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Millable polyurethane rubber offered.

Millathane millable polyurethane rubber is highlighted in this 12-page brochure. Polyurethane rubber is said to provide the highest abrasion resistance of any rubber, synthetic or natural.

Millable polyurethanes are said to have comparable oil and solvent resistance to a medium ACN nitrile rubber and better fuel resistance, according to the literature. They are said to have very high tensile strength and tear strength.

Many different types of Millathane millable polyurethanes have been developed to meet the requirements of many different applications. A chart is provided as a guideline in selecting the right polyurethane rubber for a particular purpose.

Millathane 66 is a general purpose millable polyester polyurethane rubber. Millathane 66 is a peroxide curable millable polyester polyurethane which is said to combine excellent mechanical strength with good compression set, oil and fuel resistance and a broad range of service temperatures.

Millathane 76 is said to have improved processing properties over a wide Mooney viscosity range.

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Date:Sep 22, 2006
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