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Large amount of ammunition seized in liberated Jabrayil. Feb 24, 2021 245
Three Companies Vie to Make Next-Gen Squad Weapon. Lee, Connie Jan 1, 2020 1438
New Army Small Arms to Boost Soldier Lethality. Tadjdeh, Yasmin Aug 1, 2019 1783
Terrifying Russian drone armed with AK-47 machine gun to shoot down aircraft; The contraption has already been patented by a huge military firm backed by the Kremlin that has previously built some of the country's most lethal missiles. Mar 31, 2019 342
PN to conduct missile live fire testing. Nov 20, 2018 381
Azerbaijan launches production of assault machine gun. Nov 7, 2018 401
Military Hardware Books. Buol, John M., Jr. Nov 1, 2018 352
Canal battle breached Hindenburg Line and paved way for victory; Built in the winter of 1916-17, the Hindenburg Line was a German-armed defensive barrier of machine gun-armed pill boxes along a 90-mile stretch. In September 1918 the allies attacked, in what is considered to be one of the greatest achievements in British military history, as Porthcawl Museum volunteer Ceri Joseph reveals... Sep 20, 2018 1139
FEEDING THE M14: How a World War I French Machine Gun Influenced American Sniper Ammunition for Decades. Fortier, David M. Jun 10, 2018 2961
Russia is Weapons Testing Unmanned Ground Vehicles in Syria. May 31, 2018 1459
ITALIAN SMALL ARMS OF WORLD WAR II, FART 2: From Pistola Modello 1910 to Mitragliatrice Leggera Modello 1930. Scarlata, Paul May 1, 2018 2689
US war films and the African question: reproducing "other" in Black Hawk Down. Nov 20, 2017 1556
Soldiers killed at rate of 6,000 every day; New series examines the extraordinary and shocking statistics of the First World War. Oct 4, 2017 802
US Sends Armored Vehicles, Machine Guns to Kurds in Syria. Jun 20, 2017 903
US Continues Arming Kurds in Raqqa as Syrian Army Advances in ISIL's De Facto Capital. Jun 17, 2017 852
French World War II small arms: part II: as the war wore on, French troops made an ever-greater contribution to the liberation of their homeland,-using an eclectic assortment of machine guns, submachine guns and pistols. Scarlata, Paul Jun 1, 2017 3771
French World War II small arms: part I. Scarlata, Paul May 20, 2017 4044
United States Provides Border Security Equipment to Lebanese Armed Forces. May 5, 2017 662
Army destroys 10 machinegun-equipped SUVs of ISIS terrorists in Aleppo, eliminates terrorists in other areas. Nov 21, 2016 153
HMAS Darwin seizes weapons. Oct 28, 2016 285
Hit the Mad Max car's a suicide bomber heading for us ISIS; UNDER ATTACK ISIS THUGS DRIVEN BACK IN BATTLE FOR MOSUL Coalition launch desperate bid to liberate villages in valley and save locals from brutal militants WORDS CHRIS HUGHES PICS ROWAN GRIFFITHS REPORTING FROM THE FRONT LINE IN MOSUL. Oct 24, 2016 871
Hit the Mad Max car now... it's a suicide bomber heading for us; THE BATTLE FOR MOSUL: ISIS THUGS DRIVEN BACK. Oct 24, 2016 1101
Hit the Mad Max car now... it's a suicide bomber heading for us; THE BATTLE FOR MOSUL: ISIS THUGS DRIVEN BACK. Oct 24, 2016 1072
The RPD light machinegun: a squad automatic weapon decades ahead of its time. Dabbs, Will Oct 1, 2016 2101
Let' er rip! The light machine gun fully evolved into a much-feared "infantry equalizer" during World War II. Venturino, Mike "Duke" Sep 23, 2016 1477
Armed groups breach truce regime over 55 times on Thursday. Sep 15, 2016 934
The army destroys command centers, a tunnel, and heavy weapons for terrorists. Sep 3, 2016 846
Small arms of the German World War II-ERA Fallschirmjager Part 4. Kokalis, Peter G. Aug 20, 2016 5242
Small arms of the German World War II-era Fallschirmjager: part 3. Kokalis, Peter G. Aug 10, 2016 6440
Small arms of the German World War II-era Fallschirmjager: Part 1. Kokalis, Peter G. Jul 20, 2016 5161
Full auto Fiasco: Part 1: the Selective Fire Option in Shoulder-Mounted caliber 7.62x51 mm NATO Battle Rifles. Kokalis, Peter G. Apr 10, 2016 2833
The 7.62x54R cartridge and Russian machine guns of World War II. Kokalis, Peter G. Jan 20, 2016 5497
The development of the machine gun and its impact on the great war. Nothstine, Jack R. Jan 1, 2016 4207
The light machine guns of World War I. Kokalis, Peter G. Apr 20, 2015 7682
Canadian soldiers exchange fire with ISIS in Iraq. Jan 20, 2015 379
ISLAND OF BROTHERS; REMEMBERED BRAVE MEN OF SKYE LOST AS MACHINE GUN INDUSTRIALISED SLAUGHTER; TV presenter Neil Oliver tracks trail of loss from battlefields of France back to Portree. Mar 23, 2014 1313
Light remotely controlled weapon stations: current operations downrange have considerably increased the importance of remotely controlled weapon stations (RCWS), most light vehicles being now equipped with such systems that allow the machine gun operator to stay within the protected cell, no only against enemy fire, but also in case of accidents causing the vehicle to roll over. Valpolini, Paolo Feb 1, 2013 3173
Chauchat Machine Rifle brilliant "walking fire" innovation or worst machine gun of all time? You have heard it's the greatest piece of junk ever foisted on an infantryman, but who do you know who's fired one, much less owns one? PGK provides the answers on this notorious piece of French ordnance. Kokalis, Peter G. Dec 1, 2012 5968
The guns of "dad's army": small arms of the British Home Guard 1940-1944. -part 2. Scarlata, Paul Apr 20, 2012 3329
Armour evolves to match the changing threat: in an age where a guerrilla armed with a recoilless grenade launcher can despatch anything from a main battle tank to a truckload of infantry, William Shakespeare's words *Now thrive the armourers* have never been more true. Armour technologies are evolving to protect everything from the tank to the foot soldier. Richardson, Doug Oct 1, 2011 2617
Taliban attack U.S. Embassy, NATO HQ. Sep 14, 2011 821
A contradiction in terms: "semiautomatic-only machine gun": this pan-fed classic is rare and very expensive in full-auto form, but you can get most of the fun with this semi-auto conversion. Kokalis, Peter G. Aug 20, 2011 5483
Street fight: the battle for Ortona: Canadian troops had to learn the tricks of urban warfare on the deadly streets of Ortona against a most formidable foe. Zuehlke, Mark Reprint Jun 1, 2011 2051
Guns of the Spetsnaz part III machine guns: ambushing larger forces was a Spetsnaz specialty, and having fire superiority from the get-go was vital. The RPK and PKM machine guns made it possible. Vorobiev, Marco Mar 20, 2011 3797
Shield of David: the Promise of Israeli National Missile Defense. Siperco, Ian Report Jun 22, 2010 8134
The bolt-action rifles of World War II almost 10 million Kar 98ks were the backbone of the Axis, but the forces of tyranny counted on many other bolt guns, too. Scarlata, Paul Apr 20, 2010 3858
PEO Soldier develops lighter, more lethal weapons systems. Leipold, J.D. Jul 1, 2009 621

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