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Insurgency: Buhari Launches Made-In-Nigeria Mine-Resistant Armored Vehicles. Dec 3, 2019 783
Defence Procurement: As Nigeria Looks Inwards. Nov 25, 2019 922
General Dynamics: (NYSE: GD). Nov 11, 2019 1489
US armored vehicles pass through Syrian Army-controlled city in northeast Syria: video. Nov 7, 2019 118
General Dynamics: (NYSE: GD). Nov 4, 2019 1487
General Dynamics: (NYSE: GD). Oct 31, 2019 1387
Egypt to export local-made armored vehicles with ejectable escape crew capsules. Taha Sakr Oct 28, 2019 682
Esper: US troops, armored vehicles going to Syria oil fields. Oct 25, 2019 938
General Dynamics: (NYSE: GD). Oct 22, 2019 1387
Is the Bradley Fighting Vehicle Safe? 3 Soldiers Dead In Fort Stewart Accident. Benjamin Minick Oct 21, 2019 419
Experiments, Industry Input to Shape Next-Gen Combat Vehicles. Lee, Connie Oct 1, 2019 1495
Two Russian airborne combat vehicles crash to the ground when parachutes fail to open during military drill. Sep 23, 2019 394
Marines Forging Ahead with Amphibious Combat Vehicles. Lee, Connie Sep 1, 2019 1476
Iran Unveils Indigenized Tactical, Armored Vehicles. Aug 13, 2019 248
Army receives armored vehicles from U.S. May 30, 2019 191
"PUT IN THEIR HANDS THY BRUISING IRONS OF WRATH": Arms and armour at CANSEC 2019: David Pugliese updates vehicle and equipment programs for the Army. Pugliese, David Cover story May 1, 2019 2234
BAE Systems - Vehicle protection systems provide layered defense for armored vehicles - 15/4/2019. Apr 23, 2019 288
Invitation Released from Former Commander of ATEC, US Army to Attend Future Armored Vehicles Active Protection Systems USA 2019. Apr 17, 2019 632
Collins Aerospace and Patria to Exhibit at Future Armoured Vehicles Central & Eastern Europe 2019. Conference notes Mar 15, 2019 565
SMi Presents Future Armored Vehicles Active Protection Systems USA. Feb 22, 2019 619
Key Decision Makers from the Central and Eastern Region Will Present at Future Armoured Vehicles Central & Eastern Europe 2019. Feb 15, 2019 643
France delivers armored vehicles, missiles to Army. Nov 28, 2018 207
5,500 Brit troops' high-tech war games in the desert go on from dusk till dawn; EXCLUSIVE: Elaborate training push in the hostile environment in the Omani desert involved 200 armoured vehicles, six warships and eight Typhoon fighters. Oct 7, 2018 1494
Next-Gen Combat Vehicle To Require Emerging Tech. Adde, Nick Oct 1, 2018 1584
Marine Corps Taking Low-Risk Approach to Amphibious Combat Vehicle. Harper, Jon Sep 1, 2018 1752
Deals signed to set up naval base, purchase 556 armoured vehicles. Mar 14, 2018 243
'Massive challenge' for soldiers in winter war games; Gunshots and the thundering roar of armoured vehicles disturbed the silent snowy forests as British and Estonian troops went head-to-head in an ultimate winter war game. Georgina Stubbs reports. Feb 14, 2018 833
Syria Army Utilizing Cutting-Edge Armored Vehicles in War on Terrorists. Oct 20, 2017 230
Syrian Army Utilizing Cutting-Edged Russian Armored Vehicles in Battlefields. Oct 16, 2017 240
Syrian Army Deploying Advanced Armored Vehicles Against Terrorists. Sep 12, 2017 360
Drone killer. Lopez, C. Todd Sep 1, 2017 1255
Syrian Army Using New Armored Vehicles in Anti-Terrorism Campaign. Aug 3, 2017 390
US Sends Armored Vehicles, Machine Guns to Kurds in Syria. Jun 20, 2017 903
Saudi Armored Vehicle Explodes in Shia Town. May 20, 2017 286
US Ships Vehicles To South Korea To Protect Troops. Feb 28, 2017 396
Biggest Of US Armaments Since End Of The Cold War Arrive In Europe. Jan 9, 2017 526
Army kills dozens of mercenaries, destroys 2 armored vehicles in border crossing. Oct 16, 2016 123
Terrorists' Convoy of Armored Vehicles Hit Hard in Syrian Army Attacks in Hama. Sep 4, 2016 233
More Tanks, Armored Vehicles Cross Turkish Border into Northern Syria. Sep 3, 2016 300
The army destroys armored vehicles for ISIS in several provinces. Aug 27, 2016 195
