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Govt of Pakistan, Armed Forces fighting against terrorism for over a decade: Commodre Baig. Nov 18, 2016 567
Enemy's attempts against Pakistan's security, terroritorial integrity to meet befitting response: PM. Nov 17, 2016 1085
Tens of Terrorists Killed in Syrian Armed Forces' Large-Scale Attack in Hama. Nov 15, 2016 321
Several Nusra Commanders Killed in Syrian Armed Forces' Attacks in Homs. Nov 9, 2016 328
Commander: Iraqi Forces Liberate 60 Percent of ISIL-Ruled Regions West of Mosul. Nov 8, 2016 793
Al-Sisi meets with top security officials prior to potential 11/11 protests. Nov 8, 2016 645
Operation Martyr's Right reaches 'decisive' stage in ending terrorism in Sinai: armed forces. Nov 6, 2016 366
Arab military training chiefs discuss cyber warfare. Nov 6, 2016 197
Battle for Mosul Day 20: 165 Regions Liberated by Iraqi Forces. Nov 5, 2016 678
Iraqi Army: 165 Regions Liberated by Joint Forces during Battle for Mosul. Nov 5, 2016 219
Egyptian, Jordanian armed forces to begin joint military exercise. Nov 4, 2016 132
6 militants, 2 army personnel killed in 4th day of retaliation. Oct 19, 2016 451
Military making a comeback in Central America. Rodriguez, George Oct 13, 2016 1180
WARZONE; Airfield comes 'under attack' as troops descend on North Wales. Oct 12, 2016 358
IRAQ - Oct 5 - Iraq Premier Assures Mosul Residents Of Impending Victory. Brief article Oct 8, 2016 297
Philippines : U.S. and Philippine Armed Forces repair schools in Cagayan Valley. Oct 7, 2016 188
Joint Operations: Liberation Mosul's Plan Reached Its Final Stages. Oct 3, 2016 261
Local stability in troubled times: the 34-day war that erupted in Lebanon in 2006 involving the Israeli armed forces and the Hezbollah insurgent organisation resulted in an expansion of the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). Valenti, Alix Oct 1, 2016 2372
Radio programmes: the erstwhile Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) programme continues to dominate tactical radio procurement for the United States armed forces, with new waveforms and hardware being spun out of these initiatives for export customers. Oct 1, 2016 5689
Army kills more terrorists, destroys their equipment in different areas across the country. Sep 26, 2016 376
How the Norwegian Armed Forces Utilised Social Media for Exercise Cold Response. Sep 22, 2016 535
Top Commander: US Largest Military Aid to Israel Prompts Iran's Bolstering Defense Power. Sep 21, 2016 583
Nationwide Parades of Armed Forces Start in Iran. Sep 21, 2016 374
Meet the American YPG volunteer protesting outside of Biden's house. Sep 18, 2016 603
Bolivia opens school to train soldiers in fight against 'Imperialist' powers. Gaudin, Andres Sep 16, 2016 1502
Yemeni Forces Kill Three Qatari Soldiers Fighting alongside Saudi Army. Sep 13, 2016 191
Syrian air defense forces shoot down Israeli warplane, drone. Sep 13, 2016 142
Army Command: Syrian air defense forces shoot down Israeli warplane and drone after attack in Quneitra. Sep 13, 2016 132
Chief of the Army General Staff visits military positions in Aleppo. Sep 10, 2016 165
Defense Minister inspects army units in Hama countryside. Sep 4, 2016 241
Forces of nature; RIO 2016 PARALYMPIC GAMES; Wounded military personnel fighting for medals in Brazil. Sep 3, 2016 469
The National Guard's contributions to expeditionary logistics. Cannon, Sylvester; Shepherd, Steven G. Sep 1, 2016 1103
Commander: Armed Forces to Turn Iran into Hell for Aggressors. Aug 31, 2016 667
ISIS oil tanks destroyed in Sweida, scores of terrorists, including leaders, killed in other provinces. Aug 28, 2016 621
CENTCOM Commander General Votel Visits Lebanon. Aug 23, 2016 456
