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West must not ignore growing Daesh threat in Mozambique. Dr. Theodore Karasik Apr 4, 2021 962
US calls on Houthis to halt all military operations in Yemen. Arab News Feb 16, 2021 414
Sobejana vows to increase Navy presence in WPS amid threat of violence over new China law. Feb 9, 2021 221
NATO Raises concern while AJSC reports 'surge of violence' against journalists. Feb 4, 2021 846
Buhari gives military fresh marching orders to end insurgency, violence in North East. Dec 1, 2020 1416
CHRISTIAN ARMED GROUPS: A Forgotten Actor of the Middle Eastern Conflicts /KRESTANSKE OZBROJENE SKUPINY: Zapomenuty akter blizkovychodnich konfliktu. Cejka, Marek Report Dec 1, 2020 6855
At least eight dead as barrage of rockets hits Kabul. Nov 21, 2020 649
Town violence sparks calls for more patrols; MINISTER DESCRIBES SPATE OF SICKENING INCIDENTS 'SHOCKING'. CHARLOTTE REGEN News Reporter Nov 14, 2020 552
US election 2020: Shops boarded up amid fears of 'civil war' violence over result; As the battle to be the US president reaches it's climax there are concerns that a possible "civil war" from armed groups will take place on the streets in a national wave of violence. By, Christopher Bucktin Nov 1, 2020 1003
Dangerous road ahead as Iraq gripped by militia violence. Talmiz Ahmad Oct 26, 2020 941
NATO Secretary General reacts to increased violence led by Taliban. Jul 15, 2020 551
Violence erupts between China and India with three soldiers killed in border clashes; India claims there were casualties on "both sides" while China has accused Indian troops of crossing the border line twice, "resulting in serious physical confrontation" in the Himalayas. By, Chris Kitching Jun 16, 2020 273
Operation underway against militants near Pakistan-Iran border. BAKER ATYANI AND NAIMAT KHAN Jun 5, 2020 769
Burdens of Proof: Photography and Evidence of Atrocity during the Dutch Military Actions in Indonesia (1945-1950). Protschky, Susie Report Apr 1, 2020 15227
Long-evasive Afghan peace deal to be signed on Feb. 29. Sayed Salahuddin Feb 22, 2020 561
ANOW FOR dirty war NOW; GULF WAR 3 FEARS: MIDDLE EAST ON A KNIFE EDGE; Iran and US step back from the brink; But region poised to erupt in violence. CHRIS BUCKTIN and CHRIS HUGHES Jan 9, 2020 1292
NOW FOR DIRTY WAR; GULF WAR 3 FEARS: MIDDLE EAST ON A KNIFE EDGE; Iran and US step back from the brink; But region poised to erupt in violence. EXCLUSIVE BY CHRIS BUCKTIN US Editor and CHRIS HUGHES Defence & Security Editor Jan 9, 2020 922
New leader, poll violence, war vs. insurgency in NegOcc. Jan 1, 2020 1204
Iraqis must stop their country from becoming a proxy battlefield. Dr. Mohammed Al-Sulami Dec 31, 2019 929
UN chief calls for 'immediate cessation of hostilities' in Syria amidst uptick in violence, displacement. Dec 27, 2019 639
Large numbers of people killed in '19 violence, manmade disasters. Dec 26, 2019 2991
IS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Mali Attacks On 50 Soldiers. AFP News Nov 3, 2019 607
IS claims responsibility for deadly Mali attacks on 50 soldiers. Nov 3, 2019 618
Netanyahu Condemns Settler Violence after IDF Soldier Injured. Oct 21, 2019 496
14 Police Killed In Attack In Western Mexico. AFP News Oct 15, 2019 373
Russia's Battlefield Success in Syria: Will It Be a Pyrrhic Victory? Jones, Seth G. Oct 1, 2019 7882
Notions of peace, reintegrating fighters fade with Afghan violence. Sep 20, 2019 866
$1bn pledged by West African leaders to fight jihadism. Sep 19, 2019 1242
Lebanon, Iraq Call Israeli Assault "Declaration of War" After Tel Aviv Bombs 3 Countries. Aug 27, 2019 763
