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Azerbaijan: Time to change the military strategy. Sep 16, 2022 752
Azerbaijan - Time to change the military strategy. Sep 16, 2022 925
Azerbaijan: Time to change the military strategy. Sep 16, 2022 772
African Parks: 'In Benin, we don't define the military strategy against jihadists'. Jun 27, 2022 1085
Does Putin make war decisions? Russian leader 'micromanages' military tactics, says expert; Western military sources have reported that Vladimir Putin has become involved in low-level military strategies. Here's what you need to know about how involved the Russian leader is in war decisions. By, Malvika Padin May 18, 2022 490
Think-Tank seeks support for implementation of new National Military Strategy. May 14, 2022 435
WILL THE CANADIAN ARMY GET MORE MONEY TO OOOST ITS CAPABILITIES? Last year Canada's Army laid out its path it hopes to take in the future when it released its "Advancing with Purpose: The Canadian Army Modernization Strategy.". Pugliese, David Apr 1, 2022 1757
All Quiet on the Eastern Front: NATO Civil-Military Deterrence of Russian Hybrid Warfare. Underwood, Andrew; Emery, Andrew; Haynsworth, Paul; Barnes, Jennifer Apr 1, 2022 5626
Humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine is an element of Russian military strategy - Kyslytsya. Mar 30, 2022 429
Remembering the "Forgotten War": The Joint Operations Flaws of the Aleutian Campaign. Pisano, Jessica D. Jan 1, 2022 6337
Victory in Azerbaijan's Karabakh region greatly changes world military strategy - Turkish expert. Sep 28, 2021 354
Defence forces chief: National Military Strategy 2.0 document enhancement in final stage. Sep 22, 2021 481
CJCSC highlights war games role in reviewing military strategy. Sep 2, 2021 157
Legal Operations: The Use of Law as an Instrument of Power in the Context of Hybrid Threats and Strategic Competition. Benitez, Rodrigo Vazquez; Murray, Kristian W.; Kriz, Pavel Sep 1, 2021 3771
Pakistan's military strategy not responsible for Afghan Army's defeat. Aug 24, 2021 200
Pakistani envoy rejects US lawmaker's claim that Pakistan's military strategy responsible for Afghan army's defeat. Aug 24, 2021 669
Integrated Planning and Campaigning for Complex Problems. Ehlers, Robert S., Jr.; Blannin, Patrick Report Jun 22, 2021 5098
Accelerating Adaptation on the Western Front and Today. Lynch, Justin Apr 1, 2021 4383
Ukraine's Military Strategy Provides For Replacement Of Conscription With Service In Army Reserves. Mar 26, 2021 178
Taiwan scholar releases report on defense ministry's military strategy review. Mar 22, 2021 352
Plateau: Group Commends New Military Strategy Against Criminals. Feb 7, 2021 847
Taiwan's military strategy will not change: MND. Jan 6, 2021 254
Behind Enemy Plans: A Process-Tracing Analysis of Germany's Operational Approach to a Western Invasion. Podliska, Bradley; Hecox, Karin; Sagun, Oliver Jan 1, 2021 6315
Command and Control of Operations in the Information Environment: Leading with Information in Operational Planning, Execution, and Assessment. Mulgund, Sandeep S.; Kelly, Gen Mark D. Dec 22, 2020 3857
Emerging Military Technologies: Background and Issues for Congress. Sayler, Kelley M. Report Nov 1, 2020 15982
A NATO Urban Delaying Strategy for the Baltic States. Anderson, Gary Sep 22, 2020 1993
Designing Effective Military Strategies under Uncertainty. Cunningham, G. K. Jun 22, 2020 3208
The Imperative for the U.S. Military to Develop a Counter-UAS Strategy. Guelfi, Edward A.; Jayamaha, Buddhika; Robison, Travis Essay Apr 1, 2020 6529
The Missing Element in Crafting National Strategy: A Theory of Success. Hoffman, Frank G. Essay Apr 1, 2020 7115
The Joint Force Needs a Global Engagement Cycle. Tomlin, Gregory M. Essay Apr 1, 2020 5385
Disciplined Lethality: Expanding Competition with Iran in an Age of Nation-State Rivalries. Harr, Scott J. Essay Apr 1, 2020 4709
