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Turkey shifting Syria strategy after Kurdish militia's attacks. MENEKSE TOKYAY Oct 19, 2021 778
Suspected militia warlord nabbed in Benue. Sep 24, 2021 206
Saudi Arabia foils missile attack; two injured. Sep 5, 2021 214
Yemen's Houthi militia reject US call to stop Marib offensive. MENEKSE TOKYAY Jul 29, 2021 526
Iran creates new, small Iraq militia. Jun 25, 2021 702
4 NPA guerrillas captured. Jun 21, 2021 365
A Summary of Efforts to Ensure Accountability Regarding Violations of International Humanitarian Law and Other Legal Norms in the Regional State of Tigray. May 21, 2021 1809
Myanmar shadow government's militia gains popular support to fight military junta. Kyaw Ye Lynn May 7, 2021 757
Revealed: Houthi militia's deadly ties with Al-Qaeda and Daesh. Saeed Al-Batati Apr 2, 2021 816
Saudi air strikes halt Houthi tank offensive. Arab News Mar 21, 2021 447
Ex-brgy chairperson turned NPA militia surrenders to military in Iloilo. Jan 20, 2021 204
2 Guard members made extremist statements about inauguration. Laporta, By James; Baldor, Lolita C.; Press, Michael Balsamo Associated Jan 20, 2021 811
SAS join the hunt for killers of medic; Brodie, 26, dies as rockets hit base. CHRIS HUGHES Defence and Security Editor Mar 13, 2020 320
U.S. airstrikes hit Shia militia. Lolita C. Baldor Associated Press Mar 13, 2020 298
U.S. wages retaliatory strikes against Iran-backed militia in Iraq after deadly attack. Reuters News Service Mar 13, 2020 680
SAS join the hunt for killers of medic; Brodie, 26, dies as rockets hit base. CHRIS HUGHES Defence and Security Editor Mar 13, 2020 307
Trump authorises US military to respond after Iran-backed militia kills troops. Reuters News Service Mar 12, 2020 669
59 communist guerrillas surrender since January. Feb 5, 2020 329
UK tries to calm tension after killing; Government unhappy at not being informed amid worries for UK troops. SAM BLEWETT Jan 4, 2020 693
US kills top Iranian commander Soleimani, Iran vow to avenge his death. Reuters News Service Jan 3, 2020 912
Surge of Shiite Militia Attacks in Store for US Forces in Iraq, Possibly Israel Also. Jan 1, 2020 360
Militia backers attack U.S. Embassy. Mustafa Salim and Liz Sly The Washington Post Jan 1, 2020 1259
Soleimani Is Dead: The Road Ahead for Iranian-Backed Militias in Iraq. Knights, Michael Jan 1, 2020 10391
Iran's Reserve of Last Resort: UNCOVERING THE ISLAMIC REVOLUTIONARY GUARD CORPS GROUND FORCES ORDER OF BATTLE. Donovan, Marie; Carl, Nicholas; Kagan, Frederick W. Jan 1, 2020 12360
Iraq condemns U.S. air strikes as unacceptable and dangerous. Dec 31, 2019 930
Iran-backed Iraqi militia vows revenge over U.S. strikes. Dec 31, 2019 841
Iraq condemns U.S. air strikes as unacceptable and dangerous. Reuters News Service Dec 30, 2019 987
Iraq condemns U.S. air strikes as unacceptable and dangerous. Dec 30, 2019 930
U.S. strikes in Iraq, Syria target Iranian-backed Shi'ite Muslim militia group. Dec 30, 2019 376
NPA guerrillas violated no truce agreement - NDFP. Dec 26, 2019 569
Military: 4 NPA guerrillas surrender in Quezon. Dec 10, 2019 219
Al-Houthi militia Continues Violating Ceasefire Agreement in 3 Directorates in Hodeidah. Nov 4, 2019 167
Turkey says Kurdish militia kills soldier in northeast Syria despite ceasefire. Reuters News Service Oct 20, 2019 486
Turkey says Kurdish militia kills soldier in northeast Syria despite ceasefire. Oct 20, 2019 181
SAS 'kill or capture' raids to stop jihadis as 800 ISIS brides and kids escape; The British Army's most elite special forces unit will reportedly be dispatched on 'kill or capture' raids as it is claimed almost 800 ISIS brides and their children escaped a camp near Raqqa. By, Kaisha Langton Oct 13, 2019 792
Space Pirates, Geosynchronous Guerrillas, and Nonterrestrial Terrorists Nonstate Threats in Space. Miller, Gregory D. Essay Sep 22, 2019 9000
