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The dangerous legacy of the butterfly bomb. odd man's week With Peter Chapman Mar 4, 2021 480
Widows, wives of ASG commanders arrested for being potential suicide bombers. Feb 23, 2021 335
Why are there so many explosives in the canal? SOUVENIRS OR SHODDY WORK? ARMY LAZINESS? Grenades, bombs and other explosives have been dragged up by magnet fishers from the Grand Union Canal and River Soar in Leicester at least a dozen times in the past year or so. But why is there so much ordnance lying about in Leicester's main waterway? Dan Martin has discovered a few possible explanations. Dan Martin Dec 30, 2020 392
Pregnant mom dies in Maguindanao blast. Dec 16, 2020 504
Israel strikes at Syria after bombs found. Nov 19, 2020 383
Troops overrun terrorists, apprehend IEDs makers in NE -DHQ. Nov 16, 2020 504
Troops nab Boko Haram bomb maker, foil attack on army super camp, kill scores. Nov 14, 2020 587
Gov't troops scuttle attempt by ASG to launch roadside bomb attack. Nov 1, 2020 265
Congress Takes First Steps to Provide 'Bunker Buster' Bombs to Israel. Oct 29, 2020 532
5 landmines buried in village trail recovered. Oct 5, 2020 241
Troops capture BIFF encampment, recover bombs in Maguindanao. Oct 3, 2020 285
Soldiers discover IED factory in Maguindanao. Sep 26, 2020 197
Washington Invests Over $2bn For Small Diameter Bombs. Sep 26, 2020 893
Soldiers seize BIFF makeshift bomb-making facility in Maguindanao. Sep 26, 2020 487
Army finds BIFF bomb factory in Maguindanao believed to be linked to IS. Sep 25, 2020 306
PH Coast Guard foil bomb attack in Sulu. Sep 20, 2020 293
Iran: 'American Soil is Now Within the Range of Iranian Bombs'. Sep 7, 2020 459
Soldiers destroy terrorists' bomb factory in Kogi, Nasarawa, recover arms, ammunition. Sep 3, 2020 1757
BIFF member slain, bombing plot scuttled in Maguindanao. Aug 26, 2020 320
Deadly double bomb attacks hit Philippines. Aug 24, 2020 354
Israeli tanks hit Gaza over 'riots' and balloon bombs. Aug 17, 2020 358
Israeli tanks hit Gaza over 'riots' and balloon bombs. Aug 17, 2020 398
NPA hideout, war materials, food supplies seized in Bukidnon. Aug 12, 2020 447
Army disposes of seized bomb-making materials, IEDs in Agusan del Norte. Jul 21, 2020 356
Taiwan F-16s armed with MK-84 bombs for invasion war games. Jul 1, 2020 278
Military discovers NPA bombs depot in Agusan del Sur. Crismundo , Mike Jun 25, 2020 557
Nobody was sure what the flying bombs were at first; The war time memories of Loughborough's Tom Carter. Jun 17, 2020 2734
2 soldiers killed in terrorists ambush in Yobe. May 20, 2020 401
3 BIFF gunmen hurt in clash with gov't troops in Cotabato. Feb 9, 2020 225
Five martyred in Gwadar hotel attack, three terrorists killed. Dec 25, 2019 350
The Air War against North Vietnam: the Thanh Hoa Railroad and Highway Bridge (Part Four). van Geffen, Theo Dec 22, 2019 15230
Revealed: How Iran supplies militant bomb factories in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain. Arab News Dec 17, 2019 650
India, Nepal joint military exercise focuses on IED detection. ANI Dec 9, 2019 229
Gov't troops find more bombs in Maguindanao. Dec 5, 2019 261
Troops seize IEDs as hunt vs. Dawlah Islamiya continues. Nov 30, 2019 320
Another IED found, disarmed in Maguindanao. Nov 29, 2019 389
Army finds IEDs, war materiel in chase with BIFF. Nov 25, 2019 370
Swift disposal of explosive saves lives in Agusan Sur village. Nov 18, 2019 499
Troops nab ASG bandit, seize 16 pipe bombs. Nov 7, 2019 369
Soldier killed in Quezon blast. Nov 4, 2019 264
7 MILF members hurt in Maguindanao IED blast. Oct 25, 2019 253