General Staff of Armed Forces: Iran to Continue Enhancing Missile Precision Striking Capability. Aug 20, 2016 504
Military foodservice professionals hone their culinary skills and build their careers at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone. Aug 11, 2016 1528
The bravest of Merseyside; 100 years on, how city's soldiers joined battle of the somme. Aug 8, 2016 1043
Turkey Boosts Military Powers in Fight Against Kurdish Militants. Aug 8, 2016 749
Supervisor of Liberation of Hawija force demanded al-Abadi start the military operations to liberate the district. Aug 7, 2016 290
Army repels terrorist attack on military academies in Aleppo, targets terrorists in other provinces. Aug 5, 2016 988
Sinai Province video 'Flames of the Desert' settles unknown fate of 2 missing police officers. Aug 2, 2016 979
Turkey shakes up armed forces, US says purges harming cooperation. Jul 29, 2016 1050
Two of Turkey's four-star generals resign a day after military cull -CNN Turk. Jul 28, 2016 1154
Defense Minister Reviews In Washington With American Writers And Thinkers Problems Of Building Iraqi Armed Forces And Ways To Combat Daash. Jul 23, 2016 221
Jordan Armed Forces sign agreement with Norwegian counterpart. Jul 21, 2016 112
Hama: ISIL, Al-Nusra Terrorists Suffer Heavy Casualties in Syrian Armed Forces' Attacks. Jul 18, 2016 213
Updates: Military attempt to seize power in Turkey. Jul 16, 2016 5743
Roundup: Nice attack toll up, as world reacts. Jul 15, 2016 1671
Who is Iran's new armed forces chief of staff? Nadimi, Farzin Jul 15, 2016 1474
Syrian Armed Forces Preparing for Large-Scale Operation in Death Triangle. Jul 3, 2016 212
Sudanese troops reached SPLM-N's Kauda when the truce was declared : governor. Jun 25, 2016 307
Why Russia is reviving its conventional military power. Renz, Bettina Jun 22, 2016 7170
France : Thales launches SYNAPS, the new broadband tactical software-defined radio family for collaborative combat. Jun 14, 2016 566
Deputy Commander of the International Coalition forces praises the victories of our armed forces on Daash gangs. Jun 14, 2016 185
IRAQ - Jun 5 - Iraqi Forces Secure Southern Edge Of IS-Held Fallujah. Jun 11, 2016 455
National Defence Council discusses Armed Forces' 2016/17 budget. Jun 5, 2016 527
Left to my own devices: the contemporary operating environment's hybrid mix of regular and irregular warfare continues to be illustrated around the world with state and non-state actors employing a diverse range of Concepts of Operation (CONOP). White, Andrew Jun 1, 2016 1376
Hitting where it hurts: with the advancement in equipment and technology associated with 'Near Peer' states including Russia, NATO members and other allied nations are becoming increasingly concerned with regards to being overmatched. Jun 1, 2016 2087
Al-Abadi called to freeze the political differences and support the security forces. Jun 1, 2016 128
Syrian Armed Forces Smash ISIL Terrorists in Deir Ezzur. May 28, 2016 194
IED explosions continue to stalk security forces in North Sinai. May 28, 2016 531
Airstrike exercise by Turkish Armed Forces. May 25, 2016 198
Aleppo: Syrian Armed Forces Launch Large-Scale Operation to Take back Khan Touman. May 25, 2016 422
Armed Forces kill 85 alleged militants in Sinai. May 25, 2016 199
Syrian Armed Forces Inflict Major Losses on ISIL East of Homs. May 24, 2016 245
Iraqi Forces Start Large-Scale Operation to Recapture Fallujah. May 23, 2016 109
Chief of Army Staff, Senior US Commander Discuss Military Operations Against Daash. May 20, 2016 298
Syrian Armed Forces, Allies Launch Fresh Anti-Terrorism Operation to Seize Back Al-Zara. May 20, 2016 232
NATO, State Department, US Department of Defense, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Among the International Armed Forces and Domestic Agencies Speaking at CVE Forum. May 19, 2016 411
