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Fresh dossier exposes India's war crimes in IIOJK: FM. Sep 13, 2021 2031
BGCA: Chemical Weapons Caretakers. Messinger, Angela L. Mar 22, 2021 1808
Special Report: IDF Not Prepared for Chemical Weapons Attack. Oct 20, 2020 556
Azerbaijan adopts law regarding chemical weapons. May 8, 2020 304
FLY the BLACK FLAG! BIOLOGICAL ATTACK! Blais, Michael May 1, 2020 754
Syrian air force behind chemical attacks, investigation team finds. Reuters News Service Apr 8, 2020 499
Ex-CIA Official Warns of Iran, ISIS Drones Armed with Chemical Weapons. Feb 11, 2020 682
Syria: Turkey Helping Terrorists Conduct False-Flag Chemical Attacks in Idlib, Aleppo. Jan 28, 2020 532
Foreign Ministry: Terrorists working to fabricate chemical attack with support of Turkey. Hazem al-Sabbagh Jan 27, 2020 537
Russia's Battlefield Success in Syria: Will It Be a Pyrrhic Victory? Jones, Seth G. Oct 1, 2019 7882
Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Discovers Center for Producing False-Flag Chemical Attacks Videos by White Helmets in Idlib. Sep 21, 2019 421
Secret files detailing security at chemical warfare base found discarded in BIN; The discovery of documents relating to the military science centre Porton Down in Wiltshire has been branded 'a terrorist's dream'. Jul 5, 2019 560
Iran: West Involved in War-Crimes against Yemen. Jun 28, 2019 552
Syria in Last 24 Hours: Terrorist Groups Planning For New False-Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib. Jun 23, 2019 736
White Helmets Preparing to Film Tahrir Al-Sham's False-Flag Chemical Attacks in Idlib. Jun 23, 2019 483
Terrorist Groups Planning For New False-Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib. Jun 22, 2019 435
Terrorists, White Helmets Planning to Launch Chemical Attacks on Six Hama Regions. Jun 10, 2019 730
Tahrir Al-Sham Launches Chemical Attack on Syrian Army in Hama. Jun 7, 2019 477
US warns Al-Assad following suspected chemical attack. May 22, 2019 280
Syria in Past 24 Hours: Tahrir Al-Sham, White Helmets Readying to Launch False-Flag Chemical Attack in Idlib. Apr 25, 2019 594
Syrian Expert: Russia's Recent Airstrikes in Idlib Prelude to Massive Military Operations. Apr 25, 2019 259
Several Tahrir Al-Sham Terrorists Killed in Chemical Weapons Warehouse Blast in Aleppo. Apr 20, 2019 355
Syria: Tahrir Al-Sham, White Helmets Readying to Launch Chemical Attack in Demilitarized Zone. Apr 15, 2019 630
France pledges aid to avert chemical attacks. Mar 20, 2019 709
Moscow : Washington might use chemical provocations to maintain illegal military presence in Syria. Feb 20, 2019 140
Syria in Last 24 Hours: Terrorists Launch Chemical Attack on Army Positions in Idlib. Feb 13, 2019 580
Terrorists Launch Chemical Attack on Syrian Army Positions in Idlib. Feb 12, 2019 610
White Helmets Preparing to Film Staged Chem Attacks in Idlib Hospitals. Jan 31, 2019 663
Destruction of Chemical Munitions on San Jose Island, Panama. Nguyen, Colonel Chi K. Dec 22, 2018 3422
Syria's Idlib: British Expert Cooperating with Tahrir Al-Sham to Equip Drones with Chemical Weapons. Dec 3, 2018 367
Russian MoD: Daesh Plans to Use Chemical Weapons Against US-Backed Forces. Nov 29, 2018 270
Russian Expert: Syrian Army Fully Ready for Idlib Operations. Nov 29, 2018 461
East Syria death toll soars after massive Daesh attack. Nov 27, 2018 586
Syrian, Russian Warplanes Pound Terrorists' Military Positions in Aleppo after Chemical Attacks. Nov 26, 2018 395
War-Party Washington's Chemical Goons Rise Again in Post-ISIL Syria. Nov 25, 2018 913
Russia's OPCW Envoy: US Encouraging Chemical Terrorism by Supporting Extremists in Syria. Nov 24, 2018 595
US Lacks Moral Authority to Preach Others on Evil of Using Chemical Weapons. Nov 24, 2018 951
Syria in Last 24 Hours: Terrorists Preparing for False-Flag Chemical Attack in Demilitarized Zone in Hama Province. Nov 10, 2018 796
