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Military services have moved beyond 'joint'.

Pentagon planners appear not to have caught on to the fact that the term "joint," which pervades every discussion about military transformation, has become outdated.

"My personal view is that joint-ness is almost passe now," said Marine Lt. Gen. James T. Conway, director of operations on the Joint Staff. Joint-service operations are not a novelty, but a "way of life," Conway told reporters. "As a classic example, in Ramadi [Iraq], we had a Marine battalion working for an Army brigade commander who worked for a Marine division commander who worked for me, and I work for an Army three-star ... You're going to soon see Army soldiers wearing a 1st Marine Division or a 2nd Marine Division patch that represents their battle patch," Conway said. "That'll be very symbolic of this whole idea of joint-ness."

In another dear indication that the thinking on joint-ness has changed, in November 2004, the Joint Staff mandated that the term "joint tactics, techniques and procedures" be removed from the Defense Department's Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms.
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Title Annotation:Washington PULSE; Joint-service operations
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Date:Jun 1, 2005
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