine shutdowns for low oil pressure and high coolant temperature and the new larger 12 gal. fuel tank allows for 24 hours of operation using 1/8 in. 7018 electrodes at 125 amps with 20% duty cycle.

The Trailblazer has a four-pole, three-phase Miller generator for welding and a separate 10 kW single-phase Miller generator to drive work tools. According to Miller, keeping the generator power separate from the welding output eliminates interaction of power tools with the welding arc. Welding capabilities for the Trailblazer 302 include Stick, MIG, flux cored, ac/dc TIG, air carbon arc cutting and gorging and air plasma cutting and gorging.

New self-calibrating digital weld meters have been added to the Trailblazer's display panel, showing preset amperage or voltage, hourmeter, oil change interval and engine rpm. The controls incorporate Miller's Sun Vision technology, which is designed to provide high visibility at 25 ft. in direct sunlight.

Miller has also redesigned the Trailblazer 302 with a lower 80.5 dB(A) using a fully enclosed case with removable service doors and a redirected airflow path. Airflow has been redirected to one exit at the rear of the unit, which Miller said decreases hot air reentry and the possibility of air blockage when truck mounted. The redirected airflow also lowers the temperature of the internal components, extending their life, Miller said.

Other features of the Trailblazer include Miller's Adaptive Hot Start for stick welding, which automatically sets amperage for improved arc starts, and the Arc/Scratch Start TIG, which helps prevent weld contamination.

Like the Trailblazer, the new Bobcat 250 Diesel welding generator has a new full enclosure, front panel protection, lower 80.5 dB(A) rating and 12 gal. fuel tank. In addition, this unit is designed to optimize stick electrode performance and has more generator power, allowing it to be used as a stand-alone power unit.

"Our customers are looking for durability, reliability and performance" said Leisner. "The Bobcat 250 Diesel is the toughest welding generator in its class. Whether performing welds on structural steel or being used as a generator for grinders, plasma cutters or work lights, the Bobcat 250 Diesel will meet the customer's needs."

Kubota's 19 hp D722 diesel powers the unit and drives the Miller dual generator assembly. The welding generator's stabilizer features additional iron as part of Miller's Tri-Cor technology to improve stick performance by smoothing the welding output and reducing splatter. Other welding capabilities include MIG, flux cored, ac/dc TIG, air carbon arc cutting and gouging and air plasma cutting and gouging.

Miller has targeted the Bobcat 250 Diesel toward contractors, fabricators and maintenance/repair personnel for welding and power tool operation and farmers, ranchers and homeowners for fabrication, maintenance/repair and emergency backup power.
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