Britain faces new threat from foreign robots if it doesn't win "technological race"; Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson warns the nature of future threats is changing - with increasing risk of nuclear or chemical weapons and conflicts in space and cyberspace. Oct 15, 2018 502
Russia Claims Information about Chemical Weapons Provocation in Idlib. Oct 14, 2018 401
Russian MoD: Idlib Militants 'Readying False Flag Attack' in Syrian Village. Sep 16, 2018 384
Syrian Military Expert: US Attempts to Help Terrorists Survive Idlib Operations. Sep 16, 2018 339
Matisse: We warned Al-Assad against using chemical weapons. Sep 12, 2018 312
Guterich: Any use of chemical weapons in Idlib will bring the situation out of control. Sep 12, 2018 378
US Promises 'Much Stronger' Response If Chemical Weapons Used in Syria. Sep 11, 2018 485
Russian MoD: Staged Filming of Mock 'Chemical Attacks' Has Begun in Idlib. Sep 11, 2018 504
Moscow: Terrorists in Syria able to produce chemical weapons. Sep 10, 2018 361
Terrorists' Chemical Weapons Expert Escapes from Northwestern Syria to Turkey. Sep 9, 2018 425
Putin: Militants in Idlib Planning Fake Chemical Attacks. Sep 7, 2018 637
French army chief: ready to strike Syria if chemical weapons used. Sep 6, 2018 361
Moallem says Syria will go all the way in rebel-held Idlib. Aug 31, 2018 865
Russia and the US Are Accusing Each Other of a Syrian Gas Attack That Hasn't Happened Yet. Aug 30, 2018 1067
Russia building military presence off Syrian coast: reports. Aug 29, 2018 681
Syria Presents UN with Data Proving Plans for Terrorist Chemical Weapons Attack in Idlib. Aug 29, 2018 482
Syria in Last 24 Hours: Syrian Air Defense on Alert to Counter US Possible Raid. Aug 29, 2018 1428
UK ambassador to United Nations holds leadership of Assad regime's army responsible for attacks on civilians. Aug 29, 2018 127
Syria in Last 24 Hours: Tens of Children Kidnapped for False-Flag Chemical Attack Videos. Aug 28, 2018 1598
Russia Sends Warships to Syrian Shores as US Suspected of Preparing Strike. Aug 27, 2018 367
Russia: US Plans to Use Fake Chemical Weapons Attack to Strike Syria. Aug 27, 2018 707
Analyst: Russian, Syrian Defense Shields Fully Ready to Confront Western Airstrikes. Aug 26, 2018 771
Russian MoD: Terrorists readying chemical attack in Idleb to justify new aggression on Syria. Aug 25, 2018 523
Signs point to Mossad in death of top Syrian rocket scientist. Aug 7, 2018 266
Syrian 'head of chemical weapons facility' killed after car bombing near city of Hama; The Abu Amara Brigades have claimed responsibility for the bombing which also killed Aziz Asber's bodyguard. Aug 5, 2018 313
Syrian Terrorist Attacks Abroad Likely Instead of Direct Clash with Israel. Jul 25, 2018 683
Israeli Warplanes Strike Hama Military Site in Syria. Jul 23, 2018 132
Daily: British Aircraft Bombed Syrian Forces Near Al-Tanf Base. Jul 2, 2018 451
Military Spokesman: US Ship Carrying Chemical Materials Berths in Persian Gulf. Jul 1, 2018 397
Preparations to Terrorist Chemical Weapons Threats: From Malaysian Perspective. Vikneswaran, M.; Majid, Norizan Abdul; Assan, Zuhairee Ariffin Jul 1, 2018 3419
President al-Assad to Mail on Sunday: UK publicly supported White Helmets that are a branch of Al Qaeda, US and UK existence in Syria is invasion. Jun 10, 2018 3378
US Army Materiel Command (AMC). Jun 1, 2018 548
Dangerous moment. May 3, 2018 928
Syrian regime retakes region outside capital from rebels. Apr 26, 2018 764
Syrian power tussle: A proxy warfare? Apr 26, 2018 1014
G7 FMs united on Syria attacks, Russian interference, Iran. Apr 24, 2018 550
Israel bombs drone base in Syria, kills 7 Pasdaran. Apr 20, 2018 667
Despite Syria strikes, 'Assad can still wage chemical attacks'. Apr 19, 2018 594
Riyadh says open to sending troops to Syria. Apr 18, 2018 725
Docs told keep quiet or else; SYRIA: REGIME WARNS MEDICS; Gun threats to stop hospital staff talking of chemical attack. Apr 18, 2018 765
