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Army medic Brodie killed in Iran militia rocket attack; CARING SCOT WHO DIED HELPING OTHERS Crack British and US troops launch hunt after 3 die in attack. CHRIS HUGHES Mar 13, 2020 400
US, UK Troops Among 3 Dead In Iraq Rocket Attack; Coalition To Respond. Mar 12, 2020 644
Report: UK Government, Armed Forces Accused of Covering Up War Crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan. Nov 17, 2019 476
No further export licenses to Turkey for military-related items, says UK Foreign Secretary. ANI Oct 15, 2019 319
Donald Trump's betrayal will put 'ISIS killers back on streets of Britain'; Insiders call the withdrawal of US troops to help Kurds in Syria 'irresponsible, foolish dishonorable and stupid'. By, Chris Hughes Oct 10, 2019 841
Trump's troop decision a 'betrayal' of the Kurds; ? Parliament says US troop withdrawal 'abandoning' UK allies. PATRICK DALY Oct 9, 2019 416
Saudi Ambassador to UK Visits Saudi Military Attache in London. Aug 23, 2019 146
Kingdom's envoy in UK decorates military officials, visits Saudi patients in London. Aug 23, 2019 227
Our sons never came home: The personal toll of war in Afghanistan; Our involvement in the Afghanistan conflict caused the deaths of 454 British soldiers. Almost 20 years since the operation was first launched, was it worth all the pain and suffering? Robert Harries reports. Jul 22, 2019 1178
Donald Trump to be protected by nuclear sub during [pounds sterling]9.7m Ireland visit; The US president is due to take part in a state visit to the UK for three days from June 3, arriving in Shannon ON the Wednesday - with extra policing costs to be picked up by the tax payer. May 25, 2019 1126
Britain warns of Iran-US conflict, Pompeo meets Europeans. May 13, 2019 813
12 British, Pakistani Forces Killed in Southern Saudi Arabia. Feb 24, 2019 419
Kuwait First Deputy PM, UK ambassador discuss New Kuwait 2035 plan. Dec 13, 2018 191
ON TARGET: When Canada said 'no' to Britain is when Canada became a nation. Taylor, Scott Dec 1, 2018 801
Swift Sword 3 Reflects Strong and Historic Omani-UK Relations, UK Ambassador Affirms. Oct 24, 2018 253
British Foreign Secretary: Military Intervention in Yemen Comes at Request of Yemeni President. Oct 17, 2018 148
Russian Diplomat: Nothing New in UK PM's Remarks, London Bypassed UN Many Times. Oct 4, 2018 707
UK Ambassador Visits Al Shomoukh 2 Exercise. Oct 3, 2018 137
UK ambassador to United Nations holds leadership of Assad regime's army responsible for attacks on civilians. Aug 29, 2018 127
Britain sending 440 more troops to Afghanistan in big increase; A total of 440 Welsh Guards will be deployed to the war zone in non-combat roles, the Prime Minister will tell the NATO summit in Brussels. Jul 11, 2018 380
Shrouded in Secrecy: "Training for subversion and sabotage at Camp X". Horn, Bernd Jul 1, 2018 1979
US, UK, French Forces Aid Push to Seize Hudaydah. Jun 17, 2018 314
Taliban urges Britain to not send more troops to Afghanistan. May 20, 2018 377
UK may double troops in Afghanistan after Trump request. May 18, 2018 531
Number of UK troops in Afghanistan set to DOUBLE after Donald Trump pressures NATO to do more to combat the Taliban; The US President wants international allies to do more. May 18, 2018 756
Brexit and the Anglo-American Security and Defense Partnership. Wither, James K. Mar 22, 2018 5840
THE NEW COLD WAR; RUSSIAN SPY OUTRAGE: UK SET TO EXPEL MOSCOW DIPLOMATS; Intelligence chiefs draw up list of spooks to kick out; This hit is a declaration of hostilities, says source; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 8, 2018 1490
London-based Saudi Embassy officials make comments on HRH Crown Prince's visit to UK. Mar 7, 2018 186
