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ON TARGET: Reservist's Seditious Stunt Damages the CAF's Public Trust. Taylor, Scott Jan 1, 2021 637
On "Projecting Stability: A Deplorable NATO Police Command". Bell, Raymond E., Jr. Dec 22, 2020 843
Football player, soldier, writer, Space Force leader. Mar 22, 2020 1020
Football player, soldier, writer, Space Force leader Constable: Spartz has been awarded Bronze Star and Purple Heart. Mar 22, 2020 1020
SAS join the hunt for killers of medic; Brodie, 26, dies as rockets hit base. CHRIS HUGHES Defence and Security Editor Mar 13, 2020 307
SAS join the hunt for killers of medic; Brodie, 26, dies as rockets hit base. CHRIS HUGHES Defence and Security Editor Mar 13, 2020 320
Female Israeli Soldiers Subjected to Bible Lessons on the Job. Jan 20, 2020 564
Navy exercise to enhance interoperability with reservists. Nov 12, 2019 370
Soldiers take on Welsh mountains. Oct 13, 2019 214
Officer's 'hot day' remark to soldier months after fatal Beacons march. RICHARD VERNALLS Oct 9, 2019 738
Officer made 'hot day' remark to soldier months after Scots corporal's fatal march, inquest told. Oct 8, 2019 745
Armed Forces of the Philippines formally opens joint land-sea-air exercise. Sep 16, 2019 398
'It's good seeing similarities and the soldiers recognising their all the challenges they face...' Welsh soldiers have been putting their combat skills to the ultimate test in the'Superbowl'of military manoeuvres in the United States. Liz Perkins reports. Aug 27, 2019 1364
Military shows support for Colonel Pacquiao. Jul 20, 2019 392
Military intelligence unit gets borough freedom. Jul 1, 2019 254
Military intelligence unit granted freedom of borough. Jun 26, 2019 248
Making History: Hill Airmen depart for F-35A's first Middle East deployment: 419th Fighter Wing Public Affairs. Jun 1, 2019 643
'Commander, Do You Understand Me Now?' Israel's Lone Soldiers want Answers after Another Suicide. May 22, 2019 1250
Actor Matteo Guidicelli promoted to Army 2nd lieutenant at PMA. May 20, 2019 308
F-16 pilot ejects before jet crashes into California building. May 17, 2019 370
4th Infantry Division Military Intelligence Training Strategy. Spahr, Thomas; Weiss, Michael Apr 1, 2019 3084
Navy exercises to end Nov. 16. Nov 16, 2018 335
HONOURING THOSE WHO SERVE: VIA reaches out to vets and Reservists. Veillieux, Eve-Daniele Nov 1, 2018 865
Soldiers forced to fight storm on exercise. Oct 13, 2018 384
Turkish Cypriot conscientious objector could face jail. Oct 10, 2018 125
BUILDING AN SHIELD: Reservist paves path for cyber defense. White, Eric M. Oct 1, 2018 1136
Army response to SAS Beacons death march 'unacceptable' Reservist's widow hits out after two soldiers acquitted of negligence following fatalities Families call for MOD to lose its immunity from prosecution over reservist deaths. Sep 19, 2018 1025
BRP Ramon Alcaraz on its way back to RP. Sep 19, 2018 615
Lessons learned on the Pease 'boss lift': Assisting reservists and military retirees with returning to work benefits employers as well. Forte, Paul E. Sep 14, 2018 988
Around Town: Navy Days recognize presence. Sep 13, 2018 377
Naval base to host open day for reservists; IN BRIEF. Sep 7, 2018 105
Navy reservist open day. Sep 6, 2018 167
Participation of PH Navy in RIMPAC Exercise serves as an important milestone. Aug 27, 2018 1027
Army suspends discharges of immigrant recruits for now. Aug 10, 2018 591
For now, Army suspends discharges of immigrant recruits. Aug 10, 2018 695
The Multiple Dimensions of Talent in the Army Reserve Soldier. Ainsworth, Steven W.; Stokes, John A., Jr. Jul 1, 2018 1436
With New Reserve Unit, U.S. 10th Fleet Breaks Ground to Compete in Cyberspace. Mook, Robert Jul 1, 2018 1137