Countering A2/AD in the Indo-Pacific: A Potential Change for the Army and Joint Force. Kamara, Hassan M. Essay Apr 1, 2020 4001
Active Defense: China's Military Strategy since 1949. Rielage, Dale C. Mar 22, 2020 841
Cultural Understanding as Military Strategy: Mapping the Human Terrain in Nadeem Aslam's The Wasted Vigil. Waterman, David Mar 22, 2020 4109
Asking Strategic Questions: A Primer for National Security Professionals. Hill, Andrew; Gerras, Stephen J. Report Jan 1, 2020 3259
Deep Space Warfare: Military Strategy Beyond Orbit. Brief article Jan 1, 2020 119
Minding the Gaps: US Military Strategy toward China. Grossman, Derek; Meyers, John Speed Dec 22, 2019 6639
Thinking Differently about Air Bases: Evolving with the Evolving Strategic Environment. Parker, Kevin L. Essay Sep 22, 2019 7006
China Says US Military Strategy Undermines Strategic Stability. Jul 24, 2019 279
Commentary: China uses trade in military strategy. Jul 9, 2019 178
Report: US' Current Military Strategy 'Will Not Work' in Deterring China, Russia. Jun 13, 2019 511
SPALENIE KATEGORICKEJ HYDRY. Aplikacia Clausewitza voci chybam v uvazovani o kategorizacii vojny /SETTING THE CATEGORICAL HYDRA ABLAZE. Applying Clausewitz to the Fallacies of War Categorisation. Zilincik, Samuel Report Jun 1, 2019 7172
What We Are Reading Today: Active Defense: China's Military Strategy since 1949 by M. Taylor Fravel. Apr 3, 2019 165
Russia's A2/AD Capabilities: Real and Imagined. Giles, Keir; Boulegue, Mathieu Mar 22, 2019 5929
The Changing Face of Warfare: The Army and Joint Force Need a Holistic Information Warfare Strategy. Janoe, Henry Wayne Feb 1, 2019 3932
"Audacious Strike: Operation Colossus" Raid on the Tragino Aqueduct. Horn, Bernd Excerpt Feb 1, 2019 2268
The Earliest "Great Wall"? The Long Wall of Qi Revisited. Pines, Yuri Essay Oct 1, 2018 13610
Military Strategy, Joint Operations, and Airpower: An Introduction. Book review Oct 1, 2018 138
Stuff Happens: Understanding Causation in Policy and Strategy. Hill, Andrew A.; Gerras, Stephen J. Jun 22, 2018 6140
Comparative Strategy in Professional Military Education. Samaan, Jean-Loup Jun 22, 2018 5410
Fighting Russia? Modeling the Baltic Scenarios. Wermeling, Ben S. Jun 22, 2018 5832
Using Auxiliary Forces to Accomplish Strategic Objectives. Hodges, Jeremy K. Jun 22, 2018 3676
Rough Seas: AN AEI STUDY IN CRISIS RESPONSE FOR TOMORROW'S NAVY AND AN IMPROVED NAVY FOR THE FUTURE. Miller, John W.; Donnelly, Thomas; Schmitt, Gary J. Report Apr 1, 2018 17360
Rape: Indian Army's "Military Strategy" in Kashmir. Mar 25, 2018 1817
Countering Russian Meddling in US Political Processes. Farwell, James P. Mar 22, 2018 5480
US Landpower and an Indo-American Alliance. Tata, Samir Mar 22, 2018 6397
Debating US Military Strategy in the Persian Gulf: What is the Way Forward? Lilli, Eugenio Jan 1, 2018 8323
Always Out Front. Walters, Robert P. Jan 1, 2018 498
CSM FORUM. Latter, Thomas J. Jan 1, 2018 632
Technical Perspective. Martin, Matthew R. Jan 1, 2018 732
Doctrine? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Doctrine! Sieting, Craig Jan 1, 2018 1562
Cyber Ugly Duckling Or Cyber Frog Prince(ss)? Gonzalez, Danielle Jan 1, 2018 3993
Moments-in MI History: The 1st Corps Observation Group In World War I. Tagg, Lori S. Jan 1, 2018 754
Will War's Nature Change in the Seventh Military Revolution? Hoffman, F.G. Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 6261
Navigating the Third Offset Strategy. Coletta, Damon V. Dec 22, 2017 7982
From the Editor. Editorial Sep 22, 2017 397
Trump mulls getting tough on Iran militarily. Sep 15, 2017 486
There is no 'winning' military strategy in Afghanistan. Aug 25, 2017 819
President Trump has made military strategy decision on Afghanistan, confirms Defence Secy. Aug 21, 2017 375
Where to draw the line against Iran's Mideast takeover. Horowitz, Michael Jul 7, 2017 1043