UK minister welcomes new EU sanctions against S. Sudan. Feb 4, 2018 344
MAKING DIFFICULT DECISIONS IN WAR: Putting the "Canadian" in "Royal Canadian Air Force". Nov 1, 2017 1866
NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Sigonella's Enterprise Logistics Response Team Supports Saxon Warrior 17. McMillen, Tia Nichole Nov 1, 2017 503
Saudi Ambassador to UK Meets with British Defense Secretary. Sep 14, 2017 149
UK unlikely to hike troops in Afghanistan AFTERTRUMP call. Aug 23, 2017 550
Syrian Army Sends Hundreds of Reinforcement Troops to Jordan Border to Confront US-British Plots. May 11, 2017 455
NATO asks UK to send more troops to Afghanistan. May 10, 2017 198
Second Cold War; Britain sends troops to Estonia as Putin stages huge nuke attack drill. Oct 27, 2016 432
Second Cold War; Britain sends troops to Estonia as Putin stages huge nuke attack drill. Oct 27, 2016 440
Are UK Special Forces Preparing for Chemical Warfare Ahead of Assault on Mosul, Iraq? Oct 10, 2016 390
UK drones' friendly fire blunder kills 60 Syrians; Blow to US-Russian ceasefire. Sep 20, 2016 248
UK drones' friendly fire blunder kills 60 Syrians; Blow to US-Russian ceasefire. Sep 20, 2016 249
Allawi discusses with the American and British Ambassadors the political and security situation in Iraq and the region. Jun 24, 2016 188
Brexit And The Future Of US-UK Military Cooperation. Brief article Jun 19, 2016 220
British troops back in Afghanistan to help Nato forces as 'Sangin falls to THETALIBAN'. Dec 23, 2015 847
UK special forces guiding Afghanistan missile strikes. Dec 23, 2015 234
Defense Minster meets British ambassador. Dec 2, 2015 102
British special forces fighting in Afghanistan; They're back to tackle Taliban AND Islamic State. Aug 16, 2015 339
Speaker of Parliament Ajtmaa with British Ambassador. Aug 4, 2015 124
Iran & Britain mend fences. Aug 1, 2015 550
British Prestige and the Mesopotamia campaign, 1914-1916. Gardner, Nikolas Essay Jun 22, 2015 8732
Shaways looking with the British Ambassador the economic situation in Iraq. May 12, 2015 104
Doubtful Result Will Endanger UK's Global Role. Brief article May 8, 2015 226
North East soldiers to be remembered at Afghanistan service; Services of commemoration will be held on Friday to mark the end of the 13-year combat in Afghanistan, which claimed the lives of 453 British troops. Mar 13, 2015 303
Destined to burn. Murphy, Brian John Feb 1, 2015 4013
Clueless in Iraq and Syria: the US and Britain have no strategy for defeating ISIS: the traumatic experience of Britain's participation in the 2003 Iraq war led the Government to have as little to do with the country as possible. Cockburn, Patrick Feb 1, 2015 1164
The Forgotten Soldiers: India and Pakistan in the Great War. Fawaz, Leila Tarazi Jan 1, 2015 4055
PS31m inquiry clears UK forces of Iraq torture; Lawyers under fire as claims against British military are dismissed as completely baseless. Dec 18, 2014 497
BRITISH TROOPS BACK IN IRAQ; 350 soldiers to support fight against Islamic State. Dec 14, 2014 559
After 44 years, UK gets base in Persian Gulf. Dec 12, 2014 623
British troops heading for Iraq to help with training. Nov 6, 2014 230
UK 'stepping up' its troop numbers in Iraq. Nov 6, 2014 557
Britain steps up its troop force in Iraq; They'll help the local forces in fight against IS. Nov 6, 2014 537
British troops in Iraq return to aid war on IS. Nov 6, 2014 557
As bombs rained down around them two soldiers tried to save a dying Afghan... it was an act of great humanity typical of British troops; AFGHANISTAN WAR IS OVER: THE HORROR AND THE HUMAN COST. Oct 27, 2014 804
ISIS threat to gas UK troops in Iraq; Soldiers must carry chemical suits. Sep 30, 2014 387