C-130 READINESS: Navy Learns from Air Force and Coast Guard: Commander, Naval Air Force Reserve (CNAFR) has approved the standup of a centralized repair facility (CRF) in hopes of increasing C-130T Hercules aircraft availability and saving millions annually. Baxter, Christopher Jun 22, 2018 824
Sudden IDF Call-up of Reserves after Syria Announces Quneitra Offensive This Week. Jun 11, 2018 364
Israel launches surprise wide- scale military drill in Golan. Jun 10, 2018 106
On the Road to Awesome: An Interview With Lt. Gen. Charles Luckey: The chief of the Army Reserve discusses some factors the Army should consider in enabling the Reserve to sustain the force. Dilanian, Arpi; Howard, Matthew Interview May 1, 2018 2489
Reservist, not military official, involved in Norzagaray atrocities. Mar 7, 2018 255
Optimizing Mission-Specific Medical Threat Readiness and Preventive Medicine for Service Members. Toffoli, Caroline A. Report Jan 1, 2018 3464
Sustainment Mission Command for Anakonda 2016: The 364th Expeditionary Sustainment Command, an Army Reserve unit, ensured the sustainment of units participating in Operation Atlantic Resolve exercises. Hudson, Herold J.; Lukins, Kurt Nov 1, 2017 2160
CHALLENGE & COMMITMENT LOST: Part 3:1987 Defence White Paper's Total Force--"a relatively large force of lightly armed guards". Smol, Robert Nov 1, 2017 1964
Mum armed with the right skills to serve on frontline. Oct 11, 2017 502
Firefighter Lisa goes back to military roots. Oct 4, 2017 282
Israel Begins the Largest Military Exercises in 19 Years. Sep 5, 2017 298
Pacquiao visits troops for 'last three rounds'. Jul 30, 2017 620
Military retreats on Juana Change. Jul 29, 2017 521
Pak-India DGMOs make hotline contact. Jul 18, 2017 188
From business to the battlefield. Jul 9, 2017 675
4th marine aircraft wing reinforces active-duty marine aviation. Jun 22, 2017 2542
Professional military education. Jun 22, 2017 1426
Risk and reward: citizen Airmen serving as C-130 air advisors in Afghanistan are sure to find both. Joyner, Bo Jun 1, 2017 2596
Trained & ready: Air Advisor Academy prepares Reservists for challenging deployment. Joyner, Bo Jun 1, 2017 2157
Lithuania to stage this year's largest national military exercise. May 4, 2017 113
Training sustainment soldiers in the army reserve: numerous exercises ensure Army Reserve sustainers are ready for real-world missions. Janis, Ricky J. May 1, 2017 1513
Preferred locations: recent aircraft announcements impact three Reserve wings. Apr 1, 2017 801
Young professionals urged to join Armed Forces of the Philippine reserve corps. Jan 15, 2017 532
Suicide Leading Cause of Death for Israeli Soldiers. Jan 11, 2017 318
NAVSUP Fleet Logistics Center Yokosuka, site Marianas supports: exercise valiant shield 2016. Cohen, J.G. Brent Jan 1, 2017 467
Vector-borne diseases of public health importance for personnel on military installations in the United States. Garcia, Melissa N.; Cropper, Thomas L.; Gunter, Sarah M.; Kramm, Mathew M.; Pawlak, Mary T.; Roachel Report Jan 1, 2017 8775
Military conducts medical mission in MNLF communities in Basilan. Oct 28, 2016 583
WARZONE; Airfield comes 'under attack' as troops descend on North Wales. Oct 12, 2016 358
Sailor Under Review For Sitting For Anthem. Greg Price Sep 26, 2016 402
The National Guard's contributions to expeditionary logistics. Cannon, Sylvester; Shepherd, Steven G. Sep 1, 2016 1103
The bravest of Merseyside; 100 years on, how city's soldiers joined battle of the somme. Aug 8, 2016 1043
Roundup: Nice attack toll up, as world reacts. Jul 15, 2016 1671
Combat exposure, cigarette consumption, and substance use. Cesur, Resul; Chesney, Alexander; Sabia, Joseph J. Jul 1, 2016 15394
Army medical department at war: healthcare in a complex world. Murray, Clinton K.; Jones, Stephen L. Report Apr 1, 2016 2659
Growing gracefully: Air Force Reserve celebrates 68 years of supporting U.S. national security. Joyner, Bo Apr 1, 2016 1226
