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United States : Raytheon Rheinmetall Land Systems selects US manufacturer for Army combat vehicle competition. Oct 7, 2019 380
Report: American-Made Bombs Used in Saudi Assault on Yemen. Report Sep 26, 2019 853
US Navy Deploys Powerful Radar-Evading Naval Strike Missile In Pacific With Eye On China. Sep 11, 2019 552
Raytheon ready to deploy new control system aboard GPS III satellites. Aug 23, 2019 136
PATRIOT NATION: Bahrain to invest in hi-tech air and missile defence system. Aug 16, 2019 549
Amid S-400 crisis, France deploys missile defense battery to Turkey. Jul 26, 2019 578
Mark Esper Set To Take Over As Acting Defense Secretary. Jun 24, 2019 367
Lockheed - Lockheed Martin Team Enhances Command And Control For Ballistic Missile Defense - 18/6/2019. Jun 24, 2019 363
Airbus-Airbus Helicopters and the French Ministry for Transport to perform first flight of hybrid light helicopter demonstrator in 2020--21/6/2019. Jun 24, 2019 1768
Egypt's Defense min. to attend International Paris Air Show in France. Jun 16, 2019 235
United States : Rep Lieu and Sen Warren Call for Investigation Into Former Lobbyist's Role in Saudi Arms Sales Deal. Jun 13, 2019 462
The Industry. Jun 3, 2019 2257
United States : New DeepStrike missile exceeds US Army lethality requirements. May 30, 2019 250
Raytheon - New DeepStrike missile exceeds US Army lethality requirements - 22/5/2019. May 28, 2019 272
The Industry. May 28, 2019 2255
Here's Who Will Build The Army's New Laser Weapon. May 27, 2019 903
US Confirms $8.1bln Arms Sales to Arab Nations without Congress Approval to 'Deter Iran'. May 25, 2019 672
Fighting Over Fighter Jets: Pentagon Plan to Buy F-15EX Sparks Controversy. Mayfield, Mandy May 1, 2019 1712
US sells $50 million naval radar refurbishment package to Taiwan. Apr 9, 2019 281
India's dogfight loss could be a win for US weapon-makers. Mar 8, 2019 1171
A deeper knowledge of Defense. Cuttler, Michael Mar 1, 2019 656
United Arab Emirates : Lockheed Martin, Diehl And Saab Unveil Collaboration To Counter Emerging Short And Medium-Range Threats With Falcon Weapon System. Feb 23, 2019 307
Air Force putting eight upgraded Boeing fighter jets in next budget. Feb 20, 2019 612
Lockheed, Diehl, Saab collaborate for Falcon weapon system. Feb 19, 2019 333
Lockheed, Diehl, Saab collaborate for Falcon weapon system. Feb 18, 2019 340
Leonardo Announced as Gold Sponsor, and Raytheon, ICEYE and Aerodata AG Announced as Newly Confirmed Sponsors for Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology. Dec 14, 2018 668
Czech Republic : The new Czech jet aircraft L-39NG rolled out from the hangar. Oct 15, 2018 746
United States : Lockheed Martin Provides Energy Resiliency Solutions To Support U.S. Army Operations. Oct 12, 2018 480
Lockheed announces Taiwan order for F-16 sniper targeting pods. Sep 28, 2018 340
Lockheed Martin partners with ESPN's Drone Racing League on self-piloting drone competition. Sep 9, 2018 836
CNN: Bomb That Killed Tens of Yemeni Kids Supplied by US. Aug 18, 2018 937
United States : Lockheed Martin, Sweden Sign Agreement for Hit-to-Kill PAC-3 MSE Missiles. Aug 13, 2018 301
Sweden,United States : Lockheed Martin, Sweden Sign Agreement for Hit-to-kill Pac-3 Mse Missiles. Aug 13, 2018 301
Defence minister meets Raytheon, Lockheed Martin officials and senators. Aug 2, 2018 216
US general says future UK fighter jet must be compatible with F-35. Jul 26, 2018 435
Israel Hosts Emirati Military Delegation According to i24 Website. Jul 6, 2018 222
United States : Raytheon designing U.S. Army laser. Jul 2, 2018 186
INSIDE THE IRON DOME: Chanoch Levin spearheaded the development of Israel's famed defensive shield against short-range rockets. For the first time, he shares some of the previously undisclosed details of how a concept more likely to be found in a science fiction thriller became a reality. Raviv, Dan Jul 1, 2018 4399
United States : US Army Awards Raytheon $130 Million for Tow Missiles. Jun 16, 2018 205
Kazakhstan : KADEX 2018: Kazakhstan orders new batch of KPE Arlan 4x4 armored vehicles. Jun 14, 2018 456
Drums of War? Israel Has F-35's and Iran May Enhance its Ballistic Missile Program. May 24, 2018 1435