Command of Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: Intercepts and Shoots Down a Drone Launched by Houthi Militia in Yemen From Imran Towards KSA. Sep 3, 2019 215
Coalition Forces shoots down drone launched by Houthi militia towards Saudi Arabia. Sep 3, 2019 170
Command of Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: Intercepting and Shooting Down A Drone Launched by Terrorist Houthi Militia from Saada towards KSA. Aug 29, 2019 212
Command of Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: Launched by Houthi militia from Sanaa towards the kingdom, drone intercepted and shot down in airspace of Yemen. Aug 28, 2019 215
Coalition Forces Intercept and Shoot Down Six Ballistic Missiles launched towards the Kingdom by Houthi militia, Coalition Command to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen reports. Aug 25, 2019 221
Joint coalition forces intercept missiles launched by terrorist Houthis. Aug 25, 2019 198
Mong Yang People's Militia leader and wife killed at home. Aug 22, 2019 238
Israel suspected as blasts hit militia post near Iraq's Balad base. Aug 21, 2019 508
Command of joint forces of the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen: Targeting and destroying of number of caves to store ballistic missiles, drones and weapons in Sana'a belonging to Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia. Aug 20, 2019 212
Aleppo: Tens of Turkish Army Soldiers, Allied Militants Killed, Injured in Kurdish Militia Attack in Afrin. Aug 14, 2019 556
Yemeni army's advances provoke Houthis into desperate measures. Aug 13, 2019 150
Syria in Past 24 Hours: Army Troops Preparing to Expel US-Backed Kurdish Militia from Qamishli. Aug 8, 2019 458
Hasaka: Syrian Army Troops Preparing for Expelling US-Backed Kurdish Militia from Qameshli. Aug 7, 2019 331
Former guerrillas undergo basic military training. Aug 3, 2019 494
Coalition to Support of Legitimacy, in Yemen, Dismisses Houthi Militia's Claims of Capturing Military Positions, in Najran, Jizan, over the past few days. Aug 2, 2019 257
Coalition to Support of Legitimacy in Yemen dismisses Houthi militia's claims of capturing military positions in Najran, Jizan. Aug 2, 2019 279
Iran's Expanding Militia Army in Iraq: The New Special Groups. Knights, Michael Aug 1, 2019 11779
Maduro's Revolutionary Guards: The Rise of Paramilitarism in Venezuela. Dayton, Ross Aug 1, 2019 5435
Tehran Sources: An Israeli Harop Drone Attacked Pro-Iranian Iraqi Militia Base NE of Baghdad. Jul 23, 2019 539
Kurdish Militia Warns Ankara to Avoid Attacks or Face All-Out War. Jul 21, 2019 353
Turkey Resumes Fresh Attacks on Kurdish Militia Positions in Aleppo As Ankara Sends Elite Forces to Syria Borders. Jul 17, 2019 508
Turkey Heavily Pounds Kurdish Militia Positions in Aleppo. Jul 15, 2019 370
New Army chief bares new strategy vs NPA guerrillas. Jul 15, 2019 568
Capture of a Houthi Leader and Seven Militia Members in a Yemeni Army Operation in Dali. Jun 30, 2019 124
An 'incident' waiting to happen. Jun 22, 2019 1250
Saudi Press: Attacks by Houthi Militia Against Civilians in KSA Violate International Humanitarian Law and Norms. Jun 16, 2019 233
TIMELINE: Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia. Chronology Jun 13, 2019 987
JIAT Official Spokesman Holds Press Conference 4. Conference news Jun 12, 2019 1368
Arab Coalition: Raids on military targets loyal to Houthi militia has begun. May 16, 2019 347
Yemeni army foil Houthi attack south of Hodeidah. Apr 25, 2019 293
Arab coalition destroys two caves used by Houthi Militia. Mar 24, 2019 241
Two caves In Sana'a destroyed by Houthi Militia. Mar 24, 2019 241
The Joint Forces Command of the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: "Targeting and Destruction of (Two Caves) In Sana'a Used by the Iran-Backed Terrorist Houthi Militia to Store Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)". Mar 23, 2019 242
"Definitely Damaged or Destroyed" Reexamining Civil Air Patrol's Wartime Claims. Blazich, Frank A., Jr. Mar 22, 2019 10122
