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Miley Cyrus Shocking Controversy: Liam Hemsworth's Ex Bares Big Artificial Boobs, Ditches Twerking For New Move Nae Nae.

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to controversial stage performances. The "Bangerz" singer recently took the stage in Sydney Australia and showed more than she desired. The singer was seen dressed in a tight orange leotard dress as she romped on the car bonnets and twerked.

Miley showed off her crotch and also revealed giant fake boobs, according to reports by( Mirror. Cyrus also rode giant inflatable genitals and did some shocking racy moves. She made her performance all the more racy by getting cozy with a backstage female dancer. According to further reports, Cyrus even gave herself a wedgie.

Moreover, the singer seems to have a new dance move "Nae Nae," which is a higher form of twerking. The "Bangerz" singer was more than happy to show off her move at the ( Sunrise show in Australia. The 21-year-old pop star suggested that "twerking is a thing of the past "and she has moved on to do a new signature dance move. When David "Kochie" Koch, the host of the "Sunrise Show," asked Cyrus to do her new dance move, she jumped on the opportunity.

"It's called the Nae Nae," said Miley, further adding, "I keep trying to start it at all my shows and nobody's really doing it back at me. But you guys have got it! I just don't think its make its way to Australia yet!"

Cyrus further admitted that she has no idea how the new signature move got its name. Further explaining the dance move, Cyrus said that her dancers L.A Bakers started doing it and she picked it from them. Cyrus famous twerking move was also first tried by her dance troop.

However, ( E! further reported that it is Atlanta based dance troop "We Are Toonz" which gets the credit for Nae Nae. According to the dance troop 's member, CalLamar, the move is based on a girl in a club who loves dancing in a funny way.

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Date:Oct 20, 2014
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