United States : Orbital ATK to Showcase Solutions for Special Operation Forces During SOFEX 2018. May 10, 2018 405
Orbital ATK tests rocket motor. May 8, 2018 309
Poland Investing in Missile Systems to Deter Russia. Machi, Vivienne; Lee, Connie May 1, 2018 488
Kazakhstan : The delegation of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the 10th International Exhibition "DEFEXPO India-2018". Apr 19, 2018 613
Rocket configuration finalized with selection of Aerojet Rocketdyne RL10C upper stage propulsion. Apr 17, 2018 294
Rocket configuration finalized with selection of Aerojet Rocketdyne RL10C upper stage propulsion. Apr 17, 2018 309
Littoral Combat Ship Buy Could Affect Industrial Base. Lee, Connie Apr 1, 2018 1475
US Military's Microwave And Laser Weapons Take Out Drones. Mar 28, 2018 352
US-Saudi military deals make KSA top ally in the region, says analyst. Mar 27, 2018 651
First F-35A jet for S. Korea to roll out. Mar 26, 2018 250
Boeing and Embraer nearing deal on commercial air business. Feb 9, 2018 481
United States : Kratos Completes First Milestone In Critical Deployment Study for Air Force Spacecraft Enterprise Ground Services (EGS). Feb 3, 2018 411
Combat Rescue Helicopter Program on Schedule. Machi, Vivienne Feb 1, 2018 1803
Stealth warning; F-35s WILL BOOST MILITARY MIGHT OF RAF AND NAVY; RAF bases prepare for arrival of PS100m fighter jets that fly at 1200mph and carry devastating arsenal of firepower. Jan 25, 2018 758
US Approves $133mln Interceptor Missile Sale to Japan Amid Breakthrough Intra-Korean Talks. Jan 10, 2018 635
Uncertain Path Ahead for F-35 Sales to Middle East. Machi, Vivienne; Lee, Connie Jan 1, 2018 530
Armed Forces of the Philippines modernization 2017: Marawi siege 'game changers' in spotlight. Dec 27, 2017 1042
Billion Dollar Arms Deals For Saudi Allies, Whose Lobbyists Give Heavily To Congress. Dec 12, 2017 803
Turkey to partake at Gulf Defense, Aerospace exhibition in Kuwait. Dec 9, 2017 108
U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning jets to feature missile-killing laser. Dec 7, 2017 1051
U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning jets to feature missile-killing laser. Dec 7, 2017 1051
AIR CHIEFS MEET TO TALK TECHNOLOGY IN DUBAI: Senior international air force commanders and the aviation industry make the biennial Dubai Air Chiefs Conference and Airshow a 'must attend' event for anyone with an interest in the Gulf region. Drwiega, Andrew Conference news Dec 1, 2017 2985
THE TWISTS AND TURNS OF COUNTERING UAVS. Cowan, Gerrard Dec 1, 2017 2027
United States : Lockheed Martin, Romania Sign Agreement for PAC-3 MSE Missile. Dec 1, 2017 293
MUOS-5 supports legacy UHF comms. Nov 27, 2017 186
MUOS-5 supports legacy UHF comms. Nov 27, 2017 177
MUOS-5 supports legacy UHF comms. Nov 27, 2017 186
United States : U.S. Navy Accepts Fifth Lockheed Martin-Built MUOS Satellite for New Secure Global Military Cellular Network. Nov 17, 2017 494
United Kingdom : Long range anti-ship missile sensor production begins. Nov 2, 2017 340
'The critical element': NATO missile defense systems strive for interoperability. Machi, Vivienne Aug 1, 2017 1884
Britain spends billions on 'faulty' fighter jets; 'Hidden costs send price rocketing'. Jul 18, 2017 456
Britain spends billions on 'faulty' fighter jets; 'Hidden costs send price rocketing'. Jul 18, 2017 395
Special Ops community seeks new drone technology. Harper, Jon Jul 1, 2017 1955
Future weapons: rivals push Pentagon to boost funding for hypersonics research. Machi, Vivienne Jul 1, 2017 2077
United States : Flag Officer Assignments. Jun 24, 2017 155
Above average intelligence: the radio portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is becoming an increasingly crowded place, with civilian and military communications, and radar, all jostling for available bandwidth globally. Jun 1, 2017 2929
Aviation projects on review. Pugliese, David May 1, 2017 2500
United States : Protecting the Soldier: U.S. Army Orders More Q-53 Counterfire Radars from Lockheed Martin. Apr 26, 2017 441
US Air Force Testing F-16 As Drones. Apr 11, 2017 369