Keep quiet or else; SYRIA: REGIME WARNS MEDICS; Doctors threatened at gunpoint to stop them talking of chemical attack; Government accused of enabling Assad to launder his dirty cash in UK. Apr 18, 2018 1163
Five Takeaways from US-UK-France Missile Strikes at Syria. Apr 17, 2018 796
Syrian air defences shoot down missiles over two air bases. Apr 17, 2018 508
A true mandate for military operations. Apr 17, 2018 408
This is what the UK, the US and France hit in the Syrian strikes; Here is how the governments behind the attacks on sites alleged to be used for chemical weapons purposes justified the strikes, writes David Williamson. Apr 17, 2018 1161
Russia is blocking chemical weapons experts, says May; Relations with the West 'worse than Cold War', claims Russia. Apr 17, 2018 1192
Launching missiles was the easy bit. Now what about Syria's future? Apr 17, 2018 1108
Nato gives full backing to allies' bombing. Apr 16, 2018 235
Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Seizes Terrorists' Large Chemical Weapons Workshop in Eastern Ghouta. Apr 16, 2018 877
Syrian Army Discovers Documents Proving Terrorists' Activities to Make Chemical Weapons in Douma. Apr 16, 2018 275
Russian Stealth Hunters Reportedly Chased UK Sub ahead of Syria Attack. Apr 16, 2018 301
France is not at war with Syria but "with chemical weapons" - PM. Apr 16, 2018 472
Russia's response? Warships loaded with tanks and military supplies spotted 'leaving Turkey for Syria'; Vladimir Putin is expected to order 'payback' on the US, UK and France for airstrikes in Syria. Apr 16, 2018 1270
Annihilation of Syrian chemical weapons sites revealed in satellite images taken before and after Western allies' air strikes; Photos show obliterated buildings and a cloud of smoke rising from one of the Assad regime's sites. Apr 15, 2018 498
Syria bombings: Jeremy Corbyn calls for war powers act in wake of military air strikes; Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn questioned the legal basis for the UK joining in air strikes on The Andrew Marr Show. Apr 15, 2018 403
Syrian Army Seizes Terrorists' Large Chemical Weapons Workshop in Eastern Ghouta. Apr 15, 2018 221
The US Secretary of State explains to Al-Jaafari the details of the military operation in Syria. Apr 15, 2018 297
UN Envoy: US Not to Pull out Troops from Syria until Goals Accomplished. Apr 15, 2018 374
New pictures emerge of 'gas canister on roof of building where civilians were killed in Douma'; WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: In retaliation to the alleged chemical attack which killed at least 75 Syrian civilians and injured 500 more, Britain, the US and France launched "successful" air strikes targeting weapons plants. Apr 15, 2018 1186
U.S. says air strikes cripple Syria chemical weapons programme. Apr 15, 2018 1357
SYRIANS DEFIANT AFTER AIR STRIKES BATTER DAMASCUS; Hundreds of Syrians gathered at landmark squares in the Syrian capital yesterday, honking car horns, flashing victory signs and waving Syrian flags in scenes of defiance that followed unprecedented joint air strikes by the US, France and Britain. Bassem Mroue and Bassam Hatoum report... Apr 15, 2018 1296
UAE condemns use of chemical weapons against Syrian civilians. Apr 15, 2018 226
You are accountable to Parliament, not to the whims of a US president. We now have the grotesque spectacle of a proxy battle being waged, with the Syrian people used as pawns by all sides; CORBYN LEADS CHORUS OF OUTRAGE AT MAY'S DECISIONTO ATTACK ASSAD CHEMICAL WEAPONS BASES; PM accused of trampling on rights of Parliament. Apr 15, 2018 1499
NOW THE WAIT FOR PUTIN'S PAYBACK; BLITZ ON ASSAD: BRITAIN BRACED FOR RETALIATION OVER ATTACKS; Fears over cyber assaults; Hospitals, flights threat; Power and water danger. Apr 15, 2018 1059
3 strikes and we're out; BLITZ ON ASSAD: MAY'S GAMBLE AS BRITISH FORCES JOIN ASSAULT. Apr 15, 2018 1249