Explainer: What you need to know about IED attacks. Oct 14, 2019 861
Turkey 'bombs US special forces during fresh attack on Kurds' in Syria; US officials are reportedly split over whether the shelling was a mistake or a deliberate attempt to pressure the Americans into leaving the war zone. By, Chris Kitching & Daren Butler Oct 12, 2019 763
Pentagon to Modernize Bomb Disposal Technology. Tadjdeh, Yasmin Oct 1, 2019 1655
Army: 40 bombs still under Marawi. Sep 29, 2019 414
Report: American-Made Bombs Used in Saudi Assault on Yemen. Report Sep 26, 2019 853
IAF to get 'building blaster' Spice-2000 bombs by mid-September. Aug 28, 2019 384
Lebanon, Iraq Call Israeli Assault "Declaration of War" After Tel Aviv Bombs 3 Countries. Aug 27, 2019 763
Yemen Bombs Saudi Capital in Major Air Raid on 'Strategic Target'. Aug 26, 2019 363
3 soldiers, cop wounded in Sulu bombing. Aug 20, 2019 281
Army recovers bombs in Surigao del Sur. Aug 8, 2019 330
Iran Unveils 3 Home-Made Smart Bombs. Aug 6, 2019 304
Debris clearing: Search for bombs continues in Marawi. Aug 6, 2019 441
Syrian Army Discovers US Missiles in Terrorists' Former Arms Depot. Aug 5, 2019 443
46 more unexploded bombs keeping Marawi folk's return at bay. Aug 4, 2019 469
Tensions may continue to flare on IoK issue after cluster bomb revelation: Fawad Chaudhry. Aug 4, 2019 632
Bombs discovered in NPA lair after firefight in Bukidnon. Aug 3, 2019 225
2 soldiers hurt in Lanao Sur clash with NPA. Jul 29, 2019 443
Israeli Air Force Bombs Syrian Position Near Golan Heights. Jul 25, 2019 681
Abu bomber nabbed in Sibugay. Jul 24, 2019 189
DNA test on Sulu suicide bombers out next month. Jul 8, 2019 344
Terrorists Plant 2 Bombs in Southeastern Iran. Jul 6, 2019 754
DNA test results for Sulu bomber could take a month - Wesmincom. Jul 5, 2019 441
Kenyan Al-Qaeda member yields gun, bombs in Zambales raid. Jul 2, 2019 264
One of two Sulu suicide bombers a Filipino - military. Jul 2, 2019 642
The protection of civilians: New process offers hope. Jaramillo, Cesar Jun 22, 2019 841
Four martyred army personnel laid to rest in their native areas with full military honours. Jun 9, 2019 392
BLADE BOMBS; new weapon aims to limit bystander deaths Missiles swap explosives for knives that cut through almost anything. May 11, 2019 488
Air Force looks at buying advanced 'bunker buster' version of Spice-2000 bombs. May 8, 2019 335
US Air Force's F-35A Fighter Jet's First Combat Mission Was Dropping Bombs On ISIS. May 2, 2019 350
Christians must stand against nuke bombs; VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email: Apr 19, 2019 772
Mortar bombs land on Tripoli suburb as two-week battle rages on. Apr 19, 2019 730
Probers say Kudarat blast has BIFF mark. Apr 5, 2019 704
From Bullets to Bombs: JMC Provides Munitions Readiness for the Joint Force. Letcher, Michelle M.T. Apr 1, 2019 1393
Criminal charges filed against 10 communist rebels caught with IEDs. Mar 20, 2019 343
Obote soldier bombs Museveni's house. Mar 17, 2019 1390
On brink of Syria defeat, Islamic State unleashes car bombs. Mar 3, 2019 685
Faceless but lethal. Feb 17, 2019 751
Attack kills 12 soldiers in Indian Kashmir. Feb 15, 2019 578
AFP still has to retrieve 49 bombs that did not explode in Marawi. Feb 10, 2019 399
Military drops bombs at terrorists' lair in Maguindanao. Feb 2, 2019 290
Profit-Minded Suppliers: Convergence of IED Facilitation and WMD Proliferation Networks for Non-State Actors. Hummel, Stephen F.; Burpo, John; Bonner, James Feb 1, 2019 3228
Iran's Light Planes Equipped with New Glide Bombs. Dec 15, 2018 347