Back to the future: although a few remaining hurdles are pushing the operational advent of laser weapons to the mid2020s, they promise to bring cost-effectiveness and efficiency to the future capabilities equipping the world's armed forces. Valenti, Alix Apr 1, 2017 3343
Chinese Aircraft J-20 Stealth Fighter Enters Service. Mar 10, 2017 417
Clear the decks Super Hornet to challenge F-35. Harper, Jon Mar 1, 2017 2508
Rough Seas Ahead for Littoral Combat Ship. Tadjdeh, Yasmin Mar 1, 2017 1563
Russia's Nuclear-Capable Missiles In Syria Captured In Satellite Images. Jan 11, 2017 336
Expanding Zeus's shield: a new approach for theater ballistic missile defense in the Asia-Pacific Region. Ayers, Kevin Jan 1, 2017 6087
Navy satellite program navigating obstacles. Harper, Jon Jan 1, 2017 2018
Russia Is Closely Watching Warsaw's Military Purchases. Dec 29, 2016 413
Hefty Price Tag For Trump's Military Plans. Dec 7, 2016 1221
Navy puts procurement of carrier drone on fast track. Harper, Jon Dec 1, 2016 1911
Dumb bombs with graduate degrees. Attariwala, Joetey Dec 1, 2016 2503
United States : Human-Machine Teams: Lockheed Martin UAS and Optionally-Piloted Helicopters Validate Firefighting and Search-and-Rescue Capabilities. Nov 16, 2016 486
United States : Northern Utah to be the Home of Lockheed Martin Ground Based Strategic Deterrent Program Office. Oct 21, 2016 384
United States : Boeing Statement on Ground Based Strategic Deterrent Request for Proposal. Oct 12, 2016 109
Could Russia Really Shoot Down an F-22, F-35 or B-2 Stealth Bomber in Syria? Oct 8, 2016 1213
United States : Lockheed Martin to Upgrade U.S. Navys Shipboard Electronic Warfare Systems. Oct 7, 2016 310
Satellite Operations And Ground Systems Maintenance For The Navy Flight Of Satellites. Oct 5, 2016 175
Heavy metal: around the world, navies are procuring multipurpose and flexible frigates and destroyers with new generation sensors and weapons capable of accomplishing a wide-range of missions with reduced personnel, procurement and life-cycle costs. Peruzzi, Luca Oct 1, 2016 2137
United States : First Lockheed Martin GMLRS Alternative Warhead Rolls Off Assembly Line. Sep 15, 2016 276
Aegis Ashore adapts sea-based missile defense system to protect Europe. Lundquist, Edward Sep 1, 2016 1742
Marine Corps' joint strike fighter prepares for combat. Tadjdeh, Yasmin Sep 1, 2016 2047
Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman celebrate 100 years of flying protected satellite communications. Aug 24, 2016 243
Korea Republic of,United States : Lockheed Martin to Bring Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense to Latest U.S., Korea and Japan Destroyers. Aug 16, 2016 489
United States : Lockheed Martins Mighty Mini-Missile Successfully Completes Second Flight Test. Aug 3, 2016 405
Air Force kicks off program to replace Minuteman III missiles. Magnuson, Stew Aug 1, 2016 2164
Electric Avenue: the events of the last twelve months in Iraqi, Ukrainian and Syrian theatres underscore the reality that the electromagnetic spectrum, in which friendly and hostile radars and communications operate, is a domain of warfare in its own right, as much as the oceans, the ground and the skies. Aug 1, 2016 5261
United States : Lockheed Martin Delivers Final MH-60R SEAHAWK Helicopter to U.S. Navy in Support of Royal Australian Navy Foreign Military Sales Program. Jul 31, 2016 613
Embraer, Boeing to collaborate on sales, support of KC-390 medium airlift. Jul 12, 2016 298
Embraer, Boeing to collaborate on sales, support of KC-390 medium airlift. Jul 12, 2016 312
United States : Passed the Test: Q-53 Radar Demonstrates Counter-UAS Capability. Jun 28, 2016 349
United States : Lockheed Martin-Built MUOS-5 Secure Communications Satellite Responding To Ground Control After Launch. Jun 25, 2016 554
Denmark,United States : U.S. Navy Delivers First MH-60R Seahawk Helicopters to Danish Defense. Jun 16, 2016 420
Eurofighter typhoon: a combat-proven aircraft, built by Europe's leading aerospace companies, offers versatility, flexibility and mission effectiveness. Lytle, Jack Jun 1, 2016 845
Will the bomber always get through? Withington, Thomas Jun 1, 2016 3170
Fighting fascism. Newdick, Thomas Jun 1, 2016 2797