NOW WE WAIT FOR PUTIN'S PAYBACK; BLITZ ON ASSAD: BRITAIN BRACED FOR RETALIATION OVER ATTACKS; Fears over cyber assaults; Hospitals, flights threat; Power and water danger. Apr 15, 2018 1056
Military action in Syria'a success'. Apr 15, 2018 236
US Says Air Strikes Cripple Syria Chemical Weapons Program. Apr 15, 2018 1226
Qatar backs attacks against Syrian targets. Apr 15, 2018 341
France's "red line" has been crossed in Syria - Macron. Apr 14, 2018 218
Official Source at Foreign Ministry: Saudi Arabia Supports U.S., Britain, France's Military Operations on Military Targets in Syria. Apr 14, 2018 141
France says analysis points to Syria behind Douma gas attack. Apr 14, 2018 338
French, Turkish leaders discuss military strikes in Syria. Apr 14, 2018 143
Briefing of KUNA main news for Saturday until 12:00 GMT. Apr 14, 2018 136
KUNA main news for Saturday, April 14, 2018. Apr 14, 2018 287
Riyadh supports military strikes at Syria. Apr 14, 2018 224
World reacts to Syrian air strikes. Apr 14, 2018 701
Strikes on Syria: US, UK, France Saving Face by Not Owning Up to the Failed Regime-Change War. Apr 14, 2018 856
Bahrain backs operations against Syrian military targets. Apr 14, 2018 195
Saudi Arabia supports military operations on Syrian targets. Apr 14, 2018 144
GCC backs military strikes on Syrian targets. Apr 14, 2018 140
'Russia's lies' in fake news war; WORLD ON THE BRINK: BRITAIN ACCUSED BY PUTIN'S CRONIES; Kremlin: UK to blame for killer gas attack; Corbyn: PM is waiting for Trump's orders. Apr 14, 2018 587
Pentagon: We Destroyed The Targets Set In Syria And The Attacks Ended. Apr 14, 2018 189
Iranian Leader's Military Aide: Macron, Trump Criminals. Apr 14, 2018 719
U.S.: We have proof Syria carried out gas attack. Apr 14, 2018 860
Think again before this rush to war in Syria; VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email: Apr 14, 2018 886
US military action in Syria taken - Trump. Apr 14, 2018 441
US, Britain, France launch air strikes in Syria (Updated). Apr 14, 2018 1208
US fires 'one-time shot' at Syria after chlorine attack. Apr 14, 2018 577
PM just waiting for instructions from US, claims Labour as it warns against air strikes on Syria. Apr 14, 2018 1001
US assesses with confidence Syrian regime use of chemical weapons in Duma attack - WH. Apr 14, 2018 613
Between 100 And 120 Rockets Were Fired At Syrian Military Positions. Apr 14, 2018 254
Air And Missile Strikes Targeting Multiple Facilities In Syria. Apr 14, 2018 239
'Russia's lies' in fake news war; world on the brink: britain accused by putin's cronies Kremlin: UK to blame for killer gas attack Corbyn: May is waiting for Trump's orders. Apr 14, 2018 739
Donald Trump orders strike on Syria in response to alleged chemical weapons attack; The President said it would be a joint operation between the US, UK and France. Apr 14, 2018 1057
Syria air strikes: What we know so far as UK, US and France launch military action on Assad regime following chemical attack; Theresa May, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron united to target Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's chemical weapons capabilities. Apr 14, 2018 1184
UK joins US and France in Syrian bombing raid as Russia warns there will be "consequences"; Missiles strikes were launched at three sites connected with the Syrian regime's chemical weapons programme overnight, but Russia says it is "being threatened". Apr 14, 2018 1328
Theresa May's speech on Syria air strikes in full as she insists military action was "both right and legal"; Overnight attacks were aimed at destroying sites connected with the Syrian regime's chemical weapons programme. Apr 14, 2018 1630
Theresa May defends Syria air strikes as Jeremy Corbyn slams action as 'legally questionable'; PM Theresa May defends military action in Syria as Jeremy Corbyn brands them 'legally questionable'. Apr 14, 2018 518