ISIL's Depot, Command Center, Armored Vehicles Targeted in Syrian Air Raids in Homs. Aug 24, 2016 243
BattleView 360: Cutting Edge Technology so Soldiers Can See Through Vehicles / Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2016. Jul 13, 2016 661
BattleView 360: Cutting Edge Technology So Soldiers Can See Through Vehicles / Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability 2016. Jul 8, 2016 688
Agenda Released for Future Armoured Vehicles Weapons Systems. May 18, 2016 442
WART A DISGRACE; Soldiers' fury as MOD ditches life-saving armoured vehicles. Apr 6, 2016 174
SMi Group Unlock the Potential of Armoured Vehicle C4i with Selex, Rhienmetall, General Dynamics, DSTL and IAI Elta. Feb 17, 2016 478
114 APCs to see action vs rebels. Feb 5, 2016 194
Yemeni Forces Storm Saudi Base, Destroy 11 Tanks, Armored Vehicles. Feb 2, 2016 363
Rolling forward: the future of the army's combat vehicle fleets. Pugliese, David Dec 1, 2015 1983
Army's light combat vehicle gaining traction. Harper, Jon Oct 1, 2015 2111
Syria: Popular Forces Seize Jeish al-Fath's Tank, Armored Vehicle. Sep 5, 2015 827
365 Days and 605 Armored Military Vehicles Later: Police Militarization a Year after Ferguson. Aug 10, 2015 756
20 Terrorists Killed, Six Armored Vehicles Destroyed In Haditha. Jul 5, 2015 113
Why the army needs an ultra light combat vehicle. Fuller, John Apr 1, 2015 3704
Iraq receives the first batch of US armored vehicles / MRAP / anti-mines and ambushes. Jan 5, 2015 113
Ultra light combat vehicle could buck trend of slow truck procurement. Insinna, Valerie Jan 1, 2015 1630
Up armouring: Canadian Army plans on upgrading and revitalizing its fleet of armoured vehicles. Pugliese, David Oct 1, 2014 2632
Cops with war toys: militarizing police is the worst way to fight crime. Lind, William S. Essay Sep 1, 2014 860
Pro-Russian insurgents seize Ukrainian tanks. Kramer, Andrew E. Apr 17, 2014 558
Jordan says it destroyed combat vehicles crossing from Syria. Apr 16, 2014 502
Arms export win is human rights loss: a $10-billion deal announced by Ottawa will supply weapons-equipped vehicles to Saudi armed forces. Epps, Kenneth Mar 22, 2014 1379
Electro Optic Systems (ASX:EOS) Announces Collaboration with ST Kinetics on New Remote Weapon Systems Maintenance Centre. Oct 31, 2013 1446
Military equipment on display: the Canadian Army shows off some of its high-tech systems, rugged vehicles and weapons. McNaught, Jason Sep 1, 2013 1437
TSK returns fire after shots from Syria hit armored vehicle. Jul 21, 2013 263
Huge Afghan bomb kills 3 UK soldiers; First to die in 6 years of tougher armoured vehicle. May 2, 2013 883
Amphibious combat vehicle stalled amidst budget, requirements uncertainty. Parsons, Dan Feb 1, 2013 1733
Vendors pour funding into armored vehicle development. Parsons, Dan Jan 1, 2013 1713
Turrets on a leash: while small calibre remotely controlled weapon stations (RCWS) have become a must to ensure self-defence firepower to most armoured vehicles (from protected trucks to main battle tanks), medium calibres and their longer range are required by patrols to enable them to engage the enemy before his weapon systems. Valpolini, Paolo Dec 1, 2012 2798
Military equipment on parade: during Canada Army Run, the army displays some of its vehicles and weapons. Sep 1, 2012 672
Warriors live to fight another day: the arroyos long-serving armoured vehicles are being upgraded, with improved firepower and stronger safeguards for the soldiers inside. Hibbert, Lee Jul 1, 2012 1670
Vehicles strut their stuff in desert trials. Parsons, Dan Jun 1, 2012 1900
Visionaries foresee radically different military vehicles. Magnuson, Stew Jun 1, 2012 1690
VBCI: this infantry fighting vehicle offers Canada a battle-proven solution for the CCV program. Taylor, Scott Jun 1, 2012 1169
Combat vehicles: fix or buy new? Apr 1, 2012 221