Gettin' around: with the contemporary environment continuing to demand high mobility over long ranges for armed forces, requirements continue to be satisfied with emerging technologies based around Internally Transportable Vehicles (ITVs). Jun 1, 2016 1481
United States : Lockheed Martin Mini-Missile Takes Flight in New Demonstration. Apr 6, 2016 303
United States : Aerojet Rocketdyne Helps Power America's Missile Defense Efforts with Delivery of 300th THAAD Booster Motor and DACS Unit. Apr 1, 2016 294
North Korea, Iran's advances fuel demand for regional missile defense. Harper, Jon Apr 1, 2016 1884
Tactical wheeled vehicle programs at critical juncture. Harper, Jon Apr 1, 2016 2365
Turkey,United Arab Emirates,United States : TURKEY: Deliveries of the CH-47F heavy transport helicopters to begin soon. Mar 29, 2016 248
Canada's Cold War sentinel: the "Clunk". Guttman, Jon Mar 1, 2016 1777
LCS cuts could strain shipbuilding industry. Versprille, Allyson Mar 1, 2016 2531
North Korea satelitte launch may spur US missile defence buildup in Asia. Feb 8, 2016 846
United States : Chief of Naval Operations Visits Boeing Defense Headquarters. Jan 21, 2016 204
Philippines : AMMUNITION for FA-50 aircraft to be acquired by Philippine Air Force. Jan 12, 2016 275
Missing US Missile Shipped To Cuba. Jan 8, 2016 725
Technology approach: DOD versus Boeing (a comparative study). Battershell, A. Lee Reprint Jan 1, 2016 8489
Newly acquired FA-50PHs equipped with airborne-radar. Dec 30, 2015 592
US, Russian Experts Praise 'Incredibly Capable' S-400 Air Defense System. Dec 13, 2015 408
India : Navy s Long Range Maritime Patrol Aircraft- Boeing P-8I- Dedicated to the Nation. Nov 14, 2015 482
US Navy Poised To Add To Fighter Jet Fleet. Nov 4, 2015 514
United States : Lockheed Martin-Built Systems Successfully Destroy Multiple Targets in Test of Ballistic Missile Defense System. Nov 3, 2015 636
United States : 20 Years Supporting the Engine of the Air Operations Center. Oct 21, 2015 664
From space to base. Withington, Thomas Oct 1, 2015 2722
Control freaks: with aircraft from the Russian Air Force once again buzzing the airspace of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation's (NATO) members, plans to modernise the air Command and Control (C2) systems protecting the Alliance's airspace are timely. Washington, Thomas Oct 1, 2015 2695
Army's light combat vehicle gaining traction. Harper, Jon Oct 1, 2015 2111
Eyes in the sky: the future of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance programs for the CAF. Brotherston, Evelyn Sep 1, 2015 2010
Packed jet forced to land mid-flight after 'running out of fuel'. Editorial Aug 4, 2015 216
Packed jet forced to land after 'running out of fuel' Pilot couldn't make it to Heathrow. Aug 4, 2015 220
Love and rockets. Braybrook, Roy Aug 1, 2015 2947
SoKor's FA-50 fighter jets soon to patrol PH skies. Jun 25, 2015 485
Northrop Grumman aims to retain grip on aviation. Erwin, Sandra I. Jun 1, 2015 2172
Underwater drone manufacturers eye new power technologies. Tadjdeh, Yasmin Jun 1, 2015 1724
Rockets, from saturation to precision. Apr 1, 2015 5732
Canada's future aerospace needs. Apr 1, 2015 2897
Drones: does their increased use mean the end of manned fighters? Hooper, Tyler Apr 1, 2015 1118
Navy's V-22 buy sidesteps conventional procurement process. Apr 1, 2015 304
Questions remain about Navy's modified littoral combat ship. Insinna, Valerie Apr 1, 2015 2027
New distinguished members of the Regiment. Mar 22, 2015 6366
The Battlespace Fabric: digital-age technologies transform geospatial information superiority. Feb 1, 2015 5061
Mapping thin air. Feb 1, 2015 3015
Vanguard Space Technologies delivers primary structural bus assemblies. Jan 26, 2015 168
Vanguard Space Technologies delivers primary structural bus assemblies. Jan 26, 2015 179
United States : Third Lockheed Martin-Built MUOS Secure Communications Satellite Launched and Responding to Commands. Jan 21, 2015 415
United States : BOEING delivers and installs two F-22 simulators at a U.S. Air Force mission training center. Jan 12, 2015 106
installed two F-22 simulators. Jan 12, 2015 105
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Jan 5, 2015 1352
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Dec 22, 2014 785