NATO, State Department, US Department of Defense, Foreign and Commonwealth Office Among the International Armed Forces and Domestic Agencies Speaking at CVE Forum. May 19, 2016 416
IRAQ - May 10 - Iraqi Forces Take Village From Daesh In Slow Campaign. Brief article May 14, 2016 299
Comsat NG Military Satellite Communications System. May 3, 2016 474
North Sinai: Egypt's silenced land. May 3, 2016 944
Syrian Armed Forces Smash Terrorists across Hama Province. Apr 30, 2016 283
Azerbaijan says Armenia using ammunition prohibited by int'l conventions. Apr 27, 2016 323
'Drop MOD immunity' for neglect - committee. Apr 25, 2016 436
Syrian Armed Forces Strike ISIL Strongholds Badly in Deir Ezzur. Apr 22, 2016 303
President confers award of Nishan-i-Imtiaz (Military) on General Claudio Graziano. Apr 21, 2016 446
Pakistan committed to eradicate extremism, terrorism: President. Apr 21, 2016 446
Top Military Aide: Leader Expects Armed Forces to Manufacture Advanced Weapons. Apr 16, 2016 450
US, Australian, Philippine forces begin military exercises amid S. China Sea disputes. Apr 4, 2016 290
Army Command: Victory at al-Qaryatain ensures oil and gas pipeline security and blocking ISIS supply routes. Apr 3, 2016 356
France,Qatar : Airbus Defence and Space to Enhance Qatar Armed Forces Command and Control Capabilities with Direct Access to Satellite Imagery. Apr 1, 2016 348
Growing gracefully: Air Force Reserve celebrates 68 years of supporting U.S. national security. Joyner, Bo Apr 1, 2016 1226
Defense entrepreneurship: how to build institutions for innovation inside the military. Hasik, James Apr 1, 2016 3857
Army medical department at war: healthcare in a complex world. Murray, Clinton K.; Jones, Stephen L. Report Apr 1, 2016 2659
'Sinai Province' claims it killed 15 soldiers using explosives. Mar 27, 2016 430
Operation against terrorism to be taken to logical conclusion: Mamnoon Hussain---Says armed forces of country fully equipped to foil evil designs of anti-state elements. Mar 24, 2016 238
Woman with 8 sons in military, honoured. Mar 22, 2016 316
Multidomain operations: a subtle but significant transition in military thought. Reilly, Jeffrey M. Mar 22, 2016 5330
Jordanian forces return home after participating in military drill in Saudi Arabia. Mar 14, 2016 118
Armed forces soldier killed by IED blast in Sinai. Mar 8, 2016 335
5 militants killed in Sinai: Armed forces. Mar 6, 2016 345
Iraqi Forces Repel ISIL Attack, Kill 17 Terrorists East of Ramadi. Mar 5, 2016 133
China's 2016 defense budget may see 'sharp' rise. Mar 2, 2016 222
SPLM-N rebels report new attacks on government forces in S Kordofan. Feb 29, 2016 304
Airstrikes target Daesh positions in Libya. Brief article Feb 28, 2016 103
Top Commander: IRGC to Test New Military Hardware in Massive Drills. Feb 21, 2016 549
The Popular Defense Forces Confirms Readiness For The Battle of Mosul. Feb 21, 2016 210
Northern Region Commander: "Raad Al-Shamal" Maneuvers Represent Quantum Leap in Using all Forces in Field. Feb 19, 2016 126
Military medals and badges. Feb 18, 2016 342
Ukraine : The course for the Ukrainian Armed Forces towards alignment with NATO standards has been supported with appropriate reforms and financing. Feb 17, 2016 865
Ted Cruz Proposes "More Tooth, Less Tail" in Military. Feb 16, 2016 939
Source: Turkish Forces Shell Syrian Army Positions in Lattakia. Feb 15, 2016 104
Jordanian forces arrive in Saudi Arabia to join military drill. Feb 14, 2016 122
Success for UAE Armed Forces at Abu Dhabi job fair. Feb 6, 2016 568
Updated- Army breaks siege imposed by terrorists on Nubbul and al-Zahra, restores security to village, cuts off terrorists' supply route in Aleppo. Feb 3, 2016 741
