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Lawful Carnage: Scholar Samuel Moyn and journalist Spencer Ackerman consider the inherent contradictions of the endless war on terrorism. Ali, Bozina Jul 1, 2021 2333
Army commander tasks journalists on peace-building. Jun 14, 2021 237
Inside jihadi 'bandit country' with UK troops on biggest operation since Afghanistan; EXCLUSIVE: British troops are conducting their biggest operation since Afghanistan and the Daily Mirror's defence and security editor Chris Hughes and photographer Andy Stenning were among the first journalists to join the patrols deep inside jihadist 'bandit country', reporting from Tessit, Mali, west Africa. By, Chris Hughes May 1, 2021 968
Group asks SC to take judicial notice of Parlade's threat vs reporter. Feb 5, 2021 438
NATO Raises concern while AJSC reports 'surge of violence' against journalists. Feb 4, 2021 846
Ombudsman clears police, military officers in mistaken arrest of Davao journalist. Oct 28, 2020 664
Azerbaijan condemns Armenian missile attack on Euronews reporters. Oct 27, 2020 565
Azerbaijani journalist, civilian wounded in fresh Armenian attack amid truce. Oct 19, 2020 398
Azerbaijan embassy highlights Armenian forces' aggression against foreign journalists. Oct 3, 2020 259
NUJP calls out Army officer over Facebook post vs Inquirer reporter. Jun 27, 2020 713
Dr M likens US assassination of Iranian general to Saudi-linked killing of journalist Kashoggi. Jan 7, 2020 523
S. Sudan women body condemns attack on female journalists. Nov 5, 2019 308
Turkish journalists meet victims of Indian firing along LoC - Press Release issued by Kashmir Media Service. Sep 19, 2019 338
Turkish journalists meet victims of Indian firing along LoC - Press Release issued by Kashmir Media Service. Sep 19, 2019 338
Turkish journalists meet victims of Indian firing along LoC. Sep 19, 2019 299
Eastmincom, M'nao media org agree to work on journalist safety. Sep 7, 2019 817
Punishing Reporters of War Crimes in Afghanistan. Jun 7, 2019 816
Blast kills Chad soldiers, journalist after Boko Haram attack. May 26, 2019 211
Israeli forces detain activist, journalists covering eviction of Palestinian families in northern Jordan Valley. May 12, 2019 207
Army military operations targets mercenary sites in some provinces over 24 past hours: Reporters. May 9, 2019 138
Uncle of senior journalist laid to rest. Mar 7, 2019 113
Reporter: 15 Saudi-led airstrikes hit several provinces over day. Aug 13, 2018 158
Ecuadorean journalists held by Colombian rebels confirmed dead. Apr 13, 2018 305
Unlawful and Condemnable: Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Journalists. Apr 6, 2018 787
Woman charged after allegedly killing journalist to pay for husband's lawyer. Jan 29, 2018 273
Report: Journalist Sacked after Exposing CIA Weapons Shipments to Terrorists in Syria. Aug 29, 2017 383
Award-winning journalist says Syria did not use chemical weapons. Jul 24, 2017 738
Lithuanian journalist treads ISIS booby traps-filled Mosul grounds. Jegelevicius, Linas Dec 14, 2016 2387
US journalist's illegal entrance to Turkey leads to her arrest. Aug 8, 2016 183
'Bomber blew himself up to let accomplices into airport' Press Association Reporters Jun 30, 2016 469
'Yemen has become an island'. Brief article Apr 1, 2016 322
Citizens can be harmed by military activity as well as Terrorists: journalist. Oct 5, 2015 329
Lavrov Advises US Reporters Not to Listen to Pentagon about Russian Airstrikes in Syria. Oct 1, 2015 292
Information Minister visits Iranian journalist injured while covering army operations. Aug 29, 2015 174
Iran condemns terrorist attacks on journalists and civilians in Syria. Aug 25, 2015 104
Reporter Abdo Ali Jawad of Lebanese Reistance killed in al- Zabadani. Aug 22, 2015 119
Update 1- Journalist Thaer al-Ajlani killed while covering army operations in Jobar. Jul 27, 2015 199