Syria air strikes: US, UK and France launch missiles in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack; The strikes began at 2am BST and destroyed important infrastructure at three sites connected to the Syrian regime's chemical weapons programme, according to the allies. Apr 14, 2018 1074
North East reacts to air strikes in Syria as US, UK and France launch missiles; A series of missile strikes have been launched by the US, UK and France in response to the suspected chemical weapons attack in Douma a week ago. Apr 14, 2018 1276
UK joins US in launching missile strikes against Syria after alleged chemical weapons attack; Prime Minister Theresa May said it was not a decision she had taken lightly. Apr 14, 2018 1006
Theresa May, Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron's statements in full after military strikes in Syria; US president Donald Trump said the chemical weapons attack in Douma was 'evil and despicable' as he announced air strikes in Syria. Apr 14, 2018 1735
Syria: US claims it has proof Assad regime behind Douma chemical attack. Apr 14, 2018 784
Bahrain backs military operations in Syria. Apr 14, 2018 188
Trump reviews Syria strike options as UK backs action. Apr 14, 2018 764
US launches Syria air strikes; key Assad weapon sites hit. Apr 14, 2018 766
'Russia's lies' in fake news war; world on the brink: britain accused by putin's cronies Kremlin: UK Corbyn: May to blame for killer gas attack is waiting for Trump's orders. Apr 14, 2018 609
'Russia's lies' in fake news war; world on the brink: britain accused by putin's cronies Kremlin: UK to blame for killer gas attack Corbyn: May is waiting for Trump's orders. Apr 14, 2018 591
'Russia's lies' in fake news war; world on the brink: britain accused by putin's cronies Kremlin: UK Corbyn: May to blame for killer gas attack is waiting for Trump's orders. Apr 14, 2018 589
Syria air strikes: US and allies attack chemical weapons sites. Apr 14, 2018 396
Time for 'civilised nations' to unite to end Syria civil war: US Defense Secretary Mattis. Apr 14, 2018 2491
Strikes on Syria risk retaliation, escalation in a war US wants to avoid. Apr 14, 2018 1125
Saudi Arabia, Bahrain support strikes on Syria. Apr 14, 2018 316
Striking Syria again This time Britain, France join response to Assad trump calls out Russia for backing regime using chemical weapons -BYLN- By Anne Gearan and Missy Ryan The Washington Post. Apr 14, 2018 1516
U.S., Britain, France strike Syria; Trump calls out Russia. Apr 14, 2018 1549
US, Britain, France launch missile strikes on Syria. Apr 14, 2018 1113
Denounce US-led air strikes vs Syria, Bayan urges Duterte gov't. Apr 14, 2018 284
Trump talks with allies as he weighs Syria strike decision. Apr 14, 2018 1159
Trump yet to decide on Syria military action. Apr 13, 2018 256
Al Assad playing a calculated game with chemical weapons. Apr 13, 2018 1045
Russia: Syria chemical attack 'fabrication' by foreign power. Apr 13, 2018 891
Why Syria is not the Cuban missile crisis of 2018. Apr 13, 2018 747
Syrian tyrant Assad 'holed up in Russian bunker with no windows or phone calls ahead of US-led blitz'; It is believed military bases, intelligence HQs and even opulent homes owned by Assad and his cronies may be targeted, along with chemical weapons sites. Apr 13, 2018 1048
Assad may have tested Trump's chemical weapons red line. Apr 12, 2018 577
Trump's tweet warns Russia, 'missiles will be coming'. Apr 12, 2018 1117
The missiles are coming.. THE BRINK OF WAR: TRUMP THREATENS RUSSIA; America vows to smash Syria over chemical attack; May could join US strikes .. but she faces call for calm. Apr 12, 2018 762
The missiles are coming.. THE BRINK OF WAR: TRUMP THREATENS RUSSIA; America vows to smash Syria over chemical attack; May could join US strikes .. but she faces call for calm. Apr 12, 2018 768
The missiles are coming.. THE BRINK OF WAR: TRUMP THREATENS RUSSIA; America vows to smash Syria over chemical attack; May moves subs into strike range but faces calls for calm. Apr 12, 2018 769