Colonel Al-Malki: Coalition's operations continue to neutralize ballistic capabilities of Iran-backed terrorist Houthi militia 2 Riyadh. Mar 19, 2019 291
Yemeni Army Takes Control of Last Stronghold of Houthi Militia in Baqam, Saada. Mar 17, 2019 116
Two soldiers, four communist rebels killed in Philippine clash. Feb 16, 2019 152
A Statement by the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen Regarding Hodeida Governorate. Feb 14, 2019 487
Houthi violations of Yemen's Hodeidah truce lead to 76 civilian deaths. Feb 13, 2019 177
Joint Forces Command of Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen: Targeting and destroying Iran-backed terrorist Houthi militia location for UAV preparation and storage and their launch vehicles. Feb 8, 2019 247
Yemeni army expels Houthis militia from Awaja district in Hajjah province. Dec 16, 2018 134
China's fishing fleet a militia force. Dec 10, 2018 771
US-Backed Militia Capture Several Points in Eastern Syria after ISIL's Withdrawal. Dec 7, 2018 379
1 NPA rifle recovered after clash in Surigao. Dec 3, 2018 400
Yemeni army advance west of Taiz in operation to cut off Houthi militia supply routes. Nov 19, 2018 184
US Asks Kurdish Militia to Camouflage Identity to Evade Turkish Army Attacks. Nov 12, 2018 363
US-Backed Militia Send More Convoys to Deir Ezzur as People's Protests Heighten. Nov 8, 2018 274
Report: US Militia Groups Planning to Form Their Own Caravan, Head to Border. Nov 5, 2018 316
Kurdish Militia Furious at US Indifference to Ankara's Threats in Eastern Euphrates. Nov 4, 2018 361
U.S. militia groups head to border, stirred by Trump's call to arms. Nov 4, 2018 1539
Arab coalition operation against missile and drone sites 'thwarted Houthi militia attack'. Nov 2, 2018 241
Dozens of Houthi militia killed in battles with Yemen army in Hodeidah. Oct 29, 2018 139
US Forces' Indifference to ISIL Attack in Eastern Syria Enrages Kurdish Militia. Oct 28, 2018 318
US-Backed Militia Dispatches Military Convoy to Regions Near Syrian Army Positions in Deir Ezzur. Oct 23, 2018 279
Yemeni army recover large cache of Houthi militia armament. Oct 19, 2018 189
Syrian Sources: More Russian Forces Deployed Near US-Backed Militia in Deir Ezzur. Oct 8, 2018 325
Kurdish Militia Dig More Tunnels, Trenches in Northern Syria after Turkish Military Threats. Oct 8, 2018 374
Governor of Saada confirms that end of Houthi militia is imminent. Oct 7, 2018 106
Yemeni army kills Houthi militia commanders, several militants in Hodeidah and Saada provinces. Sep 29, 2018 144
Turkey may launch new offensive against US-backed Kurdish militia in Syria. Sep 22, 2018 824
Iraqi Shiite Militia Heavily Bombed on Syrian-Iraqi Highway, First Major Assault on Soleimani's Forces. Aug 24, 2018 225
Syria in Past 24 Hours: Kurdish Militia Willing to Hand over Oil Facilities to Damascus Forces. Jul 9, 2018 1809
King David Hotel bombing killed 91 and struck at heart of British rule in Palestine - now Prince William is staying there; On 22 July 1946, Jerusalem's King David Hotel was the target for one of the most lethal terrorist attacks of the 20th century, when Zionists planted milk cans loaded with explosives in the basement and warning were ignored. Jun 26, 2018 1597
Houthi militia is still using civilians as 'human shields': Coalition Spokesperson. Jun 23, 2018 194
Yemen army liberates Numan in Al-Bayda province from Houthi militia. Jun 22, 2018 196
Colonel Al-Maliki: Iran-backed Houthi militia retreating. Jun 18, 2018 616
22 NPA guerrillas surrender to army in Sorsogon. Jun 12, 2018 214
Yemeni Acting Minister of Defense: Arab Coalition for Supporting legitimacy's Efforts Gave National Army Advantage in Achieving Continuous Victories Against Coup Militia. Jun 7, 2018 192
15 NPA terrorists, 63 militia men surrender; AFP claims victory. May 31, 2018 781
Taliban urges Britain to not send more troops to Afghanistan. May 20, 2018 377