The USMC yardstick: the United States Marine Corps remains the reference unit for amphibious operations. The cancellation of the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle (EFV) programme, announced in January 2011 and approved in May, has led to the revision of the future US Marine Corps amphibious vehicles fleet. Valpolini, Paolo Apr 1, 2012 2540
Land warfare: the Canadian Army bulks up with added armour. Pugliese, David Mar 1, 2012 3111
Evolution of the wheel. Valpolini, Paolo Company overview Feb 1, 2012 12781
Bomb disposal robots and tank armour sales to US boosts Qinetiq. Oct 1, 2011 336
US military sales provide performance boost to Qinetiq. Oct 1, 2011 449
Army's Ground Combat Vehicle: the saga continues. Erwin, Sandra I. Oct 1, 2011 4497
Armour evolves to match the changing threat: in an age where a guerrilla armed with a recoilless grenade launcher can despatch anything from a main battle tank to a truckload of infantry, William Shakespeare's words *Now thrive the armourers* have never been more true. Armour technologies are evolving to protect everything from the tank to the foot soldier. Richardson, Doug Oct 1, 2011 2617
Reconnaissane today: the term 'reconnaissance vehicle' has a wide connotation, as it can include very different kinds of systems. In the cold war era a typical German recce battalion included main battle tanks as well as wheeled armoured cars, which carried out respectively recce by fire and recce by stealth missions, while Danish recce troops used G-wagen jeeps to be as stealthy as possible. Valpolini, Paolo Oct 1, 2011 2753
Military equipment on display. Sep 1, 2011 648
Defense contractor partnerships could spur innovation. Jean, Grace V. Aug 1, 2011 1811
Ground combat vehicle program may not yield what army intends, analysts say. Jean, Grace V. Mar 1, 2011 1890
Army's ground combat vehicle stirs confusion in industry. Jean, Grace V. Jan 1, 2011 1286
Medium-calibre remote-controlled to protect ships. Withington, Thomas Oct 1, 2010 2108
Transforming aerial transporters: recent military operations have highlighted the usefulness of air logistics in moving personnel and materiel quickly and safely to remote areas in scenarios characterised by rough terrain and hazardous roads. Braybrook, Roy Oct 1, 2010 4154
Last Iraq combat brigade Strykers come home. Petersen, Mike W. Sep 22, 2010 543
A shift in sustainment strategy--when do vehicles become weapon systems? Gunselman, John H., Jr. Sep 22, 2010 1399
Family Roll Call 2: plans for the army's family of land combat vehicles changes again. Wasser, Marlee Sep 1, 2010 2081
The last combat brigade. Editorial Aug 20, 2010 616
WAR IS OVER; Cheers as American soldiers complete final tour of duty. Aug 20, 2010 638
WAR IS OVER; Last American combat unit trundles out of Iraq, bringing long, bitter conflict to an end. Aug 20, 2010 550
Family roll call: taking stock of the army's family of land combat vehicles projects. Wasser, Marlee Aug 1, 2010 1839
Advance guard: a new class of armoured vehicle will soon be rolling off the production lines. Good news for the troops on active service and for British-based engineers. Sampson, Ben Jul 28, 2010 665
Protect and survive: adapting patrol vehicles to the dangers of improvised explosives carries a high price for soldiers in Afghanistan. The next generation of armoured vehicles promises more safety. Reidy, Heath Jun 2, 2010 1309
European defence industries answer the call: new generations of armoured vehicles are being developed to meet the challenges of the modern battlefield. Taylor, Scott Industry overview May 1, 2010 933
Weight or budget watchers? Valpolini, Paolo Company overview Feb 1, 2010 13777
Army suffers as American firms bend rules. Nov 24, 2009 339
MRAPs, irregular warfare, and pentagon reform. Lamb, Christopher J.; Schmidt, Matthew J.; Fitzsimmons, Berit G. Oct 1, 2009 6531
Christmas comes early for the army commander: General Andrew Leslie talks about the army's golden future. Taylor, Scott Interview Aug 1, 2009 1322
Uphill battle: army's next combat vehicle: new beginning or FCS sequel? Erwin, Sandra I. Aug 1, 2009 2160