Globemasters: reservists and their C-124s played a critical role during the Vietnam War. Feb 1, 2016 1705
ISIL Suffers Heavy Casualties in Syrian Armed Forces' Attacks across Deir Ezzur. Jan 20, 2016 300
Egypt expands armed forces mission in Yemen. Jan 16, 2016 261
Brains Over Brawn: Russian Armed Forces More Powerful Than NATO. Jan 4, 2016 345
The engineer training support battalion: training our regiment. Law, Gerald S. Jan 1, 2016 1091
Tobyhanna army depot training ramps reservists' readiness. Mickley, Ed Dec 22, 2015 531
Ground Force Commander: N. Deal Cannot Stop Iranian Armed Forces from Increasing Power. Dec 16, 2015 434
Joint forces attack by land, sea and air; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 27, 2015 308
Joint forces attack by land, sea and air; EXCLUSIVE. Nov 27, 2015 300
A SHOW OF FORCES; ATTACK ON FREEDOM: BRITAINDEFENCE BOOST TO FIGHT EVIL; PS12bn defence boost to prepare for 10-year war on IS; Two strike units will be our fastest ever. Nov 23, 2015 720
A SHOW OF FORCES; attack on freedom: britainDefence BOOST TO FIGHT EVILPS12bn defence boost to prepare for 10-year war on ISTwo strike units will be our fastest ever. Nov 23, 2015 720
A SHOW OF FORCES; ATTACK ON FREEDOM: THE UK'S DEFENCE BOOST TO FIGHT EVIL; PS12bn defence boost to prepare for 10-year war on IS; Two strike units will be the fastest ever. Nov 23, 2015 720
U.S. armed forces begin second phase of Ukraine support. Nov 23, 2015 231
United Kingdom : The Armed Forces Hindu Network and HMS President celebrate Diwali. Nov 21, 2015 674
Southern Company ranked top military friendly utility by G.I. Jobs magazine. Nov 11, 2015 779
Commander: Iraqi Forces to Begin Attacking Militants' Positions in Ramadi after Residents' Full Evacuation. Nov 9, 2015 582
National treasure: Camp Shelby is a one-stop shop for national military training services. Buckley, Sandra Massey Nov 1, 2015 805
The battle for Sinjar is about more than Daesh. Brief article Nov 1, 2015 256
United States : National Guard State Partnership Program: East Africa. Oct 23, 2015 898
A helping hand: diverse examines the dos and don is of attracting and retaining veteran and military-affiliated students at higher ed institutions. Elfman, Lois Oct 22, 2015 1378
Syrian Forces Kill Dozens of ISIL Terrorists in Aleppo. Oct 15, 2015 404
Syrian forces Retake Tal Na'am of Aleppo. Oct 15, 2015 183
Did Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani just arrive in Syria? Oct 14, 2015 490
Army Spokesman: Saudi Forces Use Chemical, Biological Weapons in Yemen's Ma'rib. Oct 13, 2015 302
United States : Booz Allen Hamilton Wins $937 Million DOD Global Threat Mitigation Program to Strengthen National Security Interests and Protect U.S. Armed Forces. Oct 9, 2015 573
Updated- Gen. Ayoub: Syrian armed forces start a large-scaleassault against terrorists, Russian airstrikes continue. Oct 8, 2015 627
Gen. Ayoub: Syrian armed forces start a large-scaleassault against terrorists, Russian airstrikes continue. Oct 8, 2015 788
Rheinmetall Canada's good year: cutting-edge communications, a new radar, and a return to its roots. Brotherston, Evelyn Interview Oct 1, 2015 1172
From space to base. Withington, Thomas Oct 1, 2015 2725
Ladies first: all-female team represents United States at CIOR military competition. Hanson, Sarah Oct 1, 2015 1025
Army Commander: Iran to Give Crushing Response to Enemy's Miscalculation. Sep 29, 2015 798
Deputy Top Commander: Iran Standing against Threats Powerfully. Sep 23, 2015 692
The right to education: regulating the conduct of armed forces under international law. Coursen-Neff, Zama Sep 22, 2015 3263
SPLM-N rebels claim defeating government forces in Sudan's Blue Nile. Sep 19, 2015 339
UAE forces advance on rebel positions in Yemen. Sep 14, 2015 109