Giants' brigade advance towards Al Bareh. May 8, 2018 242
Colonel Maliki: Houthi militia hinders movement of shipments, relief materials to Yemeni interior. Apr 26, 2018 526
Yemeni army attacks Houthi military positions on outskirts of Qanya. Apr 14, 2018 183
Washington's militia problem in Syria is an Iran problem. Doering, Jackson Mar 2, 2018 1676
Yemen's army foils attack by Houthi militia in Al-Jouf province. Feb 25, 2018 147
Former NPA guerrillas look to new life after surrender. Feb 22, 2018 473
Turkey demands U.S. expel Kurdish militia from anti-Daesh force. Feb 16, 2018 928
More Kurdish Militia Killed in Turkish Army Operation in Northern Syria. Feb 3, 2018 200
Turkey ramps up Syria incursion. Feb 1, 2018 757
Eisenhower's Guerrillas: The Jedburghs, the Maquis, & the Liberation of France. Jones, Benjamin F. Book review Dec 22, 2017 885
Spokesman of coalition forces, ambassador of kingdom to Yemen: Attacks of Huthi militia on Yemeni people and kingdom come with support of Iranian regime 3 Riyadh. Dec 21, 2017 113
Pakistan paramilitary forces arrest Qataris for illegal bird hunting. Dec 6, 2017 347
Turkish troops, Kurdish militia clash in Idlib. Nov 21, 2017 596
The Implications of Iran's Expanding Shi`a Foreign Fighter Network. Clarke, Colin; Smyth, Phillip Nov 1, 2017 4752
Bicol airport site attacked. Sep 30, 2017 689
Iran-backed Iraqi militia wants to kill US troops. Sep 15, 2017 507
Fishing Militia, the securitization of fishery and the South China Sea dispute. Zhang, Hongzhou; Bateman, Sam Report Aug 1, 2017 10951
Saudi-Backed Militia Commanders Killed in Yemen's Ballistic Missile Attack. Apr 24, 2017 286
Papa and the French guerrillas. Reynolds, Nicholas Apr 1, 2017 3801
The man under the uniform: part 2: Arthur Currie becomes a pillar of society. Gordon, Bob Mar 1, 2017 2901
Outnumbered soldiers, militia repulse BIFF attacks in Cotabato. Jan 29, 2017 166
Undercover with a border militia. Bauer, Shane Cover story Nov 1, 2016 15753
Machete Wielding Militia In Bulgaria Patrolling Border. Oct 28, 2016 416
ARAB AFFAIRS - Oct 2 - Arab Coalition Says Targets Houthi Forces After Ship Attack. Oct 8, 2016 321
EU denies funding Sudanese militia to combat illegal migration. Sep 6, 2016 763
Turkish forces bombard northern Syria areas controlled by Kurdish militia. Aug 28, 2016 416
Turkey ratchets up Syria offensive, says warplanes hit Kurdish militia -- Any strike on Kurdish militia puts Turkey at odds with U.S. Aug 28, 2016 743
Turkey sends more tanks to Syria, demands Kurdish fighters retreat. Aug 25, 2016 1020
Kurdish militia launches assault to evict Syrian army from key city of Hasaka. Aug 22, 2016 712
Kurdish Militia Launches Assault To Seize Hasaka From Syrian Army. Aug 22, 2016 614
Militia attack revives 'pangayaw' fear. Aug 7, 2016 967
The Secret War: Spies, Ciphers, and Guerrillas, 1939-1945. Wertz, Jay Jul 1, 2016 811
Militias in Libya advance on Daesh stronghold with separate agenda. Jun 2, 2016 1136
15 NPA militia, 15 kin surrender to Army. Mar 21, 2016 394
Mansour Hadi-Affiliated Militia Commander Killed in Ma'rib. Mar 19, 2016 216
Turkey insists Syrian Kurdish militia behind Ankara attack. Feb 20, 2016 144
Taliban kill 10-year-old militia hero in Afghanistan. Feb 3, 2016 846
US ends arms supply to Syrian Kurdish militia, official says. Nov 5, 2015 762
Turkey warns US, Russia against backing Kurdish militia in Syria. Oct 13, 2015 809
Iraqi Shi'ite militia welcomes Russian action against Islamic State, criticises U.S. Oct 5, 2015 257
Militia in lumad killings a 'monster created by military'. Sep 6, 2015 822
North East grandad 'sold possessions to fight against ISIS in Iraq', according to reports; Jim Atherton, 53, left Tyneside to join a Christian militia organisation set up to fight Islamic State, a national newspaper reports. Aug 10, 2015 503
Iraqi militia fighters move in to retake Ramadi from IS group militants. May 18, 2015 783
