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Miller Electric Mfg.

Miller Electric introduces a new low speed diesel engine-driven welding generator. The PRO 300 is ideal for the independent rig owner or fleet manager who values a multi process (CC/CV) output, full-featured benefits, excellent are quality, light weight and economy. The PRO 300 features a 22 horsepower CAT diesel engine (three-cylinder, water cooled), weighs 1,100 pounds, measures 32x26x56 inches, a 20 to 410 amp welding output (300 amps at 100 percent duty cycle) and digital meters for accuracy. It offers stick welding are characteristics suitable for cross country pipeline work, Lift-Arc DC TIG are starts suitable for code-quality welds on process pipe and a CV output for running voltage sensitive flux cored and solid wires. It can air carbon are gouge with 1/4-inch diameter carbons. The PRO 300 delivers 12 kW of generator power, which is independent of weld control settings, to operate grinders, lights and even other welding and cutting equipment. For increased operator comfort and safety, its sound level is rated at a quiet 69 dB at 23 feet. From a size and amperage perspective, the PRO 300 replaces Miller's Big Blue 251. ph: 800.426.4553. Circle No. 190
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Title Annotation:The Latest Product Developments
Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Apr 1, 2004
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