Arab League calls for immediate de-escalation of violence in Libya. Jul 3, 2019 104
Venezuela's Guaido urges troops to rise against Maduro, violence breaks out. Apr 30, 2019 1054
France to Deploy Soldiers for Next 'Yellow Vest' Protests to Curb Violence. Mar 21, 2019 746
Why sexual violence has been used as weapon of war. Feb 5, 2019 815
Martial law suppresses violent attacks in Mindanao -- Enrile. Jan 30, 2019 470
CHR: End violence with development, not troops. Nov 25, 2018 667
Facebook removes Myanmar military officials amid 'truly horrific' violence. Aug 27, 2018 197
Situation tense in GB as govt mulls over military operation. Aug 6, 2018 776
Philippines' island hopes for peace but braces for war. Aug 2, 2018 1200
Philippines' island hopes for peace but braces for war. Aug 2, 2018 1200
France condemns Regime operations, IS violence in Syria. Jul 26, 2018 260
Saddam's sons Uday and Qusay Hussein revelled in violence and rape and killed their own people before judgement caught up with them; WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: 15 years ago this week Saddam's son's were betrayed to US forces who sent 200 troops to dispatch them in a six hour battle - Mirror writer Anton Antonowicz, who covered Iraq for decades once met Uday - here is his report from 2003. Jul 23, 2018 1323
Suicide bomber kills 12 at anti-Taliban party rally in Pakistan. Jul 11, 2018 314
Ghani welcomes Saudi Imams remarks against the ongoing violence in Afghanistan. Jun 25, 2018 291
The Surabaya Bombings and the Evolution of the Jihadi Threat in Indonesia. Schulze, Kirsten E. Jun 1, 2018 5971
Healthcare under attack in Libya, UN report says. May 22, 2018 541
IDF Braces for Violence in Gaza, West Bank Ahead of Embassy Move. May 14, 2018 1139
Unlawful and Condemnable: Israeli Attacks on Palestinian Journalists. Apr 6, 2018 787
Colombian Elections Marred by Paramilitary Violence. Gaudin, Andres Mar 23, 2018 1379
Pak's efforts have had some success in curbing violence: US Defense Intelligence Agency. Mar 8, 2018 261
Pak's anti-insurgency operations 'partly successful' in reducing violence. Mar 7, 2018 302
Islamabad has had some success in reducing violence: US Defense Intelligence Agency. Mar 7, 2018 326
Ansaroul Islam and the Growing Terrorist Insurgency in Burkina Faso. Nsaibia, Heni; Weiss, Caleb Mar 1, 2018 5727
'Massacre of the century': Assad launches fresh raids as war reaches a new low. Feb 21, 2018 755
Upsurge witnessed in terrorism-related incidents in FATA. Jan 19, 2018 704
FATA witnessed an upscale of violence during 2017: FATA Security Report. Report Jan 16, 2018 617
Red on Red: Analyzing Afghanistan's Intra-Insurgent Violence. DuPee, Matthew Jan 1, 2018 5430
Israel Ready for 'A Very Violent War'. Dec 27, 2017 3035
Five: Exploring the Gendered Nature of National Violence: The Intersection of Patriarchy and Civil Conflict in Tanella Boni's Matins De Couvre-Feu (Mornings under Curfew). Spleth, Janice Critical essay Dec 22, 2017 680
Simple soldiers? Blurring the distinction between compulsion and commitment among Rwandan rebels in Eastern Congo. Hedlund, Anna Essay Nov 1, 2017 9681
The Use of Explosives in Cities: A Grim but Lawful Reality of War. Ayres, Thomas Oct 1, 2017 3302
Some Notes on Remy Limpach's De Brandende Kampongs van Generaal Spoor. Wahid, Abdul Book review Oct 1, 2017 1393
Margins of Extreme Violence. Cribb, Robert Book review Oct 1, 2017 1487
Spillover of Marawi violence averted - military. Jun 23, 2017 458
DM: Anti-Syria Aggression to Aggravate Crisis, Cause Mideast Violence. May 2, 2017 225
