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Military glossary: read this brief guide to some of the terms you may come across as you follow the news about the war with Iraq, then fill in the blanks below.


THE ARMY is trained to fight on land. It is the oldest branch of the armed services. A person serving In the Army is called a soldier.

"The military" refers collectively to our armed forces. The word comes from the Latin word for soldier. There are four major branches of the military. They all work together to protect our country in war and in peacetime. All are represented now in the Middle East.

THE NAVY maintains command of the sea and fights the enemy from the sea. A person in the Navy is called a sailor.

THE AIR FORCE Is responsible for most military operations in the air and in space. A person in the Air Force is an airman (even if she is a woman!).

THE MARINE CORPS is trained to fight in combined land, sea, and air operations. A member of the Marine Corps is called a Marine.


BASE a place where military personnel, weapons, and supplies are located. Attacks and other operations are launched from a base.

BOOT CAMP a term for basic training, or the initial, intense period of training for new service members

CAMOUFLAGE (cam-UH-flahj)a disguise that blends in with natural surroundings, like the brown, tan, and green fabric used for military uniforms in the desert

DEPLOY to send troops or supplies to the location of a planned military operation

INFANTRY (IN-fen-tree) soldiers who fight on the ground to seize, occupy, and defend land areas, often In close combat

RECONNAISSANCE (re-CON-uh-sens) the first exploration of an area. In war, this often means examining the location where an invasion is planned to take place.

SORTIE (SOR-tee) a flight made by a combat plane against the enemy

TROOPS a general term for members of any branch of the armed forces

1. American ______ in the Middle East represent all major branches of the military: the Army, the _______, the Air Force, and the _______.

2. During ______, weeks of intensive training turn a man or woman into a soldier, a sailor, an ______ or a Marine.

3. During recent months, many thousands of U.S. troops have been ______ to military ______ in the Middle East.

4. ______ makes troops or equipment less visible to enemies by helping them blend into their surroundings.

5. The job of an Air Force pilot might include _______ flights to survey enemy territory or combat ______ against the enemy.
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