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Mikdad brushes aside skepticism about Syria's upcoming presidential elections.


Damascus, (SANA) Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister, Dr.

Fayssal Mikdad said Syria is at once waging a war against terrorism and fulfilling international obligations and will, by the same token, carry out its responsibilities concerning presidential elections planned for June 3

In an article published Saturday by the Lebanese al-Bin' daily, Mikdad said that Western double standards won't make Syria balk at the mission ahead.

"The Syrians are brushing aside all the talk arising from an inferiority complex of some and the guilt complex of others.

The Syrians are writing down victory once again."

Mikdad cast the heightened rhetoric against the Syrian state as an attempt to show it as powerless to lead the constitutional process which presidential elections embody, in a bid, he said, to invite foreign intervention.

The foreign intervention, Mikdad went on to say, is intended to either clench a political deal that is thought to make a radical change to the state's structure for incorporating an element represented by the Opposition's Coalition, or rendering Syria a failed state that the UN Security Council places under its thumb in the from of mandate or tutelage.

Mikdad said that the Western approach ignores the confrontation with terrorism in Syria as it is being continually justified as a reaction, and still finds financers and sponsors.

Mikdad said Western skepticism is part of a psychological warfare that is "aimed at blackmail and bettering positions at negotiations."

Mikdad cited two files as evidence of the Syrian state's ability to carry out its obligations: namely terrorism and chemical weapons.

"As for terrorism, Mikdad said, "the West is aghast at the prospect of hundreds of gunmen returning to their countries...

Hundreds of gunmen among tens of thousands whom it facilitated their access to Syria and provided them with political, media and moral coverage...the West knows quite well that the Syrian state is fighting a multi-front war with this terrorism."

Mikdad pointed to the glaring contradictions in the Western skepticism about Syria's ability to lead a successful democratic process as "ample Western reports speak about the unprecedented achievements of the Syrian armed forces against terrorist groups which are reeling from battlefield defeats."

As regards chemical weapons, Mikdad said that the Syrian state is dismantling its chemical stockpile according to the conditions set for its joining the OPCW.

"It was a sensitive decision that only a confident leadership which fully realizes its power and sovereign decision would venture into."

Mikdad said that security reports speak about 90 percent of the Syrian chemical weapons so far dismantled, which, he says, should have dispelled any lingering doubts about Syria's ability to hold presidential elections.

As he categorically dismissed reports blaming the Syrian government for the use of chlorine gas, Mikdad said that the fresh accusations are part of campaign intended to be "a smokescreen to cover up reports that have pinned responsibility for previous chemical attacks in Syria on [the Turkish Prime Minister] Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government."



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Publication:Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA)
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Date:Apr 26, 2014
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