National unity forced India to bow before Pakistan in 65 War: Gallant warrior recalls. Sep 4, 2015 819
IRGC Commander: Iranian Armed Forces to Stage 20 Drills This Year. Sep 1, 2015 672
The power of spacecraft: with the successful performance of Sapphire and RADARSAT, the CAF is securing eyes in the sky--and over the arctic. Pugliese, David Sep 1, 2015 2136
Syria's Southern Front claims it created a new rocket, but where did it really come from? Aug 25, 2015 594
Watching shadows; Scottish soldiers patrol a corridor of land that has lain empty since the division of Cyprus way back in 1974. Aug 14, 2015 1325
One GIF shows the Syrian regime weakening against the Army of Conquest. Brief article Aug 11, 2015 176
Tennessee Native and Astronaut Wilmore is on a Mission to Honor Armed Forces. Aug 4, 2015 1045
Egypt expands armed forces mission in Yemen. Aug 1, 2015 219
The universal soldier: modern soldier equipment. White, Andrew Aug 1, 2015 9920
Senate panel agrees with modernization plan for armed forces. Jul 28, 2015 624
Afghan Forces Kill Over 180 Militants. Jul 25, 2015 154
Abadi Briefed On Military And Security Operations Of The Armed Forces. Jul 17, 2015 192
Military thwarts car bomb attack on Suez Road, militants claim otherwise. Jul 15, 2015 275
Army 'truly sorry' over reservists' deaths on test march. Jul 15, 2015 937
Army apologises at death march soldiers inquest. Jul 15, 2015 606
Army continues operations against terrorists, inflicting more casualties upon them. Jul 14, 2015 1553
Armed forces let down; FEEDBACK. Jul 13, 2015 178
WHO CARES WINS; Ex-SAS fighter quits armed forces to campaign for peace. Jul 5, 2015 554
Army assumes control of al-Tal Citadel in Zabadani, al-Nashwa al-Sharqiah neighborhood in Hasaka. Jul 4, 2015 1289
Al-Basher Attends Annual Ramadan Breakfast and Conclusion of Holy Quran Festival of Armed Forces. Jul 3, 2015 111
38 days: maximizing the Military Intelligence Readiness Command. Zarbo, Stephen E. Jul 1, 2015 2900
Libyan forces warn EU over migrant operation plan. Jun 23, 2015 185
Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz conveys greetings of the monarch to armed forces personnel in Najran. Jun 14, 2015 131
Officer failed to spot SAS march soldier not moving. Jun 13, 2015 482
King hands over Hashemite standard to Armed Forces. Jun 9, 2015 226
Medic 'didn't read heat guidance' ahead of march. Jun 6, 2015 617
Medic didn't read heat guidance, inquest told >. Jun 6, 2015 514
Medic 'not told to read guidelines' INQUEST HEARS OF ATTEMPTS TO REVIVE COLLAPSED CONWY SOLDIER. Jun 6, 2015 561
1.5 times more combat training of Russian armed forces in summer. Jun 1, 2015 218
Jordan Armed Forces Thwart an Infiltration Attempt. May 31, 2015 130
Armed forces thwart an infiltration attempt. May 31, 2015 123
Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces oversees the Operations of the Liberation of Anbar from the Joint Operations Command Center. May 26, 2015 181
What should we learn from Ramadi? Brief article May 24, 2015 247
Takfiri Terrorists Killed in Syrian Armed Forces' Offensives in Hama, Homs Provinces. May 13, 2015 321
Army closes in on terrorists in Jisr al-Shughour amid dramatic collapse in terrorist organizations. May 10, 2015 999
Egypt OKs 3 months more for armed forces' mission abroad. May 4, 2015 156
Al-Tarabeen tribe aids armed forces with militants' arrests. May 2, 2015 427
Army Official: Iranian Armed Forces Ready to Repel Threats. Apr 30, 2015 332
Hassabo inspects wounded of Armed Forces operations. Apr 27, 2015 235
SYRIA - Apr 20 - Syria Army Cuts Key Rebel Supply Route From Jordan. Apr 25, 2015 270
Battle to find insight into new stage role; Shelley Eva Haden tells Roz Laws how her alarming experience with the armed forces helped with her Rep role. Apr 16, 2015 908