Big data is big business: understanding data analytics a vital part of military strategy. Ahmed, Micaal Jul 1, 2017 561
Providing materiel readiness on a joint Battlefield. Perna, Gustave "gus" Jul 1, 2017 576
Respecting strategic agency: on the categorization of war in strategy. Milevski, Lukas Jul 1, 2017 4323
Learning to fish in murky waters: the missing link in capacity-building. Webber, Stephen E.; Vandergriff, Donald E. Jul 1, 2017 6424
Achieving Organizational Flexibility through Ambidexterity. Shields, Patricia M.; Travis, Donald S. Jun 22, 2017 5797
The battle of Vimy Ridge: part 3: Canadian Corps succeeds where others had failed. Gordon, Bob Jun 1, 2017 3650
Trump revises military strategy to 'annihilate' IS - Mattis. May 19, 2017 275
The myth of strategic and tactical airlift. Maywald, Jacob D.; Reiman, Adam D.; Johnson, Alan W.; Overstreet, Robert E. Mar 22, 2017 4065
On navalization. Harley, Jeff Mar 22, 2017 1144
Coming full circle: the renaissance of Anzac amphibiosity. Paget, Steven Mar 22, 2017 11210
Australia's offset and A2/AD strategies. Langford, Ian Report Mar 22, 2017 4345
On strategy as ends, ways, and means. Miller, Gregory D.; Rogers, Chris; Park, Francis J.H.; Owen, William F.; Meiser, Jeffrey W. Discussion Mar 22, 2017 2976
"Soft" counterinsurgency: Human terrain teams and US military strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Davies, Michael C. Book review Mar 22, 2017 687
Special operations by air power: Strategic lessons from World War II. Kok Wey, Adam Leong Mar 22, 2017 5557
STRATEGIC THINKING. Jaros, Amanda K. Brief article Mar 22, 2017 306
NATO General: Europe Needs A Grand Military Strategy. Mar 3, 2017 330
Using heuristics for supportability analysis of adaptive weapon systems in combat. Amber, Samuel H. Jan 1, 2017 2318
Meeting operational needs. President's forum. Harley, Jeffrey A. Jan 1, 2017 1021
Changing DOD's analysis paradigm: the science of war gaming and combat/campaign simulation. Hanley, John T., Jr. Jan 1, 2017 18028
Boyd revisited: a great mind with a touch of madness. Olsen, John Andreas Biography Dec 22, 2016 7687
SDDC stands R.E.A.D.Y. to fight tonight. Ryan, Kurt Dec 1, 2016 478
Civil-Military relations, question-asking in intelligence analysis, international norms, Apocalypse Now, and war and peace are in our genes. Mauduit, Remy M. Oct 1, 2016 959
Strategic engineered migration as a weapon of war. Greenhill, Kelly M. Sep 22, 2016 8434
Dilating pupils: the pedagogy of cyber power and the encouragement of strategic thought. Bailey, Richard J., Jr. Sep 22, 2016 9786
Uncertainty and deterrence. Ben-Haim, Yakov Sep 22, 2016 10028
The limits of envelopment: the invasion of Serbia, 1915. DiNardo, Richard L. Essay Sep 22, 2016 7477
"Independent internationalism" and the military forces needed for it. Eland, Ivan Sep 21, 2016 8291
Rezai has ploy to foil Americans. Brief article Aug 5, 2016 257
Panning for gold: assessing Chinese maritime strategy from primary sources. Martinson, Ryan D. Jun 22, 2016 10118
Reassessing the Afghanistan surge decision. Hoffman, Francis G. Jun 22, 2016 8640
The destruction of Convoy PQ17: 27 June-10 July 1942. Vego, Milan Jun 22, 2016 11448
Iran's path dependent military doctrine. Olson, Erik A. Essay Jun 22, 2016 12268
The Air Force, grand strategy, and national security: toward a better understanding of airpower's enduring utility. Ehlers, Robert Jun 22, 2016 8655
They called defeat "Victory" Lam Son 719 and the case for airpower. Head, William P. Jun 22, 2016 14947
The air battle for England: the truth behind the failure of the Luftwaffe's counter-air campaign in 1941. Dildy, Douglas C. Jun 22, 2016 7281
A matter of laundry, a Schaetzchen, tandem east wind that blew no good. Smith, Richard K. Jun 22, 2016 3912
Security cooperation: achieving strategic objectives through exercises and exchanges. Carvelli, Michael P. May 1, 2016 737