Prosecutor v. Ntaganda: the end of impunity for sexual violence against child soldiers? Tridgell, Jennifer Jan 1, 2017 4675
Faster, higher stronger: civil society organizations gather to strengthen campaigns to protect civilians from armed violence. Marwah, Sonal Dec 22, 2016 1220
UN: 3150 Iraqis Killed, Wounded by Violence in October 2016. Nov 2, 2016 330
Countering Pakistan-Supported Terrorism: The Military Options. Dorschner, Jon P. Nov 1, 2016 2322
Countering Pakistan-Supported Terrorism: The Military Options. Dorschner, Jon P. Essay Oct 1, 2016 2456
WHO: emergency health workers, facilities intentionally targeted: attacks injure 1,500 people over two years. Krisberg, Kim Aug 1, 2016 1202
Death toll in Kashmir violence surges to 50. Jul 30, 2016 219
UN emergency fund releases USD 15 mln to support people fleeing violence in Fallujah. Jun 20, 2016 337
Violence claimed 867 Iraqi lives in May: UN. Jun 6, 2016 573
Fighting fascism. Newdick, Thomas Jun 1, 2016 2797
Over 1,000 migrants evicted from makeshift camp in Paris. Brief article May 2, 2016 206
Benghazi attack retold: the Benghazi attack, the attack that killed a U.S. ambassador to Libya and that the Obama administration blamed on an anti-Muslim film, is depicted, based on eyewitness accounts. Scaliger, Charles Feb 22, 2016 2609
Zarb-e-Azb, Karachi op reduced violence in Pakistan, says US senior official. Feb 12, 2016 119
Yemen: "a forgotten crisis", say U.N. Jan 1, 2016 589
Philip Vos Fellman, Yaneer Bar-Yam, Ali A. Minai (Eds.), Conflict and Complexity: Countering Terrorism, Insurgency, Ethnic and Regional Violence. Merutiu, Monica Dec 1, 2015 1956
Military moves in to curb violence in Moro-Ilonggo land dispute. Nov 14, 2015 397
A toddler's reaction to her father's uniform reminds us of the cost of war in Iraq. Brief article Nov 3, 2015 317
International Impunity: The Root Cause of Violence in Palestine. Oct 24, 2015 511
US official: Downed aircraft in Turkey was Russian drone. Brief article Oct 16, 2015 139
The Gallipoli campaign: learning from a mismatch of strategic ends and means. Adams, Raymond Oct 1, 2015 3969
S. Sudan rebels vow to support probe on sexual violence. Sep 25, 2015 608
A war too long: Part II. Schlight, John S. Sep 22, 2015 23097
Security assistance in Africa: the case for less. Larsdotter, Kersti Report Jun 22, 2015 5523
Carroll was a complete rocket; Feared gangland enforcer got involved in crime in teens and by the time he was killed had reputation for extreme violence and was out of control. May 29, 2015 1623
Militants may resort to violence as Hezbollah tightens noose. May 15, 2015 1107
7 Killed in Violence During Anti-Cartel Operation in Mexico. May 2, 2015 189
Violence flares on Israel-Lebanon frontier; 7 Israeli soldiers wounded (Update 3). Jan 28, 2015 548
Survivors of Nigeria attack describe killings. Jan 14, 2015 728
Counterinsurgency ecotourism in Guatemala's Maya biosphere reserve. Devine, Jennifer Dec 1, 2014 9959
Potential for more violence in Tripoli. Nov 12, 2014 1062
A very matter-of-fact soldier; WAYNE KAVANAGH was an army medic from Northumberland who served in Afghanistan. His story is a tale of humour, friendship, boredom - and sudden outbreaks of violence. Now he is adjusting to life back home in the North East. CHRIS SCOTT poses the questions. Nov 12, 2014 3863
Mass Sexual Violence: UNAMID declares it finds "no evidence". Nov 12, 2014 6381
Indigenous mourn slain bishop. Brief article Oct 24, 2014 215
Rigby's killer to denounce past violence. Oct 13, 2014 137
50 rebels dead in latest spate of violence. Sep 15, 2014 256