Integrate high-altitude sensor and weapon capabilities into the P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft. Dec 19, 2014 240
Philippines : AQUINO inspects fighter aircraft to be bought from KOREA. Dec 13, 2014 235
Fighter jets from Korea seen to boost PH defense. Dec 13, 2014 355
U.S.-Russia Cold War Looms as America Taps Lockheed Martin for New-Gen Planes with Hypersonic Missiles, Speed. Dec 11, 2014 439
Drones manufactured on demand, 24/7. Insinna, Valerie Nov 1, 2014 1031
Special ops: special forces require special equipment. David Pugliese describes CANSOFCOM's wish list of new gear. Pugliese, David Nov 1, 2014 2521
United Kingdom : Laser-Guided Rocket Successfully Demonstrates Precision Strike Capability for Australian Defence Forces. Oct 14, 2014 443
Bezos turns to Boeing-Lockheed venture for foothold in space. Sep 18, 2014 612
Top secret air force bomber program moves forward. Magnuson, Stew Sep 1, 2014 1634
As F-35 ramps up, legacy fighters face existential threat. Insinna, Valerie Sep 1, 2014 2036
Fifth-generation fighters will determine air dominance in future conflicts. Parsons, Dan Sep 1, 2014 1906
United States : F-35 Flight Test Program Milestones Maturing Combat Capabilities. Aug 26, 2014 435
Next-Generation fighter and directed energy weapons may converge. Aug 5, 2014 745
Canada's next-generation fighter: what are the RCAF's options? Pugliese, David Cover story Aug 1, 2014 1681
The contenders: among the many front-line fighter jets in service around the world, a number of contenders have emerged to challenge the F-35. Pugliese, David Aug 1, 2014 986
Military ponders future of robotic cargo movers. Insinna, Valerie Aug 1, 2014 1783
Littoral combat ship will be modified, if not replaced. Parsons, Dan Aug 1, 2014 1899
United States : Lockheed Martin Completes Successful Operational Flight Tests of GMLRS Alternative Warhead. Jul 30, 2014 289
BLASTED 6 MILES UP; HORROR ON FLIGHT MH17: CASUALTY OF WAR; Rebels shoot down the plane 'by accident'; Bodies and wreckage strewn over 9 mile area. Jul 18, 2014 1276
BLASTED 6 MILES UP; HORROR ON FLIGHT MH17: CASUALTY OF WAR; Rebels shoot down the plane 'by accident'; Bodies and wreckage strewn over 9 mile area. Jul 18, 2014 1288
Qatar,United States : BOEING, RAYTHEON & LOCKHEED share in the $11 billion deal between US and QATAR for defense. Jul 18, 2014 265
Iran Islamic Republic of,Qatar,Syria Arab Republic,United States : QATAR buys US patriot missile batteries and apache helicopters from the US for $11 billion. Jul 17, 2014 339
Boeing Tri-band offers in-flight use for cell phones, internet access via Wi-Fi connectivity and live TV. Jul 10, 2014 473
United States : Boeing Offers Better In-Flight Connectivity Options. Jul 10, 2014 419
United States : BAE secures 'Anti-Insurgent' missile system deal. Jul 7, 2014 172
UK officials prepare inspection order for all F-35s. Jul 3, 2014 422
U.S. Manufacturers need access to metals. Quinn, Hal Jul 1, 2014 797
Israel : Israel Aerospace Industries Presents Green Rock - a Mobile Counter Rocket, Artillery & Mortar Radar System for Infantry and Armored Units. Jun 12, 2014 285
United States : Lockheed sees US Navy revamping naval proposal for Saudis. Jun 11, 2014 135
The post--afghanistan era: Attitudes towards drones are changing with the withdrawal from Afghanistan and with a general switch of attentions to the Asia--Pacific region. The relative freedom with which drones have been operated over south-west Asia will be replaced by severe restrictions on their use in the airspace of their owner--nations, where integration with manned aircraft poses many (as yet) unresolved problems. Biass, Eric H.; Braybrook, Roy Jun 1, 2014 13199
United Kingdom : UK MILITARY takes up BAE SYSTEMS for new missile warning system. May 30, 2014 222
United States : MUOS Gives Navy First Reliable Military Satellite Connection In The Arctic. May 6, 2014 378
Confusion surrounds Navy's carrier-based drone. Insinna, Valerie May 1, 2014 1913
US Navy deploys Standard Missile-3 Block IB for first time. Apr 23, 2014 549
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Apr 21, 2014 445
United States : Lockheed Martin GMLRS Alternative Warhead Logs Successful Flight-Test Series, Shifts To Next Testing Phase. Apr 17, 2014 304