Remarks by deputy secretary work on third offset strategy. Speech Apr 28, 2016 5455
Statement on counter-ISIL operations and U.S. military strategy in the Middle East before the senate armed services committee. Apr 28, 2016 2878
SYRIA - Apr 10 - Clashes Across Northern Syria Strain Cease-Fire. Apr 16, 2016 577
IRAQ - Apr 7 - Iraqi Shi'ite Paramilitaries Say Will Join Offensive To Retake Mosul. Apr 9, 2016 526
SYRIA - Apr 3 - Army Seizes Key IS Bastion In Central Syria: State Tv. Apr 9, 2016 473
Preparing For The Mosul Battle. Apr 4, 2016 598
Strategy 2.0: the next generation. Polski, Margaret M. Essay Apr 1, 2016 4217
Rediscovering the art of strategic thinking: developing 21st-century strategic leaders. McCauley, Daniel H. Apr 1, 2016 4688
Thoughts on force protection. Berkebile, Richard E. Essay Apr 1, 2016 4752
From depression to victory: a record of growing British determination during the Battle of Britain. Thomas, Adam Mar 22, 2016 4063
From "observation" to "tactical reconnaissance:" the development of American battlefield ISR in World War II. Rein, Chris Mar 22, 2016 7372
Revealed preference and the minimum requirements of nuclear deterrence. Boyd, Dallas Essay Mar 22, 2016 12154
NATO's readiness action plan: strategic benefits and outstanding challenges. Arnold, John-Michael Essay Mar 22, 2016 11828
Third-party incentive strategies and conflict management in Africa. Emmanuel, Nikolas G. Mar 22, 2016 7074
The trilateral strategic initiative: a primer for developing future airpower cooperation. Goldfein, Peter; Adamson, Andre Mar 22, 2016 3882
Chemical Abu-Da'oud. Mar 14, 2016 1464
ARAB US RELATIONS - Mar 7 - Biden Rules Out Military Solution In Syria. Mar 12, 2016 414
Projecting an expeditionary army. Perna, Gustave "Gus" Mar 1, 2016 1370
Sustaining a complex theater in a manning-restricted environment. Hurley, Paul C., Jr.; Harris, Sidney A. Mar 1, 2016 1774
The Korean theater of operations is the proving ground for sustainers. Sullivan, John P.; Harris, Benjamin J. Mar 1, 2016 1600
ARAB US RELATIONS - Feb 22 - Kerry: Provisional Deal Reached On Syria Cease. Feb 27, 2016 492
SYRIA - Feb 14 - Syria Condemns Turkey Shelling, Urges UN Action. Feb 20, 2016 396
US Sending More Troops To 'Defeat' ISIS. Jan 18, 2016 286
The Post-Ramadi Plans. Jan 4, 2016 1080
Sustaining a decisive edge: Through its Leader and Workforce Development Program, the Quartermaster School has implemented several leadership development measures, including a civilian professional development strategy. Kirklin, Ronald; Jones, Marshall J. Jan 1, 2016 932
Sustainment in an anti-access/area-denial environment. Bethel, Samuel R. Jan 1, 2016 2659
U.S. Grand Strategy: Destroying ISIS and al Qaeda, report two: competing visions for Syria and Iraq: the myth of an anti-ISIS grand coalition. Kagan, Frederick W.; Kagan, Kimberly; Gafarella, Jennifer; Gambhir, Harleen; Kozak, Christopher; Spa Report Jan 1, 2016 31908
From the editors. Ayer, Robert Column Jan 1, 2016 947
America's security role in the South China Sea. Erickson, Andrew S. Jan 1, 2016 5943
President's forum. Howe, P. Gardner, III Jan 1, 2016 1769
CSM forum. Latter, Thomas J. Jan 1, 2016 600
Intelligence readiness training plan: an MIB(T) training approach. Burgos, Alexander; Coffins, Will; Mohrlant, Jesse A. Jan 1, 2016 2725
MI gunnery: training a BCT MI company. Starr, Sarah A. Jan 1, 2016 4127
Rethinking Americas grand strategy: insights from the Cold War. Brands, Hal Essay Dec 22, 2015 5445
How's your readiness? Kirksey, Cameron B. Column Dec 1, 2015 532
Statement on the U.S. Military strategy in the Middle East and the Counter-ISIL Campaign before the House Armed Services Committee. Dec 1, 2015 2176
US Plans New Military Strategy In Iraq. Oct 29, 2015 1292
Statement on the U.S. Military Strategy in the Middle East and the counter-ISIL campaign before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Oct 27, 2015 1799