The army thwarts an attack attempt in Aleppo, continues military operations to crush terrorist organizations. Apr 14, 2015 1153
Civilians suffer in 'war against terrorism'. Apr 13, 2015 894
From war zones... to hospital wards in North East. Apr 11, 2015 1125
Controlled chaos: rescue Reservists take realistic training to a new level. Goonan, Kelly Apr 1, 2015 559
MEMORY LANE; FEEDBACK. Mar 23, 2015 382
VR-62's airlifting 'Nomads'. Wendelin, Michael Mar 22, 2015 875
Army establishes full control over Handarat in Aleppo, continues crackdown against terrorists in other areas. Mar 18, 2015 688
Army kills scores of terrorists across the country and destroys their weaponry. Mar 18, 2015 967
Yemen's Houthi militia replaces air force chief for refusing to provide air support. Mar 17, 2015 309
Update3-Army kills scores of terrorists in many areas across the country. Mar 15, 2015 960
Army kills scores of terrorists in many areas across the country. Mar 15, 2015 1256
Mladenov urges the armed forces in Tikrit, to protect civilians in line with international standards. Mar 3, 2015 117
Slightly More Americans Say U.S. Is No. 1 Military Power. Dugan, Andrew Feb 20, 2015 732
The brave Cardiff seaman whose grave lies in far off New Guinea; Emigrating to Australia to start a new life, World War One changed the fate of Cardiff seaman Herbert Charles Willans. Jessica Flynn speaks to another ex-pat seaman who discovered the touching tale of Able Seaman Willans. Feb 4, 2015 1408
The army kills more terrorists, establishes control on many areas. Jan 30, 2015 731
The army kills more terrorists , establishes control on many regions. Jan 29, 2015 684
Update 5-Army crushes several dens in Eastern Ghouta, kills more terrorists in other areas, including groups' leaders. Jan 25, 2015 802
Army crushes several dens in Eastern Ghouta, kills more terrorists in other areas, including groups' leaders. Jan 25, 2015 940
Defense Minister discusses with the Command of the ground forces, the developments in the operations sectors. Jan 24, 2015 120
Tens of terrorists, including Jabhat al-Nusra members, killed in several areas. Jan 24, 2015 1254
Army pushes ahead with military operations, inflicts heavy losses on terrorists. Jan 22, 2015 436
4 militants killed in North Sinai: Armed forces. Jan 21, 2015 185
Many Afghans Expect Life to Be Worse After Troops Leave. Ray, Julie Jan 14, 2015 595
7 militants killed following death of police officer. Jan 14, 2015 313
Official: Russia to Boost Military Capabilities in Crimea, Kaliningrad, Arctic. Jan 14, 2015 542
Army continues large-scale military operations against terrorist organizations across the country. Jan 11, 2015 306
Armed Forces Would Be Inefficient in Border Patrols a[euro]" Bulgariaa[euro][TM]s Defense Minister. Jan 9, 2015 265
Military maneuvers: the growing battle over religious freedom in the armed forces. Boston, Rob Jan 1, 2015 1127
President Rouhani: Iranian Armed Forces Harbinger of Security for All Regional Nations. Dec 31, 2014 788
GCC Military Medical Units Leave Sultanate. Dec 30, 2014 182
More terrorists killed across the country, their infiltration attempts foiled. Dec 29, 2014 246
The army seizes five cars loaded with rockets in Hama countryside, kills ISIS terrorists in Deir Ezzor. Dec 29, 2014 420
Senior Cleric: Mohammad Rasoulallah Drills Showing Iranian Armed Forces' Integrity. Dec 26, 2014 272
Iranian Armed Forces to Stage Massive Drills Later This Week. Dec 23, 2014 321
New theory emerges about Malaysia flight MH370. Dec 23, 2014 507
Oman hosts joint military exercise for GCC armed forces. Dec 21, 2014 108
17 terrorists killed, 11 others arrested: Armed Forces. Dec 16, 2014 170