Cop 1: Hands up, let me see them Cop 2: He's not a looter ... he's in a suit for Christ sake; Mirrorman on the riot-torn streets as U.S faces race war; Fears for fresh violence as cops kill second black man. Aug 20, 2014 920
Cop 1: Hands up, let me see them Cop 2: He's not a looter ... he's in a suit for Christ sake; Mirrorman on the riot-torn streets as U.S faces race war; Fears for fresh violence as cops kill second black man. Aug 20, 2014 926
Cop 1: Hands up, let me see them; Cop 2: He's not a looter ... he's in a suit for Christ sake; Mirrorman on the riot-torn streets as U.S faces race war; Fears for fresh violence as cops kill second black man. Aug 20, 2014 917
We'll need troops on our streets to stop Brit jihadis if we don't act now; FEARS THAT FANATICS WILL BRING VIOLENCE HOME; SAS hero warning as MPs question PM strategy on Iraq. Aug 19, 2014 1275
We'll need troops on our streets to stop Brit jihadis if we don't act now; FEARS THAT FANATICS WILL BRING VIOLENCE HOME; SAS hero warning as MPs question PM strategy on Iraq. Aug 19, 2014 1350
We'll need troops on our streets to stop the jihadis if we don't act now; FEARS THAT FANATICS WILL BRING VIOLENCE HOME; SAS hero warning as MPs question PM strategy on Iraq. Aug 19, 2014 1387
Three hotspots could erupt into violence. Aug 14, 2014 1126
Acting United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon condemns Violence in and around Arsal. Aug 4, 2014 128
Lebanon border suffers worst violence since beginning of Syria war. Aug 3, 2014 677
Acting UN Special Coordinator condemns violence in and around Arsal. Aug 3, 2014 132
EU calls for end to senseless violence in Gaza. Aug 3, 2014 292
Awaken the spirit of Mvita. Versi, Anver Column Aug 1, 2014 750
High IDF Death Toll in Hamas Upsurge of Violence on 'Cease-Fire' Day. Jul 29, 2014 660
Armed violence reduction and conventional weapons control. Epps, Kenneth Jun 22, 2014 449
Sit-ins, violence, vandalism tantamount to terrorism: Pervaiz Rashid. Jun 20, 2014 551
France deploys 3,000 soldiers to combat Islamist violence in Sahel. May 8, 2014 338
Navy official among 9 killed in Karachi violence. May 1, 2014 186
Iraqis vote with violence high and tensions rising. Apr 27, 2014 687
Child among 13 Dead in Afghanistan's Violence. Mar 24, 2014 242
Child among 13 dead in violence. Mar 23, 2014 228
The horrors of war: representations of violence in European, oriental, and "patriotic" wars. Taki, Victor Mar 22, 2014 13440
Sexual violence in military. Mar 17, 2014 438
Shots fired by unknown gunmen rattled parts of Bangkok. Feb 25, 2014 383
200 Feeing South Sudan Violence Die after Boat Sinks. Jan 14, 2014 161
Violence rages in Iraq claiming 19 people. Jan 13, 2014 301
Violence erupts in Bangui despite departure of ex-rebel president. Jan 11, 2014 740
UN Agency Says CAR Violence Displaced About 1 Million People. Jan 3, 2014 360
Pakistan 2013: Drone, violence, economic crisis dominated. Jan 1, 2014 707
Pakistan 2013: Drone, violence, economic crisis dominated. Jan 1, 2014 707
3 Killed, 20 Wounded in Iraq's Violence. Dec 23, 2013 367
CAR: UN Peacekeeper Gunned Down On Camera amid Bangui Violence [GRAPHIC VIDEO]. Dec 11, 2013 595
Iraqi Violence: Police Blame Al-Qaida for 18 Executed in Mishahda. Nov 29, 2013 341
30 killed, 50 wounded in Iraq's violence. Nov 22, 2013 434
24 Killed, 87 Wounded in Iraq's Violence. Nov 1, 2013 622
Gbollat violence: military operations in Mount Tella resume. Oct 18, 2013 161
New spate of violence claims a dozen lives. Oct 8, 2013 246
Green-on-blue attacks why "insider" violence has risen in Afghanistan. Jardine, Eric Oct 1, 2013 3583
Suicide bombers kill Malian civilians in upsurge in violence. Sep 29, 2013 598
