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Miller introduces new Welding Safety & Health Guide.


Miller Electric Mfg. Co. announced the release of its 2015 Welding Safety & Health Guide--a 76-page, full-color resource that highlights the company's personal protective equipment (PPEJ and fume management offering. Prefacing product recommendations are industry statistics and trends, key safety terminology and other pertinent information to aide in understanding welding safety and achieving compliance.

The Miller Welding Safety & Health portfolio encompasses four categories: Weld Fume; Head & Face; Hand & Body; and Heat Stress, each of which is reflected in the new guide.

Recognizing weld fume as a significant area of focus for companies, Miller offers a comprehensive product portfolio that can help establish and maintain regulatory compliance. The weld fume section of the new Welding Safety & Health Guide reflects this portfolio and addresses the most common questions surrounding weld fume.

It also features key regulatory information including a recommended approach to implementing weld fume solutions that result in compliance and minimize risk. A leader in weld management solutions, Miller offers solutions that apply to each tier of the hierarchy, such as the Hobart Element low-manganese wire, FILTAIRfume extraction systems and a full respiratory offering.

Because eye injuries are the top recordable injury for many welding companies, the Head & Face section of the guide offers recommendations to address this concern, including suggestions for selecting the appropriate welding helmet and lens shade for welding, cutting and grinding applications. The extensive Miller welding helmet offering features a range of options--from passive helmets to those with the largest auto-darkening viewing area in the industry--along with the most innovative lens technology. Also in this section are a new line of safety glasses and the revolutionary Weld-Maskauto-darkening goggles.

The Hand & Body section features Miller gloves and apparel made with premium materials and quality construction, providing a comfortable alternative for welding operators. This section also offers an in-depth explanation of various glove and apparel materials, which can ensure companies understand options within PPE, leading to the selection of the appropriate product for the application.

The last section in the Welding Safety & Health Guide--Heat Stress--provides insight into identifying, addressing and preventing heat stress to ensure a healthy, comfortable and safe workforce.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co.,

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Publication:Rock Products
Date:Oct 1, 2015
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