British Army soldier with PTSD reveals devastating thing he was told in 'darkest hour'; Hero Major Wayne Owers defused 93 bombs in Afghanistan - but when he came back, he found his life would never be the same again. Dec 15, 2018 793
Big quantity of weapons seized in Bajaur. Dec 7, 2018 216
Army vets whose bodies were shattered by bombs and bullets live through joy of dance; EXCLUSIVE: Once super fit vets whose broken bodies left them feeling they had nothing left to live for are responding to the incredible feel good therapy inspired by Strictly Come Dancing. Dec 1, 2018 1791
Israel bombs Gaza again, kills 7 Palestinians. Nov 13, 2018 270
Young captain martyred, four soldiers injured in IED blasts. Nov 8, 2018 342
Arab coalition bombs base next to Sanaa airport. Nov 3, 2018 492
Is China Waiting Us Out? While the U.S. bombs, Xi Jinping is building--one power-play at a time. Horton, Michael Nov 1, 2018 3023
Military Looking to Modernize Bomb Disposal Technology. Tadjdeh, Yasmin Nov 1, 2018 1573
2 bombs found in South Cotabato village. Sep 26, 2018 437
Army discovers bombs planted by NPAs in ComVal. Sep 22, 2018 204
2 IEDs recovered in Maco. Sep 21, 2018 213
Israel says it bombs Iranians in Syria every 4 days on average for last 2 years. Sep 21, 2018 1111
Russian Defense Ministry: US Fighters Strike Syrian Town with Banned White Phosphorus Bombs. Sep 10, 2018 320
Blast foiled as bike bomb defused in Maguindanao. Sep 10, 2018 278
Spain Cancels Sale of 400 Bombs to Saudi Arabia. Sep 4, 2018 528
2 die, 34 hurt in Isulan bomb blast; P1M offered for suspect's arrest. Aug 29, 2018 846
Rebels point soldiers toward hidden motorbikes, IED parts. Aug 23, 2018 291
Militiaman hurt in BIFF roadside bombing in Maguindanao. Aug 22, 2018 272
Bomb attack leaves 6 KDF soldiers 'dead' in Lamu. Aug 9, 2018 481
2 bomb couriers killed in North Cotabato shootout. Aug 8, 2018 457
Truman, A-Bombs, and Killing of Innocents. Aug 5, 2018 1498
2 soldiers injured in Davao IED strike. Jul 30, 2018 212
Yemen's Ansarullah Bombs Abu Dhabi International Airport in Drone Attack. Jul 26, 2018 540
Army troops recover IED along highway in Tacurong City. Jul 25, 2018 307
Police, Army foil bomb try in Maguindanao. Jul 20, 2018 290
Military troops recover suspected IED in Maguindanao. Jul 12, 2018 302
Yemen's Houthis May Have Drones With Bombs, and They're Using Them Against The Saudi Coalition. Jul 5, 2018 1223
INSIDE THE IRON DOME: Chanoch Levin spearheaded the development of Israel's famed defensive shield against short-range rockets. For the first time, he shares some of the previously undisclosed details of how a concept more likely to be found in a science fiction thriller became a reality. Raviv, Dan Jul 1, 2018 4399
Bombs, Not Broadcasts U.S. Preference for Kinetic Strategy in Asymmetric Conflict. Livieratos, Cole Jul 1, 2018 5278
Huge cache of weapons recovered in South, North Waziristan IBOs. Jun 29, 2018 137
US Coalition Bombs Damascus Army Troops in Southern Syria. Jun 22, 2018 149
Israel Says It Won't Attack Palestinians Using Kite Bombs. Jun 19, 2018 419
Syria state media says US bombs military positions, US denies reports. Jun 18, 2018 514
Gov't troops destroy main IED factory of BIFF in Maguindanao. Jun 10, 2018 375
Armies of India, Nepal practice combat shooting. Jun 2, 2018 261
Two soldiers martyred, three injured in North Waziristan Agency: ISPR. May 31, 2018 207
Two soldiers martyred, three injured in North Waziristan Agency: ISPR. May 30, 2018 207
Two soldiers martyred, three injured in North Waziristan Agency: ISPR. May 30, 2018 206
Syria in Last 24 Hours: Over 120 Improvised Bombs Defused at Newly-Freed Yarmouk Camp in Damascus. May 26, 2018 549
