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Miller considering support of alcohol content labeling on all beer bottles.

Miller considering support of alcohol content labeling on all beer bottles

The Miller Brewing Co. will consider supporting the posting of alcohol content labels on beer containers, a brewery spokesperson said.

Elizabeth Conlisk said that Miller and several other national brewers had opposed such labels because they believed they would, theory, promote a strength war, prompting consumers to purchase those beers with the highest possible alcohol content.

But she indicated Miller had reconsidered somewhat in the wake of a decision to require content labels on beer containers sold in the state of Washington as of January 1992.

"If the public believes today that it's good and valuable information to have, perhaps the breweries should work together toward uniform bottle labeling," she said.

Conlisk said Miller officials are discussing how to address the issue.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Sep 3, 1990
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