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30 YEARS OF COMBAT AIR POWER. Tourtellotte, Dana M. Jun 22, 2022 980
Air Marshal Isiaka Oladayo Amao: Focused on Enhancing, Sustaining Critical Airpower Capabilities. Jun 17, 2022 1742
JOINT TASK FORCE QUARTZ: THROUGH AN AIRPOWER LENS. Anderson, Dagvin R.M.; Hinds, Jason T. Mar 22, 2022 2664
The Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII: A Tactical Necessity with Strategic Implications. Smith, Hannah Mar 22, 2022 5527
Expanding American Air Power's Reach: Hot Stuff's True Combat Record and Significance. Duford, Jeff Mar 22, 2022 3546
Air Power Visionaries and the Battle of the Bismarck Sea. Richards, David L. Mar 22, 2022 4103
Wright Papers. Case study Oct 15, 2021 13630
THE S&W MODEL 15 COMBAT MASTERPIECE: The USAFs Vietnam Handgun. Thompson, Leroy Oct 1, 2021 2601
Read the Manual: Reversing the Trends of Failure in NATO Humanitarian Interventions with Airpower. Clark, Michael; Jorgensen, Erik; Schriver, Gordon M. Oct 1, 2021 6837
Drones and jets: China shows off new air power. Sep 28, 2021 453
PREPARING FOR A STORM. Eddins, J.M. Mar 1, 2021 3328
The Triangle of Iron and Rubber: Ground Actions and Airpower During Operation Attleboro. Head, William Dec 22, 2020 8293
Redistributing Airpower for the Spectrum of Warfare. Sep 22, 2020 7036
The AETF Today: Enabling Mission Command of Airpower. Grynkewich, Alex; Goldstrom, Antonio J. Jun 22, 2020 6660
The Future of Turkey's Airpower: The Fifth Generation Challenge. Mevlutoglu, Arda Jun 22, 2020 10294
Strategic Air Command SIGINT Support to the Vietnam War. Cahill, William Dec 22, 2019 12065
Scattering Chaff: Canadian Air Power and Censorship During the Kosovo War. Brief article Apr 1, 2019 121
Small Unmanned Aerial Systems and Tactical Air Control. Hurst, Jules "Jay" Essay Mar 22, 2019 6702
The Ghosts of Kasserine Pass: Maximizing the Effectiveness of Airpower. Cowie, Leland Kinsey, II Jan 1, 2019 6148
The Other Side of the COIN. Selber, Will Sep 22, 2018 7334
THE FLYING FIRST: The 1st Reconnaissance Squadron has a century-long legacy of airpower. Sep 1, 2018 2135
Structuring Airpower to Win in 2030: Designing a Joint Division of Labor Between Land- and Sea-Based Combat Aviation. Wiitala, Josh; Wright, Alexander Apr 1, 2018 4374
Developing Air Force Field Grade Officers for Joint Leadership. Magruder, Daniel L., Jr. Mar 22, 2018 6554
Transformation and the War in Afghanistan. Salt, Alexander Essay Mar 22, 2018 11627
China's Military Modernization Challenges US Air Power. Feb 15, 2018 331
US adding air power, intelligence gathering in Afghanistan. Feb 10, 2018 273
US adding air power, intelligence gathering in Afghanistan. Feb 10, 2018 273
Airpower and the Expeditionary Trinity: Emerging Threats, Emerging Locations, and Emerging Capabilities. McCaskey, Kevin K. Dec 22, 2017 6596
AIR CHIEFS MEET TO TALK TECHNOLOGY IN DUBAI: Senior international air force commanders and the aviation industry make the biennial Dubai Air Chiefs Conference and Airshow a 'must attend' event for anyone with an interest in the Gulf region. Drwiega, Andrew Conference news Dec 1, 2017 2985
The Birth of American Airpower in World War I: Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the US Entry into the "Great War". Frandsen, Bert Report Sep 22, 2017 6994
Boost to Indian Army's air power; to get medium range missile by 2020. Aug 27, 2017 409
The Quadrennial Defense Review--and cyberspace. Miller, Jennifer Jul 1, 2017 1645
Break the paradigm: prepare airpower for enemies' "most likely course of action". Clawson, H. Mark Jun 22, 2017 6854
Airpower and irregular war: a battle of ideas. Farquhar, John T. Mar 22, 2017 4939
The trilateral strategic initiative: a primer for developing future airpower cooperation. Goldfein, Peter; Adamson, Andre Dec 22, 2016 3980
Dumb bombs with graduate degrees. Attariwala, Joetey Dec 1, 2016 2503