Soldiers' families fears over Iraq involvement; The last British troops withdrew in May 2011 after a near decade-long military mission. But yesterday Prime Minister David Cameron announced Britain would move beyond simply providing humanitarian aid in Iraq. Here Darren Devine speaks to the families of servicemen killed in the country about Britain's renewed military involvement. Aug 19, 2014 999
Defense Minister, British Ambassador review military cooperation. Mar 6, 2014 119
Yemen, UK discuss strengthening military cooperation aspects. Nov 11, 2013 182
The 'Five Eyes' Deal; Others Won't Get It. Nov 4, 2013 480
UK Parliament Defence committee visits Pakistan. Oct 30, 2013 189
UK Parliament Defence committee visits Pakistan. Oct 30, 2013 189
30 YEARS OLD AND WIDOWED BY WAR; With 444 UK soldiers killed in Afghanistan since 2001 and troops still there, women all over the country are mourning their loved ones, like 30-year-old Thea Davies. Devastated by losing partner Steve Healey in Afghanistan last year, Thea has concentrated on marathon running to deal with her grief. She's raised thousands by running a mile for every fallen soldier... Oct 13, 2013 1253
Defense Minister meets British military attache. Sep 19, 2013 136
UK's Secret Mideast Internet Surveillance Base Revealed. Campbell, Duncan; Wright, Oliver; Cusick, James; Sengupta, Kim Brief article Sep 2, 2013 231
'WE ARE ALL JUST LIKE FAMILY' Reporter SARAH HAMILTON visited Helmand, Afghanistan, where British forces are playing a key role as the coalition prepares to leave. But it does not mean soldiers are resting on their laurels. Here, she meets a South Wales soldier whose role in supply and transport is very much active. Aug 8, 2013 1301
MERSEY TROOPS PREPARE TO END AFGHAN TOURS; Repor ter SARAH HAMILTON visited Merseyside troops in Afghanistan as UK forces prepare to leave the country. Aug 5, 2013 612
US poised to attack Syria alone after UK commons defeat. Aug 1, 2013 1608
British troops go back into battle with Taliban. Jul 29, 2013 289
UK TROOPS ON SYRIA BORDER; Marines join US force as Obama arms rebels. Jun 16, 2013 255
UK TROOPS ON SYRIA BORDER; Marines join US force as Obama arms rebels; EXCLUSIVE. Jun 16, 2013 253
ISRAEL: WE'LL STRIKE OVER RUSSIA MISSILES; Britain could be dragged into conflict. May 29, 2013 462
Daily Star Sunday: UK Pulling out Special Forces from Afghanistan to Help Gunmen in Syria. Mar 17, 2013 200
Is West Africa allowing itself to be recolonised? With the French intervention in Mali, aided by American and British logistics support, and now Ecowas forces hurried into the fray to beef up the intervention, is West Africa allowing itself to be recolonised?, asks Cameron Duodu in this Part One of a two-part series. Duodu, Cameron Mar 1, 2013 3311
LEFT IN DANGER; Phased Afghanistan exit will put Britain's remaining troops at risk; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 20, 2012 280
LEFT IN DANGER; Phased Afghanistan exit will put Britain's remaining troops at risk. Dec 20, 2012 282
UK Defense official talks with Omani Defense Undersecretary. Dec 9, 2012 132
UK 'Will not Send Troops to Mali to Face Islamist Rebels'. Nov 19, 2012 545
Soldiers' tasks made more difficult after insider attacks; Fifty international soldiers have been killed this year in "green on blue" attacks by Afghan forces. Gwyn Loader travelled to Afghanistan to investigate and heard British soldiers' concerns about working with men they find it difficult to trust. Nov 5, 2012 1067
British Guns Accounted For After Benghazi Consulate Attack. Oct 12, 2012 473
Argentina rejects British military drills on disputed islands. Oct 6, 2012 233
We fooled you. Brief article Sep 28, 2012 113
Hatred is our payback for huge costs of war. Sep 15, 2012 502