The Iconography of violence: Television, Vietnam, and the Soldier Hero. McClancy, Kathleen Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 8442
UN brigade joins Congo soldiers as violence mounts. Long, Nick Aug 25, 2013 561
US pressed for a reaction to growing violence in Syria, Egypt. Baldor, Lolita C.; Riechmann, Deb Aug 23, 2013 643
Obama condemns Egyptian violence; President also cancels joint military event. Aug 16, 2013 430
Tunisia won't be getting an Asma attack anytime soon! Brief article Aug 3, 2013 166
Libyan violence escalates alongside chaos: the flood of weapons plundered from Muammar Gaddafi's arsenals in 2011 armed a jihadist surge across North Africa that is now threatening Libya and its vital oil industry. Blanche, Ed Aug 1, 2013 1650
Escalation of violence in Syria discussed as Marzouki holds telephone conversation with Iran's Rouhani. Jul 14, 2013 158
Fresh wave of violence leaves 27 dead. Jul 8, 2013 236
ANA troops among 10 dead in new violence. Jul 2, 2013 282
A tool to tackle armed violence: effective implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty will reduce illegal and irresponsible arms transfers. Epps, Kenneth Jun 22, 2013 1203
Masculinity reborn: chivalry, misogyny, potency and violence in the Philippines' Muslim South, 1899-1913. Hawkins, Michael C. Report Jun 1, 2013 8589
15 Killed, 65 Wounded in Iraq's Violence. May 31, 2013 371
ISM: Military and Settler Violence in the South Hebron Hills is Increasing. May 31, 2013 266
Massive military presence in Tripoli, violence in decline. May 27, 2013 124
Afghan troops among 15 killed in violence. May 21, 2013 247
Pakistan election violence forces candidates behind high walls. May 7, 2013 1065
Khartoum orchestrates violence in Northern Bahr el-Ghazal. Apr 4, 2013 5872
Hafiz Saeed warns of violence in Kashmir. Jan 12, 2013 328
Gaza is a window on our coming dystopia. Hedges, Chris Essay Jan 1, 2013 1439
Major world events in 2012. Dec 28, 2012 7029
UNAMID Evacuates Wounded SAF Soldiers in Darfur: Larger implications. Nov 19, 2012 7681
COUNTDOWN TO INVASION; ISRAEL MOBILISES TANKS AND TROOPS; Explosions rock Gaza as violence escalates. Nov 18, 2012 477
Heavy clashes in south of Damascus. Brief article Nov 5, 2012 301
Colombia's internal conflict. Beittel, June S. Company overview Nov 1, 2012 5743
Turkey Uses Excuse Of Violence In Syria To Keep Shelling. Oct 8, 2012 356
The attack on the U.S. Consulate: emerging signs of jihadist sentiment in Libya. Porter, Geoff D. Sep 1, 2012 3535
Stories of catastrophe, traces of trauma: Indian state formation and the borders of becoming. Svensson, Ted Report Aug 1, 2012 7719
Violence escalates. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 231
ARAB AFFAIRS - June 21 - Arab League Urges Russia To End Syria Arms Sales. Jun 23, 2012 328
Taking stock of the responsibility to protect. Mohamed, Saira Jun 22, 2012 12107
United Nations Suspends Syria Mission As Violence Escalates. Jun 17, 2012 553
28 rebels, 2 civilians die in fresh spate of violence. May 30, 2012 475
Darfur in the still deepening shadow of lies. Interview May 28, 2012 8793
SYRIA - May 9 - UN Convoy Attacked In Syria; 7 Killed. May 12, 2012 684
Annan Shocked by Upsurge in Syria Violence. Apr 8, 2012 137
Ban Condemns Fresh Syria Violence in Run Up to Truce. Apr 7, 2012 402
Conflict in the Heglig region of South Kordofan: Implications. Mar 29, 2012 6285
The Nobel peace lectures: in 2011, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to three women: excerpts from their speeches follow. Excerpt Mar 22, 2012 2542