Lockheed Martin flight tests new rocket launch system. Apr 17, 2014 313
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Apr 14, 2014 1348
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Apr 7, 2014 656
United States : U.S. Air Force Satellite Launched Today Will Improve Weather Prediction. Apr 4, 2014 424
United States : Boeing to Feature Innovative Capabilities at Navy League Expo. Apr 3, 2014 257
Target markets for armed whirly birds. Braybrook, Roy Apr 1, 2014 3556
Littoral combat ship faces uncertain future. Insinna, Valerie Apr 1, 2014 1767
Repurposed MRAPs find new life in police agencies. Parsons, Dan Apr 1, 2014 1904
Qatar buys helicopters, missiles in $23bn arms deals. Mar 29, 2014 450
Reconnaissance on a global scale: SAC reconnaissance of the 1950s. Cahill, William Mar 22, 2014 10731
United States : U.S. Air Force Declares Initial Operational Capability for Lockheed Martin s Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod Sensor Enhancement. Mar 18, 2014 295
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Mar 10, 2014 2106
Aerospace & Defense News - Technology North America. Mar 10, 2014 2012
Malaysia Airlines denies crash report, says plane still missing. Mar 8, 2014 661
Aerospace & Defense News - Space. Mar 3, 2014 2255
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Mar 3, 2014 3658
Aerospace & Defense News - Technology North America. Mar 3, 2014 2621
Singapore air show is also a weapons bazaar. Feb 7, 2014 468
Singapore air show is also a weapons bazaar. Feb 7, 2014 500
United States : Lockheed Martin Conducts Second Successful Production Qualification Flight Test of GMLRS Alternative Warhead. Feb 4, 2014 368
United States : Boeing Transmits Protected Government Signal Through Military Satellite. Jan 14, 2014 267
Prepare EA-18G Growler Electronic Warfare Jet To Accept Next-Generation Jammer. Dec 2, 2013 142
Aircraft self-protection against sophistication. Peruzzi, Luca Dec 1, 2013 2897
Weapons for the Killer Drone: Zapping baddies from the comfort of home was until recently considered by Washington to be the sole prerogative of the United States. Then the Israelis did their own thing, the Brits claimed a special relationship, the Italians protested, and the Turks made an offer difficult to refuse. You don't need to be Hercule Poirot to deduce where this is going. Everybody wants killer-drones! Biass, Eric H. Dec 1, 2013 3424
When the Death-Dot Gets You, It's Got You: military technology took a major advance in the 1960s, when America's industry and armed services learned to designate a ground target with a laser illuminator, and develop a guidance and control kit that would allow a munition to home on to the reflected energy. However, semi-active homing was only the first guidance application for lasers. Later came missiles that ride laser beams. Biass, Eric H. Dec 1, 2013 3464
Changing perceptions in the fighter marketplace: Widespread funding cutbacks, the general improbability of a major conventional conflict, and the growing realisation of the true cost and uncertain value of stealth, are some of the factors encouraging nations to delay combat aircraft procurements, reduce their fleets, and upgrade and retain existing equipment. Nonetheless, some countries are proceeding with new purchases. Braybrook, Roy Dec 1, 2013 3476
Firepower for all needs. Valpolini, Paolo Dec 1, 2013 20216
United Arab Emirates : Javelin Joint Venture Awarded $176 Million for Javelin Weapon System. Nov 19, 2013 427
Joint Strike Fighter total cost still up in the air. Parsons, Dan Nov 1, 2013 1813
Singapore,United States : CONGRESS calls for approval of $96 Million Artillery Sale to SINGAPORE. Oct 31, 2013 218
China : S. KOREA in plans to procure US THAAD missiles. Oct 17, 2013 371
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Company overview Oct 7, 2013 1266
C-Ram Shifting to Missiles and Lasers? Valpolini, Paolo Oct 1, 2013 3657
United States : BOEING delivers final C-17 produced for USAF. Sep 24, 2013 124
Aircraft Finance & Leasing News - Europe. Sep 23, 2013 1020
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Sep 23, 2013 745