The evolution of survivability in the Stryker Brigade Combat Team. Kelley, Brad; Davenport, Michael Aug 1, 2009 880
Control of concealing vegetation along rural routes in Iraq. Rufolo, Dennis M.; Zinnante, Rebecca A.; Bible, Ryan Apr 1, 2009 2524
Safe troop travelling. Kemp, Ian Apr 1, 2009 3066
Bon (con)voyage: since the first post-Cold War operations, escorting convoys has become a routine for the military. However, because units are now spread over much wider areas compared to conventional operations, along with the lack of well-defined battle lines, means that all logistics convoys move in unsafe surroundings. This would be bad enough if one did not have to include refugee and humanitarian convoys. Alpo, Paul V. Apr 1, 2009 3395
Command on light wheels: historically, successful commanders have always chosen a powerful mount to carry them onto the battlefield, and insisted that their staff officers also be well provided. This remains true today. Kemp, Ian Apr 1, 2009 2672
Weight lifters. Biass, Eric H.; Kemp, Ian Feb 1, 2009 13562
Aerospace & Defense News - Technology. Jan 12, 2009 1420
SPAWAR marks integration of 10,000th MRAP armored vehicle. Piedfort, Susan Oct 1, 2008 824
U.S. Marine Corps security cooperation. Hesford, J.P.; Askins, Paul Company overview Sep 1, 2008 3154
The modern armoured car: the asymmetric threat has spurred the demand for 4 x 4 light armoured vehicles capable of carrying from two to six persons far use by combat, combat support and combat service support units. Often these vehicles replace unarmoured light utility vehicles. Kemp, Ian; Biass, Eric H. Aug 1, 2008 3963
Eurosatory 2008 the best so far: this year's Eurosatory land equipment exhibition near Paris was bristling with ground-up novelties, particularly in the field of armoured vehicles, reflecting the realisation that ad-hoc vehicles are what is needed today, as opposed to makeshift add-on protection kits for existing vehicles, against rocket-propelled grenades and roadside bombs. Biass, E.H.; Keggler, J.; Kemp, I. Aug 1, 2008 2546
MRAP trucks' glass debris is hazardous to troops. Erwin, Sandra I. Aug 1, 2008 119
CNO visits MRAP facility at SSC Charleston. Phillips, Brian E. Jul 1, 2008 739
Marine Corps ponders latest MRAP lessons. Wagner, Breanne Jul 1, 2008 679
RPG beheaders. Kemp, Ian Jun 1, 2008 2883
Safer 4 x 4 x necessity: the asymmetrical nature of current conflicts has sparked off a demand for a new generation of 4 x 4 armoured vehicles to protect troops from roadside explosive devices. Kemp, Ian; Biass, Eric H. Jun 1, 2008 3870
Driving forces: combat vehicle sector could be headed for turbulent times. Gropman, Alan L. Apr 1, 2008 1722
Transport aircraft morphing: the planning switch from a short central European war to protracted out-of-area operations has raised logistic needs. Aside from requiring increased range, the aircraft to be purchased from now on will have to accommodate larger and heavier ground vehicles. Braybrook, Roy Apr 1, 2008 3117
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Charleston: leads the way in the global war on terrorism with Lean Six Sigma: improved manufacturing processes and a dedicated team help to aggressively ramp up MRAP vehicle production. Phillips, Brian E. Apr 1, 2008 1322
Tracks & tyres centre stage: the medium armoured vehicle world has been dominated over the past year by the British Army's long-running Future Rapid Effects System (Fres) programme and the unprecedented effort by the US Department of Defense to rush new Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (Mrap} vehicles to Iraq to protect personnel from the threat of improvised explosive devices. Kemp, Ian Feb 1, 2008 13339
Scarcity of armored vehicles is worse than initially thought. Jan 29, 2007 952
Marine Corps air ground Combat Center (Feb. 24, 2006): saving lives with Marine Armor Kits at the Combat Center. Cifuentes, Michael S. Jul 1, 2006 660

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