Over 120 Improvised Bombs Defused at Syria's Newly-Freed Yarmouk Camp. May 25, 2018 156
Russia deploys drone-zapping technology to foil terrorists plotting to use flying machines to drop bombs on World Cup 2018 stadiums; The pioneering equipment, which has already been war-tested in Ukraine and Syria, will be deployed outside stadiums, including those set to host England matches. May 23, 2018 787
Russia launches four bombs from beneath White Sea in 'most powerful submarine missile test since Cold War'; It is the most powerful weapons test from a single submarine since the Cold War, and according to Russian military all four Bulava missiles reached their designated targets. Charlotte Neal May 23, 2018 518
US Approves $45mn Sale of 3,200 Bombs, Bunker Busters to Bahrain. May 19, 2018 363
Twin bombs kill 25. May 1, 2018 407
Police: BIFF behind bombing in Koronadal City. Apr 29, 2018 341
Israel bombs drone base in Syria, kills 7 Pasdaran. Apr 20, 2018 667
Jeremy Corbyn responds to Britain attacking Syria: "Bombs won't bring about peace"; Merseyside politicians slammed the decision which was taken without the approval of parliament. Apr 14, 2018 444
The night war came to a street in Swansea; FEATURE The devastating night 24 friends, family and neighbours were killed on one Welsh street when German bombs hit 14 homes on a single night in February 1941. Geraint Thomas reports. Mar 31, 2018 1924
Syria in Last 24 Hours: Syrian Army Seizes Terrorists' Bomb-Making Workshop in Eastern Ghouta. Mar 31, 2018 433
Report: Iran supplies sophisticated IEDs to Houthi militias. Mar 26, 2018 585
Bombs, blood and bravery: Defusing IEDs in KP. Mar 25, 2018 1567
Army wrecks two vehicles, bombs Saudi soldier sites, troops in Asir, Najran. Mar 17, 2018 173
Russian bombs immune to attack; WORLD BULLETINS. Mar 2, 2018 108
Militants attack Afghan army post killing 18 soldiers. Feb 24, 2018 479
More bombs fall on Syria's Ghouta ahead of UN vote (Update). Feb 23, 2018 538
14 police officers targeted in deadly bus bombing. Feb 21, 2018 448
Bombs, live ammo found in Surigao del Sur. Feb 18, 2018 334
IED abandoned near Davao checkpoint. Feb 9, 2018 128
More attacks alert by US anti-terrorism experts. Jan 31, 2018 872
BIFF bandit killed bombs recovered. Jan 29, 2018 179
Search for bombs delays Marawi rehab. Jan 21, 2018 442
/3/Caches and a factory and a factory for car bombs and improvised explosive devices destroyed in Al-Edhaim Hawi north of Baquba. Jan 8, 2018 218
IED blast in Kashmir, 4 policemen killed. Jan 6, 2018 652
Bombs still rain down on the babies of Syria; HEART-BREAKING IMAGES OF THE CARNAGE CAUSED BY AIR STRIKES Pictures of child casualties from aerial attack by Russian jets on a residential area shock the world. Jan 5, 2018 542
Bombs still rain down on the babies of Syria; HEART-BREAKING IMAGES OF THE CARNAGE E CAUSED BY AIR STRIKES; Pictures of child casualties from aerial attack by Russian jets on a residential area shock the world. Jan 5, 2018 543
Cop slain, 5 colleagues wounded in BIFF attack. Jan 1, 2018 279
Uncovering the secret history of Wales' war bunkers; Lydia Morris unearths some startling stories about the north Wales bunkers that once protected people and national treasures from wartime attacks. Dec 28, 2017 1502
Three soldiers martyred in IED explosion. Dec 25, 2017 246
Why drones will decide the fate of the next war. Dec 25, 2017 1266
Three FC personnel martyred in North Waziristan IED explosion. Dec 24, 2017 322
Army discovers car bombs and US and Israeli-made equipment in Daesh hideouts in Deir Ezzor. Dec 9, 2017 282
4 soldiers wounded by exploding IEDs in Marawi. Nov 3, 2017 196