Globemasters: reservists and their C-124s played a critical role during the Vietnam War. Feb 1, 2016 1701
The engineer training support battalion: training our regiment. Law, Gerald S. Jan 1, 2016 1091
1901st Reservist Brigade. Dec 23, 2015 470
Tobyhanna army depot training ramps reservists' readiness. Mickley, Ed Dec 22, 2015 531
National treasure: Camp Shelby is a one-stop shop for national military training services. Buckley, Sandra Massey Nov 1, 2015 799
A helping hand: diverse examines the dos and don is of attracting and retaining veteran and military-affiliated students at higher ed institutions. Elfman, Lois Oct 22, 2015 1372
Ladies first: all-female team represents United States at CIOR military competition. Hanson, Sarah Oct 1, 2015 1021
Watching shadows; Scottish soldiers patrol a corridor of land that has lain empty since the division of Cyprus way back in 1974. Aug 14, 2015 1325
Israel holds surprise military drill. Jul 27, 2015 331
Army 'truly sorry' over reservists' deaths on test march. Jul 15, 2015 937
Army apologises at death march soldiers inquest. Jul 15, 2015 606
38 days: maximizing the Military Intelligence Readiness Command. Zarbo, Stephen E. Jul 1, 2015 2898
Officer failed to spot SAS march soldier not moving. Jun 13, 2015 482
Medic 'didn't read heat guidance' ahead of march. Jun 6, 2015 617
Medic didn't read heat guidance, inquest told >. Jun 6, 2015 514
Medic 'not told to read guidelines' INQUEST HEARS OF ATTEMPTS TO REVIVE COLLAPSED CONWY SOLDIER. Jun 6, 2015 561
US-PH war drills open amid China buildup. Apr 21, 2015 1040
From war zones... to hospital wards in North East. Apr 11, 2015 1125
From the international war zone to the Newcastle hospital ward; Newcastle hospitals win top award for dedicated work with Army reservists. Apr 10, 2015 1074
Controlled chaos: rescue Reservists take realistic training to a new level. Goonan, Kelly Apr 1, 2015 549
MEMORY LANE; FEEDBACK. Mar 23, 2015 382
VR-62's airlifting 'Nomads'. Wendelin, Michael Mar 22, 2015 878
The brave Cardiff seaman whose grave lies in far off New Guinea; Emigrating to Australia to start a new life, World War One changed the fate of Cardiff seaman Herbert Charles Willans. Jessica Flynn speaks to another ex-pat seaman who discovered the touching tale of Able Seaman Willans. Feb 4, 2015 1408
Life-size action men draw attention to army mission. Dec 1, 2014 528
Feeling the Feeling the pain in Spain pain in Spain; ON TOUR WITH OUR ARMY RESERVISTS. Nov 29, 2014 547
CHANGING LIFE IN A DOUBLE WORLD; Lara Small, 29, is a Manufacturing Engineer at Rolls-Royce. She's also a Troop Commander in the Royal Engineers Army Reserves. Nov 26, 2014 701
A DOUBLE WORLD CHANGING LIFE IN; Lara Small, 29, is a Manufacturing Engineer at Rolls-Royce. She's also a Troop Commander in the Roya Engineers.' Army Reserves. Nov 26, 2014 743
CHANGING LIFE IN A DOUBLE WORLD; Lara Small, 29, is a Manufacturing Engineer at Rolls-Royce. She's also a Troop Commander mmander mmander in the Roya yal Engineers.' Army Reserves. Nov 26, 2014 715
A DOUBLE LIFE IN A CHANGING WORLD; Lara Small, 29, is a Manufacturing Engineer at Rolls-Royce. She's also a Troop Commander in the Royal Engineers Army Reserves.... Nov 26, 2014 716
MPs' alarm at drinking culture in armed forces. Oct 30, 2014 447
Laser weapons, lions and hyenas - it's all in a day's work for those in today's Army; Our reporter Liz Day joined the Welsh Guards in Kenya to document their training exercise, Askari Storm. Oct 20, 2014 1740
507th ARW gains new squadron, air mobility training mission. Oct 1, 2014 412
Writing a 'death letter' to my the hardset... if an IED did get me, I hoped it would be quick; WAR REPORTER WHO WENT TO FIGHT IN AFGHANISTAN. Sep 5, 2014 1455
Air Force introduces total force commissioning process. Aug 1, 2014 426