The Air Force, grand strategy, and national security: toward a better understanding of airpower's enduring utility. Ehlers, Robert Jun 22, 2016 8655
Institutional memory and the US Air Force. Brown, Daniel J. Jun 22, 2016 4808
They called defeat "Victory" Lam Son 719 and the case for airpower. Head, William P. Jun 22, 2016 14947
The trilateral strategic initiative: a primer for developing future airpower cooperation. Goldfein, Peter; Adamson, Andre Mar 22, 2016 3882
Forward from Vietnam: Air Force success late in war set stage for future airpower. Roughton, Randy Jan 1, 2016 1587
Building a partnership between the United States and India: exploring airpower's potential. Lowther, Adam B.; Rajagopalan, Rajeswari Pillai Dec 22, 2015 6043
Dark horizon: airpower revolution on a razor's edge--part two of the "nightfall" series. Byrnes, Michael W. Sep 1, 2015 11403
The limits of airpower or the limits of strategy: the air wars in Vietnam and their legacies. Clodfelter, Mark Jul 1, 2015 9684
Untethered operations: rapid mobility and forward basing are keys to airpower's success in the antiaccess/area-denial environment. Brown, Charles Q., Jr.; Spacy, Bradley D.; Glover, Charles G., III May 1, 2015 4471
Airpower in modern war. Kraus, Merrick E. May 1, 2015 7146
IRAQ - Mar 09 - Iraq Calls For Coalition Air Power To Protect Antiquities. Mar 14, 2015 462
Building a partnership between the United States and India: exploring airpower's potential. Lowther, Adam B.; Rajagopalan, Rajeswari Pillai Mar 1, 2015 6093
The Unseen War: Allied Airpower and the Takedown of Saddam Hussein. Crane, Conrad C. Dec 22, 2014 897
An effective U.S. airpower strategy against the Islamic State. Akhlaghi, Reza Sep 26, 2014 1309
Theory, implementation, and the future of airpower. Clodfelter, Mark Sep 1, 2014 3413
A theory of naval airpower. Rubel, Robert C. Jun 22, 2014 8350
Airpower and globalization effects: rethinking the five rings. Pietrucha, Michael W. Report Apr 1, 2014 5566
Global vigilance, global reach, global power for America: the world's greatest air force--powered by airmen, fueled by innovation. Welsh, Gen Mark A. Mar 1, 2014 1812
Peeling the onion: why centralized control/decentralized execution works. Docauer, Alan Mar 1, 2014 5755
NATO Air Command-Afghanistan: the continuing evolution of airpower command and control. Wilsbach, Gen Kenneth S.; Lyle, David J. Report Jan 1, 2014 3800
The Battles of Al-Fallujah: urban warfare and the growth of air power. Head, William Dec 22, 2013 15445
The unseen war; allied air power and the takedown of Saddam Hussein. Book review Dec 1, 2013 145
Air Power - The Third Afghan War - and Durand Line. Jun 30, 2013 2411
Airpower in an age of austerity. Auslin, Michael Jun 22, 2013 615
What the Dam Busters really left in their wake; The Dam Busters raid has entered military folklore. Dr Peter Gray from the University of Birmingham, a former Air Commodore and Senior Research Fellow in Air Power Studies looks at the myths around the mission. May 16, 2013 880
Lt Gen Frank Andrews and the role of airpower in hemispheric security. Allert, Johannes R. May 1, 2013 4996
The battle for Ra's Al-Khafji and the effects of air power January 29 - February 1, 1991 part 1. Head, William P. Mar 22, 2013 7542
The interim years of cyberspace. Lee, Robert M. Report Jan 1, 2013 7210
The unseen war: allied air power and the takedown of Saddam Hussein. Olsen, Col Jan 1, 2013 994
The evolution of air force targeting. Glock, John R. Nov 1, 2012 7266
Role of Air Power in Anti-Terrorist Operations. Sep 30, 2012 1389
America's Air Force: strong, indispensable, and ready for the twenty-first century. Schwartz, Norton A.; Tunyavongs, Teera Tony Sep 22, 2012 2590
The Age of Airpower. DiNardo, Richard L. Sep 22, 2012 982
Driving towards success in the Air Force cyber mission: leveraging our heritage to shape our future. Fadok, David S.; Raines, Richard A. Report Sep 1, 2012 2319