BOMBS AWAY: WWII Heavy bombers set stage for America's strategic deterrence November 6, 2017. Davis, Bennie J., III Nov 1, 2017 1924
Foreign Technology or Local Expertise? Al-Shabaab's IED Capability. Muibu, Daisy; Nickels, Benjamin Nov 1, 2017 2748
Iranian Fighter Jets Destroy Simulated Targets with Home-Made Smart Bombs in Tuesday Drills. Oct 31, 2017 305
Iran's Air Force to Test Different Types of Weapons in Tuesday Drills. Oct 30, 2017 281
Student who fought IS 'had bomb manual at uni'. Oct 24, 2017 626
Fleeing Raqqa, ISIS left booby-trapped toys, corpses and a teddy bear. Oct 19, 2017 629
Artificial Intelligence Could Help Neutralize Enemy Bombs. Harper, Jon Oct 1, 2017 1774
Syria in Past 24 Hours: US-Led Coalition Hits Deir Ezzur with Phosphorus Bombs, Killing Civilians. Sep 28, 2017 1431
Critical alert as hunt on for Tube bomber. Sep 16, 2017 501
U.S.-led coalition bombs Daesh convoy, kills 85. Sep 8, 2017 287
Truck Bombs and Standoff: Using Blast Modeling for Installation Threat Management. Kemper, Clarence B., III Sep 1, 2017 2506
Government denounces use of Marawi hostages as suicide bombers. Aug 14, 2017 504
Iraqi Police Clear Majority of Mines in Western Mosul. Jul 29, 2017 747
Day IRA bombs killed eleven in attacks at two Royal parks; SEVEN SOLDIERS, FOUR BANDSMEN AND SEVEN HORSES DIED IN THE CARNAGE 35 SUMMERS AGO. Jul 24, 2017 634
Battle-mad with bombs & bayonets: a Dane's "Merry Hell" with the Canadian Army in WWI. Smol, Robert Jul 1, 2017 2319
My job was to make it safe; BOMB DISPOSAL EXPERT 30.06.2007 On the day that terrorism came to Glasgow airport, the safety of hundreds rested in the hands of a soldier taking command of a bomb incident for the first time. Jun 29, 2017 669
Interior Ministry: Injury of Two Security Men in a Bomb Blast in Al-Awamiya, Qatif. May 30, 2017 177
Army shoots dead two Saudi soldiers, bombs tank in Jizan, Najran. Apr 20, 2017 105
People Congregate in Front of White House to Blame US for Use of 'Mother of All Bombs' in Afghanistan. Apr 17, 2017 309
What is a GBU-43? U.S. Drops 'Mother Of All Bombs' On ISIS Complex In Afghanistan. Apr 13, 2017 499
Russia Using Laser-Guided Bombs in Syria Airstrikes. Apr 3, 2017 544
Defeat by Annihilation: Mobility and attrition in the Islamic State's Defense of Mosul. Knights, Michael; Mello, Alexander Apr 1, 2017 6496
Israel Bombs Hamas, Hezbollah As Palestinians Fight ISIS In Syria. Feb 28, 2017 409
Dumb bombs with graduate degrees. Attariwala, Joetey Dec 1, 2016 2503
Peshmerga Kill 5 Suicide Bombers, Detonate 3 Car Bombs in Ba'shiqah, Northern Mosul. Nov 7, 2016 120
Amid the booms of rockets and suicide bombs, I watch fight to rescue a million people from the ISIS barbarians; THE BATTLE FOR MOSUL: ON THE FRONT LINE WITH THE COALITION. Oct 22, 2016 1253
Amid the booms of rockets and suicide bombs, I watch fight to rescue a million people from the ISIS barbarians; THE BATTLE FOR MOSUL: ON THE FRONT LINE WITH THE COALITION. Oct 22, 2016 1259
Army kills dozens enemy Saudi soldiers, bombs military sites in Jizan, Najran. Oct 19, 2016 168
Commander: Testing Warplanes, Bombs' Precision Striking Power Main Goal of Drills. Oct 17, 2016 409
Mike Harris: Saudi Arabia Using Nuclear Bombs in Yemen. Oct 7, 2016 556
Russian Air Force Bombs Fatah Al-Sham Terrorists' Centers in Homs. Sep 18, 2016 158
Facebook, bombs and cash: Israel atop the headlines this week. Sep 15, 2016 475
Bomb experts deactivate improvised explosive device in Maguindanao. Sep 7, 2016 274
Regime drops chlorine bombs on Aleppo: report. Sep 7, 2016 874
Pearl harbor: from 'infamy to friendship: seventy-five years after the attack, a look at how the U.S. and Japan went from wartime enemies to the closest of allies. Berger, Joseph Sep 5, 2016 3144