United States : Lockheed Martin s paveway II Dual Mode Laser Guided Bomb Successfully Employed in Navy Exercises. Sep 6, 2013 439
Lockheed Martin's Paveway II Dual Mode Laser Guided Bomb Tested by U.S. Navy. Sep 5, 2013 522
Navy anticipates smoother waters for LCS mine countermeasures module. Insinna, Valerie Sep 1, 2013 2013
Road trip to Lockheed Martin: bombed with facts and figures, a jet flies (unseen) from the rubble. McNaught, Jason Jul 1, 2013 1940
The Type 45 Daring-class destroyer: how project management problems led to fewer ships. Lombardi, Ben; Rudd, David Jun 22, 2013 7813
History mystery. Dorr, Robert F. Jun 22, 2013 596
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Jun 17, 2013 3180
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Jun 10, 2013 2612
Laser-guided rockets, at long last! The military need for low-cost semi-active laser-homing guided rocket projectiles has been evident for decades. Suddenly, half a dozen manufacturers are vying to satisfy that need. Braybrook, Roy Jun 1, 2013 3019
Satcoms for beyond-line-of-sight command and control: satellite communications or 'Satcoms' is as essential to warfare as bullets and body armour. Armada has recently chronicled the latest developments in tactical satcom for use on the battlefield. This article will discuss the long-distance satellite links connecting deployed headquarters back to national command and control authorities at the strategic level. Withington, Thomas Jun 1, 2013 2743
Innovation thrust: companies both large and small are benefiting from participation in the programme to build the most sophisticated and expensive fighter jet ever developed. Sampson, Ben Jun 1, 2013 1505
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense. May 13, 2013 1611
Aerospace & Defense News Alert - Defense North America. Apr 29, 2013 3152
Israel,United States : US military aid to fund defence deal with ISRAEL. Apr 23, 2013 166
Attack helicopters go multirole: first tested in Vietnam, but later developed primarily to counter massed armour thrusts across Europe, the attack helicopter may now be going back to its roots, as a fast escort for ground convoys and heliborne assaults, and as a fire support gunship. Braybrook, Roy Company overview Apr 1, 2013 3461
Fighting from a deck: carrier-based fighters and attack aircraft are a special breed. Their weight is strictly limited, and they have either a slow stall to facilitate catapult/skijump-launch and arrested-recovery, or jet lift. Both solutions require excellent control at low airspeeds. Such aircraft also have to be rugged and tolerant of salt spray and designed to occupy only a limited area of deck or hangar floor. Braybrook, Roy Apr 1, 2013 3163
Multiple roles and robotics, the silent world's tech mutations: recent operations in the Mediterranean Sea during Libyan crisis as well as antipiracy activities in the Indian Ocean, highlighted the importance of underwater platform intelligence and special forces support operations in addition to traditional SSK patrol, deterrence, surveillance of, and attack against, illegal operations. Peruzzi, Luca Apr 1, 2013 3350
New-tech military airlifters: new-generation turbine engines with substantially improved thermodynamic and propulsive efficiencies are making possible transport aircraft that combine relatively short airfield performance with economical (and comparatively high-speed) cruise. Biass, Eric H. Apr 1, 2013 2961
No man's land - how technology is changing modern warfare. Feb 25, 2013 640
Ammroc starts inspections for UAE Navy. Feb 21, 2013 228
US arms sales to Asia set to boom on Pacific 'pivot'. Jan 2, 2013 1225
Vendors pour funding into armored vehicle development. Parsons, Dan Jan 1, 2013 1713
Iran Showcases Two Domestically Produced Helicopters. Dec 12, 2012 237
For Israel, Double Trouble in Syrian WMDs, Jihadis on Border USS Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier Arrives Off Syrian Shore Doomsday for Iran? US Tests EMP Bomb PA Radio Song Praises Suicide Bombings Against Israelis Swedish Artist Uses Ashes of Holocaust Victims in Picture. Dec 6, 2012 2060
Scout helicopter competitors to Army: it's time for a Flyoff. Parsons, Dan Dec 1, 2012 1863
Aerospace & Defense News - Technology North America. Company overview Nov 19, 2012 2685