Staying focus: their unit is facing inactivation, but the photographers and videographers at the 4th Combat Camera Squadron still have a job to do. Joyner, Bo Aug 1, 2014 2361
Reservists renew bond with Desert Storm AC-130A gunship. Aug 1, 2014 732
US gives Israel go-ahead to raid stocks of emergency weapons. Jul 31, 2014 704
Israel mobilizes 16,000 more reservists. Jul 31, 2014 154
Israel calls up more reservists to boost Gaza operations. Jul 31, 2014 725
Israel calls up reservists as tensions increase. Jul 8, 2014 786
Boots on the ground: an in-depth interview with Army Commander LGen Marquis Hainse. Foster, Ally Jun 1, 2014 1964
More reservists seen in next Balikatan. May 18, 2014 264
Westover to lose 300 jobs; Half of C-5 fleet moving to Texas. Apr 29, 2014 411
Congressional report pushes for more reservists, less AFRC structure. Cover story Apr 1, 2014 2933
DOD request includes changes to Air Force reserve units. Apr 1, 2014 567
An empirical survey on basic military training in Slovenian Armed Forces. Garb, Maja Apr 1, 2014 4998
Reservists in national exercise. Mar 31, 2014 155
KITCHENER'S NEW ARMY OBEYED THE 'FAMOUS FINGER' Lord Kitchener's call to arms at the beginning of the First World War inspired the creation of one of the biggest volunteer armies the world has ever seen, writes CARL CHINN. Mar 15, 2014 1591
Reservists in spase: Citizen Airmen have a strong connection with America's space propram. Joyner, Bo Feb 1, 2014 2337
The NAVSUP reserve and their contributions. Mihaly, Michael; Mayor, Jeffery; Chen, Benjamin Jan 1, 2014 1583
Hero soldier saved troops from bomber. Dec 28, 2013 373
Hero soldier foils suicide bomber. Dec 27, 2013 349
Using military lodging facilities for leisure travel. Dec 1, 2013 1187
Innovative readiness training: CE troops get experience while building community partnerships. Babin, Chance Dec 1, 2013 1665
Defence chiefs ordered to cut risks on Army exercises. Nov 14, 2013 621
Scraping the bottom of the barrel blackpowder rifles of the Great War Part 2: in Part I (9/20 issue), Scarlata covered the blackpowder substitute rifles of France, Germany and Serbia. This time, it's Russia, Italy, Belgium and Britain. Scarlata, Paul Oct 20, 2013 3247
ISR airmen make the difference: people, not superior technology and equipment, the key to mission success for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance enterprise. Oct 1, 2013 1426
402D FA brigade: takes aim at training military police Soldiers. Dew, Derrick W. Sep 22, 2013 743
Shooting spree at Washington naval base leaves 13 dead. Sep 17, 2013 862
Syria's military capabilities. Sep 9, 2013 675
Squadron adopts brown bag approach to professional development. Aug 1, 2013 485
Third solider to die after SAS training on Beacons 'adored life with the army' FAMILY'S TRIBUTE TO 'BELOVED' SON. Aug 1, 2013 609
Third SAS Beacons soldier dies A THIRD army reserve soldier has died from; WALES newsbulletin. Obituary Jul 31, 2013 110
Service honours reservists lost in the Beacons. Jul 22, 2013 216
TA soldier died in 'pursuit of dream'. Jul 17, 2013 245
Reservist died on Beacons 'pursuing a dream' DEVASTATED FAMILY'S TRIBUTE TO TEACHER WHO LOST LIFE IN SAS TEST Mountain walkers in Beacons tell of seeing soldiers 'pleading for water'. Jul 17, 2013 736
RRIIPPCCrraaiigg...... yyoouuttrruullyy wweerreeoonnee iinnaa mmiilllliioonn. Jul 16, 2013 552
Sudan parliament approves military reserve law. Jul 4, 2013 565
Flying high ... the career of Rear Admiral Jennifer Bennett: getting to know the Chief Reserves and Cadets, part 2. Jul 1, 2013 1596
Expert: Armenia does not yield to Azerbaijan in term of military reserves. Jun 27, 2013 287
2nd Brigade, 100th Division reserve component contribution. Phillips, John H.; Bell, Bryan Jun 22, 2013 1392
