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Military and local community leaders break ground for Beaver Creek Project.

Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command and 43rd Chief of Supply Corps, RADM Daniel H. Stone joined Suquamish Tribe Chairman Leonard Forsman; Kitsap County Commissioner, Jan Angel; Washington State Legislature 26th District, Rep. Derek Kilmer; Fleet and Industrial Supply Center (FISC) Puget Sound Commanding Officer, CAPT G. Lindsay Perkins; and Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group Executive Director, Troy Fields, for the golden-shovel groundbreaking ceremony of the Beaver Creek Project at FISC Puget Sound's Manchester Fuel Department.

RADM Stone stated, "The Naval Supply Systems Command and the United States Navy are committed to partnering with our local communities in protecting and improving the environments in which we live. Here (Manchester Fuel Department) we are beginning an important stage of this project to provide habitat and enhanced fish migration to help endangered salmon breed successfully. We are looking forward to seeing migrating salmon return year after year."

Beaver Creek is an approximately five-mile long salmon-bearing stream located on the northern portion of the FISC Puget Sound's Manchester Fuel Department property. The project will restore 1,500 feet of estuary and stream meanders. Prior to 1939 the streambed meandered to an open estuary on Clam Bay (a portion of Puget Sound). During the World War II buildup, the creek was extensively modified and straightened. Moreover, a water supply pond was constructed to support the Navy Fire Fighting Training Facility. (This facility later became the NOAA Fisheries research station.)

"The Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group, a nonprofit organization that works with communities to maximize self-sustaining salmon populations, is the actual grant holder partnered with the Navy, was awarded a $485,000 grant for the reestablishment of the Beaver Creek estuary," said Glenn Schmitt, P. E., FISC Puget Sound Environmental Director. Schmitt added, "This is a continuation of FISC's efforts to restore Beaver Creek to its natural meanders and stream conditions and restore the salt water marsh portion of the creek."

Beaver Creek was made an element of a mitigation to replace the habitat taken by a Superfund site on the current EPA Region X, Manchester Laboratory facility. The Beaver Creek project encompasses four distinct phases.

Phase 1 of the project included the construction of a sediment pond and the reestablishment of an upstream meander with log weirs to facilitate salmon migration.

Phase 2 involved the design and initial construction of the middle reach of meanders including underground utility relocation. This phase of the project was made possible by a Native American Legacy Environmental Management Program (NALEMP) grant from DoD. FISC Puget Sound was the first Navy facility to win a NALEMP grant for design and construction and the current stream meander design and utility relocation was conducted under this program.

Phase 3 will complete the middle reach meander construction and the reestablishment of the estuary onto Clam Bay. The project will include a stream crossing and include the placement of large woody debris and boulder clusters to mimic the natural stream conditions that existed prior to 1939. This project construction is being funded by the Washington Salmon Recovery Funding Board, a state agency dedicated to enabling the natural recovery of wild salmon stocks throughout the state of Washington.

Phase 4 conceptually will improve fish passage at the entrance to the sediment pond and is envisioned as occurring sometime in the near future.

By Glenn Schmitt, FISC Puget Sound Environmental Division and Pat "Tiny" Del Grosso, FISC Puget Sound Public Affairs Officer

Glenn Schmitt's previous experience includes principal and Senior Engineer for three private organizations. While Chief Environmental Engineer for Puget Sound Naval Shipyard he was awarded the SECNAV Environmental Quality Award and a DOD commendation for Environmental Management.
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Author:Schmitt, Glenn; Del Grosso, Pat
Publication:Navy Supply Corps Newsletter
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Date:Jul 1, 2006
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