Coalition Forces now focus on attacking the pro-Houthi militia brigades, spokesman says. Apr 16, 2015 1152
Fajr Libya militia declares Aziziya military zone. Apr 6, 2015 306
Colombian government, rebels reach "Humanitarian Demining" agreement. Gaudin, Andres Apr 3, 2015 1338
ig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri says, in today's briefing, that the Coalition forces is continuing for the eighth day in a row to complete the demolition of Houthi militia might. Apr 2, 2015 1647
ig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri says, in his fourth daily briefing, that the Coalition forces continue to devastate the Houthi militia weapons and ammunition stores and monitor their movements. Mar 30, 2015 790
Saudi-led coalition forces cripple Houthis militia's movement -- Official. Mar 30, 2015 278
ig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri says, in his fourth daily briefing, that Houthi militia managed to work in the previous period to transfer Yemen to a huge inventory of ammunition and weapons. Mar 29, 2015 999
Coalition aircraft strike Houthi militia's missiles, weaponry depots -- Official. Mar 29, 2015 304
ig. Gen. Ahmed Asiri says, in his second daily briefing, that the \"determination storm\" operation targeted the Ballistic missiles platforms and Houthi militia movements 2 Riyadh. Mar 27, 2015 727
Yemen Militia seizes key airbase near Hadi's refuge. Mar 25, 2015 330
Yemen's Houthi militia send forces south as United Nations warns of civil war. Mar 23, 2015 1378
Libyan Army Kills Four Top Militia Leaders Near Tripoli. Mar 22, 2015 594
Yemen's Houthi militia seize strategic city of Taez, its military airport. Mar 22, 2015 863
Iraq militia chief hails Iran's anti-ISIS aid. Abdul-Zahra, Qassim; Yacoub, Sameer N. Mar 14, 2015 519
Yemen's Houthi militia holds military drill near border of Saudi Arabia. Mar 13, 2015 483
Iraq moves against Islamic State in Tikrit. Feb 1, 2015 526
Yemen President meets Shiite militia representative. Jan 21, 2015 796
World War I: who the hell was Sam Hughes? Part II: being Sam Hughes. Gordon, Bob Jan 1, 2015 2139
Clashes erupt in north Khartoum between villagers and RSF militia. Dec 27, 2014 514
IRAQ - Dec 12 - Sadr Readies Militia For Samarra Battle. Dec 13, 2014 466
Iran runs militia trio inside Iraq. Nov 21, 2014 1027
Duterte urged to help stop militia war vs NPA in Davao Norte. Sep 16, 2014 608
Donetsk Militia: Kiev Forces Continue Shelling Despite Ceasefire. Sep 6, 2014 273
Putin Calls on Ukraine Militia to Let out Surrounded Kiev Troops. Aug 29, 2014 207
Militias complicate situation at border. Sherman, Christopher Aug 19, 2014 785
Militia shells Tripoli airport, UN pulls staff out of Libya. Jul 15, 2014 490
Libya from paramilitary forces to militias: The difficulty of constructing a state security apparatus. May 18, 2014 3230
Army crackdown pacifies Tripoli as militia leaders flee. Apr 2, 2014 974
The national guard as a strategic hedge. Campbell, James D. Mar 22, 2014 6414
Military rifle cartridges of Canada. Scarlata, Paul Feb 1, 2014 1795
On a militia mission. Wolverton, Joe II Book review Jan 6, 2014 1594
Militia leader Wathiq al-Battat arrested. Jan 2, 2014 131
Iraq militia says fires mortar bombs at Saudi as warning. Nov 21, 2013 713
Peaceful protest against militias degenerates into cold-blooded massacre in Libya. Nov 16, 2013 702
Syrian Muslim Brotherhood hesitant to plunge into militia game. Oct 31, 2013 1623
Civilian Destruction in Jonglei: Khartoum's role in arming David Yau Yau's militia. Aug 23, 2013 1310
The battle of Bladensburg and the burning of Washington: in late summer 1814, an overconfident force of U.S. regulars, militia and marines thought they would easily defeat the outnumbered British assault force on the outskirts of Washington; their confidence proved unfounded. Hurley, Michael Aug 1, 2013 1684
From Karbala to Sayyida Zaynab: Iraqi fighters in Syria's Shi'a militias. Smyth, Phillip Aug 1, 2013 4638