Nurses confronted full horror of modern war: on the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing The Lamp reproduces an account by journalist Steve Waldon of the experiences of nurses among the carnage, first printed by The Age in 2005 to commemorate the 90th anniversary. Reprint Apr 1, 2015 708
Journalist Econgar testifies to prosecutor over release of coup documents. Mar 26, 2015 1007
Laser weapons, lions and hyenas - it's all in a day's work for those in today's Army; Our reporter Liz Day joined the Welsh Guards in Kenya to document their training exercise, Askari Storm. Oct 20, 2014 1740
Video shows ISIS beheading U.S. journalist James Foley. Aug 20, 2014 1123
Int'l press body condemns killing of Palestinian journalist by Israeli troops. Jul 21, 2014 181
Four 'brothers in arms' relive the bloody massacre of war; Mostly young men, barely leaving their teens, they each tell a tale of remarkable calm and constant hope in the face of the horror of frontline war. Four Welsh veterans speak of their experiences of the Normandy Landings. Reporters: Nathan Bevan, Abbie Wightwick, Sophie Gidley & Rachael Misstear. Jun 6, 2014 2610
"A sense of exhilaration and possibility": the co-founder of Turkey's 140journos on building a citizen-sustained news agency from scratch. Onder, Engin Column Mar 22, 2014 2346
'WE ARE ALL JUST LIKE FAMILY' Reporter SARAH HAMILTON visited Helmand, Afghanistan, where British forces are playing a key role as the coalition prepares to leave. But it does not mean soldiers are resting on their laurels. Here, she meets a South Wales soldier whose role in supply and transport is very much active. Aug 8, 2013 1301
Sudan issues arrest warrant against journalist over Abu-Kershola report. Jun 5, 2013 592
Flight of the '400: most defence journalists have had the opportunity to fly in a military transport aircraft, generally to be transferred to an area of operations or a military base. On this occasion though, the Editor, together with a few of his peers, had the privilege to be taken nowhere during this inaugural "public flight of the A400M"--if defence journalists can be called public. Biass, Eric H. Jun 1, 2013 1250
End of an era: ten years after the war in Iraq began, journalists reflect on an all-consuming, fascinating and sometimes career-defining assignment. Spinner, Jackie Essay Mar 22, 2013 3844
MADA Condemns Israeli Forces Assault on Journalists in the "Gate of the Sun". Jan 14, 2013 706
The most dangerous place in the world for journalists: twenty-six media professionals have been killed covering the conflict in Syria and five remain missing. The government permits few correspondents to enter legally, forcing them to sneak into the war-torn country and travel with rebel forces. Yet some brave reporters are providing top-notch journalism. Ricchiardi, Sherry Dec 22, 2012 4344
PNN Reporter: Three Palestinians Killed in Gaza, Resistance Hit 52 Rockets at Israel. Oct 24, 2012 351
The big chill: the Obama administration is operating amid unprecedented secrecy--while attacking journalists trying to tell the public what they need to know. Froomkin, Dan Sep 22, 2012 1774
Playing defense: with digital information so vulnerable to theft, it's imperative for journalists to be proactive in protecting confidential sources and data. But too few people are taking the threat seriously. Ricchiardi, Sherry Essay Sep 22, 2012 3799
China keen to set up military bases in Pakistan: Pak journalist. Oct 25, 2011 520
'Investigate death threat against journalist'. Jul 22, 2011 197
Ethiopia: Army kills 15 rebels, wounds Swedish journalists. Jul 5, 2011 287
Pakistan s ISI denies killing journalist. Jun 2, 2011 353
Western forces resume military operations amid reporters of protesters' advance into Sirte. Mar 28, 2011 183
Britain will host crunch meeting on Libyan crisis; LIBYA CONFLICT North reporter tells of gunpoint ordeal. Conference news Mar 24, 2011 760
Balochistan "most dangerous place for journalists in Pakistan", says press club. Dec 10, 2010 229
Flotilla Reporters Feeding Frenzy at State Dept. Briefing. Brief article Jun 2, 2010 86
