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Milktruck Announces Milktruck Delivery, a Browser Enhancement that Overcomes the Web's Biggest Frustrations; Snappy Pages For Modem Users, Offline Browsing for Mobile Users, and Info Tracking For The Web; Milktruck Delivery beta now available at http: .

INDIAN WELLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 29, 1996--At Demo 96 -- the computing industry's annual conference for leading-edge applications -- Milktruck, LLC announces Milktruck Delivery, a powerful Web browser enhancement that responds to the Web's biggest frustrations.

Milktruck Delivery alleviates the problems of slow modem browsing, the inability to browse offline and the difficulty in tracking constantly-updating Web sites. The Milktruck Delivery betas for Windows 95 and Windows NT are available for download at "". Milktruck Delivery beta for Windows 3.1 will follow shortly.

A versatile tool designed for home and corporate Web users, Milktruck Delivery allows users to "subscribe" to Web sites and download information for fast and offline browsing. Compatible with most Web browsers and Winsocks, Milktruck Delivery gives dial-up Internet users response time unmatched by their modems, mobile users the ability to browse their favorite sites offline and all Web users an easy way to track their favorite sites.

"Seems like every other story about the Web today is about its limitations. It's too slow, it doesn't work for mobile users, keeping track of information is tough. All these complaints are valid. And that's why we created Milktruck Delivery," said You Mon Tsang, CEO of Milktruck.


When using Milktruck Delivery, the user's Web experience is authentic, not rehashed on the hard disk. The URL "" takes the user to The Spot's Web Site whether the user is online or offline. Milktruck Delivery can be configured to download graphics, video, sound, Shockwave files and even server pushes and Java applets. Although the features of Milktruck Delivery can be implemented in a number of different ways, Milktruck's approach is unique because it PRESERVES the Web experience for users.

"People turn to the Web for obvious reasons: it's easy to use, it's attractive, it has an astonishing array of media objects. Milktruck Delivery was designed so users maintain this experience, whether or not they're connected," said Dan Gartung, President and CTO.


With Milktruck Delivery, Web browsing doesn't have to be a stationary event. Users can deliver their sites on fast T-1s at work and browse them on the train ride home, on the plane, at the cafe, by the fire, whenever and wherever they want.

For companies with Intranets, Milktruck Delivery solves the mobile user problem. With a click of a button, mobile users can take sections or all of their internal Web sites on the road. Another click fetches the latest updates over the phone. With Milktruck Delivery, the Intranet steps up the challenge against proprietary workgroup solutions.


According to a recent FIND/SVP survey, two-thirds of all users access the Internet from home. Modem users will appreciate Milktruck Delivery's ability to serve up "delivered" Web pages at speeds that were previously reserved for users with high-speed connections.

"We find Milktruck Delivery very compelling. Our modem users will be able to fetch the latest from our Webshows-The Spot, and very soon, EON IV-with a click of a button and read it later without the frustration of long load times. The more subtle, but very significant advantage of Milktruck Delivery is that it mimics the Web, thus preserving our URLs and our brand names," said Scott Nourse, producer at American Cybercast, The Digital Entertainment Network.


Milktruck Delivery pioneers the concept of subscription to Web sites. While a user can manually setup any Web site for delivery, Milktruck is working with Web sites to make "delivery" even easier and customizable. A Web news site can, by adding a simple HTML-based site specification, give Milktruck Delivery users easy forms for subscribing to only certain sections of the site, i.e. sports, arts, business, etc. Once subscribed, users need only to click on a hyperlink to deliver and track their Web subscription.

"Milktruck Delivery has changed the way I use the Web. Before I get on the road, I download snippets of my favorite news sites, updates of my competitor's Web sites, and read it on my laptop on the plane or at the hotel. I keep track of my favorite Web sites and am able to browse fast and offline," said Brian Goldstein, a beta tester.


Milktruck Delivery uses the browser as a "platform," with all features and delivered sites accessed through Web pages and Web forms. Such deep integration means that not only is Milktruck Delivery compatible with most browsers, but also the user does not have to learn another interface or switch back and forth between applications.

"Milktruck Delivery's unique design and implementation integrates well with our Emissary browser-making it simple for our users to make offline browsing part of their Web environment. Milktruck Delivery should prove to be an appealing technology for Intranets with a large number of mobile users," said David Clarke, senior product manager at Attachmate Corporation.


Milktruck Delivery will be available from Milktruck and other OEM sources. Pricing and final ship date have not been announced. The Milktruck Delivery betas for Windows 95 and Windows NT are available for download at "". Milktruck Delivery beta for Windows 3.1 will follow shortly.


Just when the world started to believe that the software industry was once again closed to small innovative startups, along comes the Internet. Founded in 1995 and privately held, Milktruck, LLC is a provider of useful software for Net users, content providers and software vendors. Through innovative design, smart thinking and rapid implementation, Milktruck is a company prepared to prosper within the unique economics and evolving landscape of the Internet. -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: Milktruck and Milktruck Delivery are trademarks of Milktruck, LLC. All other brand and product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

CONTACT: Milktruck

You Mon Tsang, 408/245-7238

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Date:Jan 29, 1996
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