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Miller encourages suppliers to support U.S./Canada accord.

The Miller Brewing Co. has announced its support of the recent trade accord with Canada. The company has sent a letter to Miller suppliers, encouraging them to write to the United States Trade Representative supporting the agreement.

The cover letter noted, "Miller and Molson [which Miller now owns a stake in] are pleased with the outcome, however other brewers in the U.S. and Canada have differing opinions."

The brewer provided a form letter for suppliers to examine before sending their own letters to the USTR. In part, the letter reads, "Regarding settlement of the beer trade dispute between the U.S. and Canada... We support that settlement."

The letter continues: "As we understand the terms of the agreement, Canada will accelerate elimination of its import duty for U.S. beer, will provide access to BRI outlets, place a limit on BRI charges, reduce the minimum sales price and reduce the Liquor Control Board's fees. As a supplier of inputs to the U.S. brewing industry, we see all these factors as improving the prospects for exports of American beer to Canada--and consequently improving the market for our inputs into the domestic brewing industry."
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Title Annotation:Miller Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 27, 1993
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