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Miller's Lite Ultra tested in Arizona, San Diego and Madison.

Lite Ultra, a "smoother, lighter low-calorie beer" with 77 calories per 12-oz. serving, was introduced into four test markets last week, according to the Miller Brewing Co.

Jeff Rea, Miller's new business development director, said Lite Ultra will be introduced into test markets in San Diego, CA; Louisville, KY; Madison, WI; and the state of Arizona.

"Lite Ultra is a new generation in light beers," Rea said. "With Lite Ultra, Miller is expanding the light beer menu for those beer drinkers who want a great tasting beer that's even lighter and less filling."

Rea added that the new product, which is brewed at Miller's Ft. Worth, TX, facility, is "the perfect complement" to Miller Lite, "the best-selling light beer in America.

"Miller Lite is the only light beer that offers beer drinkers the great taste of a full-calorie premium beer with one-third fewer calories," Rea continued. "Lite Ultra, with 77 calories, is for beer drinkers who want fewer calories. Lite Ultra, with 77 calories, is for those beer drinkers who want a lighter, smoother-tasting low-calorie beer to fit their active, fast-paced lifestyles.

"Together, Lite Ultra and Miller Lite form the perfect team of low-calorie beers to meet the needs of light beer drinkers in the '90s."

The new brand will be supported by television, radio and outdoor advertising created by Leo Burnett, Chicago. Television ads will be based on the theme, "A Guide to the '90s." The first of three commercials introduces the brand using the tagline "Move With The Times." Two other 30-second spots also reinforce the beer's taste and the benefits of a beer with so few calories.

Rea added that the Lite Ultra's packaging is "the first of its kind in the beer industry.

"Lite Ultra's packaging is truly unique in the beer industry," Rea noted. "It features the gradual blending of blue and silver on bottle labels, cans and carriers."

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Title Annotation:Miller Brewing Co.
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:May 27, 1991
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