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Miller may launch "High Life Light." (Miller Brewing Co.)

According to a report in a recent issue of Advertising Age, the Miller Brewing Co. may add a light version of Miller High Life to their brand portfolio. Ad Age says that the brand may be dubbed "High Life Light" and could be launched this fall.

The move to tack on a light High Life comes at a time when the brewer's sub-premium offerings are in flux. Miller has withdrawn its Colders 29 regular and light beers from most of its original markets, and has repositioned High Life to fill the sub-premium niche.

High Life, which was once the Milwaukee brewer's flagship brew (and the nation's number two brand) had declined to the ninth brand position by 1992.

The addition of a fight version might signal that High Life is in the sub-premium category to stay, since the brand will need a light version to compete on even terms with Busch, Keystone and Old Milwaukee (all of which have light counterparts).

Ad Age says that Young & Rubicam may be in charge of advertising for the new brand.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 13, 1993
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