A TASTE OF ARMY LIFE; military exercises to hone skills in the workplace. Jun 14, 2013 481
37 summers later ... The career of Rear Admiral Jennifer Bennett: getting to know the Chief Reserves and Cadets. Interview Jun 1, 2013 2175
Minehounds: Dobbins training center teaches Reservists how to sniff out land mines, IEDs. Van, Deventer, Gene Jun 1, 2013 1083
Saturday night jurisdiction over reserve soldiers. Randall, T. Scott Jun 1, 2013 4180
Estonia Holds Military Drills with NATO Allies. May 9, 2013 211
Round the reserve. Apr 1, 2013 2404
Reservists providing communications support for African Lion exercise. Joyner, Bo Apr 1, 2013 664
SNAPSHOT OF THE WORLD; The day in pictures with Daily Post Head of Images Hadyn Iball. Mar 12, 2013 115
Bleak hillside training for the hell of war; FRENCH JOIN MILITARY EXERCISE. Feb 21, 2013 659
Inaugural support: Reservist plays vital role in presidential inauguration planning, execution. Joyner, Bo Feb 1, 2013 697
Alcohol and stress in the military. Schumm, Jeremiah A.; Chard, Kathleen M. Dec 22, 2012 4984
Program allows Reservists to save, carry over leave from year to year. Dec 1, 2012 219
Islamic Jihad Gets Hands on IDF Documents Three Iranian Missile Experts in Gaza after Ceasefire Apple Recruiting More Workers in Israel. Nov 27, 2012 1111
US-Egyptian Sources: Israeli Military Messenger in Cairo IDF Goes All Out in PR Battle Against Hamas Gantz to Reservists: Look Backwards Once, then Look Forward `Cyber Warfare... Israel Says it's Under Attack over Gaza. Nov 19, 2012 2413
Israel to call up 30,000 reservists. Nov 16, 2012 194
First Three Gaza Missiles Hit Tel Aviv. Israel Drafts 30,000 Reservists London 1940-Tel Aviv 2012. What's the Difference? Did BBC Intentionally Fail to Warn Jews of Nazi Threat? Nov 16, 2012 2525
The Air Force's individual mobilization augmentee program: is the current organizational structure viable? Sneed, Robin G.; Kilmer, Robert A. Report Sep 1, 2012 5852
A brief history of training in Army Intelligence. Tagg, Lori Company overview Jul 1, 2012 8583
"Always Engaged" U.S. Army Reserve Military Intelligence. Fekete, Johnny; Farr, Guy Jul 1, 2012 925
The sun sets on some defence systems: the 2012 budget cuts a swath through the Defence Department. Pugliese, David Jul 1, 2012 2444
Exchanging business cards: the impact of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 on domestic disaster response. Conway, John L., III Jul 1, 2012 1453
With an abundance of memories and lessons learned, I bid you a fond farewell. Stenner, Charles E., Jr. Jun 1, 2012 380
Cutting edge of global health: a international health specialists, Reservists can work on the ... Joyner, Bo Jun 1, 2012 1100
The Army Reserve Expeditionary Railway Center: to meet its Title 10 requirement to support the geographic combatant commands in using rail service as a combat multiplier, the Army Reserve has created the Expeditionary Railway Center. Pollard, David T. Company overview May 1, 2012 2493
Put on your thinking cap: National Security Course is an educational experience like no other. Kibiloski, Sharon Apr 1, 2012 1956
QLLEX: real-world training in fuel and water supply: the great bulk of the Army's petroleum and water units are in the Army Reserve. QLLEX is an exercise that allows Reserve units to train at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels across the United States. Foster, Philip C. Mar 1, 2012 1415
Retaining logisticians: how can the Army ensure that enough logisticians are available for future operations? Howard, Gary C. Mar 1, 2012 1246
Variety of programs can help reservists cope with life's hurdles. Stenner, Charles E., Jr. Feb 1, 2012 363
The US army reserve expeditionary railway center: an enduring army rail capability for full spectrum operations. Johnson, Quentin Company overview Feb 1, 2012 2714