An Airman's perspective on mission command. Shoupe, Dale S. Essay Sep 1, 2012 4681
The importance of airpower in supporting irregular warfare in Afghanistan. Willi, Bernie Jul 1, 2012 3981
Closing the North Atlantic air gap: where did all the British Liberators go? O'Connell, John F. Jun 22, 2012 6748
Wolk's "Arnold at Potsdam" is best article appearing in Air Power History in 2011. Jun 22, 2012 777
Learning from Lebanon: airpower and strategy in Israel's 2006 war against Hezbollah. Lambeth, Benjamin S. Jun 22, 2012 10390
Team building: the next chapter of airpower command and control in Afghanistan. Wolters, Tod D.; Campo, Joseph L. May 1, 2012 3242
Thinking about air and space power in 2025: five guiding principles. Mercier, Denis May 1, 2012 4266
Airpower in the interagency: success in the Dominican Republic. Boxx, Edward Report May 1, 2012 4719
Long-range strike: the bedrock of deterrence and America's strategic advantage. Karren, Wade S. Report May 1, 2012 3744
Commander: Pentagon Assessing Iran's Air Power in Secret Sessions. Apr 18, 2012 361
The other face of air power: "Afghan rescue 705 flight," July 28-29, 2010. Marion, Forrest L.; Roberts, Gregory A. Mar 22, 2012 7526
Allies and airpower in Libya. Borghard, Erica D.; Pischedda, Costantino Mar 22, 2012 6335
Development of Air Doctrine 1917-41. Cate, James L. Mar 1, 2012 4552
Sustaining readiness with constrained budgets. Schwartz, Norton Feb 23, 2012 2796
What every airman needs to know about medical stability operations. Waller, Stephen; Fonseca, Jose; Anderson, Joseph; Fike, James; Murphy, Sean Jan 1, 2012 6703
Air-mindedness: the core of successful air enterprise development. Wachter, Chris Jan 1, 2012 2924
Historical tensions for airpower leaders. Cain, Anthony C. Dec 22, 2011 3209
Fight by Flight. Bering, Henrik Book review Dec 1, 2011 4217
Tailoring airpower capabilities for joint combat operations. Schwartz, Norton Nov 12, 2011 2035
"Good men ... running around in circles" Benjamin Foulois, Billy Mitchell, and the flight for the future of the Army Air Service. Schrader, Karl R. Biography Sep 22, 2011 7644
Strategic rescue: vectoring airpower advocates to embrace the real value of personnel recovery. Sterr, Chad Sep 22, 2011 5783
Fiscally sound options for a flawed tanker recapitalization strategy. Grismer, Michael W., Jr. Sep 22, 2011 6463
Securing aerial approaches to joint airfield. Holdsworth, Robert B. Report Jul 1, 2011 2824
Right-sizing airpower command and control for the Afghanistan counterinsurgency. Lyon, Charles W.; Stone, Andrew B. Jun 22, 2011 3269
The criticality of defense-focused technical education. Givhan, Walter D.; Trias, Eric D.; Allen, William H. Report Jun 22, 2011 3809
Airpower and counterinsurgency: building on a proper foundation. Smyth, Paul Report Jun 22, 2011 6573
Douhet's antagonist: Amedeo Mecozzi's alternative vision of air power. Sganga, Rodolfo; Tripodi, Paulo G.; Johnson, Wray R. Essay Jun 22, 2011 7834
From the sea: PLA Doctrine and the employment of sea-based airpower. Kostecka, Daniel J. Jun 22, 2011 9321
Airpower contributions to balancing effectiveness with efficiency. Schwartz, Norton Conference notes Jun 2, 2011 1912
Service chiefs sign MOU to join navy, marine corps air power. Lusas, Chinara Apr 1, 2011 390
Talking back--weapons, warfare, and feedback. Glover, Victor J. Excerpt Mar 22, 2011 7854
Developing flexible command and control of airpower. Hukill, Jeffrey; Mortensen, Daniel R. Mar 22, 2011 5939
Strategy and airpower. Warden, John A. Mar 22, 2011 7668
Forty-five years of frustration: America's enduring dilemma of fighting insurgents with airpower. Clodfelter, Mark Mar 22, 2011 6858
PAVE NAIL: there at the beginning of the precision weapons revolutions. Whitcomb, Darrel Essay Mar 22, 2011 6739