Best military advice. Cartwright, James E. Sep 22, 2015 1642
Beyond the resignation debate: a new framework for civil-military dialogue. Golby, Maj Jim Sep 22, 2015 10727
Civil-military relations: the role of military leaders in strategy making. Rapp, William E. Report Sep 22, 2015 7360
The centurion mindset and the army's strategic leader paradigm. Warren, Jason W. Report Sep 22, 2015 6440
Arming our allies: the case for offensive capabilities. Grygiel, Jakub Report Sep 22, 2015 5874
Understanding coercive gradualism. Pierce, William G.; Douds, Douglas G.; Marra, Michael A. Sep 22, 2015 5314
Dealing with uncertainty in strategic decision-making. Ben-Haim, Yakov Report Sep 22, 2015 5374
Understanding groupthink: the case of operation market garden. Houghton, David Patrick Report Sep 22, 2015 5575
The first Gulf War and its aftermath. Fradkin, Hillel; Libby, Lewis Sep 22, 2015 3138
Everything old is new again: changing U.S. force posture. Runkle, Benjamin Sep 22, 2015 2904
A generation of war. Blank, Stephen Sep 22, 2015 1956
Arab League urges Arab military strategy for Libya. Aug 18, 2015 305
US military strategy focuses on violent extremist organizations, 'most unpredictable' environment. Jul 1, 2015 303
How technology and data affect mission command. Lee, Stacey L. Jul 1, 2015 1340
Always out front. Berrier, Scott D. Jul 1, 2015 987
INSCOM Reserve Component support and integration. Dugan, Donya; Hama, LaTonya; Elphick, Jason Jul 1, 2015 1933
New National Military Strategy released. Jul 1, 2015 181
Pursuing strategic advantage: The utility of armed forces in peace, war, and everything in between. Sutton, Thomas; Lohaus, Phillip Report Jul 1, 2015 3508
Has the United States lost the ability to fight a major war? Metz, Steven Report Jun 22, 2015 2951
Security assistance in Africa: the case for less. Larsdotter, Kersti Report Jun 22, 2015 5523
A call to the future: the new air force strategic framework. Welsh, Mark A., III Jun 22, 2015 2507
Chinese military modernization: implications for strategic nuclear arms control. Cimbala, Stephen J. Jun 22, 2015 2950
Hypersonic weapons and escalation control in East Asia. Ekmektsioglou, Eleni Jun 22, 2015 10200
ARAB US RELATIONS - June 8 - Obama Urges Greater Effort To Halt Foreign Jihadists. Jun 12, 2015 407
IRAQ - Jun 4 -Iraqi Officials Fear 'Water War' In Ramadi. Jun 6, 2015 490
China plans military strategy. May 27, 2015 162
Saudi Gen Sees Iran In A Trap. May 11, 2015 360
De plein fouet: is strategy dead? Cardillo, Robert; Szafranski, Richard May 1, 2015 2789
The quest for a new airpower strategy: systemic paralysis and systemic empowerment. Olsen, John Andreas May 1, 2015 6226
Airpower in modern war. Kraus, Merrick E. May 1, 2015 7146
Aviation and health: a key Nexus for the US Air Force's regional security-building efforts. Chambers, James A.; Garretson, Peter A.; Rolleston, Mort M.; Alder, Jeffrey R.; Podbielski, Peter J. May 1, 2015 5731
Strategic reform: a battle of assumptions. Renken, Jeremy L. May 1, 2015 4716
Ansarullah Forces Change Military Strategy in Sana'a. Apr 27, 2015 314
The case for megacities. Felix, Kevin M.; Wong, Frederick D. Mar 22, 2015 6291
The individualization of American warfare. Voelz, Glenn J. Report Mar 22, 2015 6476
Anthropology An Emerging Element of Military Strategy. Feb 28, 2015 1559
What's the point of the security of the European union? Institutional developments and regional strategies reaching military autonomy. Avram, Cezar Essay Jan 1, 2015 5095
It's hedging all the way. Pant, Harsh V.; Joshi, Yogesh Jan 1, 2015 11111
Operationalizing Air-Sea Battle in the Pacific. Ballard, William H.; Harysch, Mark C.; Cole, Kevin J.; Hall, Byron S. Jan 1, 2015 8997
A Global Space Control Strategy. Hitchens, Theresa Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2015 479
America's Machiavelli problem: restoring prudent leadership in US strategy. Coletta, Damon; Carrese, Paul Jan 1, 2015 10091