US friendly fire pilots 'acting on British info' Inquest told officer at the scene in tears. Sep 5, 2012 522
Friendly fire error ended soldier's life; 200 US rounds were fired at British base. Sep 4, 2012 492
Britain to help Iraq dispose remnants of chemical weapons. Jul 30, 2012 500
Yemen, U.S., UK talk on security cooperation. Jul 23, 2012 279
Report Unveils MI6 Involvement in Bomb Blast in Damascus. Jul 21, 2012 436
Making do: the air war in East Africa, 1940-1941. Kostecka, Daniel J. Jun 22, 2012 6314
UK Embassy Convoy Attacked in Benghazi. Jun 12, 2012 519
British Forces Plan Secret Operation in Syria. Jun 6, 2012 382
Interior Minister meets US ambassador, British military official. May 21, 2012 208
Battle of Fort George volleys over the Niagara: it was the site of the first armed clashes between the American and British forces in the War of 1812. It proved to be a rather one-sided affair, with the Americans winning both tactical and strategic advantages. Hurley, Michael May 1, 2012 1334
SIEGE OF KABUL; Rockets hit British embassy as Taliban 'fighting season' starts. Apr 16, 2012 437
SIEGE OF KABUL; Rockets hit British embassy as Taliban 'fighting season' starts. Apr 16, 2012 438
Kabul under attack as militants hit parliament. Apr 15, 2012 276
Bahrain on recovery path says top UK official. Apr 5, 2012 628
Saudi-Pakistani defense ties bolstered. Apr 4, 2012 418
Effigy of Prince William burnt on Falklands War anniversary. Apr 3, 2012 219
UK to Taliban: Talks to resolve conflict. Mar 29, 2012 725
The American Civil War and British intervention: the threat of Anglo-American conflict. Carroll, Francis M. Report Mar 22, 2012 15115
THE FINAL MISSION; Cameron's US visit to get soldiers off Afghan frontline within 12mths Rest of UK troops to leave by 2014 after they train up security forces. Mar 13, 2012 629
The historical presidency: Franklin D. Roosevelt and the destroyer deal: normalizing prerogative power. Pious, Richard M. Essay Mar 1, 2012 7895
1812: America's 'Second Revolution': thirty-six years after declaring its independence, the U.S. went to war with Great Britain again. Hickey, Donald Feb 20, 2012 2134
UK Warns Iran Over Hormuz. Jan 9, 2012 558
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Jan 5 - UK Warns Iran Over Oil Passageway Threat. Brief article Jan 7, 2012 370
U.N. strategy review of UNIFIL's role could lead to its pullout--Lebanese Army may take over parts of military sections controlled by UNIFIL--veteran British diplomat carrying out review--officials from Lebanon, Israel and UNIFIL hold tripartite meeting in Naqoura--Hizbullah: statements blaming it for UNIFIL attack 'dangerous', 'unacceptable'. Dec 16, 2011 1199
Iran to hold training exercises to close strait of Hormuz--British sanctions "economic war"--Iranian intelligence minister meets with Saudi Crown prince. Dec 13, 2011 799
Military Official Urges Gov't to Retake Qolhak Garden from British Embassy. Nov 21, 2011 295
British and U.S. forces free hijacked cargo ship. Oct 12, 2011 591
Syrian Community in Britain Hands Letter of Thanks to Embassies of Russia and China. Oct 6, 2011 251
Iran cites US for Rabbani killing. Sep 30, 2011 486
UK faced 'dire consequences' if Libyan bomber died in jail. Sep 5, 2011 838
Sniper snooper: 'Boomerang' helping UK troops to locate Taliban marksmen. Aug 5, 2011 303
German Defense Minister to visit UK to discuss N. Africa. Jul 8, 2011 103
Pakistan expels British trainers of anti-Taliban soldiers. Jun 28, 2011 784
Pakistan expels British trainers of anti-Taliban soldiers. Jun 28, 2011 784
PM firm over war. Jun 23, 2011 153
You can learn a lot from Libya. Kesler, Charles R. Editorial Jun 22, 2011 794
Two more British soldiers are killed in Afghanistan conflict. Jun 6, 2011 390