Minister of Defense in Al Fashir: Decisive summer operations (two) launched. Dec 11, 2014 486
More terrorists killed across the country, heavy losses inflicted upon them. Dec 10, 2014 252
Why has the Daily Mail taken down their Mohammed Assaf anti-Israel story? Khalifeh, Arwad Interview Dec 7, 2014 491
Terrorists' infiltration and attack attempts repelled in continued army operations. Dec 6, 2014 695
IRAN - Dec 01 - Khamenei Tells Iran's Armed Forces To Build Up Irrespective Of Nuclear Diplomacy. Dec 6, 2014 404
The Syrian Conflict and the Ascendancy of the Lebanese Armed Forces. Dec 4, 2014 1022
AJC Celebrates 20 Years of "Proven Partnership" with German Armed Forces. Dec 4, 2014 524
Life-size action men draw attention to army mission. Dec 1, 2014 528
Khamenei for boosting Iran armed forces. Nov 30, 2014 212
Feeling the Feeling the pain in Spain pain in Spain; ON TOUR WITH OUR ARMY RESERVISTS. Nov 29, 2014 547
3 'terrorists' killed in Sinai military operations: Armed forces. Nov 29, 2014 271
CHANGING LIFE IN A DOUBLE WORLD; Lara Small, 29, is a Manufacturing Engineer at Rolls-Royce. She's also a Troop Commander in the Royal Engineers Army Reserves. Nov 26, 2014 701
A DOUBLE WORLD CHANGING LIFE IN; Lara Small, 29, is a Manufacturing Engineer at Rolls-Royce. She's also a Troop Commander in the Roya Engineers.' Army Reserves. Nov 26, 2014 743
CHANGING LIFE IN A DOUBLE WORLD; Lara Small, 29, is a Manufacturing Engineer at Rolls-Royce. She's also a Troop Commander mmander mmander in the Roya yal Engineers.' Army Reserves. Nov 26, 2014 715
A DOUBLE LIFE IN A CHANGING WORLD; Lara Small, 29, is a Manufacturing Engineer at Rolls-Royce. She's also a Troop Commander in the Royal Engineers Army Reserves.... Nov 26, 2014 716
7 militants killed, 67 arrested in North Sinai: Armed forces. Nov 22, 2014 199
Mass Sexual Violence: UNAMID declares it finds "no evidence". Nov 12, 2014 6381
Southern Company ranks as top utility for eighth consecutive year in G.I. Jobs' Top 100 Military Friendly Employer listing. Nov 11, 2014 985
Militant killed in nationwide army operations. Nov 10, 2014 202
Crown Prince receives Chief of General Staff, Chief of Armed Forces Operations Staff, and Director of Armed Forces Sports Affairs Department. Nov 9, 2014 129
Cabinet Approves Bill to Set Up Armed Forces' Marine Industries Organization. Nov 5, 2014 845
MPs' alarm at drinking culture in armed forces. Oct 30, 2014 447
Armed forces strike militant targets after Sinai attacks. Oct 27, 2014 119
Laser weapons, lions and hyenas - it's all in a day's work for those in today's Army; Our reporter Liz Day joined the Welsh Guards in Kenya to document their training exercise, Askari Storm. Oct 20, 2014 1740
Turkish Armed Forces accelerates military deployment to Syrian border. Oct 8, 2014 199
The National Restaurant Association Military Foundation Offers Advanced Culinary Training For Outstanding Active-Duty Military Foodservice Professionals. Oct 7, 2014 1327
1974: lest we forget part 3: nine Canadians were killed when their Buffalo aircraft was shot down in the summer of 1974. Smol, Robert Oct 1, 2014 2400
507th ARW gains new squadron, air mobility training mission. Oct 1, 2014 412
Cyber security as a field of military education and study. Tikk-Ringas, Eneken; Kerttunen, Mika; Spirito, Christopher Report Oct 1, 2014 2901
The military and the state: The role of the armed forces in post-30 June Egypt. Sep 27, 2014 1322
Deputy DM: Iranian Armed Forces Capable of Destroying All Threats. Sep 27, 2014 635
PM awards law enforcers of Kyrgyzstan for participation in CSTO exercises. Sep 23, 2014 163
Statement: Iranian Armed Forces' Deterrence Power Prevents Enemy's Aggression. Sep 22, 2014 546
Chief of staff: Saudi armed forces are well prepared. Sep 17, 2014 206
