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Miller Sharp's shipments begin.

Miller Sharp's shipments begin

The Miller Brewing Co. began shipping Miller Sharp's, its new non-alcoholic brew, nationwide beginning last week, company officials said.

"We had originally announced product availability beginning in January, 1990," said David Krishock, new products director, Miller Brewing Co. "However, because of the overwhelming positive response we have received from our Miller distributors, we have made arrangements to begin shipping Miller Sharp's immediately.

"This will also enable our distributors to have the product available during the holiday season," he added.

Krishock said Miller distributors were introduced to the new product at company sales meeting held throughout the country last month. Initial distributor orders have exceeded the company's projections by more than 30 percent, Krishock explained.

"Our distributors had the opportunity to sample the brew, they agreed with us: Miller Sharp's has achieved a product breakthrough," Krishock emphasized. "It has all the great taste of beer, but without its alcohol."

The brand will be supported by print and television advertising.
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Title Annotation:non-alcoholic brew
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Dec 25, 1989
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