NATO blasts shake Tripoli as Hague meets rebels. Jun 5, 2011 723
British paper says Saudi troops sent to Bahrain were British trained. May 30, 2011 330
UK training Saudi forces used to crush Arab spring. May 29, 2011 245
IRAQ CONFLICT 'WAS WORTH IT'. May 23, 2011 329
UK's military role in Iraq ends this week. May 19, 2011 193
Britain Defense Secretary says troops to end presence in Iraq officially. May 19, 2011 240
Funeral held for Gaddafi's son, three grandchildren killed in NATO attack--Italian, British embassies attacked; Libya's UK envoy told to leave--Gaddafi loyalists step up attacks on rebels UN international staff in Tripoli leave--Switzerland finds stash of potentially illegal assets linked to Gaddafi. May 3, 2011 1176
Qatar to host foreign ministers to discuss Libyan's future--rebels claim over 10,000 killed by Gaddafi's regime--NATO meets; UK, France want NATO to have more powerful strike force--Ex-Libyan foreign minsiter Moussa Koussa to attend Doha meeting. Apr 13, 2011 1020
France, U.K. say NATO must step up Libya bombing. Apr 12, 2011 763
Europe's Libya intervention: a special report. Abrahamson, James L. Apr 4, 2011 354
Libyan diplomats expelled from UK. Apr 2, 2011 226
Libyan diplomats expelled from UK. Apr 1, 2011 226
SPIES OUT..DEFECTOR IN; 5 Gaddafi diplomats kicked out of UK as his foreign minister ducks out. Mar 31, 2011 660
SPIES OUT..DEFECTOR IN; 5 Gaddafi diplomats kicked out of UK as his foreign minister ducks out. Mar 31, 2011 661
Libyan diplomats expelled from UK. Mar 31, 2011 226
U.S. authorizes covert operations in Libya; foreign minister in UK for asylum--Libya says he has not defected--rebels pushed back by Gaddafi troops--UK expels four diplomats--GCC pledges aid to Libya--Jordan and Saudi Arabia confirm positions on regional issues. Mar 31, 2011 1231
London Conference on Libya: key problems unsolved , rifts. Conference news Mar 30, 2011 216
Nato 'leading Libya strikes'. Mar 26, 2011 126
NATO to take over military operation in Libya. Mar 25, 2011 411
"Mission: to enforce UN resolution". Mar 21, 2011 242
National Guards mull cooperation with UK military bodies. Mar 13, 2011 111
Brit Special Forces seize Iranian made rockets from Taliban. Mar 10, 2011 289
America alone: what ever happened to the "Coalition of the Willing?". Carpenter, Ted Galen Jan 1, 2011 1763
Romantic nationalism and The Convention of Cintra. Bromwich, David Critical essay Dec 22, 2010 4485
LIBYA - Dec 8 - 'Libya Threatened UK Over Bomber Release'. Dec 11, 2010 518
British paratrooper killed in action 'could have been shot by friendly fire' from US jet. Dec 7, 2010 405
Web war over Wikileaks as founder faces arrest in UK; Latest files: Karzai slammed British forces in Afghanistan. Dec 4, 2010 460
Remaining British troops 'to leave Iraq in spring'. Nov 25, 2010 171
Europe. Nov 8, 2010 1696
SAF Chief of Staff Receives UK Military Official. Oct 30, 2010 136
Rescuers may have killed UK hostage Linda; US special forces hurled grenade in rescue. Oct 12, 2010 622
UK aid worker 'killed by US rescue troops'. Oct 12, 2010 246
UK-Argentina in Falklands tests row. Oct 10, 2010 233
YEMEN - Oct 6 - British Embassy Vehicle Attacked In Yemen. Oct 9, 2010 592
Britain's No. 2 diplomat escapes attack in Yemen. Oct 6, 2010 702
Colonial fascism: in October 1935 Mussolini's Fascist Italian forces invaded Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) at a crucial moment in the run-up to the Second World War. Daniel Whittall looks at the complex issues the invasion raised in Britain and the responses to it, especially from black Britons. (Britain and the Italian Invasion of Abyssinia). Whittall, Daniel Oct 1, 2010 1888
Bunce Island 'the warehouse of humanity'. Kargbo, Edward Oct 1, 2010 1674