Russian General Staff: White Helmets Staged Douma Chemical Weapons Attack on Civilians. Apr 12, 2018 430
France has proof Syrian government conducted chemical weapons attack. Apr 12, 2018 481
Report: US, Britain, France Preparing for Military Assault on Syria for Unproven Claims. Apr 12, 2018 1776
Social Media Users Lash out at UK PM, Oppose Britain's Military Operation against Syria. Apr 12, 2018 768
Risk abound with any plan to attack Syria. Apr 12, 2018 834
U.S., Russia fight at U.N. over Syria chemical weapons attacks. Apr 11, 2018 952
May seeks global action on Syria chemical attack. Apr 11, 2018 664
FSA Calls for US Forces' Back-up to Storm Syrian Army Positions in Deir Ezzur. Apr 11, 2018 275
US Threatens Military Operation Against Syria, Russia Hits Back. Apr 11, 2018 648
US Defense Secretary 'not ruling out' US military action in Syria. Apr 10, 2018 189
ANALYSIS: Why U.S. won't leave Syria, impact of Douma chemical attack. Apr 10, 2018 1822
Forceful response to gas attack pledged. Burns, By Robert; Miller, Zeke; Press, Matthew Lee Associated Apr 10, 2018 813
Forceful response to gas attack pledged Gas: Russia claims there's no evidence of attack. Burns, By Robert; Miller, Zeke; Press, Matthew Lee Associated Apr 10, 2018 813
Tomahawks no answer to gas attacks in Syria. Apr 10, 2018 963
Iranian FM Blasts Trump for Helping Extremists by Threats to Attack Syria. Apr 10, 2018 585
Senior MP: Chemical Attack in Douma False-Flag Operation against Damascus. Apr 10, 2018 570
Donald Trump slams chemical weapons attack on Syrian civilians; Trump condemned the "heinous attack" on Saturday that killed at least 40 people, including childre. Apr 10, 2018 954
US Military Planners put several options for a possible military response against Syria. Apr 10, 2018 250
Trump warns of 'big price' after suspected Syria gas attack. Apr 9, 2018 1022
Syria says US suspected of attacking air base but Pentagon denies it. Apr 9, 2018 431
Mattis does not rule out 'anything' after suspected Syria gas attack. Apr 9, 2018 324
Mattis: nothing ruled out in response to suspected Syria chemical attack. Apr 9, 2018 200
'Missile strike' on military airport in Syrian city of Homs after 'chemical attack' kills dozens of civilians; The Syrian Air Defense Force is responding to "missile attack" on a military airport in the the area of Homs, state media reported. Apr 9, 2018 896
Syria, Russia accuse Israel over air strike, deny chemical attack. Apr 9, 2018 1128
Trump says "major decisions" coming soon in response to Syria attack. Apr 9, 2018 268
Terrorists Resort to False-Flag Chemical Attack Scenario again amid Syrian Army Rapid Advances in Douma. Apr 8, 2018 906
Tens of Civilians Killed in Terrorists' False-Flag Chemical Attack in Douma. Apr 8, 2018 874
Source: Using Chemical Allegations in Douma Is Blatant Attempt to Hinder Syrian Army's Advance. Apr 8, 2018 260
Death in Douma: Timeline of chemical attacks in Syria. Chronology Apr 8, 2018 1312
The Chemistry of US Lies About Chemical Attacks in Douma. Apr 8, 2018 719
80 killed in Syria gas attack as new strikes pound Ghouta. Apr 8, 2018 787
Russia threatens 'gravest consequences' to anyone considering military action against Syria over what they describe 'fake news chemical attack'; Reports of a chemical attack outside Syrian city Douma have thrust the US and Russia into new confrontation - with Washington calling for an immediate international response. Apr 8, 2018 615
Official source: Using chemical allegations in Douma is blatant attempt to hinder army's advance. Apr 7, 2018 262
Warring parties in Douma trade accusations over chemical weapon attacks. Apr 7, 2018 288
Syria's Eastern Ghouta Militants Prepare Chemical Attack Provocation. Mar 20, 2018 690
EU adds four Syrians to sanctions list for developing CWs. Mar 19, 2018 276
Russia warns against poissible chemical attacks in Syria. Mar 17, 2018 460
Syria: US Military Threat Mean to Provoke Terrorists to Launch Chemical Attack. Mar 13, 2018 625
