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AUKUS A dangerous military alliance. Nov 5, 2021 1510
Taking advantage of NATO: Turkey develops arms to disintegrate Arab states. Noha El Tawil Jul 2, 2020 1208
The British Military Revolution of the 19th Century: "The Great Gun Question" and the Modernization of Ordnance and Administration. Book review Dec 1, 2019 265
Taiwan building fleet of Kamikaze drones to counter attack by China. Oct 21, 2019 338
Commander: Iran in Possession of Latest Defense Technologies. Oct 3, 2019 371
If There is a War: This is how U.S. and Allies Stack up to Iran. Jun 21, 2019 1241
US sells $50 million naval radar refurbishment package to Taiwan. Apr 9, 2019 281
Dynamic Defense Technologies, LLC, Delivers New Mobile Ballistic Shields to Local Law Enforcement. Mar 27, 2019 458
Azerbaijan purchases kamikaze drones from Israel. Jan 14, 2019 461
Taiwan to conduct live-fire drills in May, June, to counter threat from China. May 11, 2018 198
Orbital ATK tests rocket motor. May 8, 2018 309
Orbital ATK tests rocket motor. May 8, 2018 317
Rocket configuration finalized with selection of Aerojet Rocketdyne RL10C upper stage propulsion. Apr 17, 2018 294
Rocket configuration finalized with selection of Aerojet Rocketdyne RL10C upper stage propulsion. Apr 17, 2018 309
Army Introduces New Night Vision Goggles. Lee, Connie Feb 1, 2018 691
Russian Defense Shield in Syria Intercepts ISIL Grad Missiles. Oct 5, 2017 166
'The critical element': NATO missile defense systems strive for interoperability. Machi, Vivienne Aug 1, 2017 1884
Best supporting actors. Stevenson, Beth Jun 1, 2017 2108
Military industries firm launched. Jun 1, 2017 510
Saudi Arabia launches national defense company. May 19, 2017 482
Saudi Arabia launches defense industries Co. May 18, 2017 363
Deputy Crown Prince: establishment of company for military industries will contribute positively to the Kingdom's GDP. May 18, 2017 542
Israeli Drone Crashes in the Golan as Russia Fails to De-escalate. Mar 22, 2017 453
The transmission party: away from Europe and North America, the tactical radio domain is a hive of activity with suppliers from Australia, Israel, Pakistan and South Africa releasing new transceivers and moving forward on domestic and export procurement programmes. Oct 1, 2016 1852
Electric Avenue: the events of the last twelve months in Iraqi, Ukrainian and Syrian theatres underscore the reality that the electromagnetic spectrum, in which friendly and hostile radars and communications operate, is a domain of warfare in its own right, as much as the oceans, the ground and the skies. Aug 1, 2016 5261
Defense Technology and Trade Initiative: Ashton Carter's strategy in India. Maitra, Amit K. Mar 1, 2016 3341
More bang for the buck: Canadian ships would have more firepower with new remote weapon station systems. Pugliese, David Aug 1, 2015 1267
Defense technology at a crossroads: can the Pentagon regain its innovation mojo? Erwin, Sandra I. Apr 1, 2015 2554
Heavy mortars and ammunition. Apr 1, 2015 4361
Thales to supply military satcom to Qatar. Oct 20, 2014 202
The post--afghanistan era: Attitudes towards drones are changing with the withdrawal from Afghanistan and with a general switch of attentions to the Asia--Pacific region. The relative freedom with which drones have been operated over south-west Asia will be replaced by severe restrictions on their use in the airspace of their owner--nations, where integration with manned aircraft poses many (as yet) unresolved problems. Biass, Eric H.; Braybrook, Roy Jun 1, 2014 13199
Target markets for armed whirly birds. Braybrook, Roy Apr 1, 2014 3556
Firepower for all needs. Valpolini, Paolo Dec 1, 2013 20216
All about power: with the years the term "Future Soldier Programme" has become hardly applicable in a certain number of nations, although many, if not most of the systems announced by certain nations, yet need to enter service. Some soldier modernisation programmes, or SMPs in short, have been announced, but work is still in the starting blocks. Valpolini, Paolo Aug 1, 2013 9042
Males: the Male sector has been dominated by the General Atomics Predator series, which derives from the Gnat 750 of 1993, thanks principally to the demands from the American armed services and the CIA. Technically they are on a par with several products from Israel. Jun 1, 2013 2505
Border and base perimeters: no trespassing please! The recent operations in Iraq and Afghanistan highlighted the need to provide protection in theatre for the array of forward operating sites, from which the military forces mounts operations, controlling the local area and providing security for resupply, maintenance and rest purposes. Peruzzi, Luca Feb 1, 2013 3110