The Joint Enabling Capabilities Command: a rarity within the conventional force. Carter, Walter E., Jr. Jan 1, 2012 3842
Resourcing the national guard & reserve. Carson, Carl E.; Hastings, John T. Jan 1, 2012 2789
Human Resources Command dedicated to serving Soldiers. Rosenstein, Mark Jan 1, 2012 3127
The need to increase the size of the deployable Army. O'Hanlon, Michael Reprint Dec 22, 2011 6495
Reservists deliver "Quilts of Valor" to injured troops. Dec 1, 2011 396
The civil Air Patrol: program offers reservists opportunity to serve, flexibility in training to balance different facets of their lives. Oct 1, 2011 917
82d Sustainment Brigade rear provisional headquarters. Windsor, Peter B. Sep 1, 2011 1408
Reservists fill unique role in emergency preparedness. Chavez, Patricia Aug 1, 2011 1273
Fink! still at large: the suicide rate in the military has been steadily rising over the last decade. What can those of us who do not work in the Veterans Affairs system do to help? Fink, Paul J. Aug 1, 2011 1782
WAR ON THE CHEAP; The announcement had been expected - but yesterday's armed forces cuts still came as a shock. ALASTAIR CRAIG reports. Jul 19, 2011 1707
DISARMED; As another Brit dies in Afghanistan, Tories are to axe 17,000 soldiers and rely on 'Dad's Army' of reservists. Jul 18, 2011 566
Navy combat artist Deploys to NAS Sigonella. Barnthouse, Tracie Jul 1, 2011 775
SOLDIERING ON IN THE DAY JOB; It's a uniform effort from TA reservists. Jun 23, 2011 642
One stop show: Force Generation Center is well on its way to becoming the single source for generating Air Force Reserve assets. Joyner, Bo Jun 1, 2011 1346
Mississippi Reservists contribute to record-setting unit. Dupas, Airman Tabitha Apr 1, 2011 465
The operational reserve: a new Department of Defense efficiency? Thompson, Robert Apr 1, 2011 932
Citizen Airman/scholar: second lieutenant excels in the classroom ... And at the Pentagon. Joyner, Bo Apr 1, 2011 1227
Accessibility: improving the mobilization framework in order to leverage availability of the Air National Guard. Conroy, Sean F. Mar 22, 2011 5532
Deter and assure: reactivated 307th Bomb Wing embraces the challenge to ... Walston, Jeff Feb 1, 2011 544
An extraordinary partnership: retired Army Vietnam war veteran forms close bond with Reserve aeromedical unit in Colorado. Skarban, Ann Feb 1, 2011 945
Fixing the current Reserve components pay process. Flores, Noland I. Nov 1, 2010 1569
Operational for what? The future of the guard and reserves. Nagl, John A.; Sharp, Travis Oct 1, 2010 6083
Senior officer professional military education as an equalizer. Currie, James T. Oct 1, 2010 3733
Ugandans get medical care during exercise natural fire 10: United States Army reservists participate in a multinational military exercise that combines field activities and humanitarian relief assistance--and find greater meaning in job gratification. Schultz, Corey Sep 22, 2010 852
AFR 2012: command makes it easier for Reservists to volunteer, mobilize, deploy. Aug 1, 2010 615
The effects of activation on employers of reserve and national guard soldiers. Hisey, Lee L.; Kotrlik, Joe W. Report Jul 1, 2010 6977
MILITARY NOTES. Jun 27, 2010 627
IMA program provides reservists options for career flexibility. Jun 1, 2010 479
Reservists mobilize to support Afghanistan surge ops. Allen, Candice Jun 1, 2010 346
Behind the lens: combat cameramen capture critical time in history. Jones, Christine Jun 1, 2010 786
The theater engineer construction battalion: general engineering in support of the Warfighter. Roth, Adam S. May 1, 2010 1991
When the call went out for help in Haiti, Reservists once again stepped forward. Stenner, Charles E., Jr. Apr 1, 2010 700
Airborne firefighting-Thai style: Reservists share MAFFS experience with overseas allies. Ritchie, Jody Apr 1, 2010 1781
Air force fitness culture: are we there yet? Roshetko, Thomas F. Mar 22, 2010 10843
