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Miller Brewing Co. introduces Sharp's, non alcoholic brew.

Miller Brewing Co. introduces Sharp's, non-alcoholic brew

Miller Brewing Co. last week anounced it will introduce its first non-alcoholic brew, Miller Sharp's, January 1, 1990.

Miller spokeswoman Beverly Jurkowski said the products name was formerly used by Miller on a low-alcohol beer, but stressed the new Sharp's will be an entirely different brew.

"There are fewer and fewer names out there, and since we already had the rights to (Sharp's), that name was used," Jurkowski said.

She added that the name also implies that a person can drink the product "and still remain sharp."

Miller will enter the category facing Anheuser-Busch's O'Doole's non-alcoholic beer, but the Milwaukee-based brewer believes that Sharp's superior beer taste will receive a better consumer reaction than its competitor has experienced.

"We feel that our product has such a clear, distinctive beer taste over other brands that consumers will come back to this product," Jurkowski explained. "We use cooler brewing temperatures so that not all of the yeast flavor is evaporated away from the brew--maintaining that beer taste."

David Krishock, new products category director, Miller Brewing Co., said the decision to place the brand in immediate national distribution, rather than beginning with test markets, was based upon positive research results and strong category growth in the the non-alcoholic segment. Krishock added the category has grown by 10 to 15 percent annually in the last five years.

Sharp's will be supported by ads developed by Frankenberry, & Constable, Milwaukee.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 6, 1989
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