British troops take on Taliban. Aug 1, 2010 271
ONSLAUGHT; NEW AFGHAN OPERATION HAS TALIBAN ROCKING: Massive bomb factory found by British troops: Insurgents on the run as allied forces push on. Aug 1, 2010 359
DAWN ATTACK; British forces swoop to outflank Taliban in Operation Black Prince. Jul 31, 2010 572
DAWN ATTACK; UK forces swoop to outflank the Taliban in Operation Black Prince. Jul 31, 2010 571
The unseen Christine.. KEELER SNAPS TO GO ON DISPLAY. Jul 23, 2010 337
Document reveals details of UK troops withdrawal. Jul 21, 2010 225
Document reveals details of UK troops withdrawal. Jul 19, 2010 225
Document reveals details of UK troops withdrawal. Jul 18, 2010 225
Document reveals details of UK troops withdrawal. Jul 18, 2010 315
Two British troops killed in Afghanistan. Jul 17, 2010 222
Afghanistan: The Beginning of the Endgame? Jul 13, 2010 1116
British troops committed for several years in Afghanistan-- US Official. Jul 7, 2010 251
Illusions and empire: many people believe that Britain's empire provided a civilizing force throughout its domain, but it left a bloody legacy both abroad and at home. Scaliger, Charles Jul 5, 2010 3707
PULL-OUT BUST-UP. Jul 2, 2010 160
PULL-OUTBUST-UP. Jul 2, 2010 171
British FM expects Afghans to take security control by 2014. Jul 2, 2010 226
Cameron encourages public to show thanks to military; PM IN CALL TO SEE SUPPORT FOR UK'S ARMED FORCES DAY. Jun 21, 2010 609
Cost of war: pounds 20bn spent, 478 lives lost; Official figures prompt calls for withdrawal. Jun 21, 2010 385
Kouchner suggests EU check on Gaza-bound vessels. Jun 7, 2010 232
2 British troops killed in Afghanistan. Jun 5, 2010 174
Visiting British ministers seek early troop withdrawal. May 23, 2010 435
Number of British troops losing limbs in Afghanistan rising sharply - MoD. Apr 5, 2010 239
Britain Reconsiders Arms Sales to Israel. Brief article Apr 4, 2010 89
When enemies united: before the First World War, Irish Unionists and Nationalists were poised to fight each other over the imposition of Home Rule by the British. Then, remarkably, they fought and died side by side. Grayson, Richard S. Mar 1, 2010 1923
Can Operation Moshtarak deliver? Previously criticised for obediently following George Bush, now the British are leading the strategy of fighting terror in Afghanistan and Yemen. Darwish, Adel Mar 1, 2010 1186
The last word. Darwish, Adel Mar 1, 2010 688
Two more British troops die in Afghanistan. Feb 26, 2010 234
'Impressive offensive is the stuff of history' British troops secure three quarters of former Taliban stronghold. Feb 17, 2010 696
Combined forces poised to attack Taliban stronghold; Prime Minister praises 'service and sacrifice' of British troops. Feb 10, 2010 734
4,000 British troops get ready for offensive against Taliban in Afghanistan. Feb 7, 2010 322
Deathly gloom is cast over the Afghan front. Feb 1, 2010 174
Troops stay for up to five more years. Feb 1, 2010 313
HEROIC SCOTT IS A DRIVING FORCE; UK Forces fighting in Afghanistan need to keep moving in a range of vehicles. But each needs fuel to stay operational. In the fourth of his Echo reports from Afghanistan, BEN GLAZE speaks to a tanker driver from South Wales transporting diesel in a war zone. Jan 28, 2010 632
NATO names British envoy as SCR. Jan 27, 2010 309
Miliband to brief US senators on Afghan civilian strategy ,CA. Jan 21, 2010 108
We must stop trying to police the world, says Kim Howells; Britain can't keep sending troops to 'sharp end' - MP. Jan 16, 2010 726
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Jan 6 - UK Agreed Cease-Fire With Iraqi Militants. Jan 10, 2010 465
Israelis cancel UK trip for fear of arrest. Jan 6, 2010 591