Whispers of another war: architect of Desert Storm air war wanted to avoid mistakes from Vietnam. Roughton, Randy Sep 1, 2016 2884
Syrian Air Force Bombs Heavily ISIL's Sites in Eastern Homs. Aug 28, 2016 166
Nineveh operations: Blowing up (23) car bombs to Daesh and killing the military official in charge of Qayyarah Center. Aug 23, 2016 172
RAINING BOMBS; 10 CHILDREN KILLED IN STRIKE ON SCHOOL AFTER PEACE TALKS FAIL AND MPs DEMAND UK ARMS BAN; Dozens dead in air raids probed as war crimes. Aug 14, 2016 1210
Nineveh police blew up two car bombs Daash and relocating its headquarters from Spyker to the south of Mosul. Aug 11, 2016 278
STOP THIS SLAUGHTER; MPs CALL FOR BAN ON ARMS SALES TO SAUDISAFTER SCOTS-MADE BOMBS KILL CIVILIANS IN YEMENBombed teenager I hate my life because of the airstrikes . I wish they would end. Aug 7, 2016 2271
Car loaded with bombs seized in Marawi; suspects flee. Jul 29, 2016 474
Syrian Air Force Bombs Terrorists' Positions Heavily in Eastern Damascus. Jul 23, 2016 182
Update1-ISIS convoy of vehicles, including car bombs, destroyed in Deir Ezzor, a Jabhat al-Nusra official killed in Homs. Jul 10, 2016 314
Update2-ISIS convoy of vehicles, including car bombs, destroyed in Deir Ezzor, a Jabhat al-Nusra official killed in Homs. Jul 10, 2016 373
Homs: Syrian Air Force Bombs ISIL Concentration Centers near Ancient Palmyra. Jul 1, 2016 191
The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons: a profile of the arm's-length proxy of the Kurdistan Workers' Party. Gurcan, Metin Jul 1, 2016 3367
28 Elements Of Daash Killed And Wounded, Vehicle Bombs Destroyed in Air Strikes In Saqlawiyah. May 31, 2016 132
PMF Advancing Towards Shuhada Neighborhood, Trapping Three bulldozer Bombs. May 25, 2016 164
Iraqi Forces Kill 15 ISIL Militants in Western Anbar, 3 Car Bombs Destroyed. May 17, 2016 161
Saudi aggression bombs Mawza'a area in Taiz. Apr 27, 2016 143
Who Is Killing Yemeni Civilians with US Bombs? (Hint: It's Saudis). Apr 11, 2016 646
Source: 3,000 Bombs Planted by ISIL in Palmyra. Apr 1, 2016 376
Syria's Future, Marked By Bombs And Politics. Mar 16, 2016 1328
Hizbullah Launches Chemicals & Dirty Bombs Program at Secret Syrian Site. Mar 3, 2016 472
Pentagon OKs $683 million smart bomb deal for Turkey. Mar 2, 2016 406
Army captures BIFF camp rigged with bombs in Maguindanao. Feb 22, 2016 214
Army dismantles two bombs in Tripoli. Feb 8, 2016 693
I still can't believe he's not coming home; BOOK TELLS OF LIFE AFTER DEATH OF SOLDIER AND HIS BELOVED DOG Liam Tasker was shot dead by the Taliban as he and his dog Theo searched for homemade bombs. Here, his mum Jane talks about how she wants the loyal pair to be remembered. Jan 30, 2016 1358
Afghan army defuses 17 improvised bombs in southern provinces. Jan 6, 2016 145
The enduring IED problem: why we need doctrine. Tranchemontagne, Marc Jan 1, 2016 5505
Afghan army defuses 17 improvised bombs in southern provinces. Dec 30, 2015 145
Bombs in Homs kill 32, wound 90: Activists. Dec 29, 2015 320
Dropping bombs won't solve problems while a dictator is still in charge-welsh Syrians. Dec 5, 2015 1007
NPA continues to use IEDs in violation of int'l human rights law. Nov 24, 2015 180
Man who planted pub bombs is still alive... but he has 'gone to pieces' BIRMINGHAM MAIL EXCLUSIVE On the eve of the 41st anniversary of the Birmingham pub bombs, the Mail's Crime Correspondent Nick McCarthy speaks exclusively to Kieran Conway, former head of intelligence for the IRA. Nov 20, 2015 852
PAYBACK French jets drop 20 bombs on Raqqa, Putin, Obama close ranks to attack ISIS. Nov 17, 2015 777