Cyber Operations in DOD Policy and Plans: Issues for Congress. Theohary, Catherine A. Report Jan 1, 2015 15466
China's concept of military strategy. Thomas, Timothy L. Dec 22, 2014 5119
Defeating the Islamic state: a financial-military strategy. Kan, Paul Rexton Dec 22, 2014 4941
Arctic linchpin: the Polar Concept in American air atomic strategy, 1946-1948. Farquhar, John T. Dec 22, 2014 7648
US to host int'l ISIL military strategy talks. Nov 12, 2014 266
ARAB US RELATIONS - Oct 27 - US Calls For Online War Against 'Islamic State'. Nov 1, 2014 357
LIBYA - Oct 22 - Govt Says Forces Will Retake Capital Tripoli. Oct 25, 2014 384
ARAB US RELATIONS - Oct 13 - Kerry To Iraqis: You Will Have To Fight IS To Take Back Iraq. Oct 18, 2014 358
TURKEY - Sep 28 - Turkey 'Can't Stay Out' Of Anti-IS Fight: Erdogan. Oct 4, 2014 431
Asymmetry is strategy, strategy is asymmetry. Milevski, Lukas Report Oct 1, 2014 4877
ARAB US RELATIONS - Sep 22 - Dempsey: Arab Nations Need To Help In Iraq. Sep 27, 2014 703
ARAB AFFAIRS - Sep 08 - Arab League Vows To Take All Measures To Confront ISIS. Sep 13, 2014 829
Obama announces expansion of Washington's support for Iraq within the military strategy to fight Islamic State (IS). Sep 11, 2014 320
ARAB US RELATIONS - Sep 3 - Obama Calls For United Front Against ISIS. Sep 6, 2014 720
A precarious balance: preserving the right mix of conventional and special operations forces. Lohaus, Phillip Report Sep 1, 2014 12174
A precarious balance: preserving the right mix of conventional and special operations forces. Lohaus, Phillip Report Sep 1, 2014 8745
China naval modernization: implications for U.S. Navy capabilities--background and issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report Aug 1, 2014 27875
IRAQ - July 2 - Maleki Offers General Amnesty To Undercut Support For 'Islamic State'. Jul 5, 2014 750
Rise from the ranks: from military strategy to business savvy. Kinder, Peri Jul 1, 2014 1013
Describing the elephant: framing a discussion on command and control. Cyr, Henry Editorial Jul 1, 2014 2834
Could the Ukraine Crisis Reboot NATO? Abrahamson, James L. May 21, 2014 293
Sustainment for the Army of 2020 the combined arms support command proposed a new division-aligned force structure to provide sustainment capabilities from echelons above brigade through combat sustainment support battalions. Hatcher, Robert; Martin, Jeffrey A.; Burgdorf, Karl F. Davie May 1, 2014 3580
Is Iran a military threat? Chubin, Shahram Apr 11, 2014 438
Airpower and globalization effects: rethinking the five rings. Pietrucha, Michael W. Report Apr 1, 2014 5566
Sun Tzu in contemporary chinese strategy. Ota, Fumio Column Apr 1, 2014 3669
French European defense strategy and its relationship with NATO. Gary, Arnaud Essay Mar 22, 2014 6415
Serving Joint military strategy ... one meal at a time. Powers, Kevin M. Mar 1, 2014 844
Steel yourself for battle: a military strategy for audition preparation. Civilette, Kurt Feb 1, 2014 1700
Sustainment's next challenge: strategic landpower. Wyche, Larry D. Jan 1, 2014 1000
Putting "a cooperative strategy for 21st century seapower" to work: a wargaming perspective. Shaw, Jeffrey M. Jan 1, 2014 3719
Godzilla methodology: means for determining center of gravity. Butler, James P. Jan 1, 2014 3633
Improving DOD Adaptability and Capability to Survive Black Swan Events. Burns, William R.; Miller, Drew Jan 1, 2014 5295
The Joint Stealth task force: an operational concept for air-sea battle. Foster, Harry Jan 1, 2014 4580
Forging a 21st-century military strategy leveraging challenges. Laird, Robbin; Timperlake, Edward; Delaporte, Murielle Jan 1, 2014 6576
Senior MP: US Faced with Failure of Military Strategy in Syria. Dec 28, 2013 619
The tactics of terror: following the recent death of the Vietnamese war hero general Giap (pictured below), thinking about his tactics, strategy, and the costs of long-term objectives, is particularly useful in the light of the increasingly brutal acts of jihadists in their wars in Africa. Wambu, Onyekachi Nov 1, 2013 604