Reinvigorating the nuclear logistics enterprise: in a mission that requires absolute perfection, Reservists are involved right down to the core. Feb 1, 2010 1524
A roadmap for rehabilitation counseling to serve military veterans with disabilities. Frain, Michael P.; Bishop, Malachy; Bethel, Mary Report Jan 1, 2010 7245
Contractors as military professionals? Schaub, Gary, Jr.; Franke, Volker Report Dec 22, 2009 7174
The deployment challenge: preparing for the military deployment and return of law enforcement officers. Noble, Eric S.; O'toole, William C. Dec 1, 2009 2655
Know your ground: the military justice terrain of Afghanistan. Hanson, Eric Nov 1, 2009 7738
Social networking: reservists tweet, blog and post their way through cyberspace. Knabe, Ann Peru Oct 1, 2009 2049
Nuclear munitions and missile maintenance: officer attraction and retention. Gregory, Sandra M. Sep 22, 2009 12787
Navy Reservists Support Army Troops Deploying to Middle East. Sep 1, 2009 497
We are all servant leaders. Badgett, Dwight Aug 1, 2009 673
CS/HJR 833--Homestead Ad valorem tax credit/deployed military. Jul 1, 2009 196
Logistics "on-pen" and off ... the mark of true professionals. Fink, Daniel Jul 1, 2009 1746
A new disability for rehabilitation counselors: Iraq war veterans with traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Burke, Hillary S.; Degeneffe, Charles E.; Olney, Marjorie F. Jul 1, 2009 6634
Reservists' mission contributions having positive impact. Stenner, Charles E., Jr. Jun 1, 2009 798
A win-win situation: committee offers tips to help reservists avoid problems with employers before they happen. Gullotta, Elaine M. Jun 1, 2009 964
Buying the base: taking over security forces operations at Kirkuk has led to more predictability and sustainability for AFRC and its Reservists. Joyner, Bo Cover story Apr 1, 2009 1349
Optimize resources: faced with tight budgets and more demands on Reservists' time, command leaders are asking all members of the Reserve team to help ... Joyner, Bo Apr 1, 2009 2399
Noble Eagle: Reservists contribute to round-the-clock watch of North American skies. Scott, Andrew J. Apr 1, 2009 556
Frontline reservists ready for business; Feature Balancing a working life with military duties is an enormous challenge. As Alastair Gilmour finds out, it can also be tremendously rewarding. Feb 4, 2009 1513
Airmen at war: Reservists helping compile history of Global War on Terrorism. Feb 1, 2009 863
Israeli Soldier Killed as IDF Slices Gaza into Three. Jan 5, 2009 1329
Taking their experience to the classroom: under a unique new association with the Air Force Special Operations Training Center, Reservists from the 5th Special Operations Squadron are ... Joyner, Bo Dec 1, 2008 1380
Leading the army onto the battlefield: Chief of Land Staff Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie gets the job done one day at a time. Taylor, Scott Interview Dec 1, 2008 2196
DOD Systems Modernization: Maintaining Effective Communication Is Needed to Help Ensure the Army's Successful Deployment of the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System. Nov 1, 2008 1150
Military Personnel: Evaluation Methods Linked to Anticipated Outcomes Needed to Inform Decisions on Army Retirement Incentives. Nov 1, 2008 1396
"Did you shoot anyone?" A practioner's guide to combat veteran workplace and classroom reintegration. Lafferty, Christina L.; Alford, Kenneth L.; Davis, Mark K.; O'Connor, Richard Sep 22, 2008 5525
Operation marauder harvest: reserve military police company ends mission in Iraq with full-scale air assault. Doheny, Kevin Sep 22, 2008 608
Military Personnel: Improvements Needed to Increase Effectiveness of DOD's Programs to Promote Positive Working Relationships between Reservists and Their Employers. Sep 1, 2008 782
