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Remembering sacrifice of men in 'forgotten war' Tomorrow, June 25, marks the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. Here, Ceri Joseph, of Porthcawl Museum, tells the story of two Welshmen who served with the UN contingent. Jun 24, 2020 1796
Sacrifices of the men who fought in 'forgotten war' Tomorrow, June 25, marks the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War. Here, Ceri Joseph, of Porthcawl Museum, tells the story of two Welshmen who served with the UN contingent. Jun 24, 2020 1792
THE OLD GUARD: Once Upon a Time in Hong Kong ... The Ontario Regiment RCAC Museum ... Lest We Forget ... Peate, Les Sep 1, 2019 979
AT THE DOUBLE; Identical twins David and Bobby, 73, complete 26-mile trek in a day to raise cash for regiment's museum. Aug 9, 2019 342
The Military Intelligence Corps 2019 Hall of Fame Inductees. Bartlett, James A. Jul 1, 2019 2618
The families who gave their all for king and country; 'Relentless' best describes the Allied advance throughout October. As the allies attacked, the German Army lost ground, ammunition and men. Ceri Joseph, volunteer at Portchcawl Museum, describes the month's pivotal events. Oct 4, 2018 1042
Canal battle breached Hindenburg Line and paved way for victory; Built in the winter of 1916-17, the Hindenburg Line was a German-armed defensive barrier of machine gun-armed pill boxes along a 90-mile stretch. In September 1918 the allies attacked, in what is considered to be one of the greatest achievements in British military history, as Porthcawl Museum volunteer Ceri Joseph reveals... Sep 20, 2018 1139
Brothers in arms who fell while serving their country with honour; 100 years ago this week, two friends from South Wales were on the frontline in the south of Rheims. After attending school together, the pair enlisted. But they would tragically end up dying on the same day after a German attack. Ceri Joseph, of Porthcawl Museum, reports... Jun 14, 2018 1110
Military historical museum in Svidnik opens the main season. May 22, 2018 542
Porthcawl heroes made ultimate sacrifice for our freedom; On March 21, 1918, the Germans started a major military offensive in northern France which saw thousands of men lose their lives. Here, Ceri Joseph, from Porthcawl Museum, details the stories of four young men from Porthcawl who died in the first five days of the attack. Mar 8, 2018 1091
Stories of hope in Marawi war museum. Jan 28, 2018 441
Servicemen saw little respite over war-torn Christmas; From a sergeant awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal for extreme bravery to the story of a man invalided home before his brother-in-law perished on the Western Front, Porthcawl Museum's Ceri Joseph reveals what happened to South Wales' brave servicemen in the run-up to Christmas 100 years ago this month. Dec 21, 2017 1218
Kuwait donates Pound 5 mLn to British Royal Air Force Museum project. Nov 24, 2017 559
Balaclava Day resurrected for exhibition; museum display to tell story of north cavalry. Oct 24, 2017 757
Military museum to open in Nicosia. Sep 6, 2017 261
Khoury: National Museum shall remain illuminated with Lebanese flag colors till end of military operation. Aug 25, 2017 163
Ted was hit by shell after risking his life delivering a message; The gravestone of South Wales-born soldier Edward 'Ted' Wilkins - killed almost exactly a century ago - bears the simple, stark inscription: 'Known to be buried in this cemetery'. Ceri Joseph, of Porthcawl Museum, tells the story of one of the countless young men who died far from home on the killing fields of World War I. Jun 7, 2017 1067
Parents' tragedy as surviving twin gave his life on battlefield; Almost 100 years ago to the day, a Porthcawl man with a Colombian father who volunteered to fight for the UK in World War I died in battle. Here, Ceri Joseph, from the town's museum, tells Juan Manuel Aldana's story... Apr 19, 2017 1128
The Military Intelligence Corps 2016 Hall of Fame inductess. Apr 1, 2016 2540
ABNSOTD tests, evaluates airborne equipment. Slaven, William Oct 1, 2015 1500
WAR HERO'S VC YET TO RETURN DESPITE PLEDGE BY MUSEUM; Anger as Midland seaman's medal is still a long way from home. Aug 16, 2015 613
What life was like at St Fagans Castle when it was turned into a WWI Red Cross hospital; Elen Phillips and Sioned Williams from St Fagans National History Museum are currently researching the history of St Fagans Castle during World War I for a book to be published later this year. In her guest blog, Elen describes more about what life would have been like when St Fagans Castle was turned into a Red Cross hospital. Jul 29, 2015 1592
Tunisia gunmen target museum tourists; 19 die; Supporters of the Islamic State celebrated attack on social media. Kirkptrick, David D. Mar 19, 2015 539
IRAQ - Mar 09 - Iraq Calls For Coalition Air Power To Protect Antiquities. Mar 14, 2015 462
Stumbling over bodies, shells flying overhead, the men who started the first war museum; RELICS OF BATTLE FROM WWI TO HELMAND. Oct 25, 2014 1274
Stumbling over bodies,shells flying overhead, the men who started the first war museum; RELICS OF BATTLE FROM WWI TO HELMAND; EXCLUSIVE. Oct 25, 2014 1272
Stumb shells f the me the firs bling over bodies, flying overhead, en who started st war museum; RELICS OF BAT TLE FROM WWI TO HELMAND. Oct 25, 2014 1300
The Military Intelligence Corps 2013 Hall of Fame inductees. Jul 1, 2014 2280
The Military Intelligence Corps 2014 Hall of Fame inductees. Jul 1, 2014 2410
Scraping the bottom of the barrel blackpowder rifles of the great war part 1: none of the nations, large or small, went into World War with enough rifles to supply the massive armies they required. Every depot, armory or museum was scavenged for anything that would shoot. Scarlata, Paul Sep 20, 2013 3074
The anniversary gift: as Civil War sites continue to mark 150 years since America's most important conflict, Harpers Ferry, Antietam, and Gettysburg tell old stories in a new light. Kaplan, Melanie D.G. Travel narrative Jan 1, 2013 2672
Ukraine opens nuclear missile museum. Aug 25, 2011 208
Bulgaria at war: discover Bulgaria's past at the Military History Museum. Iliev, Nick Oct 23, 2009 687
Veterans' news and views. Peate, Les Feb 1, 2008 1063
History on display: the Military Police during World War II: the newly upgraded World War II exhibit at the U.S. Army Military Police Museum includes a selection of historic objects, many of which are featured in this article. These items represent diverse operations and locations during the war--some with a direct history to specific military police Soldiers. Rogers, Jim Sep 22, 2007 721
"Stuff happens": a brief overview of the 2003 destruction of Iraqi manuscript collections, archives, and libraries. Tikriti, Nabil Al- Jan 1, 2007 6618
TANKS FOR NOTHING; EXCLUSIVE Brit troops get museum pieces for protection. Aug 13, 2006 307

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