The whole house of strategy. Gray, Colin S. Essay Oct 1, 2013 4618
Building ministerial capacity in host nations. Boyer, Keith M.; Allardice, Robert R. Essay Oct 1, 2013 3661
Missile defense follow-on to European Phased Adaptive Approach. Schaffer, Marvin Baker Essay Oct 1, 2013 3909
Inverting Clausewitz lessons in strategic leadership from the 1918 Ludendorff offensives. Clark, Brad Essay Oct 1, 2013 3436
China strategic perspectives, No. 6. Godwin, Paul H.B.; Miller, Alice L. Brief article Oct 1, 2013 275
Strategy in the aftermath of war: Waterloo, the Somme, and Omaha Beach. Sempa, Francis P. Sep 18, 2013 2124
Issues in Australian defence: Andrew Davies discusses the future of the Australian Defence Force. Davies, Andrew Report Sep 1, 2013 3033
China naval modernization: implications for U.S. Navy capabilities--background and issues for congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report Sep 1, 2013 11855
Assessing the January 2012 Defense Strategic Guidance (DSG). Dale, Catherine; Towell, Pat Report Aug 1, 2013 3959
China naval modernization: implications for U.S. Navy capabilities--background and issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report Jul 1, 2013 10991
China naval modernization: implications for U.S. Navy capabilities--background and issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report Jul 1, 2013 17083
China naval modernization: implications for U.S. Navy capabilities--background and issues for Congress. O'Rourke, Ronald Report Jul 1, 2013 21708
Strategic Forum 280. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 169
Second Fronts: factors in success and failure and implications for the future. Meilinger, Phillip S. Essay Jul 1, 2013 6234
Strategic Forum 278. Brief article Jul 1, 2013 169
Shaping air and sea power for the "Asia pivot": military planning to support limited geopolitical objectives. Kraig, Michael Report Jun 22, 2013 8908
No-fly zones: strategic, operational, and legal considerations for Congress. Gertler, Jeremiah; Blanchard, Christopher M.; Dale, Catherine; Elsea, Jennifer K. Report May 1, 2013 6054
Romanian national defense planning. Arguments in favor of a more realistic approach. Tariuc, Mirel Alexandru; Ghercioiu, Dragos Gabriel Author abstract Apr 1, 2013 3080
Redefining information operations. Cicalese, Carmine Apr 1, 2013 3269
Strategic Forum 278. Hammes, T.X. Brief article Apr 1, 2013 154
The Force of the 21st Century. Jones, David T. Jan 16, 2013 322
In defense of the defense: the continuing political value of "denial of enemy aims". Kraig, Michael Ryan Report Jan 1, 2013 8850
General George's Genius. Palmer, Dave R. Jan 1, 2013 975
Hitler in Japan. Robbins, Anthony (American editor) Poem Jan 1, 2013 649
Fourth generation warfare and the US military's social media strategy: promoting the academic conversation. Knopf, Christina M.; Ziegelmayer, Eric J. Dec 22, 2012 8525
Cyber 3.0: the Department of Defense strategy for operating in cyberspace and the attribution problem. Mudrinich, Erik M. Dec 22, 2012 18668
"The force of the 21st Century" (National Press Club): as delivered by Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta, Washington DC, Tuesday, December 18, 2012. Speech Dec 18, 2012 4654
"No exit" strategy. Hampson, Fen Osler; Lindberg, Tod Report Dec 1, 2012 8139
US Think Tank: Closing Strait of Hormuz, Military Strategy. Oct 8, 2012 281
War upon the land; military strategy and the transformation of southern landscapes during the American Civil War. Book review Oct 1, 2012 121
The War Powers Resolution--a dim and fading legacy. Crook, John R. Sep 22, 2012 6383
Inadvertent implications of the War Powers Resolution. Newton, Michael A. Sep 22, 2012 9496
