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A Dialogue in the Gulf and a Dialogue in Lebanon. Mar 10, 2010 850
US Black Sea Military Buildup Could Trigger Missile War. Mar 10, 2010 2225
Israeli forces carry out air drop, military exercises in West Bank. Mar 8, 2010 117
Pak rejects India's concerns, says its military doctrine 'purely defensive'. Mar 7, 2010 302
Putting soldiers' lives back together; An increasing number of injured soldiers are being treated at Birmingham's Selly Oak Hospital as the conflict in Afghanistan intensifies. Phil Vinter visits the military ward to find out how medics are coping. Mar 4, 2010 1273
US military questions Karzai s steps on corruption. Mar 4, 2010 305
US concerned over Sudanese government''s military operation in Darfur. Mar 3, 2010 218
Canada's top military officials in India to discuss security perspectives. Feb 26, 2010 365
When wars begin: misleading statements by presidents. Fisher, Louis Report Feb 25, 2010 6774
Boss's trip to war zone to see TA soldiers in action 'an eye-opener' Insight into skills gained on battlefield. Feb 24, 2010 1307
Top US military officials see steady but slow progress in southern Afghanistan. Feb 23, 2010 281
Dutch Government collapses over country's Afghanistan military mission. Feb 22, 2010 253
Brangelina staging family photos "like a military operation". Feb 22, 2010 135
The case for striking Iran grows A military. Bolton, John Reprint Feb 19, 2010 791
Corps Commander Multan inspects military exercise. Feb 19, 2010 137
US military chief discusses Iran on Mideast tour. Feb 14, 2010 134
"For Military and Paramilitary" DRDO theme for DEFEXPO. Feb 13, 2010 202
Russia welcomes decision of stopping military operations in northwest region. Feb 12, 2010 172
Two military men killed in Tirah copter crash. Feb 10, 2010 101
Iran military. Feb 6, 2010 728
RIA undergoes military-style makeover: Rock Island Arsenal has long prided itself on doing anything the military requests, but these days it's more interested in doing everything the military requests better. Gibbs, Shea Cover story Feb 1, 2010 2138
Military rifle Cartridges of Syria. Scarlate, Paul Feb 1, 2010 1698
The Lawyering of War. Berkowitz, Peter Feb 1, 2010 2976
Missile wars: the shape of things to come. Blanche, Ed Jan 30, 2010 2935
Pakistan National Defense University. Gates, Robert M. Jan 22, 2010 1577
Medicalized weapons & modern war. Gross, Michael L. Jan 1, 2010 7482
595th Transportation Group. Jan 1, 2010 2923
China's aircraft carrier ambitions: an update. Li, Nan; Weuve, Christopher Essay Jan 1, 2010 8694
On guard: Utah plays a major role in the nation's defense. Haraldsen, Tom Jan 1, 2010 1288
A roadmap for rehabilitation counseling to serve military veterans with disabilities. Frain, Michael P.; Bishop, Malachy; Bethel, Mary Report Jan 1, 2010 7245
Yemen refutes US involvement in military operations in north. Dec 17, 2009 254
Saudi attacks reports in Yemen groundless, military source says. Nov 5, 2009 224
Acute clinical care and care coordination for traumatic brain injury within Department of Defense. Jaffee, Michael S.; Helmick, Kathy M.; Girard, Philip D.; Meyer, Kim S.; Dinegar, Kathy; George, Kar Report Nov 1, 2009 6761
Many Saada rebels killed in army confrontations, says military source. Oct 4, 2009 158
Trainers at a cusp: the new generation of fixed-wing military trainers is finally winning sales, the more advanced categories bringing performance improvements at correspondingly escalated prices. Braybrook, Roy Oct 1, 2009 2586
Digital maps map more than just maps: any military operation is all but impossible without maps. Generals use them to plot their scheme of manoeuvre, admirals to map minefields or sonar coverage, and pilots to navigate to and from their targets. All three depend on maps to show them weather conditions, the local terrain or ocean and crucially the position of blue and red forces. Withington, Thomas Oct 1, 2009 2623
Breaching walls: a must in mout operations: why breach walls during a military operation? At least two answers immediately come to mind; (1) to neutralise enemy troops that are hiding in the building and (2) to open an access for one's own troops, avoiding too-obvious accesses that would quite certainly be booby-trapped. Those two aspects require two different approaches, however. Alpo, Paul V. Oct 1, 2009 2498
Sigint aircraft: fly high, listen closely: Electronic mission aircraft belong to a rare type of military aviation worldwide. The primary role of sigint aircraft has evolved from strategic intelligence data collection of adverse air defence (elint) and command & control networks to a more tactical exploitation of mostly radio signals (comint) in the current operational context. Rousset, Valery; Philippe, Antoine Aug 1, 2009 2411
Russia, EU, NATO, and the strengthening of the CSTO in Central Asia. Pop, Irina Ionela Report Jun 22, 2009 5618
Georgia & Russia: the "unknown" prelude to the "five day war". Malek, Martin Report Mar 22, 2009 2823
La educacion militar en Colombia entre 1886 y 1907. Rey Esteban, Mayra Fernanda Report Jan 1, 2008 13595

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