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Jan 1 - Leaders Call Yemen Terror Summit. Jan 2, 2010 428
'Viva Palestina' Blocked from Gaza Shortcut. Brief article Dec 27, 2009 88
ARAB EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Nov 24 - Whitehall Heard 'Drumbeats' Of Iraq War. Nov 28, 2009 482
Calls for Afghan war vote. Nov 25, 2009 141
Bribery is British troops' new weapon against Taliban. Nov 17, 2009 305
Brown to defend Afghan mission; Al-Qaida 'biggest threat' to UK security. Nov 16, 2009 375
PM SAYSAFGHAN MISSION IS VITAL; Brown in new warning on al Qaida threat. Nov 16, 2009 380
PMSAYSAFGHAN MISSIONIS VITAL; Brown in new warning on al Qaida threat. Nov 16, 2009 378
UK to press on 5,000 extra troops in Afghanistan. Nov 16, 2009 590
Afghan election returns mostly doubt and despair: what was first started in 2001 as an Anglo-American project to remove the 'evil regime' of the Taliban should, according to the theory in London and Washington, have been by now a world community affair. Darwish, Adel Nov 1, 2009 1031
Iraq OKs return of British troops. Oct 13, 2009 211
Anatomy of the Long War's Failings. Zubro, Gordon A.D. Brief article Oct 12, 2009 310
UK army draws up plan to send 1,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Sep 22, 2009 157
British troops far from defeating Taliban, says Brit Defence Secretary. Sep 16, 2009 222
199 DEAD; Three more British troops killed in Afghanistan. Aug 14, 2009 407
199 DEAD; Three more UK troops killed in Afghanistan. Aug 14, 2009 414
Three British troops killed by Taliban; Deaths come as blast hits patrol convoy. Aug 8, 2009 513
UK ends troop presence in Iraq after six years. Jul 30, 2009 510
UK commanders' ditched plans to counter Afghan Taliban due to copter, troop shortages. Jul 26, 2009 302
The greatest gift: New Zealand's alliance with the United States. McGibbon, Ian Report Jul 21, 2009 6413
Helicopter shortage hurts UK troops in Afghanistan. Jul 17, 2009 788
Tehran-EU Crisis & Worsening Iranian Problems. Jul 6, 2009 1112
Fallen of Fromelles. Brief article Jul 1, 2009 161
Lead from the front, not from the polls. Ciovacco, Carl J. Jun 23, 2009 1159
Explaining war, creating peace: UK-sponsored reforms in Sierra Leone. Denney, Lisa Report Jun 22, 2009 4069
UK forces kill dangerous Taliban leader in helicopter attack, MoD say. Jun 3, 2009 362
The three sieges of Quebec: marking the 250th anniversary of General Wolfe's victory over the French at Quebec, Jeremy Black considers the strategy employed by British forces in their struggle to gain and hold Canada. Black, Jeremy Jun 1, 2009 2949
Army operation to continue until complete elimination of terrorists: Qureshi. May 26, 2009 338
UK troops transfer authority to US. May 3, 2009 364
UK troops transfer authority to US. May 2, 2009 364
UK troops transfer authority to US. May 1, 2009 364
Divide and rule: on the eve of the Second World War, the navies of Italy, France and Britain plotted for supremacy in the Mediterranean. Their actions resulted in the fracturing of the sea's age-old unity, with consequences that persist to this day. Simon Ball explains how the 'Middle Sea' became the Middle East. Ball, Simon May 1, 2009 3046
UK troops leave Iraq with tribute to lost comrades. May 1, 2009 512
UK to send 700 more troops to Afghanistan. Apr 30, 2009 437
UK troops begin pullout from Iraq. Apr 30, 2009 239
UK troops on last Iraq patrols. Apr 30, 2009 226
UK troops transfer authority to US. Apr 30, 2009 364
UK troops on last Iraq patrols. Apr 29, 2009 226
British forces end military operations in Iraq. Apr 29, 2009 670
THE BIG STICK; UK visit for US aircraft carrier. Apr 8, 2009 183
Iraq: post-Saddam governance and security. Katzman, Kenneth Apr 1, 2009 506
British forces start to withdraw from Iraq. Mar 31, 2009 311