Cyberwar and unmanned aerial vehicles: using new technologies, from espionage to action. Feil, Jessica A. Sep 22, 2012 13919
A misapplied and overextended example: Gen J. N. Mattis's criticism of effects-based operations. Henriksen, Dag Report Sep 1, 2012 5010
Simulation helps forecast fighting in Afghanistan: WikiLeaks data plus math predict insurgent activity. Ehrenberg, Rachel Aug 11, 2012 880
Embracing the moon in the sky or fishing the moon in the water? Some thoughts on military deterrence: its effectiveness and limitations. Weidi, Xu Jul 1, 2012 7084
Whither the leading expeditionary western air powers in the twenty-first century? Below, Tim D.Q. Jul 1, 2012 1810
From the chairman: making strategy work. Dempsey, Martin E. Essay Jul 1, 2012 821
Shadow boxing: cyber warfare and strategic economic attack. Olson, Soren Essay Jul 1, 2012 5284
Technological strategy in the age of exponential growth. Kopp, Carlo Essay Jul 1, 2012 4446
LTTE made Tamil civilians part of their military strategy - Dr. Kohona to UN Security Council. Jun 27, 2012 2708
Battle of Stoney Creek: the first casualty of war is always the plan. Hurley, Michael Essay Jun 1, 2012 2007
Asia in the balance: transforming US military strategy in Asia. Mahnken, Thomas G.; Blumenthal, Dan; Donnelly, Thomas; Mazza, Michael; Schmitt, Gary J.; Shearer, An Report Jun 1, 2012 11586
Executive summary. Kagan, Frederick W.; Pletka, Ahmad K. Majidyar Danielle; Sullivan, Marisa Cochrane May 1, 2012 810
Introduction. Kagan, Frederick W.; Pletka, Ahmad K. Majidyar Danielle; Sullivan, Marisa Cochrane May 1, 2012 1557
Afghan exit strategy: America can't let India dictate South Asia's map. Lind, William S. May 1, 2012 916
Counterinsurgency not a strategy, but a necessary capability. Hammes, T.X. Apr 1, 2012 3268
Building resiliency into the National Military Strategy. Carstens, David H. Report Apr 1, 2012 4024
Grand strategy and international law. Rostow, Nicholas Report Apr 1, 2012 8208
Implementing the National Security Space Strategy. Kehler, C. Robert Report Mar 22, 2012 3252
The Australian factor in the United States' Western Pacific strategy. Kai, Liao Mar 1, 2012 5627
The downfall of adaptive planning: finding a new approach after a failed revolution. Price, John F., Jr. Mar 1, 2012 3442
Development of Air Doctrine 1917-41. Cate, James L. Mar 1, 2012 4552
Post-Asad Syria: opportunity or quagmire? Clawson, Patrick Report Feb 15, 2012 9069
Raising our sights: Russian-American strategic restraint in an age of vulnerability. Gompert, David C.; Kofman, Michael Report Jan 15, 2012 11098
NATO chief Rasmussen welcomes new US military strategy. Jan 5, 2012 141
The Republic of Korea's counter-asymmetric strategy: lessons from ROKS Cheonan and Yeonpyeong Island. Kim, Duk-Ki Jan 1, 2012 8958
The Port Moresby-Solomons operation and the allied reaction, 27 April-11 May 1942. Vego, Milan Jan 1, 2012 27033
"Surge recovery" and next steps in the war in Afghanistan: in brief. Dale, Catherine Report Jan 1, 2012 3087
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Britain maps out future military strategy. Dec 16, 2011 660
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Pulling back the curtain: developing strategic thinkers at ICAF. McGuire, Mark Oct 1, 2011 3161
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Battles won, wars lost. Lind, William Aug 1, 2011 777
Countering the lord's resistance army in central Africa. Sage, Andre Le Report Jul 14, 2011 10508
The evolving threat of al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Sage, Andre Le Report Jul 1, 2011 7998
Executive summary. Eliason, William T. Editorial Jul 1, 2011 1201
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Securing aerial approaches to joint airfield. Holdsworth, Robert B. Report Jul 1, 2011 2824
Still business-as-usuall at defense. Erwin, Sandra I. Brief article Jul 1, 2011 278

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