The Killing of Seven UNAMID Soldiers: a terrible tragedy, a clear warning. Jul 16, 2013 6703
The battle for York: upper Canada falls to the Americans: once the American forces had landed, confusion, incompetence and calamity ruled the battlefield. The British lost the fort but claimed victory, as the Americans lost much and gained little. Gordon, Bob Jul 1, 2013 2454
Militia chief arrested. May 19, 2013 265
Killing UN Peacekeepers: A ruthless proclivity of Khartoum's regime. May 10, 2013 6683
Sen. Guingona's mom hurt in NPA attack. Apr 21, 2013 1473
Khartoum orchestrates violence in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal. Apr 4, 2013 5872
The image of absence and the politics of naming in Shona war fiction/Die beeld van afwesigheid en die politiek van naamgewing in Shona-oorlogsfiksie. Chigidi, Willie L.; Mutasa, Davie E. Essay Apr 1, 2013 9857
Bomb kills 7 Pakistan pro-government militia: officials. Feb 14, 2013 295
The evolution of military conscription in the United States. Perri, Timothy J. Essay Jan 1, 2013 5174
Why the armed forces of South Sudan shot down a UN helicopter. Dec 23, 2012 3525
Colombia President negotiates with rebels but continues military offensive. Gaudin, Andres Dec 14, 2012 1265
Iranian Officers Reshape Assad's Shabbiha Militia into a Second al-Qods. Sep 27, 2012 390
Colombia's indigenous struggle to avoid nation's internal war. Gaudin, Andres Sep 14, 2012 1355
South Sudan considers new amnesty for Jonglei militia leader Yau Yau. Sep 7, 2012 765
Qaeda members killed in Yemen: militia. Sep 2, 2012 214
War weary Colombians again wonder if peace could be at hand. Sep 1, 2012 788
Yemen Faces Increased Iranian Involvement; The US Sends Troops After AQAP. May 28, 2012 1416
The history of ordnance in America: on 14 May, one of the army's oldest branches celebrates 200 years of service to the nation. Rubis, Karl May 1, 2012 4787
South Sudan army repulses "militia" attack in Upper Nile. Apr 28, 2012 512
Conflict in the Heglig region of South Kordofan: Implications. Mar 29, 2012 6285
US man captured by militia in Iraq released to UN. Mar 18, 2012 772
Sudan's Bashir orders mobilization of paramilitary forces, slams U.S. and its special envoy. Mar 4, 2012 1062
The Seen and the Unseen in Darfur: Recent Reporting on violence, insecurity, and resettlement. Mar 3, 2012 10603
The laws of war, on the ground. McGee, Joseph Patrick Feb 1, 2012 4991
US commander backs expansion of Afghan militia program. Dec 12, 2011 364
Rebels, army chief clash near airport, fear of an attempted assassination--interim government to speed up militia integration program--U.S. specialists dispose of Libyan munitions. Dec 12, 2011 1206
The History of Sudan's Third Civil War. Dec 11, 2011 3595
Forerunner of Libyan army deployed in militia feud. Nov 15, 2011 439
Countering the lord's resistance army in central Africa. Sage, Andre Le Report Jul 14, 2011 10508
Iraqi Shiite militia claims attack that killed 5 U.S. troops. Jun 11, 2011 559
Shiite militia groups targeting U.S. forces in southern Iraq--U.S. says Iran is behind the funding, arming of militias. May 18, 2011 477
Israeli air strikes kill three Palestinian guerrillas. Apr 9, 2011 506
South Sudan army says it clashed with SPLM-DC militia. Mar 7, 2011 724
South Sudan army says it clashed with SPLM-DC militia. Mar 7, 2011 707
South Sudan army says it clashed with SPLM-DC militia. Mar 7, 2011 707
Libyan rebels stocking up on Soviet-era arms to deal with Gaddafi's militia. Mar 3, 2011 283
United States creates, trains, funds and operates paramilitary Forces in foreign nations to combat terrorism. Jan 16, 2011 3122
Hot spots: Colombia. Belcsak, Hans Jan 1, 2011 1257
Militia vel malitia: how can the military contribute to a just society? Toner, Christopher Sep 22, 2010 4314
Protracted conflict, multiple protagonists, and staggered negotiations: Colombia, 1982-2002. Bejarano, Ana Maria Jan 1, 2003 9231

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