Wide-scale military operations launched against terrorists across Syria. Sep 16, 2014 412
Mountain battalion of Georgian armed forces returns from Afghanistan. Sep 16, 2014 192
Azerbaijan, Turkey to hold large-scale military exercises. Sep 12, 2014 296
Thousands turn out for Armed Forces 'day in the Bay' as city's lockdown comes to end. Sep 8, 2014 1153
Prominent Lawmaker Asks Armed Forces to Inform Iranians of Origin of Israeli Spy Drone. Sep 6, 2014 1360
Writing a 'death letter' to my the hardset... if an IED did get me, I hoped it would be quick; WAR REPORTER WHO WENT TO FIGHT IN AFGHANISTAN. Sep 5, 2014 1455
Have adversary missiles become a revolution in military affairs? Bell, William F. Sep 1, 2014 8313
Theory, implementation, and the future of airpower. Clodfelter, Mark Sep 1, 2014 3413
Army operations against terrorist organizations continue unabated. Aug 28, 2014 621
Syrian Armed Forces Storm Rebels' Hideouts across Country. Aug 8, 2014 312
Al Nabhani meets Italian Army chief. Aug 5, 2014 167
AMNESTY:Stop US shipment of fuel to Israel's armed forces as evidence of Gaza war crimes mounts. Aug 5, 2014 1125
Air Force introduces total force commissioning process. Aug 1, 2014 426
Staying focus: their unit is facing inactivation, but the photographers and videographers at the 4th Combat Camera Squadron still have a job to do. Joyner, Bo Aug 1, 2014 2377
Reservists renew bond with Desert Storm AC-130A gunship. Aug 1, 2014 736
US gives Israel go-ahead to raid stocks of emergency weapons. Jul 31, 2014 704
Israel mobilizes 16,000 more reservists. Jul 31, 2014 154
Israel calls up reservists as tensions increase. Jul 8, 2014 786
Armed Forces Issues Clarification on Arrest of Administrator of Sudan Military Attache in Cairo. Correction notice Jul 7, 2014 302
Whole nation is with army on Operation Zarb-e-Azb: Altaf Hussain. Jul 3, 2014 370
Syrian Armed Forces Storm Militants' Dens in Lattakia, Idlib. Jun 27, 2014 298
The armed forces prepare to launch an operation of cleansing the road Baghdad - Samarra. Jun 25, 2014 142
Look to Egypt for military cooperation. Jun 20, 2014 951
Iraqi security forces hold Baquoba during ISIL attack. Brief article Jun 17, 2014 155
Pervaiz Rashid appeals to nation to rally behind Armed Forces. Jun 16, 2014 164
On guard for thee: Canadian Armed Forces operate at home. Leclerc, Eric; Brush, Megan Jun 1, 2014 2229
Boots on the ground: an in-depth interview with Army Commander LGen Marquis Hainse. Foster, Ally Jun 1, 2014 1963
Cyprus armed forces a necessity while Turkey's occupation lasts. May 30, 2014 199
Ukraine : The main task of the Armed Forces of Ukraine within ATO - protection of life, peace and tranquility of citizens. May 30, 2014 283
Armenian reconnaissance and sabotage group tries to attack Azerbaijan. May 28, 2014 328
Armenian sabotage group tries to attack Azerbaijani Armed Forces' post. May 28, 2014 331
Southern Company saluted as a top military employer by three surveys. May 16, 2014 805
United Arab Emirates : UAE Embassy in Rome celebrates 38th Armed Forces Unification Day. May 9, 2014 151
Battle-ready KSA warns enemies. Apr 30, 2014 494
Bahrain's King Praises Saudi Armed Forces. Apr 29, 2014 407
Westover to lose 300 jobs; Half of C-5 fleet moving to Texas. Apr 29, 2014 411
88 killed in two day battle for Syria's Daraa. Brief article Apr 26, 2014 132
Chiefs of General Staff of Armed Forces of Kyrgyzstan, Turkey discuss development of bilateral military cooperation. Apr 24, 2014 137
Iranian envoy hosts reception to mark Armed Forces Day. Apr 18, 2014 169
Units of Iranian Armed Forces Start Annual Parades to Mark Army Day. Apr 18, 2014 191
Commander: Iranian Armed Forces to Stage Massive Joint Drills. Apr 15, 2014 421

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