Who are the women who have broken through the military's "brass" ceiling? Iskra, Darlene M. Report Jun 22, 2008 9189
Military Personnel: DOD Needs Data to Determine if Active Duty Service Has an Impact on the Ability of Guard and Reservists to Maintain Their Civilian Professional Licenses or Certificates. Jun 1, 2008 753
Angels of the battlefield; War-zone nurses put their skills on the front line. May 25, 2008 1791
The next horizon: building a viable force. Bradley, John; Crone, Gary L.; Hembroff, David W. Apr 1, 2008 5555
Over the years, enlisted Reservists have proven mettle. Molntash, Troy J. Apr 1, 2008 470
The way ahead: Air Force looking at 16 sites for future weapons systems. Apr 1, 2008 636
The war at home. Bannerman, Stacy Mar 19, 2008 2204
Israel's use of so many cluster munitions 'shocking' Children, agricultural workers face serious threat. Feb 19, 2008 8448
A conversation with Vice Admiral John G. Cotton Chief of Navy Reserve, Commander Navy Reserve Force. Interview Jan 1, 2008 2990
Reservists continue to step up. Bradley, John A. Dec 1, 2007 673
AFSO21: tool enables Reservists to work smarter, continuously improve important processes. Joyner, Bo Company overview Dec 1, 2007 1984
Air Force Reserve: flying and fighting for more than 60 years. Bradley, John A. Dec 1, 2007 2096
How TA and part-timers are vital to the war effort; Alongside the full-time British military personnel in Afghanistan are the TA volunteers and reservists, ordinary people doing extraordinary jobs, says West Midlands Fire Service Deputy Chief Fire Officer Vij Randeniya who recently visited the region Vij Randeniya. Nov 17, 2007 1418
AFRC integrates across mission areas. Bradley, John A. Oct 1, 2007 634
Our citizen-sailors and professional military education. Shuford, J.L. Sep 22, 2007 1896
Filling the gap in Kandahar: reservists expected to make up 25% of the Canadian battle group in 2008. Knoll, Darcy Sep 1, 2007 2972
Operational in Peace and War: enhancing and enabling the key attributes that make our component operational in peace and war. Hofmeyer, Eric Aug 1, 2007 1024
Team players: Expertise of Reservists invaluable to NORAD's mission. Reddish, Stecia Aug 1, 2007 900
House approves extended benefits for soldiers, reservists. Pekow, Charles Jun 4, 2007 627
Combat ready: preparing not only to come alongside, but also to take the lead as needed. Hofmeyer, Airman Eric Jun 1, 2007 894
Congress grappling with education incentives for military. Pekow, Charles Apr 9, 2007 695
Flexible Participation: organizing participation options to maximize combat readiness. Hofmeyer, Erik Apr 1, 2007 1268
Operation Cajun Sunset: New Orleans bids farewell to 926th Fighter Wing. Babin, Chance C. Dec 1, 2006 2646
Flexible participation: organizing participation options to maximize combat readiness. Oct 1, 2006 364
American forces press service (April 27, 2006): DoD working to improve total workforce. Williams, Rudi Sep 1, 2006 711
Forward deployed. Sep 1, 2006 1622
The role of the reserve compoment. Hasenauer, Heike Aug 1, 2006 878
Ammo experts. Comeaux, Monika Aug 1, 2006 483
Gun truck soldiers. Tejeda, Engels Aug 1, 2006 679
Top-notch training. Doyle, Dustin Aug 1, 2006 91
Reservists earn awards for service in war on terrorism. Jun 1, 2006 674
Reservists play key roles in NOLSC logistics support and crisis response. McKemey, George; Reid, Stephen C. May 1, 2006 1394
Navy Reservists mobilized to continue customs inspection mission. Burzynski, Karin R. May 1, 2006 582
Commission seeks Reservists' ideas for improvements. Apr 1, 2006 377
Reserve component personnel issues: questions and answers. Kapp, Lawrence Jan 1, 2006 14587
United States Joint Forces Military Training Center targets deploying units. Malone, Michael J. Oct 1, 2005 655

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