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Milestone Systems Announces Application Traffic Management Solutions for Integrated Enterprise Networks; Solutions Help IT Managers Improve Application Delivery, Performance, and Security.

MINNEAPOLIS -- The continually changing global society puts a lot of pressure on today's businesses to deliver secure, diversified communication capabilities. The challenge for IT managers today is the delivery, security and distribution of computer applications. Milestone Systems recently announced new solutions in application traffic management that offer integrated enterprise networks improved application delivery, performance and security. A systems integration company focused on application and network high availability and security headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Milestone Systems has been able to successfully architect and implement solutions using the industries most proven new breed of application traffic management appliances.

"Application Traffic Managers allow for an incredible amount of control and security to be applied to security agnostic applications and appliances," says Mark Greer, Senior Vice President of Milestone Systems. "New threats such as SQL injection, or parameter tampering can easily be thwarted with this next generation of traffic management appliances," says Greer. "The previous paradigm of blocking only known bad traffic has been thrown out the window for a new solution that blocks all but known good traffic," adds Greer.

Milestone's approach is to deploy application traffic management appliances in strategic positions within the network structure to decrypt and inspect at the application layer acceptable traffic patterns, turning away all other traffic. "Simple firewalls capable of IP address and port inspection, application proxies, and packet inspection are good starting points, but what do you do when Internet attacks meet within your acceptable traffic guidelines from traditional enforcement points only to chip away at your application?" he asks. From Greer's perspective, modern day attacks are not necessarily trying to compromise a network, but use a single host or application to quietly access privileged information.

Greer and other industry experts offer examples of how a single attack against an improperly guarded application can yield volumes of customer sensitive information such as social security numbers or addresses. The ever-popular search engines have become the tools of choice, making easy work of unsuspecting applications. Security professionals who used to filter out bad traffic, (checking for strict adherence to published protocols and standards), are these days experiencing attacks targeted at applications and the application platform. As web applications have become more predominant in the network, and as privacy and SSL encryption has proliferated, the ability to watch for malicious traffic has been lost. The network traffic remains encrypted right up to the application server, in effect camouflaging the attack itself, allowing for repeated attempts to compromise user names and passwords to go unnoticed.

Milestone Systems shows companies how to utilize cutting-edge solutions for traffic management. Application traffic managers can reject all traffic that is not explicitly defined as acceptable, decrypt hundreds of thousands of SSL encrypted applications, and perform application traffic inspection. It then forwards copies of this traffic out to session recording appliances, and once the application traffic has been determined to be valid and safe, it can then be load balanced to one of many waiting application servers.

Milestone has successfully integrated traffic management appliances with various web servers, application servers, and database applications. Milestone shows IT Managers that it is no longer a matter of who might be trying to talk to your applications, but it's what they are trying to do and say.

For more information about Milestone and the application traffic management solution, call Milestone at 952-543-6999 or info

About Milestone

Milestone Systems Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a specialized systems integration company focused on application and network high availability and security. With offices across the United States, Milestone Systems successfully designs and implements application solutions for small and large enterprise customers. The company is located at 400 Highway 169 South, Suite 110, Minneapolis, MN 55426. They can be reached at 952-543-6999 or via email at
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 5, 2006
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