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Company overview Nov 19, 2012 2889
Regional News - North America. Company overview Nov 19, 2012 26330
Replacing the Aurora: Canada's Multi-Mission aircraft project. Pugliese, David Nov 1, 2012 2094
Marines stock up on precision rockets. Beidel, Eric Nov 1, 2012 206
Wide area surveillance sensors prove value on battlefields. Magnuson, Stew Nov 1, 2012 1539
Defense technology sought in non-traditional markets. Erwin, Sandra I. Nov 1, 2012 1055
Go-ahead for 350m [pounds sterling] design work on nuclear submarines. Nov 1, 2012 623
Iraq Finds Israeli Spy Devices in Newly-Purchased F16 Jets. Oct 31, 2012 170
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Oct 22, 2012 1246
Aerospace & Defense News - Technology North America. Oct 22, 2012 792
Vertilift cargo drones: some experts believe that large fixed-wing commercial freighter aircraft could be flying in uninhabited form within 20 years. However, the first essential stepping-stone toward that goal will be much smaller military cargo helicopter drones, dependably delivering supplies to combat outposts in inaccessible and dangerous areas, by day and night and in all weathers. Braybrook, Roy Oct 1, 2012 2614
Soldiers to be carried by high-capacity transport helicopters. Sep 27, 2012 308
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Sep 24, 2012 2741
GCC states keen to US missile defence system. Aug 15, 2012 466
United States : Boeing F-15E Radar Modernization Program Begins 2nd Low Rate Initial Production Phase. Jul 24, 2012 321
Italy''s Finmeccanica wins USD-1-bln Israeli plane deal. Jul 20, 2012 164
-Align Aerospace receives Boeing performance award. Jul 10, 2012 148
-Align Aerospace receives Boeing performance award. Jul 10, 2012 156
Boeing, Lockheed Fight Europe's Typhoon For South Korea's Multibillion-Dollar Jet Fighter Order. Jul 6, 2012 643
On the defensive. Weidenbaum, Murray Company overview Jul 1, 2012 2143
Israel : Israel Aerospace Industries Unveils New Radar-Based Tactical Systems for Ground Forces. Jun 8, 2012 391
Aerospace & Defense News Alert - Defense North America. May 21, 2012 2221
Aerospace & Defense News Alert - Technology North America. May 21, 2012 2394
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. May 14, 2012 3141
India agrees $560 mln US artillery deal: officials. May 12, 2012 714
Companies seek profits in fee-for-service surveillance aircraft. Parsons, Dan May 1, 2012 1452
Commanders feel deficiency as wars hog surveillance platforms. Parsons, Dan May 1, 2012 571
It's full steam ahead for naval producers showcasing their wares at CANSEC. Pugliese, David May 1, 2012 1998
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Apr 30, 2012 4579
CAA unveils airspace restrictions for Her Majesty the Queen's Diamond Jubilee flypast. Brief article Apr 2, 2012 185
The USMC yardstick: the United States Marine Corps remains the reference unit for amphibious operations. The cancellation of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) programme, announced in January 2011 and approved in May, has led to the revision of the future US Marine Corps amphibious vehicles fleet. Valpolini, Paolo Apr 1, 2012 2540
Like horses for courses, air-to-ground weapons for wars. Braybrook, Roy Apr 1, 2012 2569
Cansec 2012 preview: aviation industry zeroes in Canada's biggest defence and security trade show. Pugliese, David Apr 1, 2012 2111
F-35: the ins and outs of the joint strike fighter. Hurdis, Blake Apr 1, 2012 832
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Company overview Mar 5, 2012 2254
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Feb 20, 2012 3565
Vertilift drones on surf: the 3-100 was selected for the 1450-tonne, 87-metre L'Adroit, the first Gowind-class offshore patrol vessel lent to the French Navy by DCNS. Braybrook, Roy Feb 1, 2012 2668
One-way ticket the loiter-attack drone. Braybrook, Roy Feb 1, 2012 2533
Evolution of the wheel. Valpolini, Paolo Company overview Feb 1, 2012 12781
Aerospace & Defense News - Space. Jan 23, 2012 1103
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Company overview Jan 23, 2012 4230

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