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Miller's new ads spot true American heroism.

Miller's new ads spot true American heroism

Miller's High Life's "Buy That Man a Miller - The Best Comes Shining Through" campaign, which dramatizes people helping others or doing the right thing in difficult and everyday situations, will incorporate real-life heroes in new television, radio and print ads. The ads debuted November 12 on network television.

Miller distributors were introduced to Miller High Life's two newest heroes - and commercial stars - at the company's national sales meeting recently.

Mel Kiser, the Columbus, OH electrician who watched $57,000 fall off an armored truck - then gave it back - is the star of the 30-second spot, "Money Isn't Everything." The scene is a bar, where Kiser is shooting pool with his friends. His heroic action is dramatized with flashbacks.

"They call me Mr. Honesty, but I've been called worse," Kiser said in the spot.

Eddie Turner, the sport parachutist from Catawba, NC, who saved a sky-diving partner knocked unconscious when he jumped from the plane, stars in "Sky Diver." Around a campfire with friends, Turner, through flashbacks, relives the scenes of pulling his unconscious partner's ripcord at 2,500 feet. The spot concludes with Turner saying to his buddy, "The next time you fall, make sure its for a tall blonde."

According to Jeff Schouten, Miller High Life brand manager, the campaign links human values appealing to everyone, including traditional beer drinkers, with the quality that "comes shining through" Miller's clear bottle.

"Using real heroes is a natural evolution of the campaign," Schouten said. "The good deeds we've been showing - people doing the right thing - are celebrated with a beer of uncompromising quality; therefore, by using real heroes in the new spots, Miller wants to prove that people can demonstrate the kind of courage shown in the original campaign."

PHOTO : "BUY THAT MAN A MILLER," Miller Brewing Co.'s newest television promotion, celebrates America's unsung heroes.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 27, 1989
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