The Seen and the Unseen in Darfur: Recent Reporting on violence, insecurity, and resettlement. Mar 3, 2012 10603
Israeli Foreign Ministry: Peace Process Freeze May Lead to Violence against Israel. Feb 27, 2012 153
Deadly battles still rage in Libya as rival militias clash. Feb 6, 2012 357
Arab observers resume work amid Syria violence. Jan 26, 2012 201
Turkey warns Syria not to provoke regional crisis--ex -Saudi Intel chief says League will not allow violence to continue--U.N. rights chief wants to access to Syrian events--Ghalioun urges free army to avoid civil war. Dec 10, 2011 1530
Biden in Iraq, heralds new relationship "between two sovereign states"--US-Iraq Higher Coordination Committee to oversee military cooperation--open the way for more cooperation on other issues--talks over NATO troops in Iraq derailed over Immunity--violence in Diyala: bomb kills 10, wounds 25--eight anti-jihadist militiamen killed in their homes. Dec 1, 2011 964
Bomb explodes in car park of Iraq's parliament--conflicting accounts of who and how many were killed or wounded--armed groups threaten further violence. Nov 29, 2011 683
Quickquotes. McManus, John F. Nov 7, 2011 519
After action report: combating group violence abroad with community-based approaches. Kadon, Karl P. Nov 1, 2011 3147
Violence in Afghanistan dropped over the summer: Pentagon report. Oct 29, 2011 168
Drugs, insurgency and state-building in Burma: why the drugs trade is central to Burma's changing political order. Meehan, Patrick Oct 1, 2011 12959
Zimbabwe's militarized, electoral authoritarianism. Masunungure, Eldred V. Sep 22, 2011 7810
Violence in Syria as Red Cross head visits; WORLDBULLETINS. Sep 5, 2011 107
Israel-Gaza violence intensifies after gun attacks. Aug 19, 2011 766
Bombs tear through Iraqi cities over 60 killed, hundred wounded--al-Qaeda is suspected--future of U.S. military presence is questioned--Sadr blames U.S. for violence. Aug 16, 2011 1315
Army officials concerned over spiralling violence in Karachi. Aug 9, 2011 497
Gen mullin credits U.S., Iraqi forces for reduction in violence against US troops--urges Iraq to decide on whether to retain US troops for training or not. Aug 2, 2011 726
Violence, confusion in Benghazi following assassination of top general. Jul 31, 2011 844
UNMIS report on the human rights situation during the violence in Sudan's Southern Kordofan. Jul 20, 2011 8304
Day of violence in Iraq leaves 8 police & soldiers dead, 20 others wounded. Jul 5, 2011 342
US sees Iran hand in rising violence in Iraq. Jul 1, 2011 368
Applying the theory and techniques of Situational Criminology to COIN: reducing insurgency through situational prevention. Gibbs, Stephen R. Jul 1, 2011 4663
What we're getting wrong about Mexico. Kan, Paul Rexton Report Jun 22, 2011 5908
France condemns violence in Syria, urges humanitarian access. Jun 12, 2011 170
Nine killed in latest violence in Iraq--killings in Kirkuk, Baghdad, mainly target Iraq's police, military. May 24, 2011 502
Voilence begets violence. May 9, 2011 210
Pro-Syrian media see Western bid to internationalize Syria unrest--step to pave the way for invasion of Syria?--Hundreds of troops deployed in capital--rights group says over 400 killed--US says it has evidence of active Iranian support for Syrian crackdown--Turkey sending an envoy to meet president Assad--Syria to probe foreign media outlets for instigating violence. Apr 27, 2011 1866
Malaysia voices alarm at violence escalation in occupied territories. Apr 11, 2011 143
Apt violence. Scott, Richard L. Mar 22, 2011 859
Girl soldiers: the other face of sexual exploitation and gender violence. Morales, Waltraud Queiser Mar 22, 2011 6977
