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Mike Baldwin in timely tale.

The scriptwriters and producers of Coronation Street are in my view to be commended greatly for introducing the topic of Alzheimers disease into their storyline. Mike Baldwin has been a leading character for so many years, yet he was shown in a fairly highly-developed stage of this ultra-disabling illness.

It can happen to any of us; the older you are, the higher the probability.

As the average life expectancy increases, the magnitude of the problem may increase and the associated health costs.

What is the answer?

There are no magic solutions evidently!

I am inclined to think that television, while of great help to older folk who are housebound, and to a greater or lesser extent in a state of social isolation, could in other ways stultify the mind of the viewer, since this activity is so very passive, much more so than reading, for example.

I am unimpressed by a very high percentage of television output, which is typically noisy and sensational; down market in short.

Perhaps a programme of medical research should be instituted, or stepped up, to tackle problems of mental degeneration in old age.

Michael O'Neill

Railway Terrace, Penarth
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Apr 7, 2006
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