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Mildot Master. (Quartermaster).

As of late it seems as if every optical manufacturer is offering some form of scope featuring a Mil-Dot reticle. Developed by the Marine Corps for use by snipers, the Mil-Dot system easily facilitates the ranging of distant targets. However to accomplish this requires correctly computing a mathematical calculation, usually using a handheld electronic calculator. If doing math problems in the field doesn't float your boat, don't worry--there is a better way.

Enter the Mildot Master. An analog calculator designed along the principle of a slide rule, it utilizes logarithmic and inverse logarithmic scales to quickly provide you with the correct firing solution. While it sounds complicated, its operation is not only simple but fast.

So what's it do? Well it will quickly provide you with the correct range to a target based on a measurement of the target made with your Mil-Dot reticle. In addition it also provides the ability to rapidly calculate the amount of sight correction (using MOAs) or holdover (using Mils) for bullet drop/wind drift at a given range. It will even calculate up/down compensation when firing at angles.

The unit itself weighs only a few ounces and is little more than the thickness of a credit card. It fits easily into a pocket, is water and weatherproof and tough. It requires no batteries and is unaffected by extreme cold or heat (I've used mine at -30 degrees F. See how long a battery operated calculator lives in those conditions).

Highly versatile, it works with both English and Metric systems and comes with a superb instruction manual. If you own a rifle topped with any scope utilizing some form of the Mil system (such as Mil-Dot, I.O.R. MP-8, Horus Vision, Soviet PSO-1, etc.) you need a Mil-Dot Master in your kit. Best of all they're affordable at $29.95


Mildot Enterprises

[505] 565-0760

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Author:Fortier, Dave
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Jun 1, 2003
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