Russia bombs ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. Nov 3, 2015 380
Marines foil bomb attempt by ASG in Sulu. Oct 6, 2015 205
Russia bombs Syria for third day, mainly avoiding Islamic State (Updated). Oct 2, 2015 733
JIEDDO emerges from wars as combat support agency. Magnuson, Stew Oct 1, 2015 1517
Russia seizes initiative in Syria crisis; France bombs Islamic State. Sep 28, 2015 983
NPA bomb wounds 5 in Bukidnon. Sep 21, 2015 218
MADE IN SCOTLAND. DROPPED ON YEMEN? FEARS THAT SAUDIS ARE USING FIFE BOMBS; Nearly 2000 civilians killed in war. Sep 13, 2015 859
Truman, A-Bombs, and Killing of Innocents. Aug 8, 2015 1496
Mike Harris: Saudi Arabia Using Nuclear Bombs in Yemen. Aug 5, 2015 540
Eight vehicle bombs driven by suicide bombers detonated, four houses destroyed and 199 explosive devices detonated west of Haditha. Aug 1, 2015 154
Police, intel agency warn of suicide attacks as TSK bombs ISIL, PKK targets. Jul 27, 2015 1716
Several bombs found in North Sinai. Jul 5, 2015 300
North East doodlebug hero pilot's archive to be sold in Newcastle; North East squadron leader Joseph Berry shot down 60 German missiles in Second World War - now his archive is going on sale. Jun 10, 2015 836
Saudi-led coalition bombs Yemen despite calling off air campaign. Apr 22, 2015 716
Experts: Phosphorus Bombs, Banned Weapons Used in Saudi Air Strikes. Apr 20, 2015 715
Art Girls Versus Bombs. Apr 15, 2015 834
Smart girls vs. bombs. Kristof, Nicholas Apr 14, 2015 761
Al-Arish under attack: A night of bombs and fire. Feb 1, 2015 1504
Army says bombs, bomb materials found in BIFF camp. Jan 7, 2015 405
Libyan warplane bombs Greek-operated oil tanker at port, two dead. Jan 5, 2015 612
A team-of-teams approach: combined arms route clearance during the retrograde. Braam, Kevin N. Jan 1, 2015 1331
A framework for planning route clearance patrols at the platoon and Company levels. Chambers, John R. Jan 1, 2015 1904
Qaeda claims responsibility for deadly car bombs at Yemen army base. Dec 9, 2014 629
National army bombs areas suspected of harbouring terrorists in Mount Ouergha (Defence). Nov 18, 2014 138
Army defuses five bombs, seizes arms in Tripoli. Nov 1, 2014 521
As bombs rained down around them two soldiers tried to save a dying Afghan... it was an act of great humanity typical of British troops; AFGHANISTAN WAR IS OVER: THE HORROR AND THE HUMAN COST. Oct 27, 2014 804
Maguindanao students, folks get lessons in detecting unexploded bombs. Oct 15, 2014 391
Turkey bombs Kurdish PKK targets near Iraq border. Oct 14, 2014 560
BLOWN TO HELL; US and Arab allies blitz on Islamic State; 200 bombs hit key targets and kill 100; Pentagon says it is just the beginning. Sep 24, 2014 728
BLOWN TO HELL; US and Arab allies blitz on Islamic State; 200 bombs hit key targets and kill 100; RAF poised to go in after MPs' recall. Sep 24, 2014 789
BLOWN TO HELL; US and Arab allies blitz on Islamic State; 200 bombs hit key targets and kill 100; RAF poised to go in after MPs' recall. Sep 24, 2014 788
US Bombs IS in Iraq as Obama Looks to Present Strategy. Sep 10, 2014 341
Taliban detonate truck bombs in central Afghanistan, 18 killed. Sep 4, 2014 485
Bombs kill 42 in Iraq; Baghdad and Kirkuk attacked. Salaheddin, Sinan; Salama, Vivian Aug 24, 2014 603
Kurds go after dam; U.S. bombs weaken militant forces. Ahmed, Azam; Hubbard, Ben Aug 18, 2014 555
We can take a dumb bomb and turn it into a smart bomb - A Raytheon spokesman; GLOBAL ARMS GIANT'S SCOTS PLANT LINKED TO GAZA BLITZ THAT HAS KILLED 2000. Aug 10, 2014 848
Master bomb technician fights a new kind of war. Aug 5, 2014 755