Reports expect long civil war in Libya as rival sides confront each other--Gaddafi's forces regain control of some cities--Protesters prepare to move westward--UK team freed; west Abhor violence. Mar 7, 2011 701
Iran Blames US for Increased Drug Trafficking, Violence in Afghanistan. Mar 6, 2011 408
Israel Warns Hizbullah Against Any Spillover of Violence from Lebanese Crisis. Jan 14, 2011 338
Women war survivors of the 1989-2003 conflict in Liberia: the impact of sexual and gender-based violence. Liebling-Kalifani, Helen; Mwaka, Victoria; Ojiambo-Ochieng, Ruth; Were-Oguttu, Juliet; Kinyanda, Eug Jan 1, 2011 9807
The mutable nature of war. Meilinger, Philip S. Dec 22, 2010 4020
Suleiman: this week's violence should not be repeated--Hariri: private weapons should be banned throughout Lebanon--future movement for demilitarized Beirut as serious goal; hoss echoes call--Baroud counts on collaboration with ministerial committee--Hizbullah MP warns against targeting Hizbullah--Geagea seeks arrests. Aug 27, 2010 1648
Army deployed in Srinagar as violence spirals. Jul 8, 2010 218
Targeting civilian infrastructure with smart bombs: the new permissiveness. Shue, Henry Jun 22, 2010 4592
The Gaza Flotilla crisis shows that Israel must abandon the logic of violence. Jun 16, 2010 856
Taleban power struggle raises fears of violence in Afghanistan. Apr 23, 2010 246
Unintended strategic consequences of security assistance in the south Caucasus. Mihalka, Michael D.; Wilcox, Mark R. Apr 1, 2010 5991
Media representations of women and the "Iraq War". Oliver, Kelly Mar 22, 2010 5321
A cyber proving ground: the search for cyber genius. Alfonso, Kristal L.M. Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2010 3449
US expects Afghan violence to rise. Dec 11, 2009 334
US expects Afghan violence to rise. Dec 10, 2009 333
US expects Afghan violence to rise. Dec 10, 2009 334
US general: Afghan violence to rise. Dec 9, 2009 319
Two US soldiers killed, seven civilians injured in violence. Nov 2, 2009 430
Iraq: the fire next time: the US troop withdrawal triggers a new surge of violence and a political shake-up that threaten the survival of the strife-torn country as the region teeters on the abyss of major conflict. Blanche, Ed Nov 1, 2009 1785
War by numbers; SUNDAY FOCUS With the war in Afghanistan in its eighth year, President Barack Obama is considering a general's request for 40,000 more troops as Prime Minister Gordon Brown signals Britain will send another 500. DAVID WILLIAMSON takes the temperature of a drug-filled country where violence is escalating while a population battles hunger and intolerance. Oct 18, 2009 750
Combating violence against women (VAW) in South Kivu: a critical analysis. D'Odorico, Giulia; Holvoet, Nathalie Report Oct 1, 2009 7545
ISAF soldier, three family members killed in fresh Afghan violence. Sep 7, 2009 300
Polling ends in Afghanistan, 50 percent voter turnout despite violence, say officials. Aug 20, 2009 356
Karzai insists polls will proceed despite Taliban violence. Aug 12, 2009 766
Gangs, drugs, terrorism--and information-sharing. Gardner, Greg; Killebrew, Robert Company overview Jul 1, 2009 3778
200 DEAD IN WEEK OF IRAQ VIOLENCE; 7 killed as militant attacks rise ahead of US pull-out. Jun 26, 2009 465
Crisis decision making under the state of exception. Kumar, Dhruba Report Jan 1, 2009 14139
Violence, war, revolution: Marinetti's concept of a futurist cleanser for the world. Berghaus, Gunter Essay Jan 1, 2009 9857
Sexual violence as a weapon of war. Baumgarten, Robin Aug 1, 2008 1243

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