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Mike takes Walk on the wild side to get his collar; David Hayman is back as feisty, rebel copper Mike Walker who hates playing it by the book TRIAL AND RETRIBUTION: SIREN FRIDAY, STV, 9pm.


Scot David Hayman is the last person to wish his life away - he cares too much about charity work and acting to do that.

But he admits to relishing the day when his character in drama Trial and Retribution, detective chief superintendent Mike Walker, finally has to face the music.

The 58-year-old dad-of-three says: "Since he first appeared on TV in 1997, he's got away with murder, theft - and other crimes too - and I think his comeuppance would make a great story.

"It's definitely something I am going to suggest to the writer Lynda La Plante. The trial of Walker would be interesting enough but imagine the retribution bit, where he gets sent down and is confronted by all the people he has brought to justice over the years. What a great story that would make."

For the moment, Walker is going about his business, investigating crime alongside detective chief inspector Roisin Connor (Victoria Smurfit). In Siren - the first of three, two-part Trial dramas to be seen on STV this January - they have to track down the killer of handsome Sebastian Cole, fiance of socialite Imogen Buller-Turi.

The investigation leads into the murky waters of drug dealing and, as David reveals, Connor damages her reputation as a detective as they attempt to find Cole's murderer.

"I don't think anyone comes up smelling of roses but Connor screws up particularly badly by crashing in on a long-term investigation by the drugs squad," David says.

"Her visit to a house, which is under surveillance by the drugs squad, causes huge ructions."

David's other life - as founder and Projects Manager of Spirit Aid - is a world away from acting and, indeed, from murder and drug dealing too.

He recently returned from a two-week stint in Malawi, Africa, where he has been getting humanitarian projects off the ground.

Spirit Aid has already initiated schemes to aid young people, in places such as Afghanistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Scotland.

The gravely-voiced actor insists he has no intention of giving up on his double life of acting and charity work.

He says: "I've been asked if I would ever give up one to concentrate on the other - I jokingly talk about acting getting in the way of Spirit Aid - but the truth is that one feeds off the other and will continue to do so.

"My sons, David, Sammy and Sean have all been involved with Spirit Aid.

"Sammy has been with me in Malawi, feeding 700 kids a day, and both David and Sammy spent a month in Sri Lanka after the Tsunami, helping in whatever way they could.

"I was very proud of them. They went out there as boys and came back as men.

"And now I think my wife Alice is praying for the day when we all go off together and she can have a testosterone-free home!"


STUBBORN... David Hayman as Walker

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 3, 2009
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