Brown Warns Iran & Arabs Turn To Nuke Option. Mar 23, 2009 499
Crime likely to rise as troops pull out of Iraq; The Queen's Royal Hussars, mostly made up of soldiers from the West Midlands, will be some of the last British troops to serve in Iraq. Reporter Paul Bradley joined them at the Contingency Operating Base, in Basra, and discovered there was still plenty of work to be done before the city was fully prepared for foreign investment. Mar 17, 2009 543
Monty and the mandate: with a solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians as far away as ever, James Barker, in the first of two special features, looks back to Britain's occupation of the region and the efforts made by the future Viscount Montgomery to impose peace on its warring peoples. Barker, James Mar 1, 2009 2938
The Farran affair: in 1947, as Zionist insurgents wreaked havoc, British special forces in Palestine adopted counterinsurgency tactics that attracted worldwide condemnation. David Cesarani discusses a scandal whose ramifications persist to this day. Cesarani, David Mar 1, 2009 2828
UK Muslims providing Afghan Taliban bomb components for use against Brit forces. Feb 21, 2009 300
'Trench warfare' claims lives of British troops in Afghanistan; INTERNATIONAL. Jan 5, 2009 247
The road to interoperability: the United States and the United Kingdom are allies in military operations around the world. In this article, a British officer examines the possibility of true interoperability between the two nations' Armed Forces. Carson, Susan Jan 1, 2009 1885
UK forces faced rout by Russia; COLD WAR. Dec 30, 2008 161
British troops suffer four times as many fatalities as Americans in Afghanistan. Dec 22, 2008 336
Brown confirms British troops will pull out by JULY and insists: WE LEAVE IRAQ AS A BETTER COUNTRY. Dec 18, 2008 364
Brown confirms UK troops will pull out by JULY and insists: WELEAVE IRAQ AS A BETTER COUNTRY. Dec 18, 2008 360
UK troops set to come home; SOLDIERS BACK FROM IRAQ BY SUMMER. Dec 10, 2008 360
UK troops to withdraw from Iraq early next year if polls go off smoothly. Dec 3, 2008 387
UK troops to withdraw from Iraq early next year if polls go off smoothly. Nov 25, 2008 387
British deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan reach 300; Two marines killed while on Helmand patrol. Nov 14, 2008 648
Europe can offer defense deals Washington can't refuse. Sieff, Martin Sep 22, 2008 1653
Charity wins 10m [pounds sterling] to help in Afghan landmine clean-up. Brief article Sep 3, 2008 240
Iraq: post-Saddam governance and security. Katzman, Kenneth Aug 1, 2008 533
The battle of Oudenarde: July 11th 1708. Brief article Jul 1, 2008 265
Britain overtakes US to become the biggest arms exporter. Brief article Jun 25, 2008 226
Editor's letter. Furtado, Peter Editorial Jun 1, 2008 508
Iraq: the conquerors return. Norman, Ben Apr 1, 2008 1083
Allies in disarray: the messy end of the Crimean war: between autumn 1855 and spring 1856, the attitude of Britain's war leaders underwent bewildering change as their determination to bring the war with Russia to a desirable conclusion was buffeted by doubts about the commitment of the French, and fears about the motives of French policy, as Brian James reveals. James, Brian Mar 1, 2008 3883
Tehran Says Sanctions Are Backfiring. Feb 11, 2008 523
The route to the British strategic defence review. Wilson, Andrew "Wil" Dec 1, 2007 4557
Background to recent developments. Katzman, Kenneth Sep 1, 2007 2448
Public: British Exit From Iraq Shows War Is Going Badly; Majority of Republicans back the administration's position. Newport, Frank Survey Feb 27, 2007 393
New year, old enmities. Jan 1, 2007 2530

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