Signals from the heavens: today's armies rely on High Frequency (HF), Very High Frequency (VHF) and Ultra High Frequency (UHF) communications to transmit voice and data traffic between units and echelons. Mobile satellite communications offer exponential increases in the quantity of traffic which can be handled on today's battlefield and the ranges at which such traffic can be sent and received. Withington, Thomas Feb 1, 2013 2765
Defense technology sought in non-traditional markets. Erwin, Sandra I. Nov 1, 2012 1055
46 Mbits/Sec to 9.6 Gbytes/Sec in ten years! The military historian Danny M. Johnson described radio as the basis for the 20th century's communications revolution. For the military, as for the civilian world, it is not overstating the point to say that the advent of radio communications has changed almost everything. Withington, Thomas Company overview Aug 1, 2012 8654
U.S. committed to providing best defense technology to India: Leon Panetta. Jun 6, 2012 688
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Africa / Middle East. Company overview Nov 28, 2011 2526
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Africa / Middle East. Oct 24, 2011 476
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Asia / Pacific. Oct 24, 2011 1213
Aerospace & Defense News - Technology Asia / Pacific. Oct 24, 2011 1127
Aircraft Supplier & MRO News - North America. Oct 24, 2011 7000
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Africa / Middle East. Oct 17, 2011 916
Military laser technology for defense; technology for revolutionizing 21st century warfare. Book review Oct 1, 2011 137
A new mission for military trucks: power generation. Erwin, Sandra I. Aug 1, 2011 2140
Transforming close air support. Braybrook, Roy Aug 1, 2011 3872
Last ditch air-defence: the ultimate umbrella: originally intended to safeguard forward troops from direct attacks by low-flying aircraft, very-short-range air-defence (V-Shorad) guided missiles are being developed into high-lethality systems to protect ground and naval units, against not only aircraft, but also cruise missiles, reconnaissance and attack drones and air-launched tactical weapons, including precision-guided bombs. Braybrook, Roy Jun 1, 2011 2568
The future of defense technology and the lessons of history. Ranquet, Robert May 1, 2011 2097
Origins of the Airborne Laser. Ross, Cameron L. Mar 22, 2011 4435
Aimpoint's 1 millionth military sight. Elrod, Kristi Company overview Mar 1, 2011 342
How the US military can win the Robotic Revolution: military technology, defense, technology, US DOD. Singer, P.W. Sep 1, 2010 2692
United Kingdom : KVH Receives $13 Million Tactical Navigation Order, Largest in Company History. Jul 27, 2010 259
KVH awarded USD2.0m order for TACNAV II military navigation systems. May 17, 2010 155
Israel pushes new satellite as solution to U.S. space radar needs. Magnuson, Stew Jan 1, 2010 1023
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense North America. Oct 5, 2009 1620
Aerospace & Defense News - Technology North America. Oct 5, 2009 1339
Missiles with coastline in crosshairs. Withington, Thomas Oct 1, 2009 2764
U.S. backs away from missile shield in Europe. Sep 17, 2009 445
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Africa / Middle East. Mar 23, 2009 611
Aerospace & Defense News - Technology Africa / Middle East. Mar 23, 2009 555
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense Asia / Pacific. Dec 8, 2008 585
SDDC. LeCron, Chris Jun 1, 2008 600
Forward to the point: the key to winning a ground engagement is to be found in the accurate placement of devastating firepower. Whether this firepower comes from artillery or from air strikes is arguably immaterial, what is vital is that it destroys the intended target rapidly, on first strike with minimal collateral damage and risk to friendly forces. Withington, Thomas Jun 1, 2008 3093
A view from inside: technology once again took centre stage at the AUSA convention in October 2007. A veritable barrage of up-armoured, desert-painted vehicles, robots, drones and mules (OK, one mule) elbowed each other for floor space, whilst much was afoot in the electronics sector. Keggler, Johnny Feb 1, 2008 1798
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense. Jan 28, 2008 3659
Aerospace & Defense News - Defense. Company overview Nov 19, 2007 1848
Defense technologies for an uncertain future. Jean, Grace Aug 1, 2007 716
The French Bulle Operationnelle Aeroterrestre: France has provisionally determined the shape of its 'Army 2025'. The service will retain its two armoured brigades at the heavy end of the spectrum and its airborne and army aviation brigades at the light end. In the middle its two mechanised and light armoured brigades will be standardised as four light armoured brigades. Kemp, Ian Apr 1, 2006 850
CAP without pods. (Washington Report). Chaisson, Kernan Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 136

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