Weapons aren't staying after drill, general says. Mar 13, 2018 458
Mattis warns Assad against gas attacks. Mar 12, 2018 436
Moscow: Allegations on Use of Chemical Weapons by Damascus Are Fake News. Mar 10, 2018 531
US Planning to Attack Syria under False Pretext of Chemical Weapons Use. Mar 6, 2018 466
West Seeking to Rescue Militants through Chemical Attack Accusations. Mar 6, 2018 654
Terrorists Receive Green Light to Launch False-Flag Chemical Attack in Eastern Ghouta. Mar 2, 2018 982
Islamic State Chemical Weapons: A Case Contained by its Context? Binder, Markus K.; Quigley, Jillian M.; Tinsley, Herbert F. Mar 1, 2018 5011
North Korea helping Syria make chemical weapons. Feb 28, 2018 1564
Britain Follows US and France, Threatens Syria with Military Action. Feb 27, 2018 560
Chemical weapons watchdog investigates Ghouta attacks. Feb 27, 2018 508
Reports 'clearly show' Assad's use of chemical weapons. Feb 17, 2018 489
Idlib Daesh-free after surrender: Observatory, rebel spokesman. Feb 14, 2018 419
US not ruling out Syria strikes after new chemical attack. Feb 3, 2018 670
Arab Analyst: US Likely to Use Chemical Weapons in False Flag against Syria. Feb 3, 2018 362
Russian MoD: US accusations of Damascus using chemical weapons unfounded. Jan 20, 2018 128
Use of Chemicals Weapons by Indian Forces in Kashmir violation of Int'l law. Dec 25, 2017 2174
Russia blocks chemical attacks inquiry renewal. Nov 17, 2017 665
Terrorists Use Chemical Weapons to Slow Down Syrian Army Advance in Hama Province. Nov 7, 2017 214
Weapons of mass deception; Brown: US knew Iraq DIDN'T have chemical weapons before war but kept it secret so we'd back invasion. Nov 5, 2017 698
Russia: US Admits Al-Nusra Front Terrorists' Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria. Oct 20, 2017 526
The Evolution of the Islamic State's Chemical Weapons Efforts. Oct 1, 2017 4112
U.N. probe finds Syrian govt behind April sarin attack. Sep 7, 2017 764
Israel hits Syria target reportedly tied to chemical weapons. Sep 7, 2017 703
Syrian govt 'used chemical weapons two dozen times'. Sep 6, 2017 589
EU adds 16 Syrian military officials and scientists to sanctions list. Jul 17, 2017 242
Russia Warns against Repercussions of Western Media Hype over Chemical Attack in Syria. Jul 4, 2017 1045
Syria's Deputy FM Warns to Show Harsh Reaction to Any Attack. Jul 3, 2017 978
Syria Denies Using Chemical Weapons in War-Hit Country. Jul 2, 2017 831
Back on top. Emord, Jonathan W. Jul 1, 2017 1456
Envoy: Syria's Position Firm, Principled on Chemical Weapon Use. Jun 29, 2017 551
Trump's False Flag Sarin Attack - A Gift to Terrorists and a Kick to International Law. Jun 28, 2017 809
Preparations detected for Syria chemical attack: U.S. Jun 28, 2017 987
US threatens Syria, says Assad planning chemical weapons attack. Jun 27, 2017 635
Trump Administration Warns Assad Against New Chemical Attack. Jun 27, 2017 576
Why ask why in U.S. attack on Syria. Williamsen, Kurt May 8, 2017 809
PM may not seek MPs' approval for Brit forces in Syria attack, says Boris. Apr 28, 2017 709
U.S. sanctions 271 in Syrian chemical attack. Apr 25, 2017 893
Ex-CIA Officer: US Officials Behind Chemical Attack in Syria. Apr 24, 2017 788
Russian Airstrikes Destroy Al-Nusra's Main Base in Idlib to Herald Army Operation towards Khan Sheikhoun. Apr 23, 2017 308
US Gave Israel Two Hours Warning Before Syria Strike. Apr 21, 2017 156
End the 2001 resolution on military force. Apr 21, 2017 822
Russian Diplomat: West Reluctant to Investigate Attack in Idlib. Apr 20, 2017 429
IS used chemical weapons against Iraqi forces, effect "minimal" - army. Apr 16, 2017 166
Iran and the approaching Middle East war. Bolton, John R. Apr 14, 2017 814
Syria chemical attack a 'fabrication' says Assad. Apr 14, 2017 524
Syrian President: Chemical Attack in Idlib 100 Percent Fabricated. Apr 14, 2017 947
Syria berated at OPCW meeting on chemical attack. Apr 14, 2017 788