Former DM Urges Focus on Air Power in Iran's Defense Strategy. Mar 9, 2011 423
Airpower, spacepower, and cyberpower. Lambeth, Benjamin S. Jan 1, 2011 7431
The law of air mobility - the international legal principles behind the U.S. Mobility Air Forces' mission. Petras, Christopher M. Dec 22, 2010 38649
Integration of Special Operations Forces and Airpower in irregular warfare: examining the "FACs". Patterson, John J. Dec 22, 2010 4138
Global power requires a global, persistent air-to-air capability. Cox, Bruce D. Dec 22, 2010 5502
Closing the irregular warfare air capability gap: the missing puzzle piece: rugged utility aircraft and personnel. Hock, George H., Jr. Company overview Dec 22, 2010 6325
Air component campaign planning: beyond conflict and kinetics. Moeller, David Dec 22, 2010 6302
Seeing the whole elephant: envisioning a successful light attack program for the US Air Force. Pietrucha, Michael W. Sep 22, 2010 8865
China's "antiaccess" ballistic missiles and U.S. active defense. Hoyler, Marshall Sep 22, 2010 10382
Can America afford to modernize the Air Force? Coggins, George A. Report Sep 22, 2010 8569
German wonder weapons: degraded production and effectiveness. Schollars, Todd J. Report Sep 22, 2010 11068
Standardizing Afghan logistics training for US and NATO mentors. Holland, Patrick S. Sep 22, 2010 11509
A long-term counterinsurgency strategy. Patterson, John James, VI Report Sep 22, 2010 5754
New horizons: coalition space operations. Single, Thomas G. Jun 22, 2010 6594
Airpower for the 21st century. Schwartz, Norton Conference notes Jun 18, 2010 3036
Indian Air Force in favour of using air power to reduce collateral damage. Apr 12, 2010 287
Lethal theory: some implications. Baisini, Claudia; Nyce, James M. Interview Apr 1, 2010 5607
Evolving technological strategy in advanced air defense systems. Kopp, Carlo Apr 1, 2010 5723
The United States Air Force Expeditionary Center: airpower from the ground up. Self, Kip L.; Stinnette, Murrell F.; Loeben, Mark L.; Muli, Ralph J. Mar 22, 2010 4050
The combined air power transition force: building airpower for Afghanistan. Boera, Michael R. Essay Mar 22, 2010 5156
Navy's new strategy and organization for information dominance: information emerges as a core warfighting capability equivalent to seapower and airpower. Summe, Jack N. Jan 1, 2010 2139
Cyber ACTS/SAASS: a second year of command and staff college for the future leaders of our cyber forces. Williams, Paul D. Essay Dec 22, 2009 4847
Airpower in the next war: in the shadow of Georgia. McCabe, Thomas Viewpoint essay Dec 22, 2009 6327
Air-mindedness: confessions of an airpower advocate. Elder, Robert J., Jr. Sep 22, 2009 4268
Modern air power and the 1916 Arab revolt: what can the modern airman do to counter Lawrence of Arabia? Blount, Wing Cdr Clive Sep 22, 2009 3836
Nuclear munitions and missile maintenance: officer attraction and retention. Gregory, Sandra M. Sep 22, 2009 12787
Air power: where's the love? Erwin, Sandra I. Aug 1, 2009 842
Effects-based performance: bridging the gap between fighter operations and maintenance. Mann, Shamsher S. Company overview Jun 22, 2009 8099
Lessons from Remy Mauduit on the relevance of airpower in IW. Schwartz, Norton A. Apr 24, 2009 1847
Understanding priority intelligence requirements. McDonough, William G.; Conway, John A. Apr 1, 2009 5668
Operation just cause: an air power perspective. Siler, Stetson M. Essay Dec 22, 2008 8098
Cobras join the battle: P-39s and P-63s in Soviet forces. Kulikov, Viktor P. Sep 22, 2006 4955
A hot day in a Cold War. An RB-47 vs. Mig-17s, April 28, 1965. Marion, Forrest L. Sep 22, 2006 3880
Ten propositions regarding space power: the dawn of a space force. Harter, Mark E. Jun 22, 2006 8040
British-American cooperation in airpower and space power. Finn, Christopher J.; Berg, Paul D. Dec 22, 2004 461

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