Three journalists shot, as Thai Army moves in with force to smash Red Shirts' siege. May 20, 2010 273
Night shift: Tel Aviv: an American crime reporter goes on patrol with the city's men in blue. Raguso, Emilie Mar 1, 2010 3038
Iraqi forces deny journalists access to Missan's Fakka oilfield -- Reuters cameraman. Dec 19, 2009 279
PFUJ declares 2010 as year of journalists. Dec 16, 2009 715
Kidnapped NYT reporter freed in commando raid Afghanistan. Sep 16, 2009 338
'NYT' Reporter Kidnapped in Afghanistan is Freed in Commando Raid But Interpreter and One of Troops Killed. Sep 9, 2009 605
NATO frees kidnapped NYT reporter in Afghanistan. Sep 8, 2009 575
NYT reporter freed in NATO raid in Afghanistan. Sep 8, 2009 575
Journalists screened by military. Jul 1, 2009 344
UPDATED: Reporter Barred from Iraq Embed -- MRE Blasts Move -- Sends Protest Letter to Gates, Petraeus. Strupp, Joe Jun 23, 2009 840
Special correspondents: not all the reporters covering World War One were men. Marshall, Debbie May 1, 2009 2446
Iraqi Army is taking control; Tensions between local officials and British troops becomes apparent, as Mail reporter PAUL BRADLEY joins the Queens Royal Hussars to watch over an Iraqi army raid in Basra, in his final trip with the regiment. Mar 21, 2009 545
US journalists detained in N Korea. Mar 20, 2009 327
US journalists detained in N Korea. Mar 19, 2009 327
Crime likely to rise as troops pull out of Iraq; The Queen's Royal Hussars, mostly made up of soldiers from the West Midlands, will be some of the last British troops to serve in Iraq. Reporter Paul Bradley joined them at the Contingency Operating Base, in Basra, and discovered there was still plenty of work to be done before the city was fully prepared for foreign investment. Mar 17, 2009 543
Israeli forces charge journalists with EoACA[pounds sterling]aiding the enemyEoACA[yen] for broadcasting details of invasion. Jan 14, 2009 438
Journalists fight Israeli targeting of media. Jan 13, 2009 342
Journalists resist being targets of Israel. Jan 13, 2009 342
The Pentagon's handmaidens. Sussman, Peter Y. Jun 1, 2008 834
JOURNALIST FREE. Apr 15, 2008 133
Iraqi soldiers free kidnapped UK journalist. Apr 15, 2008 501
3 Journalists Expelled by Pakistan in Crackdown. Brief article Nov 10, 2007 223
'Fresno Bee' Reporter in Iraq: Troops Wonder About Success. Staff, E&P Sep 3, 2007 742
War and peace objectives of UK's Afghan mission; Midland troops are up to the task as they face the daily challenges of winning hearts and minds and defeating the Taliban in Afghanistan, the incoming commanding officer of the 1st Battalion the Worcestershire and Sherwood Foresters Regiment told Chief Reporter Neil Connor. Aug 20, 2007 571
Our boys prepare for war zone on the barren prairies of Canada; The 1st Battalion The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, which includes soldiers from Merseyside, have been preparing for operations abroad by undergoing intensive training in Canada. Chief Reporter MICHELLE FIDDLER spent four days with them as they prepare for life in the battlezone. May 19, 2007 483
The sights, sounds and smells of Afghanistan: a reporter and photographer from a midsized newspaper in Arkansas spent a month in Afghanistan so their readers would know what was happening there. Wigginton, Bob Mar 22, 2007 2457
Reconstructing Afghanistan. Krain, Benjamin Photograph Mar 22, 2007 388
On a perilous reporting journey to Southwestern Afghanistan: a Pakistani journalist is held by the Taliban, then faces a challenging trip back to the border with information rarely obtained by reporters. Shahzad, Syed Saleem Mar 22, 2007 2509
British journalists killed by car bomb. May 30, 2006 253
Marriage prompts reporter's early return. (In-Brief). Brief Article May 1, 2003 157
Shoptalk. Kalb, Marvin Mar 24, 2003 814
Reporters on the firing line as troops advance. Mitchell, Greg; Berman, Ari Mar 24, 2003 355
Some journalists will avoid embed checks. Strupp, Joe Mar 10, 2003 972

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