Kremlin Rejects Allegations of Concealing Syria's Role in Idlib Chemical Attack. Apr 12, 2017 635
Russia Defense official: Moscow Ready to Grant Access to Syria Airbase for 'Gas Attack' Probe. Apr 12, 2017 409
Dangers of a growing US military footprint. Apr 11, 2017 869
Russia complicit in Syria gas attack, US officials say. Apr 11, 2017 442
Saudi Cabinet slams chemical attack in Syria, expresses support for US military strike. Apr 11, 2017 603
OIC: US strikes on military targets in Syria normal, predictable. Apr 8, 2017 180
Russia warns of serious consequences from US strike in Syria. Apr 8, 2017 1233
GCC Supports US Strikes on Military Targets in Syria. Apr 7, 2017 135
Kuwait supports US strike on Syrian base. Apr 7, 2017 218
Kuwait, GCC states including Qatar support US strike. Apr 7, 2017 1222
Kuwait, GCC states support US missile strike on Syrian base. Apr 7, 2017 1151
Kuwait supports US air strike on Syrian bases. Apr 7, 2017 188
Kuwait supports US air strike on Syrian bases. Apr 7, 2017 203
UAE backs U.S. strikes against Syrian regime. Apr 7, 2017 199
Stopping chemical attack in future requires robust leadership. Apr 7, 2017 1065
U.S. hints at military action against Assad over gas attack. Apr 7, 2017 1248
Iran Condemns US Cruise Missile Attack on Syria. Apr 7, 2017 784
Syrian Army Condemns US Missile Attack on Shayrat Airbase. Apr 7, 2017 931
Austria "understands" motives of US strike on Syria. Apr 7, 2017 149
Bahrain backs US strikes on Syrian chemical sites. Apr 7, 2017 212
Bahrain backs US strikes on chemical attack sites. Apr 7, 2017 188
US fires dozens of Tomahawks at Syria military base near Homs, Trump cites 'Assad's chem attack'. Apr 7, 2017 532
US strike in response to Syrian regime's chemical attack - Pentagon. Apr 7, 2017 337
The world reacts to the US air strikes. Apr 7, 2017 933
Profile Pictures Go Yellow After Syria Gas Attack. Julia Glum Apr 7, 2017 420
Al-Moallem: Syrian Army didn't and will not use chemical weapons even against terrorists. Apr 6, 2017 1454
Analyst: West Raising Chemical Attack Allegations against Damascus to Take Privileges in Geneva. Apr 6, 2017 993
Syrian govt sets terms for any inquiry into gas attack. Apr 6, 2017 603
Is Assad to blame for the chemical weapons attack in Syria? Apr 6, 2017 715
Iran Strongly Condemns Chemical Attack in Syria. Apr 5, 2017 1012
Analyst: Rebels 'Only People Who Benefited' from Idlib Chemical Weapons Attack. Apr 5, 2017 761
Applying the un mission to Syria. Hussmann, Ross W. Dec 22, 2016 1944
48th chemical brigade capability and capacity. King, William E. IV Dec 22, 2016 1546
Senior MP: Evidence Shows Chemical Weapons Sent to Terrorists in Aleppo from Turkey. Nov 20, 2016 767
NORAD Shelter Systems LLC's Solar-Powered S16x10-CIV - NORAD's Smallest Underground Nuclear War Bomb Shelter for 4-6 Civilians. Nov 18, 2016 954
Report: US Sends 1,700 Parachute Troopers to Iraq for Unspecified Objective. Nov 9, 2016 292
Army Seizes Chemical Weapons from Terrorists in Southern Hama. Nov 3, 2016 817
Syrian Commander: Terrorists Using Toxic Gases in Aleppo at US Order. Nov 1, 2016 490
US 2013 Syria War Plan Deterred by Iran Missile Threat to Israel. Oct 31, 2016 548
Syria: Terrorists Use Chemical Weapons in Western Districts of Aleppo City. Oct 30, 2016 247
Russia Will Destroy All Its Chemical Weapons By End Of 2017. Oct 27, 2016 246
Inquiry finds Syrian government forces responsible for third gas attack. Oct 22, 2016 544
Chemical Weapons Use in Jebel Marra: UN and African Union responses. Oct 10, 2016 1849
Chemical weapons exposures in Iraq: challenges of a public health response a decade later. Baird, Coleen; Mirza, Raul; Sharkey, Jessica; Teichman, Ron; Longmire, Romarius; Harkins, Deanna; Ll Oct 1, 2016 7192
US tests for mustard agent after rocket attack near Iraq base. Sep 22, 2016 438
US going after IS chemical weapon production - Carter. Sep 22, 2016 259

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