Twelve killed in Yemen car bombs. Jul 27, 2014 129
15 killed & 200 hurt as Israel bombs UN school; New horror as Gaza death toll mounts. Jul 25, 2014 406
15 killed and 200 hurt as Israel bombs a UN school; New horror as Gaza toll mounts. Jul 25, 2014 432
One child killed every hour by Israeli bombs; Shocking death toll as UN warn of Gaza 'war crimes'. Jul 24, 2014 625
The iron harvest; rusty shells from the GREAT WAR STILL TAKE LIVES. Jul 15, 2014 1499
Israel bombs Gaza after three settler teens found dead. Jul 1, 2014 487
Israel Bombs Multiple Targets in Gaza After Rocket Attacks. Jun 30, 2014 270
Khartoum defiantly bombs another hospital in S. Kordofan. Jun 18, 2014 2575
2 children injured in Hebron as the Israeli army bombs their home to arrest their father. Jun 16, 2014 143
More than 50 killed as Pakistan bombs militant hideouts. Jun 15, 2014 703
More than 50 killed as Pakistan bombs militant hideouts. Jun 15, 2014 695
Yemeni army bombs al-Qaida vehicle, kills 4 militants. Jun 14, 2014 279
Mortar bombs rain down on Damascus for second day. Jun 5, 2014 746
Mines and labs for equipping car bombs found in terrorists' strongholds. May 18, 2014 120
Israel bombs Syria army targets after Golan attack. Mar 19, 2014 733
Massive displacement begins as jets drop bombs in NWA Over ten thousand families migrate in two days. Feb 22, 2014 657
Two Car Bombs and Explosive Materials Seized in a Military Operation in Nineveh. Feb 21, 2014 147
Assad bombs kill 20 in rebel-held Aleppo. Feb 9, 2014 415
Four bombs hit central Baghdad, killing 23. Feb 6, 2014 685
Syrian forces kill 83 in barrel bomb attacks in Aleppo: activists. Feb 3, 2014 879
AFP ends offensive with fall of BIFF main lair. Feb 3, 2014 938
Rockets, bombs rain down as Geneva ends. Feb 1, 2014 679
Bombs and Boots. Jan 31, 2014 719
Regime barrel bombs kill 13 in Aleppo. Jan 30, 2014 686
44 improvised bombs seized from allegedly leftist rebels in S. Philippines. Jan 20, 2014 200
Bombs and Boots. Dec 31, 2013 716
Regime's latest weapon simple but deadly. Dec 24, 2013 1062
Commander: IRGC Equips Drones with Guided Missiles, Bombs. Dec 12, 2013 573
When the Death-Dot Gets You, It's Got You: military technology took a major advance in the 1960s, when America's industry and armed services learned to designate a ground target with a laser illuminator, and develop a guidance and control kit that would allow a munition to home on to the reflected energy. However, semi-active homing was only the first guidance application for lasers. Later came missiles that ride laser beams. Biass, Eric H. Dec 1, 2013 3464
Iraq militia says fires mortar bombs at Saudi as warning. Nov 21, 2013 713
I try & use remote means first but if I can't, I'll deal with the device myself.. IRISH TEAM CLEAR LEBANON BOMBS. Nov 8, 2013 941
Pakistan Taliban secretly bury leader and vow bombs in revenge. Nov 2, 2013 764
Israel 'bombs' Syria as envoy presses peace talks bid. Nov 1, 2013 745
U.S. Leaving Toxic Time-Bombs Across Afghanistan. Nasuti, Matthew J. Oct 14, 2013 409
Mortar bombs kill eight in capital, rebels seek truce. Oct 7, 2013 479
27 bodies, 165 unexploded bombs recovered in Zamboanga clearing operations-military. Oct 2, 2013 262
Commander: Iran's Ground Force Equips Drones with Different Bombs, Rockets. Sep 28, 2013 394
If bombs hit Damascus, Israel looks to Tehran. Makovsky, David Sep 6, 2013 1588
Calling off America's bombs. Sep 6, 2013 1273
SEND US AID NOT BOMBS; CRISIS IN SYRIA: CLOCK TICKS DOWN TO WAR Obama promises to launch missiles as Syrians tell West to stay out of fight. Sep 1, 2013 1169

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